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Full Version: Memorial Day Plans
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I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend and catching up with my family and friends... plus I'm looking forward to BBQing! I've been wanting to try some new recipes for the grill!

Debating between Asian Honey BBQ Drummettes and Citrus Barbecued Pork Chops... decisions, decisions wink.gif

Who else is BBQing?
Blushed, I know you're new-ish, so I'm gonna drop a little science on you.

Bust isn't like other boards out there. Because it is self-moderated, it isn't considered kosher to just start a thread without vetting it in the Community Forum first. Trivial threads like this one gum up the works in an otherwise well oiled machine. In the future, do make sure you run an idea past the community before striking out on your own.

If you want to talk recipes, there is a pre-existing thread in AbFad specifically for it.

And I see that this isn't the first time you were advised of this:

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Nov 21 2008, 02:29 PM) *
Blushed, since you are new around here, I'll be nice about this.

1) Do not start new threads without consensus from the community forum. We are self moderated so there is no one to delete the threads. If you can't find something, go the community forum and ask, the thread may have slipped out of view, someone can bump it up for you.

2) Do not start threads without consensus from the community forum.


3) Do not start a new thread without consensus from the community forum.

The community forum can be found here.

New, useless threads do nothing but clog up the boards.


ETA: I just realized that you, Blushed, are our favorite returning corporate shill, still schlepping your wares under the guise of Busting. First it was Motorola, now Kraft foods. QUIT TRYING TO FUCKING ADVERTISE TO US. WE NO LIKE!
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