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I got stressed the other day and smoked two cigarettes.
Bump for freck!
sin: purchasing overpriced B Makowski purse.

anti-sin: um, it's fucking rad??
sin: envy and sloth; i.e., surfing the internet for the better part of the day looking at snowboards instead of ... um... working.
I'm with you on the catlady.

If I have nothing to do, I have nothing to do, worse is that my supervisor is away for 2 weeks, he's left me with a project, and that's fine. It's going to take an hour.

So, here I am busting.
I got stressed a few days ago, and ate a half gallon of ice cream.

Also I should be writing, but I'm busting and watching true blood.

sin: not eating
sin: avoiding some long awaited apartment cleaning for watching dr. who reruns
sin: taking two days off of painting.

anti-sin: i got nothin.'

oh wait, i did the dishes!
Is it still considered sloth if you had your eyes dilated & your vision is funky? Because, you know, it might be dangerous for me to do any proper cleaning. I could misjudge my surroundings and trip or spray something in my face or accidentally wash things on the hot cycle instead of cold.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.
Sin: My paycheck was wrong - I was paid for 20 extra hours. Instead of correcting the issue I made a payment on my car and bought a new outfit.
Sin: Considering Twizzlers a food group.
Sin: Not doing the dishes and just rewashing the same plate over and over again.
Sin: Lust
Sin: Sloth
Sin: Misusing company resources

Anti-Sin: Giving someone a ride when I didn't want to (and learning how to swear in Turkish on the way)
Anti-Sin: I got my laundry done by misuse of said resources
Sin: I keep stealing handfuls of my sister's rather expensive cereal, and telling myself it is okay because she offered me a cup of it... once.

Sin: After two days of not smoking, I caved and asked two friends for cigarettes.

Sin: Sloth. Too many naps... and shockingly epic ones; I can't even pretend they are "power-naps" at this point.

Sin: Seething with resentment & thinking spiteful things throughout the day. Really must work on that!

Anti-sin: Yester-day I wrote a beautiful poem. That must count for something!!

Anti-sin: I played some great music for my niece and gave her a bit of good advice: "Remember: You cannot ever go wrong with The Beatles."
Sin: The cupcake I just ate at a colleague's birthday celebration because I'm trying to lose weight.

Anti-Sin: The salad that I brought for lunch.

I guess they will balance each other out.

Oh and semi-Sin: Busting at work. Ooops? laugh.gif
sin: doing things I know are highly likely to result in heartache
stupid stupid stoopid!! mad.gif but yet... sad.gif

antisin: trying to rescue/re-home a stray pet

sin: mentioning to frecklette about the dangers of working at PP- not realising that duh- she didn't already know.
(bad mama!)

antisin: not smoking when I've really craved it lately after realising I was one -smoke-away from getting hooked.
aww Thank you rudder ! very sweet of you to say, but so far I've only gone there once and am itching to go back & hopefully find a regular place w/in the program, even if it's only as a volunteer.
I'm equally as proud of frecklette for being Pro Life & knowing that's how she feels w/ no doubt. it cannot be easy growing up w/ a mama as vocally liberal as I am sometimes & holding her own anyway.
Sin: The amazingly delicious mixed asian cuisine that I had for lunch today.
Sin: Not doing any work at all today and just surfing the internet because out of an office of sixteen there were only four of us here.
Sin: Flirting with an ex from two years ago. I can't help it. We only dated for a month though....

Anti-Sin: The walk I am going to take tonight to work off lunch! =)
sin: ate a bag of tortilla chips for breakfast
sin: i slept in till 1:30pm
anti-sin: i'm going to spend the rest of my day unpacking & doing laundry.
sin: emailed a prof claiming flu when really I am just feeling lazy and sad
antisin: knowing when I need to take a mental health day?!?
Sin:Eating a corn dog for breakfast.
Anti-sin:Turning in assignments a day early.
Sin: Buying myself some new jewelry I don't really need.

Anti-sin: Giving more than three times what I spent on the baubles to charity. Go KEXP!
sin: smoking a whole freakin' pack of cigarettes over the last 2 days.

anti-sin: canning lots of healthy apple stuff for my and bgp's families.

sin: the boy (oh but what a delicious sin...)

anti-sin: rescuing a stray kitty from the freezing rain and finding him a home with the boy.
Procrastination. To the extreme.
sin: wanting to choke the holy chit out of the one remaining woman still going to the retreat w/ me tomorrow.
- hello? is it asking too much for you to respond to my email about WHAT TIME YOU'RE FUCKING GETTING OFF WORK SO I KNOW WHEN WE ARE LEAVING?!?!

sin: honestly envisioning choking her. really.

sin: really wanting to not go myself now due to all the shit these women have put me through. Thanksgiving at our house is offically OFF now enless no one minds an unfortunate "accident" involving the electric carving knife mad.gif .

anti: really? HA!

ps: even though I'm freaked about driving to the beach as it is, I'm now contemplating just leaving her ass here & going when *I* think is reasonable. anger can be such a strong motivator.
sin:what edie said.

really. i have let myself go. you'd never know it, 'cept i'm obviously losing weight. but otherwise, i need to get my shit together.

anti-sin:ha! i gots no anti-sin. i suck right now. oh god. [boo boo lip]
Sin: The (no joke!) ten super delicious, overly-chocolately brownies I ate yesterday. I know it was wrong but I just couldn't stop myself. It's been months since I've eaten anything remotely bad for me. They were only little ones, but still. Shameful.

Anti-sin: My lunch today. It's delicious and nutritious, so it's all good.
Sin: The delicious-but-way-too-sugary cupcake I ate almost two hours ago. Some of our business partners came and brought a huge box of cupcakes in for us as a thank you for the past year and damn, it was a baaaad idea. Now I feel nauseated. =(

Anti-sin: Salad and watermelon for lunch in an hour!
sin: I am eating Froot Loops for breakfast. At work. But hey, they are selling them in the cafeteria now! So how sinful is it, really? wink.gif
Sin: this girl... i'm so into her. She gives me everything I need.

Sin: Contemplating what it would take to get divorced.
bumping this so I don't lose it! i have many sins but its 1:30 in the morning
sin: being an Olympic whore, despite my principles.
sin: sloth this weekend
sin: sloth. my bathroom is now semi-clean but my kitchen, workroom, bedroom (jesus!), they're all crying out for a hero. Time to get off the internet I guess.
sin: eating everything in sight all day. including strawberry cheesecake. which is probably directly related to the fact that i've been smoking every couple hours all day. i have nasty, nasty cramps.

anti-sin: helped bgp clean her whole downstairs, even cleaning the carpets, despite being high all day!
sin: being snippy with my roommate for no good reason. sometimes i don't realize i'm cranky until someone starts talking to me.
sin: these pecan pie bars. soooooooo good. smile.gif
sin: spending the afternoon drinking coffee until my hands shook. It's now 3:47 am. I doubt I'll be asleep before the sun comes up.
Sin: thinking about Oxytocin Man too much, and enjoying looking at him too much. Also, wearing a low-cut top that showed off cleavage. (But then, that one benefited my spouse as well as him, so maybe that doesn't count? They both looked.)

Anti-sins: I restrained myself from giving him as long a welcome hug as I'd been fantasizing about. I did not say anything in the least indecorous to him during private conversation, even though some of the topics offered potential for it.

Sin: I haven't laundered the guest bed linens yet because I like laying my head on his pillow and breathing him in. Anyway, there's a shitload of other laundry that needs doing. I can do the guest bed linens last.
Sin: refusing to throw used toilet paper into the garbage can instead of the toilet, knowing full well that the flimsy Chinese plumbing couldn't handle it. Now I have a disgusting non-functioning toilet in my room, and when I get up for my 4am pee tonight I have to leave and go down the hall and up a flight of stairs to use the public hole-in-the-floor squat toilet, and I have nobody to blame but myself.
genghis cunt
Sin: sitting in a cold bath tub for two hours, crying until i get broken blood vessels around my eyes.
Sin: Wanting to eat nothing but crap.

Anti-sin: Buying only healthy groceries that require me to do more than just pop something into an appliance to gorge on in minutes. The only easy food is salad.
SIN: Telling a good friend (whom I am in love with) that I can't talk to him anymore because he's too negative. Really, I'm just hurt because I suspect he is seeing someone. (But he is kinda assholey and smug at times. Never bothered me before, though).

ANTI-SIN: I guess, realizing that my motive was dishonest and confessing to you guys. Does that even count as an anti-sin?
sin: procrastinating writing my last paper of the semester by looking at shit I can't afford to buy on line
Sin: eagerly awaiting the clock to hit 6:30 not only to wish my friend a Happy Birthday and to get drunk.

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