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Full Version: Things To Do: #1. Create A List
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Thread bump (I need this - awesome thread)

To do tonight:

1. Dye hair
2. Pedicure
3. Empty dishwasher
4. Clean kitchen
5. Clean off kitchen table
6. Create pattern for purse
7. Get my clothes ready for tomorrow
8. Give dog medicine

To Do Tomorrow:
1. Dog medicine
2. Walk dog
3. Layout, pin and cut pattern for purse
4. Healthy breakfast
5. Healthy lunch
6. Healthy dinner
7. Lay out clothes for Tuesday
8. At least some cleaning smile.gif
eat something, anything if I can manage
work on pleasure paper
snuggle my kitty
clean kitchen
work on pleasure paper some more
bust a moment
have a good cry
tell a few souls about the breakup (may put this one off for a day or two)I'm counting emails that only deliver the news along with the information that my phone will not be on for the weekend
clean the bathroom
1. Wake up, clean up after party.
2. Hang out.
3. Work out.
4. Sex.
5. Shower.
6. Some bridal planning (via etsy and obb). Have to get the STD cards done.
7. Off to volunteer, and Beatle concert!
8. Another party!
9. Drunken sex and sleep.
1) Get oil change
2) clean this place up! Company is coming
3)Ignore calls from work
4) take shower(yep showering after going out)
5) Ignore voice mail from work
6)get dressed
7) run to party city to get party decorations
8) Listen to voicemail and call back work
9)Never call work on day off again
10) Sleep
1)call + pick up meds
2)get dd for your u/e
3)take photos of paintings, ship the underneath on monday
3a)transfer money from paypal, put sunday morn on etsy.
4)hook up scanner, do test run
5)talk to ababa about getting reassessed
6)turn in apartment ap by tues
7)get info about getting your server card next week
8)clean the living room
9)finish liz collab this week.
10)send pix to poster site by wed.
11 start work on halloween set for bar, and alt. costume
12)do new banner for etsy site.
13 research + purchase gocco machine
14)research + purchase digital camera, tripod.
15) complete 3 test runs, 3 postcards by fri.
16)visit bank on tues/wed
17)pay rent, bills
18)return books to library
19)check thrift stores for hanna-barbera paperbacks, sea life, nouveau books.
20)research new books
21)get sewing machine back from shelly
1. Work out
2. Move the trash around
3. Put laundry away
4. Work on any one of the 8-zillion projects I haven't finished
5. Sleep
1. Work - and actually be productive
2. Go to gym in a timely manner
3. Fit in a little more work
4. Dinner
5. Relax
1. Be in huge fight with BF, and don't speak to him all day.
2. Take dogs for a walk.
3. Make sweet potato dish to bring to mom's house.
4. Watch House Hunters marathon.
5. Go to mom's house alone, due to fight with BF who takes off to be alone in the woods or something.

Happy Thanksgiving dry.gif
(((dayglowpink))) I'm sorry to hear that you and your boyfriend are having such a bad day! Take care!

This evening

1. soak my left ear for 10 minutes
2. somewhat curse the piercings.
3. Hope I don't slop water all over the place, despite a towel
4. clean the crusties from said piercings.
5. soak my left ear for 10 minutes
6. repeat above process
7. soak my newly pierced right tit.
8. clean crusties
When I get home

1. get out all Christmas decorations
2. check lights on indoor and outdoor garlands
3. set up nativity scene, Christmas village, table stuff, put up wreath, etc
4. buy tree with dad
5. take dog to get groomed
6. create list of ingredients that will be needed for all of the cooking/baking/drink mixing
7. buy ugly Christmas sweater from Value Village for tacky party
8. buy Christmas gifts
9. wrap everything
10. watch Christmas movies
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