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Dodge v. Ford Motor Company, 204 Mich. 459, 170 N.W. 668. (Mich. 1919), was a famous case in which the Michigan Supreme Court held that Henry Ford owed a duty to the shareholders of the Ford Motor Company to operate his business for profitable purposes as opposed to charitable purposes.

I read a story about this last year in the New York Times Mag which attributed this case as one of the factors which has kept the big three auto manufacturers form competing with Toyota which is incorporated in Japan and therefor is not required to put share holder value above other considerations.
Would you please stop starting new threads? I know that you like pissing people off but for goodness sake give it a rest! It is becoming hard to seperate you from an actual troll. dry.gif
not sure what you are talking about I started one new thread today. This one, cause I have not seen a Law thread, and we are all governed by them.
I always thought he was a troll.

He's definitely been here long enough to know that he shouldn't be starting new threads without bringing it to the community forum. Back onto my ignore list he goes.
Community forum is a Demockery... people ask everyone if they want x,y,z and then if three of their on line budies say yes, up it goes. I just, ignored a formality without a legitimate purpose beyond disenfranchising people with opinions an interest different from the clique who spends fifty percent of their time making people new to the board feel stupid and unwelcome threw these types of illegitimate comments.

This is the internet. I know how it works. If there was a legitimate interest in keeping people form starting new threads without getting approval from Community forums then it would be built into the site.

It's not hard to set up the site to require a certificate in order to start a new thread and have that certificate be validated threw a some formal approval process. Say fifty unique registered users clicking a radio button.

But you know what that doesn't exist. Why, because lets face it more people have left Bust because of a hand full of aggressive mean spirited members who make everyone feel unwelcome in order to solidify a ludicrous turf battle on what it means to be a BUSTY.

I don't think I recognize a single face form 1999 here on Bust any more.... that is some sad shit... and quite a few people have left just in the last year.

the result.... the atmosphere is even more hostile now than it has ever been.
I started the it's not easy being green thread, with out going to Community Forums and many people enjoy posting there.

Why not enjoy the topic. i.e. LAW
because that's not the way we do it around here. otherwise we'd be floating in threads and we couldn't find anything. just cos you want to do something doesn't mean you should.

look, i know you love the sound of your own voice, but what is the point in starting a thread that only you read, and only you post in?

stop being a schmuck. i was sticking up for you earlier, but now you are being a troll.
So Eric Holder may be the next attorney general> Amy Goodman has some disturbing info on him. Hopefully she is wrong.

AMY GOODMAN: Last week, we reached Mario in Colombia, and he talked about Holder€™s representation of Chiquita.

MARIO MURILLO: There€™s been talk about a close ally and friend of Obama as a potential Attorney General for the United States, Eric Holder, who is currently defending Chiquita Brands International in its defense against dozens of plaintiffs here in Colombia, working families who were targeted by paramilitaries who were funded to the tune of $1.7 million over the last several years. It€™s a major scandal. And if this guy becomes the Attorney General under an Obama administration, then it€™s going to be really hard to find justice in this case coming from the United States.

AMY GOODMAN: That was Mario Murillo in Colombia. Professor Cornel West?

CORNEL WEST: Yeah, no, again, this is one of the reasons why we love the work that you do, Sister Amy. This is the first that I€™ve heard of this. I would want to hear from my dear Brother Eric and see what he has to say. Now, we know, of course, so many of these corporate firms, they defend all kind of different elites in various parts of the world, and we want to know the degree to which Eric Holder personally and politically and ideologically supports the kind of things going on, as opposed to the kind of role that one plays within a legal firm. Oftentimes, these firms take stances that are not in agreement with the individual lawyers themselves. You know that lawyers take a variety of different cases. It could be criminals and a whole host of others. Lawyers tend to go where they are told. But I would want to hear what Brother Eric Holder has to say about this. This is very interesting, actually.
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