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*tiptoes in and puts out a big tray of all types of nibbly finger foods and libations*

It's the return of the Sin Bin! wub.gif
Sin: Buying myself something really cool/expensive for Xmas.

Anti-sin: Donating the same amount of money spent on said gift to charity with an extra $50 to sweeten the deal.
I don't have much sinning to report today, but it's still early. Biggest sin of today so far is I had my morning coffee after noon because I was out of milk and had to hoof it to the packie to buy some more before I could make coffee.
=yah= my favorite Confessional is back! =

ap: what did you buy yourself?

sin: it's not just that my car is 12 years old ( I heart her, I really really do & am passing her on to frecklette down the road when she starts (sob) driving); it's that..sigh.. <whispered> I want to be one of Those Women driving the tall suv's bc I'm tired as fuck at not being able to see around everything else on the damn road.

I am so ashamed ! sad.gif
A terribly gaudy cocktail ring. This HUGE pave octopus. I did get it half off now that I think about it, so I guess I donated twice as much + fifty bones to the local Humane Society. I earmarked it specifically for their spay/neuter program. Even if those people are assholes, I like to take care of the fluffies.
sin: baileys and coffee before 9am.
sin: since we are not going to see hubby fam due to the craptastic weather, I wanna stay in and avoid mine

antisin: being a good daughter
I couldn't imagine what a pave octopus ring looked like, so I did a Google search and... wow... if that's what yours looks like, that will be quite a conversation starter! wink.gif

My sin is still sloth. I'm cleaning tonight instead of doing some Xmas-y eve something or other. I think I like to punish myself.
Okay, here's a sin. I have Ben and Jerry's Cheesecake brownie ice cream in the freezer, it's been there since Saturday and I still haven't had any!

Okay, here's a sin: wanting him still and hoping for him.

anti-sin: ummm, I really can't think of one. Poop.
sin: dumping way too much brandy into my eggnog. Or is that not a sin?
sin: procrastinating on emailing people holiday greetings
sin: procrastinating on taking a walk

antisin: Uh, I actually sent people emails wishing them happy holidays?
sin: cheering much more during the (3 !) fights at the hockey game - For the ref's to let them fight it out- than I did for the actual teams playing. -- isn't that why they wear so much padding?

antisin: uhhh, I got nothin'; I'm a blood- thirsty Celt to the core.
sin: purchasing 2 blazers from jcrew
anti sin: hmm...they were hugely discounted?
sin: I still haven't used the Bob Ross paint set my sister got for me LAST holiday.

sin: I stuck my Grandpa's paintings in the basement and then hung them up real quick before he came over. We all pretended they had been there for months. He's a great painter, so I'm an ass.

antisin: I listened to Dane Cook long enough to compile a set of MP3's for Mr. T's stocking.
antisin: I obediently cleaned up dog turds first thing in the morning instead of hoping Mr. T would see them first.
Sin: I went to work a half hour late because I was tired and ate breakfast at work.

Anti-sin: I am going to talk to an animal rescue group today about adopting a cute Australian cattle dog named Pepper! biggrin.gif
I still haven`t eaten any of that Ben and Jerry`s.
Saving Ben & Jerry's is bad luck, don't do it!!

It always happens in the movies. A girl gets heartbroken and what does she always have in her freezer!?? Ben and Jerry's! Someone in the family dies and what does she turn to...Ben & Jerry's! Dog runs away...Ben & Jerry's! That certain song comes on the radio...Ben & Jerry's! It's the third week of the month...Ben & Jerry's!!

For all scientific purposes, tubes of cookie dough are also cursed.
sin: avoiding BUST for the past three(!) months.
antisin: realizing that i might have been a teensy bit depressed for the past three months and that giving up the things i love is NOT the way to deal with it.

sin: coming back to BUST on a workday and spending the past hour and a half reading old archives.
antisin: um, coming back to BUST on a workday and spending the past hour and a half reading old archives.

Hmmm, when I get heartbroken I don't eat, I get sad and sleep, then go off and fuck someone else.

FJ!!!!!!! Holy CRAP!!! *flies over and gives boobah squishee hugs*
sin: not calling ANY of my friends and family (save my mom) at Christmas, because I was rooted in with my lover and my band and my conflicted romantic feelings over the holidays.
sin: I made ugly nasty faces at the little boy down the row from me at the game tonight- but he started it! ohmy.gif
sin: I also started referring to him- rather loudly- as 'Damien.'

antisin: I totally rocked my ruskie hat all day today & tonight and have decided that those (so many) that gave me funny looks are just not sophisticated enough to appreciate my Ultra Coolness.
sin: sleeping til 1pm today and not getting any house work done
sin: chocolate hagen daz with baileys
antisin: chocolate hagen daz with baileys
I have been totally violating my self-imposed evening internet curfew.
Sin: I played Monopoly on Pogo today instead of taking down the Christmas decorations.

Sin: I lost the game and played again.
sin: spelling Haagen Dazs wrong.
sin: greed
sin: I acted very snide at the antique shops I went to today, calling fugly fugly when I saw it.

antisin: I went to antique stores today!! 1st time in.. maybe 7-8 months? yah me! biggrin.gif
sin: painting my nails while I was driving the car today.

antisin: I only mostly did it at the stoplights.

antisin: hopefully figuring out that it's my excessive intake of caffine through the mass amounts of chocolate I eat daily, that is messing w/ my don't-be-crazi medicine & so pointedly buying NON chocolate snackage at the store tonight;

sin: caving at the wendy's drive thru & getting a choclate m&m twisty.
I ate cereal for dinner.
Sin: I got with 4 people during the months that I wasn't with my current guy. (We met a few years ago and had a sexual thing that wasn't serious, stopped for a while and then hooked up again as a relationship.)

Anti-Sin: I told him.

Sin: I know he's jealous and I like it.
sin busting on the 60 inch plasma instead of the pos computer

sin drinking too much wine

anti sin forming a friendship with a distant cousin thru all the drama in my life
SIN: I had a doughnut, knowing full well the fake ingredients will make my stomach unhappy and I'll get indigestion. Why, here comes the headache already.

Anti-sin: I don't do it all the time, in fact I'm a pretty good eater.
sin: I bought garlic cheese bread at the grocery today, even though I know full well they do vile & terrible things to my stomach and the air quality of anyone in smelling radius of me.

sin: flipping off other drivers.
antisin: trying realllly hard to be appreciative of the slower drivers in front of me, for helping me to keep my own speed down.

inadvertent sin: possibly creating an access for evil in the painting I made last night.. oops? huh.gif

antisin: (cross posted) using all my shopping bags at the commy & hardware store.

antisin: having in my posession 5 boxes of mint cho girl scout cookies and not tearing into them yet!
sin: I've been bitchy to my boyfriend because i've been hormonally challenged
anti-sin: I made him lunch to take to work at 3 a.m. instead of going back to sleep after feeding the baby

sin: we got in a huge fight at his parent's house and i know his family heard all our biz-nass
anti-sin: we went over the next day being extra affectionate to ward off any awkwardness
sin: it didn't work

sin: i was too tired to change my baby's diaper last night
anti-sin: when i changed it this morning i gave him a generous slather of balmex and have been on top of his poochies since

sin: i flaked out on the gym today. again.
anti-sin: i've been eating healthy all week
Mmm, garlic cheese bread.

sin: ignoring everything on my to-do list except for baking cookies

anti-sin: uh....the cookies are for friends and family, for the most part?
sin: a lot a lot of cereal. it's expanding in me. i have a cereal baby.
I've done JACK SHIT today (so far). I feel horrible about it! Gadz.
I just failed a test.
Sin: I've bought coffee at starbucks every morning this week, even though I'm poor and supposed to be saving my pennies.

Sorta-anti-sin: Only one of them was a latte.
I havent been going to the gym like i promised myself i would
I skipped class yesterday AND today.

I love wedding shows and I'm kind of disappointed by the lack of them on TV.
I skipped work today.

Sin: Really wanting to make cookies tonight. For dinner.
I found some former coworkers on Assbook who don't have their profiles hidden and I learned that they are newly engaged. I didn't even know they were dating at the time we worked together, but now at least I have an explanation for why he made that batch of ugly cupcakes for her and brought them to the office way back when. So weird.
I have a casual-ish friend who talks a lot of BS...and she likes to talk really she was bragging to our whole group about how if she were a lesbian she'd totally go down on me...and I know she's full of it, so on the way out she was with her back to me and I snuck up behind her and stuck my tongue in her ear...she was pretty shocked. Hehe. And then she blamed Bear and said he put me up to it!
tree, you are so bad!
Instead of ironing clothes, packing for trip and housework (as well as finishing reading a book once those tasks have been completed) I have BUSTed.
Ironing one's clothes practically puts one up at sainthood in my book.
I try not to iron and certainly don't do clothes en masse but I need enough clothes for five days and everything appears to be in the ironing basket. I can't pack without clothes to pack so there I go.
i <3 busting bunnies. a LOT!
I have never owned or used an ironing basket. Ironing is what happens two minutes before I throw something on.

I handwash all my sweaters though...

Sin: swearing. In the office, on the street, everytime something happens to piss me off. I swore after a bus driver yesterday.

I am tired tired tired and want to be done.

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