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Hello everyone,
Just wanted to post my progress so far. I had a MAJOR setback a month ago. My boyfriend decided to tell me that he cheated on me and the girl called him and told him that she had trich (nice right??). So I dumped him and tried to get myself back on track. I took the antibiotics that were prescribed along with the Bio-Fem (aci-jel) nightly. I had to do this through two rounds of antibiotics to get myself back together... and then came the yeast infections. Now that all of that is under control I am back BV free. I order it 2 tubes at a time now in fear of running out. I have found that after my peroid I have to use it twice a day and I can not go longer than a week without it. Is anyone else using Bio-fem, if so how is it going?
please don't start new threads just to answer a simple question. we're not like other boards, we're self-moderated and we can't delete threads so too many threads just makes things cluttered. we treat each thread as a general category and post issues in them, we don't start a new thread for each new issue on the same subject. please re-post this question in the BV thread and please refrain from starting any new threads in the future unless EXPLICITLY given the go-ahead by several bust members in the community forum.

this issue about starting new threads has been posted again and again and again throughout the lounge; starting new threads makes you look disrespectful to us because it implies that you haven't taken the time to learn how this community works. i know you're just looking for support and i do hope you find it, but please also respect this space enough to learn and abide by its rules.

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