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Full Version: What Not To Wear? Addicts
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So I can't stop watching What not to wear? on TLC. The women and men who start out looking all frumpy and then end up looking amazing. I watch for the humiliation and subsequent transformation. Then, I go shopping and can't stop thinking, what would Stacey and Clinton think of this top? And would Stacey and Clinton approve of the cut of this skirt? Today I spent too much time getting ready to go to the dentist, tried on 1 outfit, then changed. I thought about Stacey and Clinton commenting on how my shirt rides too high on my waist and makes me look chunky. GAH! Any other addicts or people who can confess to wanting to follow Stacey and Clinton's rules every time you shop? Perhaps I should stop watching. But I really wish they could teach me how to dress to flatter my body. I want the make-up lady (her name is not coming to me right now) to do my make-up and that little Scottish man to do my hair. Sigh...I used to hate this kind of thinking.
I see this is the FOURTH time you have started a thread without approval, Musicfit.

It is considered proper form to submit a thread idea to the Community Forum for vetting amongst members of the community before beginning it. This is done because we are a self-moderated board & most topics already fall under a pre-existing thread. Superfluous threads just gum up the works in an otherwise well-oiled machine. This subject would have fit just fine in the Television: Drug of the Nation thread. In the future, please ask before starting new threads. Thanks.
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