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Full Version: Anybody Done Novasure(tm)?
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Hello, all!

I saw my WHNP last week about what to do about having sudden, debilitating pain w/my periods, and she suggested a surgical procedure called "Novasure" or total endometrial ablation--where they insert a fine wire mesh inside your uterus, send radiowaves up into the mesh, and cauterize your endometrial tissue in your uterus. I don't see my OB/GYN until late August to talk about the procedure, and I'd like to hear what others who have had this procedure done have to say about it. I'm not worried about my fertility being affected--I've had a tubal ligation, and my periods are bad enough to be labeled "very bad". But...I admit. I'm a little sketched out about nuking my uterus! :/

Anyone else had this done? Thanks for your time!!
djen: if you are looking to piss people off around here, you are off to a good start. you've obviously been around here for years, but you seem to have missed the number one rule in the lounge: DO NOT START NEW THREADS w/ out consensus from people in the community forum. PERIOD.

yet, about once a year you start some irritating, unwanted thread. this time you have started not one but TWO USELESS THREADS. DO NOT PASS GO. if you really want to be a part of these boards, behave like it. otherwise you will be labeled a troll and ignored, blocked and called names.
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