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Full Version: I Hate Bv
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Um, honey, we have a VERY active BV thread. You've posted in it before. RELAX! It may have dropped away for a day or two, but it didn't go away. And in the future, please stop by the Community Forum instead of starting a whole new thread for something you already know existed.

QUOTE(horror_movie @ Apr 1 2009, 03:33 PM) *
WHERE IS EVERYBODY???? THIS BOARD CAN BE DEPRESSING AT TIMES SO I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY IT HAVEN'T BEEN ANYONE WRITING UP HERE!! I try the boric acid and i don't like the tree oil smell at all. When I first try it I was horrified the musty odor was so strong then the next day there was no smell no discharge.I had sex couldn't help it I felt back to normally then a slight musty smell came back then it got stronger so i use it again and the smell calm down but still there.I hope everything goes well at work bcuz this bv is getting on my darn nerves.
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