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Full Version: Oprah: She'll Cut A Bitch...
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QUOTE(sevenseconds @ Nov 22 2009, 07:14 PM) *
ETA: My frustration wasn't at the ladies reacting like that... it was at the producers who take advantage of that urge/ point the camera at it/ make it look like yeah, that's what we people are like. Cuz, we're not.

Sadly, many of us ARE.

I gave up on human dignity pretty much five seconds after they invented "reality" tv. Back in the day when it was just Phil Donohue & Oprah, things were different. People didn't go batshit crazy. Springer was just the beginning. As soon as "reality" tv came along, all dignity went out the window. Then we had shit like Fear Factor. "Eat raw bull testicles for money!"

I was just reading that Katie Price/Jordan ditched out on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! because all of Britain voted her for every single nasty trial they had for seven shows. She ingested all kinds of nasty shit to keep her name out there even though she's just a tired Page 3 titty model.

I'm not sure human dignity even exists anymore.
No, say this aint so, Aural...
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