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Oh. My. God. He likes to walk around in the buff?? DYING. I love the character of Eric and I think Alexander Skarsgard is to die for. Can't wait for the new season!!! (And the new book in the series that comes out in May...)
June 13th is right around the corner! To whet your bloody whistle: Season III promo clips! And our first glimpse of the manly man Alcide! ROWR!
Can't wait for the new season! Alcide and Eric, oh my!
This? Was really unnecessary. Like there isn't enough fucking in True Blood itself. Although I do wonder if there will be any freaky man in man action with the porn version of Lafayette . . .
OMG. So hilarious. How 'bout that awful wig on the Eric character? I think I would enjoy original TB if they cursed like they did in the XXX version.
The first of the True Blood mini-eps, quite funny. And I do not know why, but ASkars is so hot in a tracksuit!
I had a hard time reading anything else on the site after the tagline of "ALEX SKARSGARD JUST SHOT A VERY GRAPHIC NUDE SCENE WITH A MAN." I'm still stuck on that image. Tasty. blink.gif
OMG, I did too, stargazer!!! (drool).....I wanna see!!!!!
Yeah, I intentionally left that part out. I figured I'd let it be a surprise!
See, I think Skarsgard the Younger is sexy despite the tracksuit. He was sexy despite his previous man-bob too. Sookeh who?
True Blood comic drops in July.
I LOVE this promo with Skarsgard... huge crush.
Closer & closer & closer! True Blood is getting nekkider & gayer: from LARagMag, nudity & boy kisses from the new season. I swear it looks like Bill & Sam!
True Blood will be back soon only one more week until the show is back on the air. I can't wait to see what happens this season, not sure who the villians will be this season but it should be good, its always supernatural. Always graphic scenes in the series that are hot.
Ssssh, vibrator...

Dear Lord/AP, let it be true! I don't care if it's a dream sequence, I would pay LOTS OF MONEY to see Bill and Sam get it on.

Oh dear, now I won't be able to get any work done for the next few minutes....
Yes! Back at last! With much goodness!

Soooo happy with everything, except..... the Queen. Evan Rachel Wood was just awful! She sounded like a bored teenager throughout, and I find her affectedness dull. Imagine Christina Hendricks in that role, or pretty much any other actress!

Anyway, looking forward to next week! smile.gif
Y'know, I am largely unhappy with the female components overall, Persiflager. Arlene, Pam, & Jessica are the only women characters that don't irritate the fuck out of me. And I so agree with you: ERW just stinks up the whole thing. The scene with the Queen, the Magister, & Eric was one of the most awkward things I've ever seen. Her wardrobe, hair, & makeup are fantastic, but her performance is bollocks.

It was all worth it for the booty & nekkidness, though!

That scene with Bill and Sam was genuinely sizzling. I sat there grinning with both hands clenched because I couldn't believe such wonderfulness was on my laptop screen.

Pam rules, and I am very much looking forward to scenes with her and Jessica.

I did quite like Sookie in this episode - at least she wasn't whining about Bill.

I, too, join in the praise of the Bill/Sam scene. Lovely indeed.

Oh, and nekkid Eric! What a bod.

I am liking the dark and twisted turn of the Tara character. She is working out some demons, huh.

Best line, "Conscience off, dick on!"
Agreed. DICK ON!
Snoop Dogg's "Oh Sookie". "He's only in Bon Temps for a day . . ."
Have finally seen Sunday's episode!

Am starting to get Eric/Sookie chemistry now.... I mean, I always understood the appeal of Eric, but I just couldn't see the two of them together.

Poor Tara sad.gif

New creepy vampire is interesting, though.

Glad to see Bill's back to being a badass. And I love the King of Mississippi!

Oh my gosh I'm missing all of this? Still waiting for epi 2 to upload on my tv website.
I hate how Tara always gets the short stick.
We'll use spoilers for you, Sukouyant!

This epi definitely seemed like it was setting up things for the season.

What about seeing Alfre Woodard as Lafayette's mother?!?!? Does anyone think Lafayette and the nurse will hookup?

There is alot of guy on guy action this season. Not that I'm complaining! I definitely appreciate the male nudity. They just need to show more full frontal male nudity and this show can out do Oz in that department. smile.gif

Can Eric and Sookie please just get it on?! Bill doesn't do much for me and I really want to see Eric in action - so incredibly hot!
"We all know Layfette is thisclose to hooking up with True Blood newbie Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), but did you know that it’s like real love and stuff? “Lafayette don’t spend time on flings,” Nelsan Ellis tells us. “They come and then they go, but this character, Jesus, he’s been with for about two weeks. That’s a lifetime for Lafayette, and he has deep, deep feelings for Jesus.” Adds Kevin: “You’ll see me throughout the season all the way ’til the end so whatever happens after that, we’ll see.” And a big prize pony to anyone who guessed that we’d be seeing some steamy scenes between these two. When asked if he’ll be getting nude this season, Kevin tells me: “Yeah, there’s been enough. Not to the extreme, but there’s been enough. You’ll see it happen.”

"Jesus has his work cut out for him attempting to break down the walls Lafayette has erected around his heart. Jesus will be a recurring character all season, with the possibility of appearing in season 4 as well, so we can expect a juicy storyline for him and Lafayette.

This is True Blood, though, so you know Jesus isn’t simply a nice guy with the hots for Lafayette. It turns out that there is a “bigger and more dangerous reason” he’s drawn to Bon Temps. Is he a vampire? A werewolf? Something else entirely? No one’s saying, but Jesus is certainly more than he seems at first and we can expect to learn a lot more about him as the season unfolds.

Word! I want some peen!

It looks like Bill's kidnapping is going to go on for at least four more episodes, not that I am complaining. Give me Eric any day!

I <3 new vamp Franklin, he's obviously a bad seed!

If you need a mid-week dose of TB, I like this guy's reviews.
Y'know, I've watched Sunday's ep three times. I still cannot get over that uh, MAJOR hate fuck there at the end. I've had some angry sex before, but I've never felt compelled to break a neck bone during. I totally get that they were going for shock value since there isn't gonna be a new episode for two weeks & they have to keep up the watercooler chatter, but it was a bit too over the top for even my tastes.
Was anyone else extremely disturbed by the ending? I found it hard to watch.
I think it's worth remembering that Alan Ball has shown some problematic sex scenes as far back as Six Feet Under (I'm thinking of all that went down at Brenda's parents' place, in particular). I know 'problematic' doesn't necessarily cover Sunday's last scene... it shocked me too, but at the same time reminded me that IMO Ball can use sex scenes as a way to show complicated/hidden elements of characters. Of course, he's also OTT in his sex scenes so sometimes it's hard to do a comparative reading of them; as in, flamboyant sex with vamps good, sex that shows people in (not chosen) pain=worrying. But that doesn't describe Lorena's reaction...

Lorena is an unsympathetic character (arguably); maybe that's why Ball felt showing her being hurt wouldn't be a problem?
Ok. I've been trying to respond to this past week's epi, but, I've been too tired (and I still am). I want to respond to the last ending.
I wasn't really shocked by the final ending. I found it humorous 'cause of the awful special effects.

The last sex scene, at least for me, spoke to the complexity of Bill's relationship with Lorena and their power dynamics. Bill can never escape her. No matter if he turns her head, burns her, etc....she will always be a part of his life. Then, the next question for me is...well...where does the feelings of longing come into play for him? I think its the inherent love one has for their maker. Like Sookie, Lafayette, and Sam have dreams of the vampires whose blood is in them, Bill will always have Lorena in him.

I guess that is the downside of being a vampire which is consistent with other vampire novels (e.g. Louis & Lestat). The object of love and admiration also breeds resentment and contempt.

Syb, good point about Allan Ball's use of sex to examine dynamics in relationships. I forgot how messed up those Six Feet Under characters were. Such a good show.

Will respond to the rest of the episode after some proper rest!
Yep, I had to look at kitten pictures afterwards to let my poor eyes recover!

The weird thing about that scene for me was that it seemed to be Lorena making Bill have sex with her, and the neck-breaking etc was him trying to resist? But I thought she 'released' him, so no longer has power over him? Of the two of them, she was the only one who seemed like she wanted that to happen.

Also, Lorena is CRAZY. And getting a bit one-dimensional - I get it, she loves Bill, but does she really have nothing else going on in her life? I love her over-the-top dialogue, but it's starting to feel like a bit of a cliche. Would love it if it turned out she didn't care for Bill at all, but this was part of a cunning political plot. Lorena for Queen of Louisiana!

Sookie in this episode had major ovaries! Least subtle spying mission EVER. Though it would be nice if she didn't constantly rely on being rescued.

Boo, I didn't know there was a two week wait for the next episode!
Ugh, I came home from work today really excited about watching the new episode... and then realized there was an American holiday yesterday so it wasn't on... totally deflated my evening sad.gif

Other than that though, this season has got me on the edge of my seat!
I don't believe HBO held off because it was a US holiday (I've often wondered if they chose Sunday nights for their big shows because encourages people getting together!). They just seem to like to throw a random two week monkey wrench into things & they've pretty much done it with all of their shows. It's something I've always found infuriating.
Just saw the last episode. Too rich for my blood. This would be the part in the movie where I peek through my fingers and ask someone else to narrate the plot to me...the balance kind of tipped to more depressing than entertaining.
How in the hell did Eric Northman manage to live so long when he can't lie for shit to anybody except Sookie?
Ha! True.... though not as bad as the Queen.

I am having SO MUCH FUN with True Blood this week! I'm glad they've shuffled along some of the obvious plot points instead of dragging them out - thank you, Miss Sookie Exposition! Can't wait for next week. This is the first episode of the season where I wasn't bored during any of the story lines.
Have to agree with you Sukouyant, while i love this show and I agree with Persi too that it was definitely exciting, it's becoming a little much for me. Just all the female-centered violence. I don't watch rape/sexual assault scenes in movies or anything, i just can't watch them. so i've found this last episode to be a little hard. but i love the show too much to stop watching now, and eric is just too hot...
(omg, eric)
Would someone other than her cousin please have Tara's back? Why she gotta suffer like that? And what's with all the crazy-ass vampires in Bon Temps and abroad? Do they just live too long?

I don't know how much credit the writers get (should get?) for self-awareness in the script. I felt like the murder of the stripper at the end was so cliche and vulgar it was intended to be horror camp, but it was crafted in a way that might make people sympathetic with her, despite the fact that she's a depressed and fallen woman who likes to party. Anyway it was painful to recognize that trope.

The image of Pam being tortured on the St Andrew's cross - I get that on the campier end the horror metaphor demands sexualized violence, but this episode was haywire with it.

I know that verybadthings have happened to Sookie too, but with the danger and assaults so rampant everywhere it's like her feet don't touch the ground, it's weird.
QUOTE(sukouyant @ Jul 16 2010, 11:04 AM) *
I don't know how much credit the writers get (should get?) for self-awareness in the script. I felt like the murder of the stripper at the end was so cliche and vulgar it was intended to be horror camp, but it was crafted in a way that might make people sympathetic with her, despite the fact that she's a depressed and fallen woman who likes to party. Anyway it was painful to recognize that trope.

I feel like this season is showing us what the culture of being a vampire/wolf in its politics and gore is really like (well, as real as fantasy can be). We had the first season attempting to convince us they are civilized, wanting to be integrated into the community. There is alot of corruption and complex relationships within these subcultures. It seems even more complicated in the relationship with humans (the selling of V).

What does everyone make of Sookie's powers? I didn't read the book series, but, do they mention her character having powers in the book series? If you know, use spoilers so we don't ruin for the lurkers in here. Thanks!
Did anyone watch last night?? Major spoiler based on what I read online.
I think Sookie is a fairy. Read wiki about the novel.

Yeah, I've seen that about too - fans of the books are very spoiler-happy! I've had to stop looking elsewhere on the internet so I don't get any other plot points spoilt.

Tis cool though. I really want to know what the implications are of her being whatever-she-is. It can't be that common, or Russell would have recognised her / thought of it as a possibility. And why does it make her so appealing to vamps?

I've just caught up on the last three episodes after being away on holiday, and wow! This season has just got so much better!

Sookie - Admirably ballsy (if stupid) when it comes to standing up to skanks.
Tara - winning the 'survival instinct' prize by a mile.
Everything about Franklin and Tara.
Everything about Lafayette and Jesus.

Some questions:

How on earth did Sophie-Anne ever get to be Queen?
Why does vampire blood send some people high and horny, while other only get convenient extra senses or strength?
(Only a spoiler if you haven't seen Sunday's episode) How can the King marry Sophie-Anne if he's already married to Talbot? And does Talbot know about this plan?Was the mention of Lorena's maker deliberate? He sounded suitably monstrous - I wonder if he'll show up at some point.
The Magister mentioning Tiffany's was an odd note; somehow, I don't see him being a big shopper.
As Jason mentioned Crystal being extra-warm, does anyone think she might be a were of some sort?
Anyone watch last night's epi? unsure.gif

I wonder if Lafayette's mother was prophesying the coming of witches in her psychotic rant. Besides Lafayette's love interest, does anyone think Jesus will play another role in his life?

Lots of nekkid Eric!

Btw, I did not understand that last scene with the angrysex scene between Bill and Sookie. :/

Ohohoho, True Blood!

I hope Eric has a plan, 'cos he's going to be in VERY bad books when Russell gets home!

Do you think Hadley's message from Eric was just 'Russell's coming, Don't trust Bill', or did it include the warnings afterwards about what horrible things they're going to do to her? Eric was very specific about not adding anything to the message...

Speaking of that message, I hope it wasn't deliberately left vague just to create DRAMA! I hate it when characters don't take the time to fill in useful details. And why would Eric expect Sookie to trust him over Bill?

I am just so happy that Jessica forced Bill to finally be a proper maker. "Way". The training scene and the werewolf fight were awesome sauce. I wish he had told her that she was good enough for Hoyt, instead of being all angsty about his evil vampireness, and passing that on to her.

Why didn't Debbie go wolf to attack Sookie? It seems a better fighting shape than skank...

The Sookie/Alcide chemistry still feels a bit forced to me. Like "Hello, I'm the new love interest! Um. should we flirt now?" He is tasty, though.

Eric and Talbot - yummy. Thank you, Alan Ball.

Star, I think the last scene was partly caused by all the vampire blood Sookie had had (which also helped her in the fight).

I have my concerns about Jesus too - I wonder who his boss is, the one that called him?
Oh. Well, that was a massively disappointing episode.* Every other line of dialogue was setting up plot for the next three episodes, so I hope they're amazing. The extended Bill/Sookie conversation was particularly annoying.

Oh, and Bill? Could you possibly stop lying for just 5 minutes? As Sookie is back in touch with Hadley, she's going to find out the truth soon enough - last night would have been a very good time to own up. I'm going right off you, Mr Compton.

*Except for the last 5 minutes, obviously, which were enjoyably insane.
I did not find the last episode all that interesting with the exception of Pam...

"Blah blah vampire emergency blah"

Gosh, I love that woman. wub.gif
I thought the episode was pretty good. They do have some strange scenes with strange reactions, like when sookie and bill almost got taken out by the king vampire and then they make love right after, thats a little strange.
We have to wait until next weekend for the season finale of TB. Until then...

I wonder if Jesus is a demon. I am probably wrong here. I read there are demons in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series. I also did some reading on wiki about demons. I'm going to rewatch that epi where Lafayette and Jesus tripped on V. I just feel like Jesus is hiding something.

I read online that all of the new characters this season will be on Season 4.
Okay. That was kinda shitty. It's like since they killed off all the new characters last season, they decided they better leave a lotta loose characters/ends this season. Tara driving off into the distance, Sam being a total dick that either killed/didn't kill the illiterate kid, Hoyt & Jessica decided to get married & cohabitate/Mama Fortenberry bought a gun, Jason became the new savior of the Hotshot inbreds, Lafayette's boyfriend is a brujo, Sookie finally dumped Bill, etc, etc, etc.

Alcide is hot & all, but whatevs. There is absolutely NO chemistry between Al & Sookie. Eric, on the other hand . . . damn. They could dip ASkars in the dreaded peanut butter & I'd lick him clean as though my life depended upon it.

So the whole, 'tossing Talbot's gory remains down the insinkerator' was fucking awesome, though, right?! Maniacal laughter & all, about time Sookie seriously lost her shit! Liked the little bit of the battle royale with Bill & Sophie, too. And Russell. LONG LIVE . . . um, LONG UNDEAD RUSSELL! Dennis O'Hara better be back to chew up some more scenery next season!

All in all, it was an extremely uneven, hodge-podge season. I'm hoping Ball gets his shit together & actually comes up with cohesive story arcs that tie up all the loose ends & jacks up the camp back up again.
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