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In regards to Up's tears...mine were mostly happy, maybe a little wistful. But it's just so darn sweet. Just darling.
Oooh! And it's fun in 3D if they have it in your town biggrin.gif
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 23 2009, 06:33 PM) *
did you love the "hang in there...friday's comin'" poster, tommy?
why didn't shenomad like it?

Dunno. Neither one of us like horror much, but I think I'm more able to recognise Raimi isn't really horror, y'know? There's also Shenomad's natural buddha: she doesn't gush like I do. For her to say something was good, it has to be gooooooooooooooood.

The motivational poster slayed me, and everyone in the cinema wondered why. Kind of like when I saw A Fish Called Wanda in Amsterdam, and was the only one to guffaw at Archie's "Vietnam" joke.

Last night: relived some Crowe/Heckerling goodness in Fast Times. Now I am restraining myself from clicking on Alice links, as--ignorant until today of t6he movie plans--I just started listening to the unabridged audiobook. It's my first exposure to the story, other than the Matrix and Tom Petty's Don't Come Around Here No More.
Me and paperboy saw Drag Me To Hell last week and we both loved it. Classic Raimi. We laughed all the way through too. A guy behind us was really loud through the whole thing and making stupid comments and when him and his girlfriend left she said that was a terrible movie. We enjoyed it though. tongue.gif

Jezebel article about the tired antics of Bruno.
anna k
I saw Public Enemies tonight. It was decent, but I got tired of the constant gun battles in the movie. I knew what I was in for, but it got redundant to listen to endless tommy gun rounds being shot off. Also, I couldn't believe that Johnny Depp looks like his Donnie Brasco self in this movie, 14 years later. I watched an TV special about John Dillinger a few years ago, and thought that Depp was good, but obviously way better-looking than the real guy, who had more of a rough, ruddy exterior. Christian Bale wasn't in much of the movie, and Marion Cotillard was pretty to look at. A bunch of cameos by people like Lili Taylor, Billy Crudup, Giovanni Ribisi, and even Leelee Sobieski.
i'm not too excited about any movies right now, but am definetely looking forward to the new sherlock holmes movie.
I'm not sure where to put this, I may xpost, but has anybody been keeping track of Edgar Wright's blog to see the progress of the Scott Pilgrim movie besides me? So far it looks fun & I am excited!
i have not, but i LOVE scott pilgrim. it's one of those comeeks that i wish i created. it's so much fun!

thanks for the heads up, aural! wub.gif
I saw Public Enemies with another Bustie a couple weekends ago. We really liked it, but thought Christian Bale sucked big time. I was really impressed with Billy Crudup as J. Edgar Hoover. He was so good, I barely recognized it was him. I kind of wish I hadn't read Dillinger's Wikipedia page, which gave away the ending. But still, it was a pretty good movie. I'm going to see another movie this weekend with my boyfriend, the giant. I want to see The Hangover, if it's still showing, otherwise Bruno, but I doubt I can get him to go for that.

I finally saw UP! It was so weird seeing something in 3D for the first time, especially without the red and blue glasses. I think that this is where movies are headed. Also, the theatre already had 3 huge posters for Alice in Wonderland! It's not coming out till next March but I'm excited.

Anyway, as for the movies I don't know if I was just feeling emotional or what but geez there were so many times that I wanted to cry! First off there is the adorable short Partly Cloudy beforehand and it was so sweet. And then of course there was the movie. It was really cute and really sweet. It's nice to see movies that are actually watchable for the whole family. I was once dragged to a kids movie where dogs and cats were like secretly at war with each other and they could talk and the whole thing was horrible.

I find that Pixar always puts out good movies. Really, I can't think of a single movie I've seen of theirs that wasn't enjoyable. Anyway, this one was really good. Sweet and smart and funny. I liked it.
Ohhhhh...I wanna see Up so bad...I love Pixar. I'll watch anything they make. They're really good at making movies that are kid-friendly without being juvenile. Wall-E is one of my all-time faves. Amazing animation, really sweet story.
See it while you can, epi! It was the last week for it where I am. I'm a bit surprised, I thought it would be in theatres longer.

I don't know if I mentioned this in here before but I was listening to an NPR interview with one of the creators of the movie (can't remember his name) and he said that the original story didn't have the little boy scout. After watching the movie I can't imagine what it would have been like without him. The whole movie is really sweet and touching. You might get all misty eyed but it's worth it.
anna k
I saw Julie and Julia tonight. It was entertaining, and Meryl Streep was lovely as Julia Child, I forgot about Meryl as the actress, even as I couldn't believe that Julia Child spoke in her trilling voice all the time. I liked the scenes with her co-authors of the cookbook and getting the book published. By comparison, Julie Powell was pretty obnoxious, and an unlikable character. She doesn't have to be perfect, but her constant whining and treating her cooking project as a chore was irritating.
I agree. I thought it should have been more Julia Child, and less Julie Powell. I guess it would have been a different movie. I loved both of them so much in [iDoubt[i]. The movie did make me hungry though. Yet, it wasn't a great foodie movie like [i]Big Night[i] or [i]Like Water for Chocolate[i]. There should have been more food porn. Also, how JP didn't gain about 30 pounds is beyond me.
I enjoyed Julie and Julia. It was really refreshing to see a movie with TWO female leads that 1) weren't total idiots, 2) weren't trying to get a man, 3)they weren't trying to keep a man. That said, I actually liked Julie Powell's story. I found her to be pretty human and I related with her more times than I probably should have. I thought Meryl Streep was wonderful as Julia...she sounded EXACTLY like my nana though. I went with my mom and we kept laughing about it.
I don't see this film as being mainstream, but, I thought I would mention it here. I really want to see the movie Precious. It has been getting alot of press. Mo'nique looks like she gives an amazing job acting in this film.
i saw zombieland, and it was a lot of fun. a coming of age wif zombies, and a funny script. there is a fantastic little surprise in the film that you don't see coming. so, don't watch the previews or commercials (they give too much away anyways), just go see it. it's almost as much fun as shawn of the dead.
Movies that I've seen recently that I loved: Jennifer's Body, Inglorious Basterds, 500 Days of Summer. I'm totally pumped because Whip It! and Zombieland open this week and I really want to see those. BTW everyone should check out my blog, its
QUOTE(stargazer @ Sep 20 2009, 04:20 PM) *
I don't see this film as being mainstream, but, I thought I would mention it here. I really want to see the movie Precious. It has been getting alot of press. Mo'nique looks like she gives an amazing job acting in this film.

Damn! I cried just watching the trailer for that movie!
snow white
just saw zombieland and woody harrelson was so awesome in that movie, luv him!

can't wait to see where the wild things are and whip it but i haven't seen any theaters with it playing.
i saw Whip It! fairly predictable but pure popcorn fun. great skating/bout scenes. Juliette Lewis is such a badass.
I'm getting in on the Zombieland love. I saw that movie and it was exactly what I needed. Zombie's and a hilarious Woody Harrelson. I laughed so much.
Saw "Whip It" yesterday. It was really cute! Not fantastically wonderful, but cute.
I saw Ponyo the cutest movie I've seen in a long time. I loved that when the movie ended some little kid started dancing to the credits song hardcore style like moshing and silly walks. I saw zombieland i liked it but now i cant stop thinking if that ever happened and how screwed i would be I've even took some zombie survival quiz.
god bless the lounge for being an outlet for my random thoughts!

today, i watched marley and me. what a piece of shit. owen wilson looked like he was phoning it in. no, it was more like he was saying his lines, and then subtly shrugging to the audience, saying, "yeah, i know, i know..."
I saw Paranormal Activity last night. I have to strongly curse whomever decided to set most of the really scary suspense stuff in the bedroom, and mostly while the characters were sleeping. Bed is where I am supposed to be safe from monsters, for goodness sake! Of course, The Geek just dropped off the sleep, leaving me to hear all of the creaks and noises from our apartment and the hall outside. My building is pretty quiet, but somehow the noise from our hall and stair case always seems to reverberate through our foyer. More than once, I have thought that someone was trying to open my door when it was my across the hall neighbors. So, with that already being the case, the usual small amount of noise sounded like the hounds of hell to me last night. blink.gif

The movie is a fun time. Not gorey, just suspensfull with moments of real fear. As I understand it, much of the script was improvised, which might have been a weakness in some points when Micha, the male lead, was clearly struggling to know what to say. But, I do love a good underdog story and this movie is that for sure. Anyone else see it?
kitten i haven't seen it yet - been wondering if it's as spooky as everyone says so i've been hanging onto my movie money - i'm definitely going to see it soon though, i like the creepy ones.
I watched My Life In Ruins tonight and I thought it was really cute. I loves me some Richard Dreyfuss. He's such a cute little old man now! I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding too, so I expected to like it. Even though MLIR was still going with the Greek theme I didn't find it was a copycat film or anything. I'd recommend it for a light, semi-funny romantic movie.
snow white
been going to the movies alot lately b/c it's too freakin cold to do anything else. this week i've seen Sherlock Holmes and Avatar (in 3D!!!). Sherlock Holmes was awesome, i luved it! Avatar kinda made my ass hurt b/c i had to sit for so long but i've never seen a movie in 3D before and i think it was a pretty good choice for my first time. i also got an added bonus of seeing the preveiw for Alice in Wonderland in 3D which looked completly awesome! i didn't have high hopes for that movie after the Chocolate Factory flub (i hated it) but it looks like it's gonna be pretty flippin' sweet.
I want to see Alice in Wonderland SOOO BAD - I'm not a huge Tim Burton fan, and I agree Chocolate Factory was a flub. I found it boring, but the coming attractions for Alice really have me excited. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Is it corny that I really want to see Leap Year, too? It looks adorbs!
I just saw Avatar last night and it was my first 3D experience too, snow. I really enjoyed it. I had been wanting to go since it first came out and none of my friends would go with me - I'm the geekiest of them all so, yeah. I finally ended up going with my cousin who's in town from halfway across the country and we loved it. The 3D was amazing, I loved the story, I just thought it was phenomenal. I'm a sucker for a good action film though, so you know. I was completely floored by that movie. I totally want to see it again. Can DVDs be in 3D? I know nothing about this but I can't wait to own that movie.

MadameHooch, I totally want to see Leap Year! I think it looks really cute. I love both Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. It also takes a lot for me to hate a movie, so I'm pretty sure I'll like it. Is it corny that I want to see Dear John, The Last Song, and Letters To Juliet? I hope not. I don't really like Nicholas Sparks' books too much, but people seem to make them into films I enjoy.

Is Alice In Wonderland going to be in 3D? That would be crazy if it is!
I know I am a day late and a dollar short, but, I finally saw Rachel is Getting Married. Dude, I didn't realize the lead singer from TV on the Radio acted in it. Cool. Btw, a great movie, but, not a fan of the live, naturalistic camera stuff. Great soundtrack as always. I mean, it is Jonathan Demme after all.
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