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I didn't see one so I thought I might start a new thread about True blood. Would write more but am a work.

Sorry for the caps but this isn't the first time.
Anyone willing to resurrect this thread?

Finally get to watch this show online and have been making it a True Blood marathon for the past few nights. WHERE WAS THIS SHOW IN 1997? I'm really enjoying it. I love that Tara is reading Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine the first time you see her in the first episode. Anna Paquin reminds me of Clare Danes - am I the only one? I think I'm two episodes from the end of season 1. When does the next season begin?

I took it upon myself to bump the thread, hope others are interested.

I hear what you're saying about Sookie. It took me a while to like the character, and I do now, but she is definitely over the top sometimes.

Oh I'll definitely come bumping along here once I get the chance to see the new season.
Damn! Last night's episode was action packed.

I am loving the new season, they've really expanded the story.
So there was no new episode this week??? I heard a rumour.

PS -- does anyone like the books more than the tv show???? I really enjoy the tv show, but I just feel like the books are a lot better, and less cheesy.
I just watched the new episode last night. LOVED Lafayette's dance. Some interesting developments in this episode, re: Sookie & also Eric.

Lananans, I haven't read the books but would really like to.
Um, this is totally OT, but I never understood the appeal of Eric in the first season. I guess I'm just not into that whole goth-y look. But with shorter hair & his casual tracksuits? Hello, Nuuuuurse! I've always had a weird thing for his father, Stellan Skarsgard.

I gotta say, that Maryann is one hell of a Maenad! And WTF is up with that damned pig? Is he some kind of familiar or something?

So, the minotaur thing . . . that's the new waitress, right? Some people were speculating that it's Maryann, but I don't think so. And her knowledge of Sam, she may have been bluffing, but I don't think she was.
i didn't get to see last week's ep, but i love michelle forbes, who plays maryanne. it seems like she's in every sci-fi show that comes down the pike, which is kinda funny. she was on star track, TNG, and battlestar too. but she's almost always bitchy or a bad ass or better yet a bitchy bad ass. which, well, that's my favorite.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jul 14 2009, 11:32 PM) *
Um, this is totally OT, but I never understood the appeal of Eric in the first season. I guess I'm just not into that whole goth-y look. But with shorter hair & his casual tracksuits? Hello, Nuuuuurse!

I totally agree, AP. I can't take my eyes off him now.

The minotaur thing.... I think Maryanne is one too. Did you see her hands when she was out in the woods? Maybe there is a family of minotaurs. And I agree, what's up with that pig? My mama thought maybe the waitress was the pig. When we first saw Maryanne in the woods, she was standing there with a pig. Hhhhmmm.
Discussion of latest episode below! Fair warning....

I think the pig is the waitress & that Maryann controls her. We also think she's behind the Dallas thing. I just don't think the church people have it together enough to orchestrate something like that.

Aural - ditto on Eric!! "Why, hello...." Love the track suits.
I despise Maryann. Her character is not in the books and I am really sick of her on the tv show. I think she needs to go, and needs to go soon, or else I am not going to even keep watching I don't think. They could at least advance her character a little. She has parties, they turn into orgies. Big deal. Take it somewhere. It's so frustrating.
she could be circe-- she loved throwing parties, and turning men into pigs, (or other animals), and, if you believe wikipedia (i'm not sure i do), she was the mother of the minataur.

*sigh* always had a soft spot for circe.
I finally saw a stream of the first episode - this far I find her intriguing and agree with Trouble that she must represent a goddess, and I'm dying to know what she has in store for Tara.

The character I find unbearable is Jason Stackhouse, even though he's the only reason the plot ever seems to go anywhere.
I guess everyone will love/hate different characters! I like Jason, but mainly because I think he's nice to look at ....
I think it was his love affair with psycho girl in the first season that turned my tummy. This season I'll admit his silly headedness is a little cuter.
I think Jason and Sookie Stackhouse both share these naive and innocent qualities that really leads them towards these unpredictable types. They are both really searching for something and someone to belong to. I think this principle really clicked for me this season. I viewed Jason alot differently this season as evidenced by his participation this church group.

I thought there was some type of Dionysus character in the book. I thought prophercy_grl mentioned that to me.
Huh. I am shocked that something I learned in my twelfth grade honors English class actually stuck with me.
Okay, I'm just not getting it. What is the deal with Maryann? She puts her energy into other people and their eyes go all black and they start having crazy orgies. And she puts on that bull hat thing and her hands turn into gigantic claws and she vibrates. WTF? What does she actually do? And what the hell is she?
She is baffling. I'd like for them to explain her a bit better, and I think maybe the next episode will do that, now that she's got Sam in her clutches..
ccgirl, click on my link for the description of Dionysus. Also, I found this this site which gave me the best analysis about Maryanne. Of course, if you watched this week's epi, then you probably caught the explanation of what she is.
Aha! God of ritual madness and ecstasy. I think I'm going crazy because I could have sworn that I just read a description of Dionysus where he was born as half bull half human and was an outcast. Or something. Maybe I got him mixed up with someone else.

I don't want to read anything too spoiler-y. I made the mistake of looking up the books on wikipeida and they ruined the ending of season 1 for me.
I still can't believe I was right in that she's a Maenad. How I remembered that I will never know. I screwed up everything else, but I got that part right!

Dionysus was the god of wine & partying & ecstasy & madness.

The Minotaur was the half-bull half-man. King Minos pissed off Poseidon by not kicking down a bull for sacrifice, Poseidon made Minos's wife fall in love with a bull, hence the monstrosity was born.
I am saddened that there are only three episodes left in the season.
About last night's epi...
I was surprised that I was sad about Godrick killing himself in the end. There was something about this epi with people losing their makers and the impact it will have on them.

Sooooooo much Eric this episode! And naked Eric too! Seeing him lay naked with Sookie was one of the best things in this epi. I do like that they had him return to his devilish self by tricking Sookie into sucking out his bullets so his blood would be in her.

I'm realized that I'm enjoying the series more and more as they work on the storylines for the other characters and not focus so much on Sookie and Bill. Bill has been annoying me this season. Too much whining and pouting. He reminds me of Louis from the Vampire Chronicles. Forever conflicted with his fate as a vampire.

One thing I've been wondering...why is Maryanne so fixated on Tara? Like, what was her motivation in killing that Voodoo woman? If she was a fraud, then why would she kill her or what threat did she pose to Maryanne? Still not really sure besides wanting Sam...why she is going after Tara so much?

Stargazer, I loved this episode! I can't get the Spoiler option to work though, so unfortunately I'll have to share my thoughts another time... drat!

Sookie is annoying me more and more, and even Bill is less appealing compared to Eric. Sookie's become smug without losing any of her twee 'fiestiness', resulting in an increasingly irritating character. Also--and this is petty in the extreme--I cannot take her seriously with that ridiculous hair. I have thought Anna Paquin was awesome from The Piano onwards, but that hair just looks wrong with her fantastic gamine little face.
I'm so ready for this Maryann storyline to be over with. But Jason pretending to be the god who comes on the last episode was fucking hilarious.
Warning, spoilers about last epsiode below!

Proceed with caution if you haven't watched the latest episode yet.

Am I the only one who thought Evan Rachel Wood was horrible? I was disappointed. Both in the choice for the actress and in her skills. Ugh.

They have a lot to wrap up in one remaining episode. Do you think Sam will die?

I'm wondering if Tara has some kind of powers if she was able to call Maryanne into the world. Plus, I keep thinking if blind faith is what keeps her (Maryanne) in this world, then, I wonder what will happen to kill her. I wonder if it won't necessarily be a sacrifice. But, I think I just don't want to see a character die.
I hope Maryann dies. I can't stand her. (But I think that's the point...)

I feel like I have a one-up on everyone in terms of what's going to happen, since I've read the books - if you haven't you should because they're REALLY GOOD! I'd post my musings on what might happen in the finale, but I don't want to accidentally spoil anything...

Also... I keep having inappropriate dreams about Eric the vampire. *sigh*
So......what did you think of the finale?

I think I was underwhelmed.
Well, I was hoping to see a little more hot-cha-cha with Eric. wink.gif
No doubt, tree. tongue.gif
Agreed, there was not enough large blonde Nordic sexy vampire in that finale. I wanted Eric and was very disappointed. But I think they wrapped things up fairly well. I have no idea what's going on with Bill's abduction, because the storyline has now completely diverted from the books. In a way it keeps it interesting, but also is a little bit annoying... I wish it would stick to the books a little bit more at least. (I think I still like the books better)
I just started watching the first season of Tru Blood last week. Holy crap, I'm in love. These are now my favorite vampires since Anne Rice. As soon as I catch up to everyone in the new season, I'll be posting more smile.gif
I just finished watching the second season. I was totally hooked/obsessed over the last few days with watching it, can't wait for the next season to start. I really like Eric, but sometimes he looks a little like Viggo Mortensen in a bad way.

Though I'm a fan of Evan Rachel Wood (especially in Pretty Persuasion and Running with Scissors), I agree that she was a poor choice and did a bad job... terrible actually. Maybe she wont be in the next season? *hopes*
Foryoursplendor.....Hmm, I haven't seen the Viggo-Eric connection, I will look for that.

I know, Evan Rachel Wood. Hmpf.
So the third season is a looooong way off, but I still pick up snippets of new info here & there.

Denis O'Hare (star of stage & a zillion eps of L&O) will be added as the Vampire King of Mississippi & the very pretty Theo Alexander will be playing his sensuous vampire lovah, Talbot. Grant Bowler (most recently of Ugly Betty & Lost) will be added as Coot, the werewolf leader of a nasty biker gang. Marshall Allman (Prison Break, a single ep of Mad Men) will also be joining as Sam Merlotte's long lost sibling.

TB Season III Spoilers! Do NOT read if you are a big baby & want to wait until June 2010! There's gonna be limited Eric. They wanna keep his mystery going.
Sounds like we might be getting some naked Eric this season! Or at least a love interest that's not Soooookeh.
ap - I certainly hope so! I've given up on the tv show conforming to the books at all, so I'll take whatever Eric action I can get.
AP -

Yes please. smile.gif
<drool> I've been lusting over Eric since I started watching the show...and now nekkid??? May just be too much.

Um, not. Yum.
Thanks for the heads up on the show, AP! smile.gif
For those of you who have read the books, Alcide has been cast!!!!

Excited! I want some love interest other than Bill...
Jumpin' jebus on a pogo stick! I will certainly take me some o' that Alcide & come back for seconds! ROWR!

Lananans, the show was pretty much going to be more from Ball's perspective rather than closely hewing to the books from the get go. Because Harris thought Ball was the only one who really "got it", she basically gave him free reign to run with it as he saw fit. And, I mean, it's Alan fucking Ball. The guy pretty much knows what the fuck he's doing. If Harris trusts him, so do I.
I agree ap, I trust him and I do think he's done a good job with the series. In a way it's good because we get two separate Sookie Stackhouse universes with all sorts of different characters and adventures. Keeps things interesting.

I can't wait to see how they introduce Alcide in the show and the whole concept of werewolves. Should be exciting!!! If you recognize the actor I think it's because he was on One Tree Hill for a bit... He is delicious...
The new year is nearly here, which means trueblood will be back soon. Can't wait to see what happens this year. Its been great so far.
Season III of True Blood will offer even more nudity!

And Vibrator, why do you even bother to post? Aren't you just here to sell stuff?
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