You may have noticed that the BUST Lounge has been unavailable at times during the past few weeks. In an effort to keep things running more smoothly, we've tripled the RAM on our server and increased the connection speed. Both of these things cost money, and our budgets are tighter than ever. While we've always tried to keep the advertising in the Lounge to a minimum (there is less advertising on the Lounge then on any other area of these additional expenses have necessitated the addition of one more ad space here. The ads that will be shown are hand-selected by our ad sales staff and are paid for by companies who are interested in supporting [they are also displayed on other areas of our site]. We've been very careful to place this additional ad in an area where it would disrupt your posting area as little as possible. If it creates problems in your browser, please send us a screen shot so we can correct any issues as soon as possible.