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1. wake up, do morning stuff
2. take dog for walk
3. stop by my mom's house
3a. drink coffee
3b. talk about various mundane things
3c. say hi to stepdad when he wakes up
4. get home, make plans to go to dog park later
4a. continue work on annoying insurance company registration process
5. meet friend at dog park, talk, watch dogs play
6. walk home with completely worn out dog

7. procrastinate: eat leftover pizza, watch TV, BUST
8. work on taxes
9. start grading papers (maybe I'll get to this tomorrow)
10. oooh, Target?
11. watch TV and other time-wasters
12. avoid feeling sorry for self due to being alone on VDay
13. bed
wake XX
make coffee XX
putter around the apartment XX
bust XX
get serious about my day and week <sniffle> XX
reread A Room of One's Own XXX
make AROOO lesson plans XXX emailed to colleagues in gesture of goodwill
read at least three journal articles X
type up notes from said articles X
make butternut squash bisque
make ham salad XXX
shower (but it is Sunday!?!) XXX
sleep at a decent hour
get up with baby, feed, play etc
make tea and drink it
clean my very untidy house
baby to nap
keep cleaning
more damned cleaning
make dinner
clean.clean clean
eat dinner
clean fuck up dinner
go to bed
hopefully get laid

make coffee
bust a while
fill out student athlete academic progress reports
deal with enrollment verification for both classes (bureaucracy--shakes fist)
run dishwasher
make lesson plan for tomorrow
cancel tv service
French homework
go to French class
read a couple journal articles, even if season one, disc two of Mad Men arrives today
bed early so fresh for classroom observation tomorrow
  1. Struggle to wake up after snoozing for way longer than I should have
  2. Strip bed of bed-clothes
  3. Put washing on
  4. Have breakfast
  5. Shower
  6. Dry hair
  7. Iron clothes
  8. Dress
  9. Have text conversation with friend about her relationship woes
  10. Check email, facebook, do online banking, BUST for while
  11. Write kick ass covering letter for job I want
  12. Hang up washing to dry
  13. Do dishes
  14. Make bed with fresh bedclothes
  15. Leave flat and travel into city
  16. Read whilst travelling
  17. Pick up bottle of wine and delicious dessert for dinner
  18. Go to mornington's for dinner
  19. Have a lovely night
  20. Go home
  21. Drink water
  22. Go to bed
  23. Sleep
Apply for graduation
Take quizzes on Moodle
Do research on capital punishment
Do taxes
Memorize Green Book unit 13
Email Dad bean recipe
Meet about capital punishment debate
Start preparing midterm presentation
1. Wake up - check
2. Shower - check
3. Turn on Computer - check, clearly smile.gif
4. Start Working
5. Read Bust Instead - check
6. Try working again
7. Keep reading Bust - check
8. Make yummy dinner
9. Go to the gym
10. Snuggle with my love

*Items 4 and 6 are clearly no fun. I need to find some motivation!!!
drink pot of coffee
brush teeth
consider shower/decide against it
go in to office
read for next week's classes
make lesson plans for M
write letter of rec for former student
work on my own work
start winding down
have a good sleep

start again tomorrow
make coffee
make breakfast
pack lunch
email essay question for exam
Bust, I'm online anyway...
prep for class
go to school
print off letters of rec
go over today's lesson plans
hold office hours
eat lunch
go to meeting on my research project
putter around office for a while
come home
spend a little time working
watch another bit of Centennial, even though I'm really a Lonsome Dove kind of gal
never mind, Cornell West lecture instead
try to ignore the monotony of my world and my lists,
perhaps the routine allows my mind to be innovative in my work??
A List for Why We Love Lists
-Lunch with Ian
-Shop for a spring coat
-Trivial Pursuit night at The Toad (its a pub near where I live) I'll probably make my team lose cos I only ever get the music/art questions.
-Get swimsuit ready for work tomorrow, I get to go swimming and get paid!
-Have sexy sex
ok. so, i have only 1 major thing to put on my to do list. i thought posting it here will help motivate me. so, i was making really good progress on my dissertation. then, february hit and my anxiety about internship made it hard for me to focus on the damn thing. so, now, i'm getting back on the dissertation horse to ride this muthafucka out of here and be done. so my lone to do list is....


i'm giving myself a day of rest on saturday to go to the sockmonkey fest and hang with polly.
I feel you stargazer, I feel a definite increase in motivational energy that seems to have been dormant for oh, a month or so where I couldn't seem to get anything done. But now its like the sap is running, and I'm motivated. Good luck w/ your dissertation.

It's funny I just found this thread, because earlier today I was thinking about how overwhelmed I am with things I want to do that I've been putting off and realized I really needed to make a list. I'm trying to be my own boss, and it's really difficult for me to stay organized and on top of it. I thought instead of making a list everyday, make one for the week and then try to do at least one or two things from the list everyday.
Good luck with finishing the dissertation, Stargazer. When I think about writing my dissertation, I am suddenly happy to be stuck in coursework, still.

Only one thing has to be done this weekend:

Write the damn paper already. The research is done. All the sources were collected weeks ago. I have just been lacking the motivation to get it done already. And now a draft is due on Monday. ugh

Solaria, the satisfaction that comes with crossing things out on my lists is great. I think of the things on my to-do list as either things that make my world a better place, or as things I must do to deserve to continue living. The latter is morbid, but sometimes helpful.
1. brush teeth
2. eat breakfast
3. get dressed
4. rent a movie
5. pick up groceries
6. get newspaper

7. begin actual writing of essay and write at least 50%
8. have dinner/watch movie/relax
Good luck on the dissertation Star!

I agree with solaria on the feeling of accomplishment once you've crossed the items off a list is great.

wake up X
yoga in the park (hot plus: cute yoga guys) X
lunch X
job search X
dishes X
rent movie

Saturday, March 7, 2009
To Do List

1. Kick Ass At Work
1. Grade mid-terms
2. Snort at responses
3. Try not to feel like an abject failure as an instructor
4. Continue grading
5. Come across a really good exam
6. Do my own damn work
7. Get back to the grading
8. Remember that spring break is next week
9. Keep grading, the sooner it is done, the sooner I can work on other things

I'm already thinking of all the things I have to do tomorrow so I thought I would jump on the list bandwagon.

March 11th

1. Get up. (oops slept in)
2. Take a moment to enjoy my day off.
3. Go to staff meeting. (1/2 an hour late, but whatever, it was lame)
4. Eat lunch.
5. Take a moment to enjoy my day off.
6. Tutor wonderful little boy (only one more tutoring session left till he leaves the country and I have my Wednesday and Friday mornings back!!!)
7. Finally get to enjoy my day off.
8. Look for wonderful red cotton fabric to make my friend a baby sling.
9. Look for rings for said baby sling at local farm supply store.
10. Stop in at Nicole's work and ask her many doula questions as she's having me fill in for one of her doula clients. This is my first doula job!
11. Eat a good dinner.
12. Read more about giving birth.
13. Drink copious amounts of tea while doing the latter.
14. Go to bed, looking forward to my real day off tomorrow, and appreciate the fact that I have work, even though my days off don't seem to be real days off.
I feel really good about myself biggrin.gif

1. pay student loan bill

2. stop in to chiropractor's office to inquire if they need a massage therapist

3. read chapter for astronomy

4. practice bellydance

5.create brochure for my doula service

1. shower
2. email prof.
3. work on queer paper
4. empty dishwasher
5. fill dishwasher
6. laundry
7. grade 7 exams
8. maybe work on other paper
9. call it a day

Must confess, I post in order to be accountable to the great powers of the intrywebs.
Things I need to do today

1. Exercise (30 min)
2. Shower (30 min)
3. Buy & print tickets for this weekend's show (10 min)
4. Check business e-mail accounts & complete any necessary correspondence (10 min - 1 hour)
5. Pick up tickets for tonight's performance (Do this after noon when university should be quieter) (30 min)
6. Scope out parking options for tonight (20 min)
7. Groceries! (30 min)
8. Whip up dinner that can be eaten quickly before or after show (30 min)
9. Get to auditorium AT LEAST 30 minutes before performance (30 min)
10. Enjoy!
1. grade some more exams
2. shower
3. 5 pages queer paper
4. haircut (yay!)
5. 5 pages other paper
6. clean some
7. clean veggies in crisper
8. go to office and print out necessary articles cod, I love going into the office, getting what I need, and getting out before anyone else arrives. tongue.gif
1. Sleep maybe a little later than I have been (nope.)
2. Contact phone company about cancelling service.
3. Change magazine subscription address. When I can figure out how. Why is that so confusing?
4. Doc appt.
5. Lunch, no more caffine.
6. Homework.
7. Workout.
8. Shower.
9. Do dishes.
10. Watch NBC.
11. Go to work.
Things to do on Friday

1. Get up, sleepy head!
2. Morning constitution
3. Bi-weekly weigh-in
4. Exercise. Really. Just get it over with early for a change.
5. Shower
6. Put on fabulous new RED pants! Woot!
7. 11am - 1pm: Watch BSG marathon (specifically, the episodes I missed this season)
8. Pick up tickets to "This American Life" thingamy
9. Stop by other Old Navy & see if they have that dress in the correct size
10. Buy groceries I should have purchased 2 days ago
11. Beef stroganoff, baby!
12. BSG Overload
1. shower
2. grocery shopping
3. read, write comments, post about classmates' papers
4. finish the damn grading already
5. relax a bit
6. make enchiladas
7. start the refried beans (finish in the morning)
8. email various profs
9. lesson plans for Monday
10. work on queer paper
11. sort recycling
12. work on IRB approval
13. get to bed at a decent hour
14. work on finances--balance checkbook, etc.
For this weekend:

1. shower
2. email bidness-all of it, esp. that which isn't fun
3. buy groceries
4. get quarters for laundry
5. work on IRB paperwork--as much as I can do without assistance
6. work on paper
7. art show with friends
8. clean
9. read for next week
10. make lesson plans
11. change kitty litter
12. take out trash
13. buy stuff to clean 'puter screen
14. watch movie and relax
15. make living room presentable
16. load/run/empty dishwasher
17. enjoy the feeling of doing all items on the list
This weekend, I must do the following:

1. laundry
2. shower Saturday
3. go to panel discussion
4. work on q paper
5. finalize IRB application and submit the damn thing already
6. grocery shopping
7. read and make lesson plan for Monday
8. birthday dinner for Z Sat. evening
9. email students about Monday
10. drink too much coffee[/s[s]] rinse, repeat

keep the list thread alive for another weekend
Getting ready to go out of town! So I have to get us ready to go, plus get the house ready for our house/pet-sitting friends.

1. Call Cousin T & set up a time to see her!!!
2. Download new maps for GPS.
3. Buy more cat food just in case.
4. Clean all of that crap off of dining room table.
5. Vacuum all floors & furniture to cut down on pet dander (one of our friends who is house-sitting is slightly allergic).
6. Dust furniture (for same reason).
7. Laundry laundry laundry (including sheets).
8. Pay bills.
9. Pack!
This weekend:

1. More laundry
2. Dishes/housework
3. Job searchin
4. Movie?
5. Plan organic garden and flower boxes
6. Two days of yoga/cardio (Hopefully not oversleep for tomorrow's class)
7. Celebrate with Mcgeek on Saturday after his test- a pub maybe?
8. Grocery shopping, plan menu for the week.
9. Go to library to pick up new books.
10. Chill. Maybe a Firefly marathon??

This week:

Contact HR depts for jobs applied for to explain my absence the following week
Buy travel insurance
Meet w/ advisors/short lunch hour
Chase up programme info
Start packing for trip
Apply for 2 jobs
Email family re missed phone call (tomorrow)
Email friend
Put money on CC for trip
Arrange taxi to airport
Buy books (yay!)
Buy cute shorts at H&M (yay!)
Bikini wax
Buy earplugs
Arrange housesitting stuff
Make list of stuff to buy at transfer airport

Enjoy empty house (yay!)
Allow accountant to take care of everything at work. Possibly take notes.
Relax relax relax. No deadlines this week!

Oh, I am so on this thread. I made to do lists while I was in the hospital, recuperating from a c-section.

while kid naps, cut thread off finished clothing
make jewelry for due orders
make new jewelry
put dirty dishes away
throw trash away
clean up workspace
photograph new clothing and jewelry
when husband comes home, go to post office and send out etsy orders
when husband is done getting ready, take him and kid to kid-friendly coffeehouse and have some family time.
after we come home, clip kid's nails and put him to bed
while husband is reading to child, get supplies ready for work the next day
Gotta tackle those last minute chores before leaving town.

1. Go to tailors & see if they can hem jeans today
2. Stop by JCP & see if they have some goddamn bras in my goddamn size on sale They didn't have anything, but surprisingly, Victoria's Secret did! Hooray!
3. Buy cat food & dish soap
4. Mow front lawn & clean fallen blossoms off of driveway
5. Chop up fruit & put in freezer
6. Wash sheets
7. Make bed
8. Update GPS info
9. Check weather for coming week
10. Pack!
11. Pay bills
12. Clean out cat box
13. After dinner (made up of leftovers), run dishwasher
14. Get hair trimmed
ETA: gettiing there!!

Contact HR depts for jobs applied for to explain my absence the following week
Buy travel insurance
Meet w/ advisors/short lunch hour
Chase up programme info Put off until return
Start packing for trip
Apply for 2 jobs
Email family re missed phone call (tomorrow)
Email friend
Put money on CC for trip
Arrange taxi to airport
Buy books (yay!)
Buy cute shorts at H&M (yay!)
Bikini wax CANCELLED. Shaving will have to do...
Buy earplugs
Arrange housesitting stuff
Make list of stuff to buy at transfer airport

Enjoy empty house (yay!)
Allow accountant to take care of everything at work. Possibly take notes.
Relax relax relax. No deadlines this week!

I feel lazy and like starting my vacay early...
Busy weekend....

start prepping for Easter dinner--I'm making a kind of complicated macrobiotic lasagna

whip up some homemade peanutbutter cups--also kind of complicated, involving the use of a double-boiler and pastry brush

get some hours in at work--house painting

finish preparing for a meeting with my doula client

return phone calls

work on writing something for my new music project

attempt to learn how to use this new crazy synthesizer for said music project

stretch my body

homework for my astonomy class
this weekend:

finalize lesson plans for next week
work on h paper, if feeling up to it
make strawberry shortcake
attend party Sa evening
prepare for THE massive review on Wed
relax a bit
straighten up the house a bit

deal with online stuff
send Gma's birthday card
Tomorrow when I play hookey:

1. sleep late
2. shower
3. eat cereal
4. purge unworn clothes from closet and cedar chest
5. bag up purged clothes for Goodwill
6. go through old boxes of crap and see what can be donated
7. go through spare bedroom for crap to be donated
8. load up car with box of books to be sold
9. purge CD rack, box CDs up to be sold
10. load car
11. wash dishes
12. drive to Goodwill and Uptown to sell books/CDs
13. use cash to buy birthday gift for friend
14. maybe a Trader Joe's stop?
15. put clean laundry washed 3 weeks ago where it belongs
16. switch out winter clothes for spring clothes
17. clean bedroom
18. catch up on WWE shows on DVR from past 3 months
19. find time to have fun hanging out in Uptown by myself, since it happens so rarely
20. make boyfriend help me clean the inside of my windshield, since my arms are too short to reach, clean/dust rest of car
When I get back to Canada:

-unpack all the awesome new clothes I bought.
-get back on central time.
-pick up bike and get it ready for riding.
-move from back bedroom to front bedroom.
-update photo blog (which I am obsessed with).
-very important - grocery shopping - as I've been gone 3 weeks.
-back to work.

put laundry away
practice bellydance
write something
work for a few hours
make phone calls
stop by office
grocery shopping
run dishwasher
work on h paper
make delicious lunch
work on Monday lesson plan
work on h paper
make good dinner--roasted fresh green beans with carmelized onions
put dishes away
relax a while--in process

work on h paper
finalize Monday lesson plan
good eating all day long
relax in the evening
Drink Water
Get Fast Food
Do Laundry
Call Mom
Do writing exercise
Help with dishes
Feed cats
Continue to read Angels and Demons
Make a reading list of books
Find meditation exercise and practice
Use weights

Chairman Miaow
For Tomorrow:

Work on wedding invite list
Go get copies of the magazine I have an interview for
Go to the library
Ask to borrow a bicycle
Send grandmother photos
Make curry
make coffee
enjoy rainy day
go to department meeting
lunch with friends

meet with a prof--apparently it's next week. gah
go to class
make necessary changes to IRB submission
stop checking my email constantly
make coffee and breakfast
enjoy day off
work out
job search
Catch up on House and Rescue Me
email w, x,
y, z
meet with psychologist
finish the translation
run the dishwasher
sort laundry
, save for a less rainy day
change kitty litter
change sheets
watch new discs of In Treatment
Food shopping for party
Make apps/pot luck meal
Write outline for grant proposals
Work out
Watch tv
What a great thread! biggrin.gif

~ shower DID
~ write 1000 words in document before bed DID but not until the next day
~ shop for camping stuff DID
~ clean both bathrooms DID
~ straighten house DID
~ draw character designs DIDN'T DO sad.gif
Christine Nectarine
crazy weekend to follow a hectic week:

1. fill out home insurance form
2. take kiddo to Carnival saturday
3. pick up A when he's back from Ottawa
4. pack clothes
5. groceries
6. buy new books for vacation!
7. pick up A's mum's car
8. pack for camping
9. meeting with mortgage broker
10. head off to a week of camping in the glorious outdoors!
bustygirl dishes
2.make pancakes
3.wash filthy hair
4.put on something that isn't lounge pants and tank top
5.tidy house
6.put away laundry
7.deposit checks and credit card receipts from selling weekend
8.unpack car and put clothing and jewelry away
9.update clothing and jewelry inventories
10.photograph new clothing for website with kid
12.kiss hubby

1.get right front tire replaced dr. for hubby's vasectomy appointment
3.take kid to park if it's nice, Magic House if it's raining, and pool if it's hot on dresses for Maven Boutique order
5.cut out clothing that's due this week, drink, be merry
Amazing thread!!

1. Mail back movies to Netflix that have been sitting in the bottom of my purse for almost 2 weeks.
2. Tweeze. Eyebrows.
3. Dark laundry - What am I going to wear to work next week?
4. Pay Cell phone bill. And car payment. And car insurance..oh shit.
5. Call Admissions Office for transfer students at the Universities I want to apply to. I've REALLY been procrastinating this for a while. Not ready to face it.
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