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I pitched this idea in The Community Forum and it was well recieved.

While not New Years specific this thread was born out of all those pesky resolutions we make upon New Years.

It's an anytime resolution thread, you can come here post what you achieve in the New Year, and post progress, or if you need support, come here and we'll give it to you!

So, I suppose I'll start, I really to get my ass in gear and start training more intensely for the POPAT, more later.
Hurrah for the new thread and the POPAT! What's the POPAT?

I have many resolutions but am going to start out gently and see how I go. First resolution - I am going to stop eating bags of Walker's salt and vinegar crisps (I've been eating them every day I'm at work for a few weeks now, and feel oh so wrong). Starting tomorrow, as I've already had one today!
My resolution is to be more confident and secure. I need it most in my relationship, where I am filled with doubt, but I know I could use it in every area. I want to approach this in several ways: trying to change my thought patterns, talking to a counselor, and faking it if I have to.

I think '09 is ready for a sexy, confident me.

That is all.
this is the popat. It's deadly hard.
good luck CH!

I have more of a list of shit that needs to get done this year.
join NAMLE, get my certificate evaluated, get passport, new tattoo, Diane Von Fursentberg wrap dress, consulting gigs
and follow my path. most importantly to continue to kick ass in 09!
my resolutions are to:

listen better, speak less

get my frigging UK drivers license already. And get my motorcycle license too.

start running regularly again.

be in a relationship with a partner who reciprocates the feelings I have for him and who with I always know where we stand, what's going on.
This year, I resolve to:

Actually get in shape again. Over the past year and a half I put on about 15-20 pounds (which doesn't look like anything because I am tall and carry it well but I know it's there and it bothers me) and I need to get healthy again; plus I am in my sister's wedding in August and don't want to be the biggest one there. Must not look better than the bride, though! =P

Also, to put in my application for the armed forces and get accepted because it has been a goal of mine for a while and would really help in paying off my student loans. I am putting in the application as soon as I get confirmation on someone for being my fifth and final reference.

Oh AND to fight less with Rogueboy, which is very difficult because we are so different and rather than talk things out, he shuts down. Bah.

Oh and good luck with the popat, CH; I hope everything works out! (And this thread was a really good idea!)
Thanks CH for starting this thread!

1) Commit and dedicate to a daily practice of meditation and yoga

2) Be considerate of other people's time by being on time

3) Read the books that I've purchased over the past year

4) Learn something new--I have a couple of ideas already

5) Trust my intuition and believe in myself
My resolutions-
  • to limit using my sense of humor to be mean to others, even when I don't know the person I am being mean about. Translation, if I feel guilty about saying it, I shouldn't have said it. This will also help me with my tendancy to be quick to judge.
  • to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution when it comes to office moral. I don't want to be the "bad apple." Everyone is responsible for her own behavior, including me.
Ugh, this is hard. I never really made serious resolutions, but I have no problem with the tradition.

start working out again. there, I said it-I know it's probably the most common one. I don't have an insane amount of work to do, but I am more out of shape than I've ever been, I don't want to let it get out of hand. plus I have a gym membership just wasting away.

make a very, very, very, very. difficult decision about my relationship. That is all i will say.

keep more in touch more with friends & family.

yeah, mine are pretty conventional this year.
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Jan 2 2009, 01:44 PM) *
keep more in touch more with friends & family.


My goal is to lose 40 pounds this year. I haven't figured out how, but I'm starting with less junk food and less processed food. And the exercise. Oh, the exercise. I guess I'll start with popping in those Pilates and yoga DVD's that I've never used in the, oh, six years I've had them.
I really need to stop getting involved with men who are so wrong for me, that includes the ones who don't tell me they have wives.

I need to stop thinking with my hoo-ha, that gets me into a shade of trouble. It's not about numbers. That means stop being such an evil seductress and player. Or maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that this is who I am? Hmmm decisions decisions.

Follow my instincts! If something doesn't feel right, then I have to go with that!
I hate making new years resolution - but it is an appropriate time for me because my two week break from week is ending and I've had a lot of time to be a lazy bum.

Start actively dealing with my relationship communication issues (I can't seem to say how I feel in a positive way...ever...even though I know I love him).

Smoke way less weed. As in, not daily.

Leave my house to do something interesting (even a walk) at least once every weekend this winter.

Buy a small house in the next 12 months.

Hold out that my job will go full time in the next 8 months or start looking for something that pays better (but I looooooooooove my job!)
crazyoldcatlady not be an ungrateful whore, because i've got some good things going on. not be so frosty. keep the adventure going.
...stop thinking it's all about me.

...grow the fuck up.

...apply myself to my education process, rather than letting college happen to me.

...starting a questions journal, so I have questions to ask in class.

...eradicate subliminal and subtle prejudice from my mind, actions, and words.
stop treating men like they are peices of meat for my own sexual gratification. Not everyone is a lying dirtbag.

Stop trying to destroy the above mentioned dirtbags.

Sigh, I hate it when I've been wronged, I just can't seem to let it go.
My resolution is to find a new job at a new school this year, to get better at my counseling skills, to become more proactive in my life, and to finally end my relationship with my therapist. Not because I want to, but because I can't afford it any more. I just haven't had the strength to do it yet. As for the rest of it, I hope it just keeps on keepin' on the way it has been, and getting better.
my new year's resolutions:

not to quit smoking until i'm ready. i know a lot of people say they're going to this time of year, but i'm still enjoying my cigarettes. besides, living in california, where smoking has been banned in public buildings since before or just after i was of legal age, i'm of the firm belief that the only reason people find it so easy to quit this time of year is because it's getting too damn cold to huddle outside for their nicotine fix.

start working out and eating better. i ride my bike everywhere, and barely eat at work, where i spend most of my time, and people are always asking if i've lost weight recently, but i want to take a more active role. i can ride for miles, but i need to work on my upper body and cardio. and i like cooking and eat healthier when i prepare my own stuff at home, i just need to start doing it more regularly.

get seriously ready to do a bike ride through ireland. i've been thinking about it for a couple years now, but i need to start checking into flight info, shipping my bike over, mapping out routes, all that good stuff. it's not realistic to do it this year, but i'm going to get the ball rolling for 2010.
No crisps so far!

My new resolution is to sell my car - it's been sitting on my parent's driveway depreciating for 8 months now, and I have no need for it now I'm in London.
Some resolutions:

Keep fit and healthy this year. Exercise more if time can be made and cut back on the white wine.

Continue to enjoy my thesis work and up my game in what I'm producing. I'm capable of good work so I need to make that come out on paper.

Realise my day job is part of the current holding pattern and will not be what I do forever, or even for the rest of this year if I'm lucky. Assert my ideas of time and deadline management at work so that we can get stuff done.

Concentrate on thesis, job applications, make time for the mister and look forward to our trip!

Stay positive.
To get this depression taken care of and under control.

To figure things out with my relationships and come to some painful conclusions.

To find several jobs in my field, or at least keep employed for most of the year.

To take the GRE and do well on it.

To maintain the friendships I do have and keep in touch with people.

To work more on art and craft projects.
No crisps so far... am eating the emergency fig bar from my desk drawer to stave off hunger pangs.

Third resolution: to stop trying to fit too much in and making obsessive lists of things to do which I never manage to complete and make me feel stressed. Tis very silly, when I do actually get plenty of stuff done! I want to just relax and focus on top priorities.
My resolutions:

-Be more open to opportunity
-Network more for work
-Stop being late to everything
Here is my resolutions for this year:

Live Healthier
Remain Positive
Stop Procrastinating

Hopefully I can keep them. laugh.gif
Well, in order to help me let go of my not be able to let go issues, I'm going back to talk to someone through work.
I have a bunch, but the big one is getting healthier, losing weight, stop eating my emotions. I KNOW, I KNOW... typical. But I am so done with carrying the extra weight around. DONE! Do you know how exhausting this has been? Because it has.

I have resisted the lure of Walkers crisps.

I have emailed my local Mini dealership to get a quote for my car.

My list of things to do last night consisted of one thing. I still got other stuff done, but I had a much more relaxing evening and I got the most important thing done first.

How's everyone else doing? Culture, how's your POPAT training?

Yay on resisting crisps!!

My popat training still conists of running only, BUT my running is now sprinting for a time then walking. i did go for a hard run, I'm just conditioning my body to the stresses of hard running which the popat will ensue.
CH- i looked around the site to see the actual testing parameters but couldn't find it. i wanted to use it as a jump start for my drab work out routine. is that like saying, "i can play the triangle, but i perhaps i should start training for the symphony"? wink.gif

btw, optimism is fucking HARD
COCL, try this one here.

I talked to the guy who is going to train me, he says he can have me there in six weeks!! Fuck, that's wild.
Still no crisps. No progress on other resolutions.

That's good news on the trainer, culture - will you be able to walk after all that blink.gif ?

I think optimism is a great resolution, cocl! I'm sure triangle-players get motivated by listening to symphonies. tongue.gif Are you trying to be optimistic about anything in particular, or just life in general?

the running I'm working on my own, good thing I was a sprinter in high school, and my body hasn't forgotten too much! I'm impressed with the muscle memory, and my muscles are getting used to it.

The trainer is going to help me with my upper body, I've got the strength, I'm just not where I want to be at, I'll be up against men, but also up against myself. So, I want to kick some ass.

Persiflager, what about having popcorn with flavoured seasoning??
ch, that's balls out right there. good luck.

persiflager, just in general. smile.gif

and, i fulfilled all 3 of my resolutions yesterday, with some high-larious results. if i can only keep from doing it sporatically...
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 2 2009, 04:15 PM) *

I need to stop thinking with my hoo-ha, that gets me into a shade of trouble.

your theme song for 2009 could be prince's pussy control. wink.gif
QUOTE(stargazer @ Jan 7 2009, 09:08 PM) *
your theme song for 2009 could be prince's pussy control. wink.gif

sweet jesus i love that song. my new years resolution is to listen to more prince.
My resolution for the new year is to be less frivolous and more frugal when it comes to money. For that I need to demonstrate willpower and restraint but I am finding it difficult. I am not wavering in my resolve but it is a struggle.

I am also resolute in finding and forging myself a career this year; to lose weight and to enjoy and embrace the new city I live in.
It's only been a few days, but I physically feel SO GOOD to not take out my emotions on eating. Oh my gosh! I'm going to go for a long walk today and it will be my reward for doing the work at my desk I need to do first.

I second listening to more Prince. Gett off... 23 positions in a one-night stand...
... to try and be as happy as I was a few months ago. Maybe I need to get a full-spectrum light.

My resolutions were sort of ongoing things, but I feel better about my relationship. I really want to spit out the words "I love you" but for some reason I have so much trouble. My goal is to say it in the next two weeks. I know it would make the boy ridiculously happy.

I'm still smoking weed daily, but I'm trying not to smoke before 9pm, and just enough to conk me out while I watch TV in bed (unless I'm hanging with friends).

I'm planning to go cross country skiing this weekend with my friend so I'm excited about that and keeping active.

And all of a sudden I've started considering going back to school for a B.S.W...It would only take two years since I already have a 4yr my new resolution is to look into that in the next couple of months. It might be a good opportunity to live in another city for a couple of years too.

Also, I think I've eaten more fruits and veggies in the past 5 days than in the last few weeks and I feel great and healthy about it. And I'm using a skipping rope at work too. Just 5 minutes every couple of hours. I feel kind of refreshed after.

Sending out good new years res. vibes to all the busties!
Ohfuck! I just listened to Pussy Control, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! Star, yes, I'm with you on this one.

I'm downloading it right now. I hope it works.

and now I have the song stuck in my head. aaaaaaaaaaaah pussy control. *shakes ass* Oh I'm totally a rrrrrrump shayka now!
(((( happiness vibes for Zoya ))))

The crisp embargo continues, with not a single crisp passing my lips so far today! I must confess that I have had other varieties of crisp this week, but my resolution was just to break the habit of eating Walker's salt & vinegar crisps every morning. It's silly as they're not even my favourites, but they are convenient and I get very 'routine-y' with food when I'm stressed or bored. I haven't tried the flavoured popcorn yet culture, but it sounds tasty-licious!

I'm going to take down the car-selling resolution as it's more of a goal, and that's under way now.

Last night was ok for having a realistic 'to-do' list - I stuck to the two most important things, but I kept feeling like I should be trying to get much more done. This one is a work in progress.

Thank you ladies, posting updates in here is really helping me stay on track.

Well done Ketto, you've made a great start to 2009!

Raisingirl, did you have a nice walk?

Bunnyb, send me a PM if you want to any tips on finding cheap stuff in London, I am super-thrifty!

And crazyoldcatlady, please tell us your high-larious story!

This thread is so great! I love that people are posting up-dates & encouraging one another.

I have been on a health kick for a number of months now & I've already lost some weight, so I'm just going to keep up with that this year. I don't really consider that a resolution since, ya know, it's nothing new!

Instead, my resolutions are all financial in nature. I am going to start monitoring our spending more closely, see where we can make cuts, & put more money into savings. I also want to go over things like our cell phone plan & see if there's something cheaper that will still give us the service we need. I already live a pretty frugal lifestyle, but I think with a little work, I can be more careful. My goal is to have a proper safety cushion in case the shit hits the fan & Sheff gets laid off. His industry is doing well so we have reason to be optimistic, but even so we really should be more careful.

The big question is how do I start? I think I'll make some spreadsheets to help me keep track of bills & food expenses. I bet that once I see the totals, that will encourage me to make changes (turn down the thermostat, plan meals around what's on sale at the market, etc.). The biggest problem will be getting my husband on board. He eats out for lunch 5 times a week. I don't think I can convince him to take lunch to work, but maybe he could go to Subway more often & stay away from the pricier places with table service.
RV, for budgeting, you should get youself a notebook and write everything down all your spending, my mother does use excel to track her cheque book as well.
Rose, I think Quicken will categorize all of your expenses so you can see how much you're spending where. One thing I've thought about doing is giving myself (and LeBoy) an allowance in cash so we can see exactly how much money we have to spend on things and when it's gone, it's gone. So like a set amount for groceries each week, a set amount for eating out for lunch, a set amount for other necessities. I just haven't put it into practice.
I have been sick for the past week and haven't had a cigarette so I might as well quit. Quitting wasn't a resolution for me but I figure what the hell. I also have not had a cup of coffee since thursday so I will get back on the no caffeine wagon ( i was caffeine free for two whole years!!)

I got invited to speak at the seminar I wanted to be at and am hoping that will lead to consulting gigs!

I also need to get my ass back in the pool. Once I am done sneezing and sniffling that will happen.

Good luck to everyone on their resolutions !
I went and talked to someone about my not being able to let go went really well and I'm feeling much better about things!
I went cross country skiing today!
I know I'm late posting a resolution...but I'm resolving to stay current on my housecleaning. I got the place all cleaned up for my new years day party, now all I have to do is maintenance. So my resolutions:

1. Clean up after myself, EVERY time I leave a room I've been in
2. Do something, no matter how small, to make the room better than I found it
Congratulations to ketto and culturehandy!

I had a big bag of crisps at the pub on Saturday sad.gif (in my defence, we ate late and I was starving). On the plus side, now is the time of day when I usually crave crisps and I don't want them at all! smile.gif

Roseviolet, I can really recommend this site- it's run on a non-profit basis and has lots of great resources such as budget spreadsheets and tips on reducing bills.
My resolution is to save money. Mr. DM and I have a certain goal to reach each month, and if we stay the course then we will have the money we need to pursue new career opportunities and be able to move. Our savings plan started January 2, and we are already ahead of schedule. The key for us is that we have made a reasonable budget, and are not denying ourselves money to have a little fun with. We booked a vacation for the summer because we made it fit into the budget, and it is an extra motivator.

polly, the budget we use is kind of what you are thinking about doing. Basically I created a spreadsheet that shows what needs to be paid for each paycheck and it also includes money for general expenses and then some fun money. Having it written down makes everything a lot easier. We don't really get the cash out of the bank (we mostly use debit), but just knowing what can be spent each week makes a big difference. Honestly I love to shop and dine out, and I can still do that, but on a smaller scale.

I wish everyone luck on all their resolutions.
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