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I totally caved and texted him. Erg, I feel so weak.

ETA: And he called, he wants to get together, BUT I'm not going to call him when I get off work. Fuck that noise.
I've been a little lax on following through on my resolutions so far. I've gone to the doctor for my depression and started taking antidepressants, which seem to be helping. I went through and got rid of a bunch of things I don't need or want anymore, which has made me feel better, and I've been exercising more.

I also poked around online for jobs and started brushing up on my math skills, but I've slacked off on emailing or calling anyone and I haven't started on any art projects. I bought paint and found my brushes, but I always manage to find an excuse not to use them. Same with contacting anyone, unfortunately.
I've added another part to my resolution. Be more Green! The Eart isn't going to save itself! Recycle more, use reusable grocery bags, conserve more water at home, etc. Hope that you all will consider it too. smile.gif
I'm working on being more financially responsible in my life. I thought I would share a free online finance site I found called They even have an app for iphone users. It seems pretty reputable by the comments by PC and Money magazine. I saw them mentioned on an article for
once of my resolutions was to join NAMLE, I am mailing my membership form and check tonight!

oh and here is a link to NAMLE

totally stoked to get something on my list/resolution done. awesomeness
I feel like 2009 is special because I turned 30 at the beginning of the year, so a new decade means extra special resolutions (and some old standbys wink.gif )

1. save more, spend less $. I really want to buy a house or condo by 2011. Should be doable, just need to be more disciplined.

2. get in shape/loose weight. I know, cliche, but this is the year. In the last 2 yr I have lost AND kept off 20lbs., it doesn't seem like much, but for me it is huge. I think I finally have the eating thing under control but I *really* need to get serious about exercising regularly. I have hit a major plateau and I know more calorie counting will not make up the difference (plus, I'll be cranky) I just need to get my ass moving. Besides, I like food way more than I hate exercise. tongue.gif

3. organize and declutter my life. Just because it's in boxes and closets and my mother's house doesn't mean it's not there. If I haven't used it, worn it, looked at it, read it, watched it, thought about it, or remembered it existed since our last move 1.5 yr ago, it's outta here. It's taking up too much literal and psychic space.

4. set boundaries with invasive in-laws and misc family drama. Not worth the long explanation, but they just demand too much. Enough already!

5. Do whatever is in my power to help my husband finish his dissertation and get on the job market in the next 10 months.

6. Do some serious contemplating/soul-searching about those major life decisions that I've been avoiding. Those sort of "where do I see myself in 5 yrs" questions: do I want to try to excel and move up at my current job, go back to school, or go in a completely different direction? do I want to stay in Chicago or attempt to "settle" somewhere else (there are as many pros as cons - see #1 & 4)? and the big one, do I want to have a kid someday? I know I've been avoiding this stuff because it's too scary to commit, but I need to figure it out and "own" my choices, whatever they are (no shame!) and stop worrying about what other people will think.

Whew! just writing it all down feels like progress!

BTW, star - thanks for the suggestion. It is pretty nifty. After plugging in student loans, car loan, and credit cards and seeing the "debt to assets ratio" I was inspired to put $ stuff at the top of my resolutions ohmy.gif
anna k
I want to advance more in my career in publishing, moving up from an unpaid internship into something decent that I can grow with.

I want to continue to feel better about myself emotionally and physically, and not get easily depressed.

Sometimes I wish I was more of a woman in a more mature, sophiscated way, but I still feel very young.

I like to feel pretty and wearing flattering clothes, and should wear makeup more often so I can look more womanly and less girlish. I have soft features and a girly voice, and think that I can come off as childlike or immature at times.
QUOTE(prophecy_grrl @ Jan 15 2009, 06:33 PM) *
3. organize and declutter my life. Just because it's in boxes and closets and my mother's house doesn't mean it's not there. If I haven't used it, worn it, looked at it, read it, watched it, thought about it, or remembered it existed since our last move 1.5 yr ago, it's outta here. It's taking up too much literal and psychic space.

oh, i can totally help out if you want help. i helped my bff. she needed someone to be objective about what stuff to get rid of. like, do you really need that t-shirt from when you were 19 yr old and have not worn since you were 25? organizing and decluttering is a virgo's wet dream.

BTW, star - thanks for the suggestion. It is pretty nifty. After plugging in student loans, car loan, and credit cards and seeing the "debt to assets ratio" I was inspired to put $ stuff at the top of my resolutions ohmy.gif

no problem! i joined this site too. it has motivated me to be get my credit score, manage my debt, and save money which is just smart in these tough economic times.
the other day was the first time I was craving a cigarette. I would usually have one after I cleaned the house.

I also realized that I can have decaf coffee and b ailey's . Now when I get up in the morning, I am up. I just have a cup of tea and am awake. I can't wait for my first decaffienated period . NO cramps or soreness. awesomenss

Plus I got up at 6am on a saturday to go swim laps BEFORE I teach my water aerobics class. I will start swimming sat and sun. Also try to get in before my monday night class for 25min.
Yay missladyj! That is serious exercise achievement.

I've realised the reason my to-do lists were too long was because I've taken on too many commitments. I've got a meeting tonight where I'm going to tell them I'm standing down. I'll have been doing this job for 2 years in July, which is how long I promised myself I'd do it for. Even now I'm all organised and efficient, it still takes up a lot of hours in the week, and I WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY for passing it on to someone else.
Thanks Persiflager!

I swam about 3200 yrds with a master's team yesterday and I am sore. I am hoping to join USMS ( United STates Master's SWimming) so I can start racing again. There is a meet in march and the state meet in April. Between now and then I have to get pretty serious. Which means waking up early on weekends to swim laps. I've done it before
Continued running and I'm onto day three of not calling and or texting him. after that slip up when I fucked him. It feels good. I feel good.

Congratulations Busties on what you've accomplished thus far!

How is everyone doing with their stuff?
After an expensive weekend, I am in an even worse financial position than I was (and that's saying something).

Frugality will be achieved through having no money at all.

Attempts to find a job need to be stepped up.

I am going to try not to buy any new books between now and Easter... I need to ease myself into this gently and I think a quarter of a year is achievable. I have more than enough reading material to be getting on with and I do not need any more books for the time-being.
Fuck if today I'm not tempted to call him.

Noooooooo. Bad CH, Heroin is bad for you. He's like Heroin BAD FOR YOU.

Just an update:

On my resolution list back in the beginning of the thread I said I wanted to put in my Armed Forces application ASAP and I forgot to mention that I have done this already, have already had my CFAT (Canadian Forces Aptitude Test, which I passed with an Officer-level grade [which really surprised me]) and my medical exam/interview is on Thursday. I am pretty excited!

I hope everyone else is doing well with their resolutions! I have also set out some guidelines for the weight loss thing that I wanted to do; I am trying to drink 5 glasses of water per day, as well as limiting myself two only two cups of tea per day (I am a HUGE tea drinker) and only two cups of coffee per week (somewhat difficult). I am also limiting myself to eating out only twice per month. I need to figure out how to exercize more since I don't have any indoor exercizse equipment and working out in the cold (walking/running) causes my asthma to act up and then I can't breathe ..... I really want a treadmill for my house but they are so stinkin' expensive! We will see though. Just a small hurdle to overcome.
Things are going well for me.

Relationship issues...minimal right now. The hoildays were stressful for me for some reason even though I had two weeks off. Now it's sort of going through the motions until R. is finished uni at the end of March. We sort of have a weekly schedule going but we're both tired. Can't wait until he's finished school...I think it really stresses him more than he knows.

Weed intake has gone down. I'm bumming a bit from my bro and from R. when we hang out but trying not to buy until the end of the month.

I went skating on the river for the past three days. I really enjoy this activity because I often don't work until 12 or 1, so I can drive to my spot, skate for an hour, and then drive to work. After most work outs I need a shower...skating still leaves me sweaty but it's not so sweaty I'm not presentable when I need to be.

My good friend has expressed interest in renting a room from me if I buy a house this moving out optimism is growing. smile.gif

I also let work know that in June my hours drop from 30/week to 20/week...I'm hoping we can work on a funding proposal and I'll know what my hours for the next year will be by May...fingers crossed!
Well done rogue, that's fantastic! Good luck for Thursday!

I think I've kicked the crisp habit now - there's still the occasional packet, but I don't crave them as I did.

I'm moving house next week, so I'll take a breather and pick up new resolutions when I'm settled.

bunny, have you tried bookmooch for a cheap way of scratching the book-buying itch? You send away spare books and get new ones - the only cost is postage.

culturehandy, hurrah for not calling him so far, and don't you dare give in! Give me 10 push-ups every time you're tempted!
Well, I actually had to call him about two clients, BUT I kept is stricly professional. It felt good. I didn't do it for gratification, just about work. I talked to him this morning about said clients, after touching base about work yesterday, and I still don't have a desire to be with him. This is good!!

Yay other busties!!
persi, I know of it but haven't used it before. I think I will in the future but at the moment I'm going to try to work my way through the unread books on the shelves as there are so many (ones that I've been desperate to read and yet have always allowed myself to be distracted by something else).
I mailed off my certificate to be evaluated so that I will know how many hours of classes I will need to take to get a new endorsement. In plain english this means that the state board of education will look at what I am now certifited to teach ( science ) and tell me what I will need to get certified to teach health. This will take them 6-8 weeks. my guess is longer.

Since I quit drinking caffiene, I suddenly am reminded why I gave it up for two years. I got my period this morning and HAVE NO CRAMPS. zilch. zippo , nada.

I am still craving a cigarette. I just want one. Although if there was a pack in front of me, I'd probably smoke the whole thing.

Now my next order of business is to get a passport.
Christine Nectarine

…get my half-sleeve done

…get my financial shit in order to see if we can move out of this shoebox

…complete biology courses

make my creative pursuits a priority in my life.

be more disciplined in working on those creative pursuits

buy a motorcycle. (see below resolution about getting motorcycle license)
Starting to ask friends/family to help me figure out what my monthly budget would look like if I buy my own place AND my good friend has expressed interest in renting a room if I buy a small house...I'm a little excited even though anything concrete is probably 6-10 months away.
Christine Nectarine
update: my biology course package arrived in the mail last night! it's just a high school course that i am taking through the Independant Learning Centre here in Ontari-ari-ari-o. if i can stick to it and get it done, i'm hopeful that it will lead to bigger and better things...

p.s. zoya, i want a ride when you get that motorcycle!
Woo for academic progress Christine! And Zoya, please may I have a ride on your motorcycle too? You will look uber-cool cool.gif

My new resolution is to get all of my books listed on librarything. This is a good time to do it, as I'm having a clear-out at the moment, and it would be invaluable if disaster ever struck and robbed me of my little printed friends. And I can live out my librarian fantasy!
Hi Everyone! Good to hear that you are making progress with your resolutions! biggrin.gif

Just a quick update:

I went for my medical with the armed forces yesterday - because I have asthma I need to have a billion forms filled out by my doctor, which is setting me back at a bit. I was supposed to have my interview directly after but that was also postponed because depending on what my doctor says about my asthma I might not be accepted. I don't think it is going to be a problem because my asthma is definitely not as bad as it used to be and I barely use any inhalers anymore (I only have an emergency inhaler which I also barely use), but I am still a little frustrated that I have to wait again. But on the plus side it is also kind of a good thing because I just began a new job at the beginning of this month and it is AMAZING and I love it; if I knew that it was more than a one year thing (right now I am covering for a maternity leave) then I would definitely stay (and if the money was better as well), but with the military I get better pay, a pension, better benefits, I get to travel and do something I really want to do (I am applying as a Medic) so I am really looking forward to getting in there.

Anyway! Just an update! Progression, but also roadblocks. UGH.
Christine Nectarine
rogue, it's great that you are maintaining a positive attititude, despite the setback. hope all goes well with the doc.

i just realized that i have 4 days left in January. i committed to myself that i would call the credit union and make an appointment with their financial adviser before the end of the month. of course, i have put it off. eep! i need to talk to A about it tonight to make sure we are still on the same page, and then i should call them by friday. i always procrastinate with important phone calls, they make me very anxious.
Woot! I totally cut off the guy, I tried to tell him but he said he'd call back. Ppppthhht on that. I really have no desire to be with him at.all. I suppose getting fucked so great by another really really helps too! Hee hee.

So, how's everyone else doing in their resolutions of 2009?
well, all I've done is surf the internet instead of write, and I've had to force myself to even do any work. I have no relationship, let alone a healthy one, and I need to get my auto license before I can get a motorcycle license.

sorry, I'm just feeling a tad bitter.... ah yes, this too shall pass....

Good afternoon!

Well done CH on cutting off bad man!

((( zoya )))

Christine, any luck with the financial adviser?

I have upgraded my membership on librarything, but the cataloguing will have to wait until I have unpacked all my books from the box mountain.

My new resolution is to make more of an effort to be social and make new friends, especially with my new housemates. And to not whinge at my boyfriend for making 'helpful' suggestions rolleyes.gif
Making headway in the working out department. I'm starting to feel healthy again instead of lazy and house bound.

Did the "i love you" a week and a half ago but I'm still apprehensive about saying it even though i absolutely know I do. I'm scared of something but I don't really know what - still working on pushing past this. I started journaling again and it seems to be helping a lot.
Update: I have started participating in my education and got my first really good grade.

New resolution: to feed my spirituality.
It's been 5 days since the last contact.

Deschats, I've also been doing the spirituality thing. I'm exploring Buddhist methods, meditating more and whatnot. I'm finding it really interesting thus far. I'm really excited about it.
Christine Nectarine
persiflager, i am sad to admit that i have not followed up on that particular resolution yet. i continue to tell myself i will. the fact that i want to proudly post in this thread will hopefully be motivation for me!

how is everyone else doing on their resolutions? it's always encouraging to see progess here!
Never mind Christine, you'll get there! I'm awful with important phone calls. Try taking it in little steps:

1) look up phone number
2) talk to A
3) schedule convenient time in your diary to make call (so you can't forget)
4) make call!

This seems so silly now I write it out, but it's the only way I can bring myself to get awkward things done.

You could also write out a list of all the good reasons to make the call (e.g. how happy you'll feel when your finances are getting sorted, you'll save money, you'll get to post in this thread) and put it up on the fridge to encourage you.

My update: I'm steadfastly ignoring the car-selling resolution as I don't know where to start, but had a nice social dinner with my housemates on Sunday.

How're all the exercising peeps getting on? Please inspire me with your tales of fitness!
Update, so that guy called. many, many time in two days. AND while I did return a phone call about his question, I have no desire to speak with him whatsoever. What is it with these fuck wits?

In other news, I have until June to run the POPAT, so instead of running it next month, I'm going to run it in April or May, so that still gives me a fair amount of time to kick it up, that training is going well, though.

How's everyone else?
My new resolution is to run the half marathon in June. I've been running pretty steadily for about 5 weeks (except most of this week - too sick) and I still have tons of time. So if I don't do it I will be PISSED at myself.
I'm not doing so well with being on time for things. Frack.

Ketto, you should totally do a half marathon.
Woo half-marathon and culture's POPAT training!

I went out to a birthday dinner last night for one of the boy's friends, and spent at least 50% of the time chatting to the people that I didn't know. It wasn't even that hard, they were really friendly.

I've chatted to a friend who's bought and sold lots of cars about how to start, and he's given me some good tips.

No library activity yet - books still living in boxes!
Looking at the start of this thread reminded me that I promised to sell my car, and prompted me to apply for a parking permit so I can bring my car over here from my parent's house (first step in annoying process!). And I've been chatting with my housemates rather than shutting myself in my room. Nothing big. but general progress.

How's everyone else doing?
Christine Nectarine
so, a little behind on my original January deadline, but i've finally contacted the bank and made an appointment with a financial advisor. i'm a little scared now, but i feel good that i finally made the call. it's become increasingly apparent that big live decisions and changes will never come off hold until we know where the money stands. i'm also off work this week, thus making day time appointments possible.

anyone else had a resolution last this long into the year?
So, I didn't post my original resolutions in this thread but I am doing good on mine.

I have been to the social security office twice, both time waiting for an hour with a knot in my stomach trying to get my replacement social security card. And just let me add a knot in my stomach is good, last year when I went and got denied I cried right in the office! Last week I finally got approved and today I received it in the mail! So, my next step (and different resolution) is to get my state ID, then Drivers license.

I also haven't bought any canned beans in 2009. I eat a lot of beans too, I am only buying dry and soaking etc.

I finally sucked it up and bought a multivitamin and have been taking it everyday. That's a huge step for me, because vitamins hurt my stomach and there is only one kind that doesn't and it is very expensive so I am never motivated to get it because of that. But I sort of had to when I went to the HFS and they were 20% off!

I still haven't bought any clothes that fit me or a bike. I have applied for an internship but I haven't gone for any interviews. I still need to work on my resume.

This is the first time I have taken a resolution and ran with it. It helped that all mine were small things that NEEDED to be done.
My newest resolution is to stop driving to work so much. Over the summer and in the fall I bussed most of the time, but once the weather got below -20 I got lazy and drove pretty much for three months straight. I started taking the bus again this week and it's so nice to walk through the neighbourhood I work in and the weather is beautiful. No more excuses.
Don't worry Christine, my car remains as unsold as ever! I think it's going to have to wait until I have some time off work next month.

On the plus side, the crisps have now been banished forever, I'm being more sociable with my housemates, and I'm making much shorter 'to do' lists for my free time.

My new resolution is to get up earlier in the morning but use the time for myself instead of going into the office early.
I was originaly gonna get a new certificate but have decided to just go for the EdD degree since it will take 5 years going to school part time. I am trying to see if the program I really want to do will be approved by my district which means I can get some reimbursement. If not I have two other programs in mind.

I have two more presentations which I am hoping will lead to some consulting gigs and will try to get one more. I am hoping to get the tattoo for my wedding anniversary and have realized that these things will just take time and I am not gonna beat myself up for not making arbitrary deadlines.

good luck to alll!
I'm doing pretty good with my instant gratification with men issues.

As for the training, it's still going, BUT there are other issues surrounding that.

My spending is much more in check.
i'm sucking on the being on time or at least 15 minutes early thing. shite.
I've managed to keep in touch with several people I befriended last fall, even visited a few recently.

I've sent off my resume to several companies and I think one might be hiring me, but I still have to keep applying in the hopes something will turn up.

And I might have come to a decision about AZ Guy, even though it is painful.

Progress on resolutions:

- after a rocky start to the year, I lost 5lbs during the month of March. That's even despite a week of gluttony in Seattle. woohoo!

Other than that I got nuthin'. Baby steps, OK?

congrats to all of you with great resolve! good luck on further progress!
Christine Nectarine
baby steps are good! i'm working on a few of those myself...
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