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Agreed. I'd kept the faith all season that the loose ends would come together and have a MASSIVE pay-off, but they.... didn't. Unless it's all being set up for next season? It does seem like the groundwork for season 4 has been laid a lot more thoroughly than season 3 (which was mostly set up in the last 10 minutes of season 2).

Things I liked:
The crazy Sookie laugh when she ground up the remains of poor Talbot! I assume some of that was from having drunk so much vampire blood, but it was a nice change.

The chemistry between Bill and Alcide. "If you two are done eye-fucking each other, can we go?"

The fact that Arlene's pregnancy was set up in the first episode of season 1! That level of forward planning gives me confidence that the unresolved threads from this season will be worth it later.

Hoyt's intervention. Bless poor, crazy Summer. And thank you for bringing the funny back.

I didn't like Tara's non-acceptance of Sam, and Sam's storyline in general. How can he have become so much of a dick so quickly?
Ugh. I feel like Season 3 is obviously a transition season. I think the only thing I liked about this season was the introduction of Russell and Alcide. I do not think they knew what to do with Alcide, but, his screen time was fully appreciated by me. I love Russell! He is such a great villain. Burnt Russell was one of the most hilarious things ever.

I'm really over Sam and Tara. Like Persi, I don't get why they made Sam do such a quick turnaround. It would've made sense if we saw a gradual descent of his madness. Tara is like an emo song that has been played too long. I would be ok if she didn't return next season.

I agree, AP, Alan Ball better step it up next season.
Is it ok if I stop posting everything in spoilers? I think there's only the three of us here anyway, and we've all seen the finale now.

It does make more sense if I think of it as a transition season. This season has been setting everything up for season 4 (and possibly later?) rather than the finale. But dammit, that's ages away!

I'm re-watching seasons 2 and 3 to see how it changes in the light of what I know now, and noticed something in the first scene with Tommy. Sam comes up to him, notices the 'Tommy' on his shirt, says "Hey are you Tommy?". Tommy, without knowing who Sam is, says "Congratulations bro, you can read". Heh.

The first thing that Jesus says to Lafayette is "Can I help you?" Yes, Jesus, yes you can, in many ways.
There were a lot of hints that Lafayette had magic: the bad juju in the food at Sookie's gran's funeral, the reading of the tarot cards for Tara and Eggs, the comment to Maryanne "I's feeling you, and you is a soulless bitch".

Bill's outrage at Eric tricking Sookie into drinking his blood seems....more than a tad hypocritical now.

Some points that I'd forgotten about:
- who is Jesus's boss? I really don't think it was someone from the care home.
- what's going to happen with Hadley and her son Hunter? Presumably she's had the queen's blood, so she can't hide from her. And I notice from the Stackhouse family tree in Bill's file that Hunter's on there, so Sophie-Anne must know about him.
- I wonder if we'll ever meet Arlene's ex, the father of Coby and Lisa? Sam said he was called Dwayne and had Arlene's name tattooed on his chest. Ooh what if he turns out to be supernatural and therefore so are Coby and Lisa?? That's be a challenge for Arlene. And in an exciting twist, Rene's baby is totally normal.

I have a feeling that the events of this season will look very different in the light of later seasons.
Has anyone else seen this yet? It's a tribute to True Blood by Snoop Dogg. Super funny.

OMG! A TB fan with a life! That thing went viral about three months ago, I'm glad somebody out there has something more constructive to do than just watch high camp tv!
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