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Full Version: Don't Mess With The Pie Hoes!
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Okay, I got the go ahead in The Community Forum. I don't know is there will be enough support to keep this thread around forever, but I am just so excited that Pushing Daisies starts tonight! I am having friends over and we are having a nice dinner and, of course, pie. I went to a promo event last week and got a Pushing Daisies pie server. It will be nice to have a chance to use it.

And here is an article from about the show:

Five Reasons: Pushing Daisies

By Tim Surette
Published: September 30, 2008 at 05:34:00 PM

Pie-maker Ned gives life, takes life with a touch; is ABC's "forensic fairytale" worth watching? Check out five reasons to and not to watch.

In Five Reasons, takes an early look at upcoming episodes of shows and scoops what's good and bad about the program we just watched. We're not telling you to watch it or telling you to avoid it--we're just offering up our two cents as a helpful guide.

"Just want you to stop staring at that spot where your father died."--Lily Charles, Pushing Daisies

The facts are these: ABC's Pushing Daisies was critically acclaimed in its debut season last year, got screwed by the writers strike, and is like nothing you've ever seen on television.

If you know nothing about the show, what I am about to say may just leave you scratching your head or banging your skull against a wall… or it may just be right up your alley. That's the thing about Pushing Daisies, it separates the freaks from the norms.

The drama/comedy follows Ned (Lee Pace), a pie-maker who can bring back the dead with the touch of his hand. But there are rules: touch them again and they're dead for good, don't touch them again within a minute and someone else dies. So naturally, Ned revives his childhood crush, who he can never touch again, and goes on to solve murder mysteries by talking to the deceased victims and figuring out whodunit.

Pushing Daisies certainly isn't for everyone, but now is as good a time as ever to get into it. Does Pushing Daisies still have the magic touch? We give you five reasons to watch and not to watch… now!

Five reasons you should watch Pushing Daisies

1. The cast (especially Chi McBride)
Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Kristen Chenoweth, Chi McBride, Swoosie Kurtz, and Ellen Greene are picture perfect for Pushing Daisies. Pace and Friel play off each other with impeccable timing, Chenoweth is pint-sized energy, and Kurtz and Greene are adorable (did I just say 'adorable'?) as the recently sort-of deceased aunts of Chuck (short for Charlotte, played by Friel). But the real draw here is McBride as Emerson Cod, the scheming money-hungry detective who exploits Ned's gift and delivers the best one-liners on television. Plus, episode one features guest stars French Stewart (3rd Rock From the Sun), Missi Pyle (Galaxy Quest), and Autumn Reeser (The O.C.).

2. Creator Bryan Fuller
Genius doesn't even begin to describe Fuller. Easily one of television's most creative showrunners, Fuller is a hero for anyone who has a romantic-goth sensibility but doesn't enjoy wearing black nail polish. He's the brains behind Dead Like Me and the wonderfully twisted Wonderfalls (seriously--rent the DVD NOW), and his obsession with quirkiness, beauty, and death live on in Pushing Daisies.

3. Escapism from boring-catraz
Pushing Daisies, with its fairy-tale like atmosphere, is the best way to leave behind a lame nine-to-five job, those pesky house payments, and everything else that sucks in your life. The season premiere blasts into outer space with some of the nuttiest escapism seen in the series, including a Sound of Music nod featuring Olive (Chenoweth).

4. Production values are BIG
Pushing Daisies' set design, costuming, and editing are HUGE. Episode 2.01 (that's fancy talk for the first episode of season two) involves a murder at Betty's Bees honey products, and the company's headquarters are decked out in honeycomb-shaped everything. Bonus: the honeycomb-shaped doors in the main office! Check the show out in high definition and get ready for a color-filled spectacle.

5. The impossible love story
The awwwwww-inspiring love story between Ned and Chuck tugs at the heartstrings. Two people obviously meant to be together but who can never touch each other (if Ned does, Chuck is dead forever) is beautifully tragic.

Five reasons you shouldn't watch Pushing Daisies

1. Some "gag me" lovey dovey stuff
The romance between Ned and Chuck is cute… too cute. They'll say some thing to each other that will make the soft of heart swoon, but the rest of us swallow bile.

2. Snooty dialogue
Fuller has a knack for rapid-fire dialogue swollen with puns, alliteration, and other wordplay. Personally, I love it, but some may find it a little too much to swallow.

3. It doesn't fit into any genre
For those of you out there who need to know if you are watching a comedy or a drama or whatever, good luck pigeon-holing Pushing Daisies. It's a lethal cocktail of whimsy, laughs, romance, and a murder mystery--and I have a feeling that just doesn't sit too well with some people.

4. Quirkiness overload
I can not stress this enough: Pushing Daisies is quirky with a capital 'Q' and a dollop of totally freakin' weird. To like the show, you'll have to accept a weird honey company, a nun-tastic Sound of Music homage, and a new bovine friend for Olive. You certainly won't see that kind of stuff on CSI.

5. The impossible love story
Arghhhhh! Won't they just get it on already or move on!?!?!?

I'm excited for this too. I was so sad we didn't get to see more of it last year and I hope it's just as awesome this year. But it would be nice if they improved their graphics a bit, a few things looked pretty amateurish last year.
I watched several episodes last season and was really trying hard to like this show, but it didn't quite do it for me, I think for some of the reasons mentioned below: the overly quirky dialog, some of the ridiculous storylines, and the fact that it seemed a little like "Tim Burton Lite" to my aesthetic sensibilities. (That one wasn't mentioned below, but it's one of my pet peeves with Pushing Daisies.) I'm absolutely in LUST with Lee Pace; he is my ideal man when it comes to looks. I think Anna Friel is absolutely gorgeous (even if she seems kinda vapid on the show, I don't mind watching her ~ she's kinda like Kate from Lost with some meat on her bones, although I wonder if the boobs are real?), and Kristen Chenowith is a total cutie. I'm going to try to give the show another chance this season and see if I like it better. If not, I guess it's back to watching the New Adventures of Old Christine (which, I have to admit, I find pretty amusing - way to go, Julia Louis-D.).
I am so irritated that PD is on opposite Bones. I guess I'll be watching Bones on Hulu.

As for last night, well I am a little irritated that it felt like they brushed past the whole, "I acidentally killed your father," but I could be remembering last season wrong. It has been almost a year. rolleyes.gif

And I would love to know why every show I love at some point does a bug or bee episode? They alway give me bad dreams.
Re: her father dying, the last thing I remember her saying about it was something like she would need to be mad at him for a little while, and then I think she gave one of her cute flirty smiles. Didn't she disappear for a few days and then come back at the end of an episode? I really need to re-watch season 1.
I got confused after this last episode, about how did Lily convince Vivian that they were Charlotte's Aunts? If their only supposed relation to her was that Vivian's ex-Fiancee was her father? Any theories?
I'm pretty much with Thirties on this minus the Christine. There's something just so twee about PD. But I'm giving it another shot because I want to fuck Lee Pace so bad I can taste it.
Kitten, I totally forgot that he told her! Perhaps they'll get back to that next week? I can understand why they may have stepped around it temporarily. It's been so damn long since we saw a new episode & it was clear that they were making an effort to remind the audience of the premise. Throw in the whole "I am Charlotte's mother" thing & they had a lot on their plate. Although frankly, that bit about Chuck's mom could have waited for a while. They should have tackled the dad thing again.

I'm not complaining too much, though, because I'm just so happy Pushing Daisies is back!!! I love the tone of this show. The quirky whimsy, the dialogue, and of course, the aesthetics. The sets and costumes are so fabulous. I really appreciate shows like this - the sort that transport you into a completely different, vibrant world. It's fun to go to a place that is so different from my day-to-day life.

It was fun to see Missi Pyle on the show last night. I loved how they design department went crazy with the bee theme.
I like that now they are getting into other character's lives.
I am annoyed that they did another bee show.

I love this show though. The sets and the costumes are great, the dialogue is very 30's and fast, and the whole tone of the show makes me very happy. I'm just scared they're going to cancel it because there are not enough people watching it. One of my friends said it was too "fantasy" for her. I think that's part of the genius in it.

Lee Pace is so fuckable too.

I guess we add this to the "Brilliant but Cancelled" stack. Maybe it can keep Veronica Mars and Arrested Development company.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Nov 21 2008, 12:49 PM) *
I guess we add this to the "Brilliant but Cancelled" stack. Maybe it can keep Veronica Mars and Arrested Development company.

Aww, that sucks. I was actually beginning to get into Daisies. I will say this, though: I didn't like Chuck's new hair in the last episode (the one w/ the magician). I prefer her w/ bangs.

Glad to see Eli Stone go, though. I really thought that show was slim skirting ABC's desire to push Religion™ and Family Values™ down our throats (gee, and what a surprise on Disney-owned ABC!). I made it through half of episode 1 and immediately saw through the flimsy plot to their subversive intentions and vowed never to watch the show again. Hooray to the tv watching public for not giving Eli Stone the time of day either.
I'm still upset about this news. I love Pushing Daisies and it's starting to get really interesting! I swear there are so many shows I love that get canceled after two seasons.
Bummer!! I really loved Pushing Daisies. Why does this always happen to really good shows?? Off to find a petititon I can sign.

I think it was too "weird" for your average Disney based Family Values/Religion obsessed audience to understand. I told a friend to watch it once, and she didn't understand why it wasn't real enough, and it was too fantasy for her. Then again, she watches crappy shows like CSI: Miami or whatever.

I actually liked Eli Stone last season. I have no idea when they even aired it this season. So thanks for promoting it ABC! dry.gif I liked that is was spiritual w/o any particular religous slant. And I loved having George Michael pop up every so often.
Is it worth netflixing??
I think the first season was a good and weird time.
Cool. I did catch the pilot online and really liked it. I may rent the dvds. It had a very Ally Mcbeal twist to it. Also, I'm a big fan of George Michael and all the musical numbers. Nothing as good as PD. I wonder how they're going to wrap it up? (PD)
bump! Apparently ABC is airing the final 3 episodes of Pushing Daisies starting tomorrow, 5/30!
Woo hoo!!!! PG, if I were in the same room with your right now, I'd give you a huge kiss on the lips. this has totally made my week! Thanks!
Woo-hoo!!Double kisses to PG!!!

Also a good thing to hear after a bad week! I think the season two is coming out on dvd soon.

What?! On a Saturday? I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I'm just kind of pissed because I'm going to miss it.
I didn't know it was just the last 3 episodes. I saw the newest episode tonight and was excited to think ABC was brining the show back. I was looking forward to a whole season. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. Just bummed that 3 is all we get.
In the past 6 months a couple of cast members have mentioned talks of a movie, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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