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Full Version: Why Not Ask A Nutrition Expert?
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Did you know on they have a "Ask our Nutrition Experts" section? If there's some nutrition question that you've been having a hard time find the answer for, ask their online Nutrition Experts. If they pick your question...they answer it on the site.

For example, the latest question was, " Does eating a high-fat diet increase breast cancer risk?". So you can just ask something like that that you have on your
CandyMandyDandy, you've been warned multiple times about starting threads WITHOUT the consensus of the community. This thread is totally useless.

There are numerous other threads out there that you could have posted this in...
I'm glad I'm going away for a while. I can feel my pimp hand tingle to smack this girl around for doing this AGAIN. Did she forget the HIGH level of mocking she received the first time she started two useless threads?

If anybody is gonna start a thread like this it should be Cha. We keep her ass busy in the Gen Health thread over this stuff.
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