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To Do List

#1. Wake Up
#2. Actually Get Up
#3. Must go pee
#4. Turn on shower
(edit) #4.5 Must get undressed first
#5. Get in shower

to do:
#1 go back to bed.
#2 realize #1 is a stupid idea; get out of bed.
#3 get ready to go to get meds early.
#4 figure out ways to avoid the hike to get meds.
#5 go on bust, see to do list thread.
#6 jump up and down, act squirrely
#7 come up with to do list so i don't have to get meds.
#8 give XOXOXO to pugs, wave excitedly, act stupid.
#9 realise items numbers 1,4 & 6 are dumb.
#10 post list, consider getting meds later. like at 9pm.
#11 get ass in gear, go get meds (not so early anymore).
#12 *sigh*
#13 climb steep hills, sweat, mess up make up, get out of breath, rest, resume climb, repeat for approximately
20 minutes, get meds, enjoy skate home.

#12.1 check mp3 player
#12.2 realize that w/o mp3 player, journey to get meds is too arduous.
#12.3 decide not to go get meds till later.
#12.4 recharge mp3 player.
#12.5 go to library, return books, movies instead.
#12.6 meet with bureaucrats later for soul crushing standing in line sessions. allot 4 hours of fun, but no more.
#12.7 go to comeek book store as treat for loss of soul, hollowed out look in eyes.
#12.8 enjoy skate home with mp3 player charged.
#12.9 think of ways to procratinate going to get meds till tomorrow, discard. do items #11, 12 & 13.

#12.4.1 check on line to see if they have rosemary's baby, and how quickly i can get it.
#12.4.2 get irritated w/library website. surf on info on T.E.D.
#12.4.3 check netflix for movies similar/related to T.E.D. start solidify ideas, compare to R.B., note similarities.
#12.4. 4 make note to do more research on jungian/freudian theories, see about auditing classes at univ.
#12.4.5 get irritated with netflix for only allowing 500 movies in queue. delete movies that can wait/be got at lib.
#12.4.6 get so worked up thinking about T.E.D, that you literally can't sit still.
#12.4.7 realize you are excited about movie. jump around, act stupid, make tea. grin from ear to ear.
#12.4.8 decide not to send T.E.D. back to netflix. watch it again. send it in.

#12.4.9 tell pugs you adore her ever-lovin ass for coming up with a way to make you feel productive

ETA:post mortem:unfinished items
(#s:11, 12.4.4, 13)
1)research/check univ. for jungian /freudian classes, auditing
2)get meds

yay completing #s 12.5,12.6
What I should do this afternoon

1. Drop off home owners association's annual dues
2. Go to Old Navy & see if they have any Charley Harper stuff left (even though they probably don't, but I have to try)
3. Target for tights and that placemat I saw last week that I want to turn into art
4. If I managed to spend money at previous two places, feel guilty for spending money unnecessarily
5. Grocery store!
6. Drop off groceries at home
7. Drive up to performing arts center to purchase tickets
8. Call Mom to confirm date & seats for the performance
9. Take photos of downtown to post on blog
10. Get home before 5pm to avoid rush hour

What I will probably do instead
1. Poke about on internet
2. Tell myself that I can't go anywhere because the cat is on my lap & it would be a sin to disturb her
3. Feel guilty for procrastinating
4. Continue procrastinating anyway
5. Run out to grocery store & grab a few things
6. Get home before 5pm
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jan 29 2009, 12:28 PM) *

#12 *sigh*

Not sure why but checking off *sigh* from a To Do List just cracks me the fuck up.

1. Avoid putting more labels on test tubes
2. Avoid going to class
3. Stop back at desk to email instructor that I'm too busy putting labels on test tubes to come to his class
4. Avoid emailing instructor and check out my new thread on bust
5. Crack the fuck up at GT and the other busties as I read their lists
6. *sigh* sorry I had to
7. Stretch my back out because labeling test tubes is hard work
8. Feel guilty that I'm getting paid $18 and hour to basically play with stickers
9. Email instructor (see #3)
10. Get back to labeling test tubes.
To Do for Thursday:

1. Wake up DONE
2. Consider letting the annoying other person in my bed sleep in until he misses his whole damn day of work. If his alarm is enough to wake me up, why isn't it enough to wake him up?
3. Weaken and tell him when it is 15 minutes before he is supposed to leave that he needs to get up DONE because I am a sucker
4. Breakfast DONE
5. Gym DONE
6. Grab lunch DONE
7. Change plans from doing homework at school library to working a double at my job because I am awsome!
8. Read chapters 13, 14, & 15
9. Answer on-line discussion questions
10. Watch NBC line up
1. Wake up, do I really have to?
2. Shower, make myself cute just incase there are cops or firefighters to be seen on the way to work.
3. Think about calling the douche bag...decide against it...then do it anways. Don't leave a message.
4. Go to dr...get Gardasil!
5. Make it work...booooo.
7. Appear to be working, I am a beaurocrat afterall.
8. Text the craphead.
9. Get mad at the cop.
10. Eat.
11. Appear to be working again.
12. CAKE!!! Hurray for going aways!!
13. Once again appear to work.
14. Rush Hour.
15. Sigh, see #14
16. go for a run.
17. Mmmm food.
19. Sudoku
10. Bed.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 29 2009, 03:09 PM) *

that's freaking great. this thread is hysterical.
What I ended up doing today afterall

1. Fulfilled items 1 through 4 from 2nd list below.
2. After realizing that the cat had been off of my lap for almost an hour, I resigned myself to the fact that I had no more excuses.
3. Sigh.
4. Went to Old Navy
5. No Charley Harper items to be found. Dammit.
6. Found a shirt I liked, but the Large size of the shirt was smaller than the Medium size. WTF?!
7. Decided that "Large" is too small & "Medium" is too big.
8. Left store without purchasing anything. Hooray!
9. Drove to Target.
10. Discovered that there are far too many pairs of footless tights in the world.
11. Decided to buy most of the items off of my grocery list while at Target.
12. Gave into temptation & snagged a bag of tater tots. And a new tablecloth.
13. Realized that it was 4:43pm! Eep!
14. Paid for shit & drove away.
15. Stopped by HOA office, slipped payment through the slot in the door.
16. Got home at 5:05. That's pretty much on-time, I think.
17. Unpacked groceries, turned on Gilmore Girls, & powered up laptop.
18. Bustin', baby!
1a. Make up my damn mind and yet
1b. Stop trying to figure everything out in the next 24 hours. There is time.

2a. Stop acting like I'm so fucking tough and
2b. Admit that it's okay to be a hot fucking mess it this hot fucking mess of a situation.

3a. Don't talk to my mother about shit
3b. Don't talk to my father
3c. Maybe stop talking to everyone else period
3d. Realize that talking to others means you are going to hear their opinions that you never like.

4. Stop analyzing shit

5a. Stop worrying
5b. Stop thinking
5c. Stop stressing
5d. Chill the fuck out

6. Skip the chores. Who gives a shit? Not me!!

7. Go lay in bed. You're exhausted

8a. Watch some sappy love story movie that isn't true
8b. Pretend it is anyway

9. Have a huge glass of wine

10a. Turn off your phone or
10b. At least screen your calls

11a. Eventually fall asleep
11b. Have a wild passionate sex dream
1. go to bed. NOW.


1. get up
2. wash hair. dye hair if there is time
3. print out the work accounting paperwork
4. bring work paperwork to office. explain why it's 2 days late
5. go look at flats. Hopefully find one I like.
6. practice musical instrument
7. try to clean room a bit
8. write
9. stay in and watch movie so as to not run into anyone I don't want to run into
10. try not to think too much about that anyone I don't want to run into

pugs, i adore your ever-lovin ass for coming up with a way to make me feel productive.

thank you, smarty!

lazy list
    #2 wake up
    #3 work on bathroom
    #4 work on living room
    #5 check for open turntables @ local bars
    #6 record 10/15 min mini set
    #7 work on prototype
    #8 take nap
    #8 email/call ch, t, tiff, paul, laurel
    #9 crave a pb+j sammich
Last night's list:

#1. Go to bed
#2. Read my book
#3. Grumble at boy for distracting me from reading said book
#4. Read some more
#5. Feel bad for grumbling at boy
#6. Wake boy up
#7. Have great sex with boy
#8. Go back to reading book
#9. Boy grumbles about being awake
#10. Offer to read in living room
#11. Boy declines
#12. Resume reading
#13. Boy sleeps (for second time)
#14. Read a little bit more
#15. Stop reading
#16. Snuggle up to boy and go to sleep

Today so far:

1. Wake up, eventually get up and go through morning routines (stretching, tummy crunches, choose clothes, shower, breakfast) in zombified fashion. Marvel absurdly at hot green tea's reviving benefits.

2. Zone out on the bus to work as it crawls through traffic. Plot how to line up the least demanding tasks for the day so that I can take it easy in an inconspicuous fashion.

3. Arrive at work and waste time with equally tired boss over financials. Snap at each other fruitlessly before retreating to separate areas of work.

4. Consume coffee gratefully. Get shit together. Accomplish some things.

5. Heartily enjoy lunchtime.

Still to come:

6. Actually achieve something solid this afternoon to ensure a smug weekend of sleeping in without guilt. Reflect on amount of thesis work to be done which may interrupt said smugness considerably. Renew smugness with realisation that deadline is close but work is of good quality.

7. Plot type of junk food to purchase for comsumption while watching Revolutionary Road at cinema later. Remind self to print up IMDB info for review purposes.

8. Leave work with a justified sense of accomplishment and plan how best to enjoy my Friday night.
1. Wake up
2. Go for a morning run.
3. Get ready, must have food.
4. Drive to work, in rush hour and be sure to get stuck behind someone going 20Km under the posted speed limit of 60km an hour.
5. Curse the dumb fuck, the roads really aren't that bad.
6. Le Sigh.
7. Get to work
8. Bust.
9. Text friends, think about calling the douche bag, but resist. YAY! I didn't call.
10. Survive the day.
11. ooooh body sugaring!
12. Come back to work, and survive the day.
13. Rush hour again. Sigh.
14. Walk the dog.
15. Put the dog's ear medicine in (now let me tell you it's bad enough trying to get a harness on a border collie mix, it's even harder trying to get ear medicine in said dog. Both are like trying to dress an octopus).
16. Contemplate doing something.
17. Decide against it, it's far more fun to sleep.
18. Rub one out.
19. Go to bed.
Revise no. 6 as best efforts at productivity are repeatedly stymied by telephone and emailed moronacy. Ponder the stupidity of humanity and fantasise about pulling the phone plug out instead of doing any work.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 30 2009, 09:33 AM) *

6. Le Sigh.
15. Put the dog's ear medicine in (now let me tell you it's bad enough trying to get a harness on a border collie mix, it's even harder trying to get ear medicine in said dog. Both are like trying to dress an octopus).
18. Rub one out.

CH -

1st) Le Sigh = funny
2nd) Trying to dress an octopus = funnier
3rd) Rub one out = great idea (think I'll do that tonight myself)

  1. Stop thinking
  2. Stay busy
  3. Go eat something
  4. Look forward to babysitting the little dude tonight
  5. Look forward to lunch with the other little dudes tomorrow
  6. Look forward to game night tomorrow night
  7. Keep hydrated cause your cough is coming back
  8. Definately rub one out tonight. That's a great idea.
  9. Sleep in a little tomorrow morning. Dishes can wait.
1- drag ass out of bed.
2- go to store and buy cream.
3- make coffee and oatmeal while listening to public radio.
4- do last night's dishes.
5- waste time on internet.

6- shower!
7- go to former apartment and pick up the last of my shit
8- go to my brother's place and get some files off the computer I gave him
9- edit sample review for copywriting job
10- make a nice dinner, with wine I hope
11- portions, please!
12- go out if there's anything worth doing, or rent a movie, then go to bed
Things to do this afternoon

1. Cheese and rice, GET DRESSED ALREADY!!!! What the hell?!
2. Call cable company and remind them AGAIN that that $5 charge was supposed to be removed from my bill last month.
3. Go to performing arts center & buy tickets I was supposed to buy yesterday.
4. Take photos I was supposed to take yesterday
5. Think about going to shoe store & looking at boots
6. Become too overwhelmed by guilt (& lack of funds)
7. Avoid shoe store
8. Deposit check
9. Buy groceries I should have bought yesterday
10. Go home
11. Take off shoes so cat can bury her head in them
12. Start load of laundry
13. Make some dulce de leche (sp?).
*waves hand eagerly, "I wanna play this game too!"

1.) go out for a walk and a smoke.
2.) go pick up my new pink and purple glasses on my walk.
3.) get an attitude if they still aren't in, "it's been way more than ten days people, WTF!"
4.) try to keep in good spirits all day.
5.) drink lots of water.
6.) try to find a tax professional to help me with my taxes.
7.) think about going to the gym after work.
8.) paint.
9.) go to bed early so I can get up early.
10.) think about going to housemates first jujitsu tournament.
11.) listen to more johnny cash.
Love this thread! Here's mine for today:

1. drag myself out of bed without laying there thinking about my ex for hours
1a. think fondly of portions with ex yesterday, touch sore spot on neck where he bit me, smile
1b. become irritated thinking of breakup
1c. snuggle with dog
2. pee, brush teeth, wash face
3. let dog outside to do his business
4. say good morning to godson, whose family's house I'm at for the wkend
5. eat bowl of cereal with godson
6. call friend and make plans to go for a walk with her and her kids and my dog
7. internet, check for email from new potential hookups, BUST
7a. cup of tea
7b. feed dog
8. go for walk
9. avoid txting ex
10. counter all negative thoughts with positive ones
11. hang out with friends
12. cry whenever thinking about or discussing ex
13. drink beer
14. avoid txting ex
15. avoid txting ex
The day.

1. Wake up,work out, get ready, eat.
2. Go start the car, bitch and complain about how fucking cold it is.
3. Get back in the house and bitch some more.
4. Put on lip gloss, look outside and thing, FUCK I don't want to go out there.
5. Drive to work in rush hour, bah.
6. get to work and BUST.
7. Insult trolls
8. Heckle trolls.
9. Make fun of & patronize trolls.
10. Go back to regular busting.
11. See if a troll has posted, make more fun of troll and try to get thread back on topic.
12. I really haven't planned the rest of my day, so appear to be working!
13. Oooh, go pick up llama or alpaca wool at lunch!
14. I should put eat in here somewhere.
15. Pretend to work.
16. YAY home time.
17. Rush hour, booooo.
18. Take the dog out and complain about the cold some more.
19. Work out.
20. BUST and compelte 7 - 11 again.
21. Mmm sleep.
Things I need to do today

1. Buy deodorant. And fruit.
2. Pester Sheff to make a birthday gift list. I've got less than a week to shop!
3. Endure painful cramps & excessive bleeding
4. Try not to whine too much about cramps & bleeding
5. Continue to brood over "Revolutionary Road"
6. Call Mom & ask about her big Groundhog Day party (They ate sausage! Get it? Goundhog? Ground-hog? Ha!)
7. Think about working out
8. Feel too bleedy to work out, but feel guilty for not doing it anyway
9. Avoid M&Ms
10. Watch something on TV that will get my mind off of excessive bleeding &/or "Revolutionary Road"
ohohoh, *points* amazing new thread

1-remove self from computer
2-finish reading on abortion for seminar
3-eat something healthy to remove guilt over crap eaten thus far
4-stomp about in snow before it schmooshes
5-wash hair
6-catch up on emailing duties
7-try to sleep before 4am for once:/

5pm already so that should do for today
loving this thread!

1. study for French exam
2. write lesson plan for tomorrow
3. go to grocery store
4. remove snow from car, AGAIN
5. drive to campus
6. take exam
7. work on seminar paper
8. go to bed at a decent hour, bed, not crashing on couch again

even when I make a minimalist list like this, I know it won't all happen. At least I made the flashcards already...
    1 bust
    2 morning wake up bs.
    3 write letter, sketch
    4 check with neighbor about borrowing drill,
    screw in cardboard panel wallpaper
    5 watch in my skin, send to netflix
    6 go to library, print letter, mail.
    7 prep for new painting series, check that you have enough red
    8 surf for photo references, sketch. make red list.
    9 work on bathroom/finish living room
    9b *sigh*
    10 check w/ mr t re: going to gross out

    11 what the hell, buy a lotto ticket/eat lunch
    12 work more on sketches, call laurel
    13 get nails done or bust?
    14 pay rent/ take nap.
    15 work on sketches, do a couple of paper studies too.
    16 watch flawless
    17 watch dumb tv, work on more sketches/studies think about lettering, layout, colors.
    18 eat dinner, bust
    19 do more sketches, look for more photo references
    20 go to bed.
1. wake up groggy but happy that I slept through the whole night
1a. snooze too long and end up getting up later than planned
2. rush to get ready
3. take dog across the street and throw the ball for a few minutes
4. rush to get ready
5. get to work on time, yay!
6. get through the workday
6a. receive txt from ex-boy stating he misses our life together
6b. contemplate breakup
6c. have annual evaluation with manager, nothing unexpected
6d. get to leave work early, finally!
7. txt ex-boy again and receive no reply sad.gif
8. take dog for a long walk and play at the dog park
8a. contemplate breakup
9. get home, change into lounge pants, couch potato in front of TV with BUST
10. sit in front of TV some more
11. try to eat some leftover sandwich
12. contemplate breakup but avoid contacting ex again
13. prepare for students tomorrow
14. finally set up new TV and HD cable box upstairs
15. take shower
15a. contemplate txting potential new hookup
15b. decide to be celibate until I meet someone I really like
15c. reconsider
15d. change mind several times
15e. put decision on hold
16. become annoyed because cable on upstairs TV isn't working right and keeps cutting on and off
17. decide not to txt anyone
18. receive txt from ex saying that even though he misses me, he's not regretting the decision to break up dry.gif
19. completely forgot! LOST! smile.gif wish ex was here laying in bed with me to watch it
20. become more annoyed realizing I probably won't be able to watch upstairs due to cable issues
21. find out there's something wrong with the cable in general, probably won't be able to watch LOST at all. argh!
22. watch downloaded TV shows on computer instead
23. bed

sounds like an incredibly boring day!
I wish I was able to add to this list, but due to some slight OCD, I can only write my lists in pencil on a piece of paper. Carry on ladies!
our dinky doodle's* to-do list for today:
    1 wake up
    2 eat, bust

    3 do morning stuff (shave teeth, brush face, etc.)
    4 bust
    4a daydream about yummy lima beans w/ ham
    4b rub tummy and lick "chops" thinking about 4a.

    5 go back to bed
    5a don't forget to wake up!
    6 wash dishes
    7 redo resume, get off line w/o busting!
    8 clean living room/do music from the library,
    9 eat lunch, call 2 friends, watch movie
    10 prep job hunt clothes
    10a *sigh*
    10b repeat 10a at least 5x
    11return stuff to library, pay rent
    12 visit art galleries or go for sk8
    13 get bus schedule for tomorrow
    14 finalize painting image, or prep transfer of final image
    15 sort clothes
    16 eat dinner/ do more music
    17 watch tv, bust, sketch?
    18 go to bed
*that's GT to you!
Wishful Thinking, I'll probably get to less than half of this due to my fussy baby and only getting an hour of sleep sad.gif

2. Eat
3. Clean
4. Laundry
5. Shower
6. Give fussy baby a bath
7. Take fussy baby to get a shot (I'm dreading this)
8. Figure out dinner. No, fuck that. Every man (and woman) for themselves
9. Pray that the baby gets to bed early so that I can try to get at least a 3 hour block
10. Probably fend off a horny boyfriend for fear of another pregnancy, then, what the hell, give in.
11. Nurse fussy baby ever 1-2 hours until tomorrow morning. can't wait. *sarcastic smile*

And of course, between all this I'm supposed to nurse fussy baby, change fussy baby, and keep fussy baby happy...

1. get up make bottle/feed baby/ back to bed
2. get up take boy to bus
3. make tea/sniffle/entertain baby
4. more tea/feed baby/send hubby off to work
5. do nothing
6. feel sorry for self while busting
7. cry
8. call neurologist to ask for change in meds/cry more/good thing baby is napping.
9. pull self together and consider showering.
10. watch birds/pet dogs/play with baby/wait for boy to get home
11. think about showering/tomorrow i will shower.
12. make food for baby and boy.
13. wait for bed time.
14. go to bed.
hi shiny!
good to see you! i haven't seen you in awhile. *waves like someone who has lost their mind*
Hopefully all of this will get done

1. Wake up
2. Read a couple chapters in a book
3. Make tea and eat breakfast
4. Check email
5. Read another chapter, fall asleep while doing so
6. Wake up again
7. Check the furnace, throw more wood on the fire
8. Make more tea and turn on the radio
9. Recheck email/bust
10. Reply to AZ Guy/possibly post in a thread
11. Sigh and wish I was employed
12. Get a song stuck in my head
13. Spend 30 minutes trying to find more information about the artist
14. Bookmark their page and vow to buy something from them
15. Go grocery shopping
16. Visit a decent bookstore and sorely resist temptation
17. Eat a burrito
18. Watch TV
19. Make dinner
20. More internet surfing and job searching
21. Sigh and apply for something that I'm overqualified for and not in my field
22. Do yoga
23. Read a couple more chapters, finally fall asleep
To do this afternoon (including updates)
1. Get off ass
2. Exercise for an hour
3. Hose off & get dressed
4. Put chicken breast in fridge to thaw
5. Put bowl of ice cream maker in freezer
6. Go out shopping
7. Remind self how to do strike-throughs Thanks, Kitten!

Stuff to buy today
1. Dry cat food
2. Sheff's deodorant
3. Sheff's b-day presents
4. Card, too (eta: Couldn't find a good card)

Buy if I can find it
1. Chocolate feves
2. Almond filling (in a jar! Not the paste in a can!)
3. Fleur de sel (sea salt)
6:30 AM Wake up boy and remind him that he hsa to go to work
9:00 AM Wake up because I took cold medicine last night
9:05 AM Internet time
11:30ish Lunch
Do more Freecycling
Do taxes on-line
Be shocked at how big my federal refund will be.
Fantasize about what I can buy/pay off.
Be agast at what the computer says that I owe in state taxes.
Assume that is MUST be a mistake and plan to do them again, later.
Go get ice cream to celebrate/get the numbers out of my head.
Read chapter on schizophrenia.
Watch People's Court.
Teach Roseviolet how to do a strikeout. (In the toolbar, it is the key with the double As.)
Go to work.
Finish the contacts project that I have put off shamelessly long. unsure.gif
Weekend To Do List

1. Rush to work because I forgot they closed the bridge
2. Witness an accident
3. Rush to work only to arrive and the instruments are down

4. Work
5. Eat Lunch Mmmmm Chicken Broccoli Cheese Potato soup
6. Work some more
7. Head home
8. Wine is flowing free
9. Make something good for dinner

(Friday night edit)
8. Order in Chinese
9. Get a few hours of sleep
10. Go to work for an extra shift and a half
11. YUCK!! This just fucks up the whole list. sad.gif

[s]10. Watch a movie
11. Get thee to bed early

12. Sleep in (edit) SLEEP ALL DAY
13. Get up
14. Convince Mr. Pugs to make breakfast
15. Eat all of it
19. Eat lunch, I want chicken salad today
20. (continue #'s 16. 17. & 18.)[/s]
21. (repeat #'s 8. - 11.)

22. Get up for church
23. Get to Sunday School
24. Service
25. Help in the nursery if needed
26. ewww poopy diapers HAHAHA NOT MY KID!! I'M NOT DOING IT!!
27. hang around and chit chat
28. Head home

29. (repeat #'s 8. - 11.)
This may sound wacky, but I find I'm far more likely to be responsible & actually DO the things on my to-do list as long as I post them in this thread. Anybody else feel the same way?

Friday To Do
1. Put sheets in the washer
2. Ask the cat why the hell she keeps poking me on the leg. What do you want?! I don't understand!!!
3. Go shopping for wacky ingredients
4. Buy rest of Sheff's b-day gifts
5. Decorations? Is that too elementary school? Definitely NOT too elementary school. smile.gif
6. If wacky ingredients are found, come home & make dough for cookies ASAP
7. Stick dough in the back of the fridge & attempt to ignore until Sunday
8. Try once again to figure out what is up with the cat today. Is her new food confusing her? Could that be it?
9. Put sheets in drier
10. Put darks in washer
11. Double check grocery list for Sunday's party
12. Go to regular store for rest of groceries
13. Put sheets on bed, put darks in drier
14. Exercise? Please?
15. Fold darks
16. Dinner & laziness until bed

Wacky ingredients
1. chocolate feves (for the New York Time's chocolate cookie recipe)
2. jar of almond filling (for Sheff's b-day cake)

Saturday To Do

1. Vaccum/Sweep all downstairs floors
2. Mop
3. Sing silly "Ragg Mopp" song from The Muppet Show while mopping (click here to hear it)
4. Listen to NPR while doing all of the above
5. Wish Carl Kasell would record my voice mail message
6. If I find the time, go to art museum & get cool wall art piece that I've been thinking about for over a month.
7. Hang wall art
8. Make absolute final decision on everything that will be served at Sheff's b-day shin dig
9. Wrap presents while he's distracted by the internet

Sunday To Do

1. Bake cake
2. Bake cookies
3. Refrain from licking fingers while making the above.
4. Make any additional snacks for shin dig
5. Final round of tidying
6. Bathe, dress, & make self look casually fabulous just before peeps arrive
7. ROCK BAND!!!!!
8. Make dinner for the gang
9. Eat eat eat, sing birthday song, eat more
10. Play Apples to Apples? Or maybe poker?
11. Who am I kidding. More ROCK BAND!!!!
D'oh ... double post
Friday to do:

1. struggle to wake
2. watch Top Chef whilst eating breakfast
3. Check email
4. Converse with aunt via email for while
5. Reschedule lunch plans with mornington to next week, when she feels better
7. Search for jobs
8. Enquire about one that I have no experience for but could do standing on head
9. Job hunt some more
10. Put on mammoth washing, consisting mainly of my underwear, socks and several pairs of PJs
11. Finish reading book
12. Mess about online some more
13. Do dishes and clean out rice cooker
14. hang up mammoth washing to dry
15. Marvel at the number of pink items
16. Consider throwing out the slightly grubby items
17. Resign self to fact that indulging in lingerie spree will not occur any time soon
18. Put on slightly smaller washing of boy's work shirts and miscellaneous items
19. Wrap uncle's birthday gift
20. Realise that I forgot to eat lunch and contemplate if that's why I have headache
21. Eat a tangerine
22. BUST some more
23. Wonder why the score through button doesn't work for me
24. Don't worry about it as use code anyway
25. Realise that making long lists gives me a sense of actually being productive with my day
24. Start to read new book
25. Make dinner once boy is home
26. Consider going to see Milk or The Wrestler
27. Probably decide to leave that until Sunday
28. Curl up on sofa, drink wine, watch TV and dvds instead
29. Go to bed

Saturday and Sunday MUST do:

1. Go to family planning clinic for BC prescription
2. Go shopping for groceries
3. Pick up wine for dinner
4. Go to aunt and uncle's for dinner
5. Read book and start another one
6. Write
6. See a film or two
7. Clean bathroom
8. Change bed clothes
9. Put away today's laundry once dried
10. Skype with our families
RV, I've only posted in here once before, but I also found myself doing more of the things on my list.

1. Drive to school by 7 XX
2. Teach two classes XX
3. print off items from ILL XX
4. Get my poor car's oil changed already XX
5. quick target run XX
6. make lunch, (really just steaming some red bean curry rolls), yum XX
7. unload dishwasher XX
8. find quarters for laundry XX
9. sort laundry
10. read articles from ILL
11. buy a bottle of wine
12. become presentable
13. attend friend's birthday celebration/wine tasting
14. beg ride home from someone
15. pass out

don't know how to strike through, so XX=done

1. (630am) receive 3 txt msgs from the university where I work stating that they are testing the emergency alarm system, argh, wasn't ready to wake up yet!
2. notice txt msg from ex-boy from last night saying he wanted to come over but knew it was a bad idea, hmmm...
3. roll around a bunch of times but can't fall back asleep
4. get up
5. do morning stuff with dog and myself
6. txt ex-boy and tell him it was good I didn't see his txt last night, because I have low willpower
7. go to meet with a therapist at a new practice where I might work part-time
8. continue to txt flirtatiously with ex-boy
9. attend lecture at my university, talk to some of my students and my co-workers
10. attempt to convince ex-boy to come over and do it with me
11. get home, begin to take care of business myself, receive txt that he's on his way over
12. bang ex-boy for several hours, take pictures and video
13. get a little sad and emotional
14. take dog for walk
15. run into dog park acquaintance, when he asks where my other dog is and I tell him about breakup, he instantly becomes nervous and appears to be trying to "get to know me better"
16. feel uncomfortable, he's nice, but I'm not interested
17. get home, feel a little sorry for self, watch Dog Whisperer
18. wait for mom and step-dad to call about going out to dinner

19. go out to dinner?
20. shower
21. watch a little more TV
22. crash
1. wake early
2. take care of email crap
3. do laundry--damn the snow for blocking me from the laundry facilities, 10 loads?!?
4. finally grade my students' group projects
5. work on French translation
6. French grammar work
7. do my taxes
8. maybe eat something at some point
9. watch some tele
10. online procrastination
11. call it a day
    Wake up, feed the cats.
    Go back to sleep for two more hours.
    Wake up.
    Eat a very small breakfast.
    Do homework.
    Brunch with The Geek.
    Target w/The Geek.
    Look at digital antennas and PDAs.
    Decide if I want to see his show tonight (I don't.)
    Watch DVDs.
dinky doodle's to-do list:
    don't forget to eat.
    organize and clean the living room and the bathroom
    screw in cardboard wallpaper
    watch movies
    get ass in gear.
get up after sleeping 12 hrs
make hot cereal/eat some for a change
play with baby
feed baby
put baby down for nap
got take nap myself
get up with baby
clean up kitchen/feed baby
send hubby off to work
bust/facebook/waste time online
think about showering
tidy up living room
fold some (not all) clean laundry
dinner (do i have to make it?)
bed early. i am so very tired.
- finally do my 3 weeks late music reading as preparation for midterm thursday
- highlight
- cross it off my list and grin like crazy
- read Ariel and try to formulate a thesis
- practise drums or just give up for the night
- clean new nose piercing
- go to bed
- read, sleep, dream.
Memorize Green Book 12.
Get a letter of recommendation.
Eat a cheeseburger.
Have sex.
Friday evening
prise self away from computer
change from work clothes into live sporting match clothes
find out where hubby's at
catch bus
walk up road in rain to pub, meet peeps
pretend to drink alcohol cos peeps don't know I'm pregnant
walk to stadium
cheer and yell, hopefully cheer lots
get home
do house research for tomorrow and write in special house hunting book
sleep, try not to dream about bushfires again

wake up early
put washing on if time
have breakfast and vitamins
jump in car with hubby, newspaper, house hunting book and GPS
find houses, look at them, make notes all day
pass out from exhaustion.
eat sometime.
1. Exercise
2. Eat fruit and veggies! Ignore all that junk food that is still lurking in the house!
3. Write out check for mom
4. Pay power bill
5. Put out mail for pick-up
6. Deposit check
7. Figure out what we'll eat this weekend
8. Shop

a. milk
b. tomatoes
c. onions
d. beef
e. bread

9. Make final weekend plans with D
10. Make final weekend plans with J
11. Eat leftover biriani for dinner
12. Watch new Joss Whedon show

Make coffee, eat breakfast X
Laundry X
Bust/email X
Go for walk/hike with dogs
Wrap vday gift for mcgeek
Study GRE/Grants
Watch Dollhouse, Lost, GA
Write journal, thank you cards
Call to finalize tomorrow plans for movie/dinner with c
Eat leftover bday cake and cookies, lunch
Try not to kick Mcgeek in ass for forgetting bday gifts
TV again

Oooh, this is fun cause I always make mental lists of what I need to do.

1. buy garlic and parsley
2. return Pineapple Express
3. grab lunch
4. get prescription filled/browse Shopper's Drug Mart/buy candles
5. go home
6. do laundry
7. take a bath
8. watch tv (there's a lot of good stuff on today!)
9. start preparing dinner while watching The Notebook.
10. wait for bf to arrive and have him be amazed by my culinary skills.
11. have sexy time
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