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Thanks for posting that info. That's the brand I buy for my cat.
Thank you all for your kindnesses.

So I've been dealing with the death pretty well. I had started mentally prepping myself a good while back. So I am okay. But the other cat? Is kinda freaking me out.

My two kitties couldn't have been more different. M came from a long line of domesticated, family loving long hairs. He was more dog than cat, really. Y, he is a short hair, feral shelter cat that I got from a friend who couldn't have pets in her apartment.

Y? Doesn't seem in the least bit bothered by M's absence, which I suppose makes sense since he knew M was dying as well as I did. He's been . . . not quite gleeful, but he's definitely enjoying the change in hierarchy. He's been very greedy about near constant time & affection. He follows me from room to room & has taken up this bizarre habit of STARING at me rather intently. Which in cat language is odd because prolonged looking in the eyes tends to be an aggressive action. He also takes things from me now with much less trepidation (I admit I give my guys bits of people food. M snatched anything up that smelled good because he trusted me implicitly, Y I used to just put stuff down in front of because it'd take him ten minutes to decide if that little piece of seared tuna wasn't poison.) & is much more forward about what he wants. And where he used to sleep with me, he now sleeps OVER me. It's almost like he thinks I'm going to die, too or something if he's not right there watching over me.
I'm glad you are handling things well. Yeah, the cat stare is an odd one, not quite the stink eye and not quite the loving gaze.
AP, I noticed this with Miles too. I don't know if he and Erwin were good friends or not, but it just seems lately that he's reverting back into kitten behavior. Sleeping right next to me, and even wanting to play with kitten toys. I noticed the sleeping over me thing last night too.
Oh thank goodness, I was thinking I was mental, because none of what I've looked up has been even remotely helpful!

It really is kittenish behaviour. Y has always been affectionate, just more on his own terms & more subdued than he's suddenly become. Now he's taken a book from M's page & is either half in my lap or has his butt crammed up against mine. I had my foot up last night & he flopped down next to it, rolled onto his back & started rubbing his cheeks & chinnychin all over my toes. Little wackjob.

Oh, he's also gone miller mad. We usually start getting an influx of them right about now & he'd been ignoring them. nary a twitch of tail. Now he chases them all over the house with abandon.
Hi everyone! I am new to this thread but not new to cats, I've had a kitty since I was 11, she grew up and lived in the same house with my parents and was living with them for the last 3.5 years when I moved out in to non-pet-friendly apartments. On Monday the kitty finally moved in with me and my boyfriend in our new house.

So far, so good. She took a day of hiding under the bed, but thanks to the miracles of veterinary prescriptions and Feliway, she already seems even happier than she was at the old house, though still a bit agitated. But my boyfriend is another story. He loves cats, thank god, but we have some trepidation about the damage she might do to the house. She scratched up my parent's furniture pretty badly, and likes to pee on things when stressed out.

So far she only peed outside the litterbox on the first night here, and it was probably because we kept her in one room (to help her adjust to new surroundings slowly) with only one litterbox. But she looooves to stretch out on the carpet and dig her claws in. And we've been keeping her locked out of the bedroom due to allergies, but last night she cried to be let in from 4 am until 7 am. We didn't let her in, or go out to acknowledge her meowing, but we sure can't do this every night for the next 5 or 10 years..

So, 2 things i am wondering. First does anyone know how to get a cat to stop crying for attention? She is a siamese, so it's not exactly a nice sound at 4 am. And she's about 15 years old, so getting her to change her ways may not be easy, though she still does learn fast. And second, does anyone know if Softclaws or other nail caps work very well? I am thinking of getting them put on at the vet the first few times until she is used to them. I would never declaw her, but if softclaws don't annoy kitties too much, they would be really really convenient for us.

Sassy, and AP, I am sorry to hear about your kitties. g_l, we had 2 cats in my family when I was a kid and they never did get along. But with other cats, sometimes it just takes a while, depending on their personalities. The very important thing is to make sure that both cats have easy access to their own litterbox where the other cat can't try to chase them off, or you may start a pattern of inappropriate elimination. Once they've peed in one spot, you have to wash it very well to get all the smell and pheromones out, or they will insinctively continue urine marking the same spot over and over (like my kittie!). I have been using a Feliway pherimone wall plug-in in the new house and it really does seem to be calming my cat, it's also supposed to calm down territorial conflict. It gets really good reviews online. It's $40-50 for a bottle that lasts a month, but if the roommate is willing to share the cost, it wouldn't be as bad.
Oddly I've never posted in this thread either. We have two cats. Mittens is mine, she's 16, and I found her in abandoned in a garage in the middle of -45 weather when I was 8 years old. She was with another cat and the people whose garage they were dumped in took that cat and we took Mittens. She's an old lady but in really good shape. I'm amazed at how much more affectionate she's become (with only me though) in the last 3 years. I think she's slept with me almost every night of her life as long as I wasn't away. She's pretty bitchy to everyone else and if she's sitting on my lap and someone else walks into the room, she gets up and lays somewhere else. She acts like a snob to everyone else but she turns into a cuddly kitten with me.

My mom's cat is a different story. His name is Sam. He's almost 9 years old, 23 pounds, super long and huge, and incredibly stupid and neurotic. We've had ongoing issues ever since we brought him home from the shelter as a kitten. He's very clumsy, extremely frightful, and has really bizarre habits. I'm just wondering if anyone has seen similar behaviour and has had any luck changing some of the bad habits.

We can't leave a water dish on the floor by their food because he swats it around until water spills on the floor and then he only drinks it from the floor. We've had the water dish in our bathtub for 7 years. Ever since we got him he's sprayed the back and front doors (from the inside) and peed in corners (definitely spraying doors, not peeing on them). Occasionally he'll pee on my purse if I leave it on the floor in my room. He used to knock glasses of tables to spill drinks all the time, but now it only happens occasionally. He's always been too afraid to go down the basement by himself so my mom has to bring him down the litter box 3-4 times a day (no other space to put a litter box). They do have their own boxes in the same room, but it's not really a territorial issue, he may just be too scared to go downstairs. He won't go outside unless the other cat goes out first or one of us goes out first but constantly sits by the door meowing until you open it. He doesn't really like it when you pet him and will bite you out of the blue. He's also extremely clumsy, often walking into things, he's terrified of some inanimate a wooden spoon or something, and he doesn't like to be alone. He lays on his back in the sun with all four paws in the air too, which seems like a pretty vulnerable position to put yourself in cat-wise. However, it also looks super cute.

And this is more of a funny thing. We live on a street that has no through traffic so we've always let Mittens be an outdoor cat, so naturally Sam became one too. Around 8-9 at night, he sits by the back door and meows as loudly as he possibly can for 15-20 minutes until someone lets him outside and sits with him. He's like a dog, I swear.

Angie, I'm not sure of any good ways to get a cat to stop crying. If it's just wanting to play, I find making sure my cats are active in the early evenings keeps them sleeping through the night. Both of mine sleep on my bed so it's annoying if they're going in and out all night. Since it's a new house you might just have to wait for her to adjust to the change over the next week and see how that goes.
I hate to tell you this, but most of that sounds like typical cat behavior, actually, ketto laugh.gif

The peeing is troublesome- if it's just behavioral, something will trigger it (like if another male cat walks by outside and they can smell it, it gets them irritated) and then they'll continue to pee on things if they can still smell the pee from before. You might want to try something like Nature's Miracle to neutralize the places he's peeing. You're sure there's not a medical reason he's doing it? Male cats can very susceptible to UTI's (though if this has been going on for years, you'd know by now if he had that.) Male cats who weren't fixed early enough are more likely to spray, too. Once those hormones kick in in their little brains, the behaviors they cause don't just go away if you get them fixed. That's why it's always better to get them fixed sooner rather than later.

As for the clumsiness, I wonder if he's got a minor neurological issue, like an inner ear problem. Also, one of my friends got a kitten from a pet store (*tsk, tsk*) and they took it to the vet to have it looked over. The vet was in the room for about 5 seconds when he said the cat had cerebral palsy- he could just tell from the cat's stance or something. It was probably caused by the kitten's mom having distemper while she was pregnant. The vet told them it's not a big deal, but she'll have peripheral vision problems, will stay pretty small and will be kinda clumsy for the rest of her life because they just don't have that inate sense of balance that healthy cats do. I'm sure in Sam's case, being a larger cat doesn't help, either.

Sam's not a gray cat (like Russian blue), is he? My parent's cat is a Russian Blue mix and he sounds a lot like that- large, clumsy, kinda dopey, and afraid of strange things.

angie, I have a talkative cat, too. I don't think there's any Oriental breed in him, he just likes to talk. I think playing with them before you go to bed is always the answer- ask stargazer about how well it worked with her cat, when I played with him while watching a movie at her house. Also, is she easily motivated by food? Do you free feed or have a schedule? I found that Albus was a lot noisier at night when we gave him his food in the morning (he associated getting food with us getting up)- once we switched to feeding him before we went to bed, it cut the nighttime interruptions in half.

Do you have something else she can scratch on? A scratching post or cat tree; even just a carpet sample might work. They're attracted to certain textures- we have a chair we garbage-picked that's upholstered in this awful '70's burlap-y fabric. Other than the upholstery, the chair is in really good shape, but we've decided to let Albus use it as his scratching chair. He's never tried to claw our couch, which is a faux suede- it's just not an appealing texture. He also loves the berber carpeting in our bedrooms. It's old, ugly and we hate it, so we let him get away with it. But you could get a few square feet of some kind of loopy carpeting that your cat would like. I haven't personally used Soft Paws and I've heard mixed results- I think it just depends on the cat. I'm so glad you're against declawing, though- it's so unnecessary! Do you know how to clip her claws?
Thanks for your suggestions guys! I need all the help I can get. I know there are going to be fights about this cat.

The cat is really good regulating her own food intake, so we've always left kibbles in a dish for her 24 hrs a day. She just gets lonely, I think, and has always been playful around 5 am since she was a kitten. I will definitely try tiring her out in the evenings though! So far I've been successful teaching her to scratch on cardboard (she loves it!) We are also stocking up on blankets, sctraching posts, and old carpet samples to keep her occupied. I also bough a big bottle of Nature's Miracle yesterday, does it really work?

She's a very odd cat, exta aloof and not easy to trick or persuade. She's not a fan of kitty beds or blankets, so it's hard to train her to sleep and sit in certain places that might be less vulnerable to her claws. She refuses milk, cat treats, soft food, and most kittie toys. Catnip makes her paranoid. So none of those things work well as bribes. If you try to get her to play when she doesn't feel like it, she just gets angry and hisses. She's still very shy in the new place, too. I've been waiting to clip her claws until she's calmed down a bit(don't want her to associate bad things with this house yet!) the vet showed me how, but she's rarely had it done and I've never done it, so it will be difficult.

She also puked up on the carpet today. I forgot she does that. It's really annoying that they put red and yellow dyes in cat food, because then that ends up in the carpet. Grr. I know I need to switch her to gentler "senior" cat food, so I'll look for the expensive organic kind of crap.. and hope she actually eats it!

Ketto, a lot of those things sound normal, unfortunately especially the peeing. If he's been spraying the doors for that long, I don't think it can be changed. I've just been reading that if you spray the doors with kittie pherimones for a month straight, it will help change their patterns, but I don't know. Cat pee smells like cat pee forever. There's also the possibility of anti-anxiety medication, but it's expensive and also can be hard on their livers. Since he's a fat cat, the vet might not be willing to prescribe it for him anyways. I went in for a consultation on it, and walked away with a $300 bill (including bloodwork and urinalysis) plus $40 per month for the medication.
My vet seemed to think it was very strange that he was just peeing in places and not also pooping. She said it's unusual for him to pee all over, but the spraying is more normal. He's been tested for UTI's and a myriad of other medical issues but he seems to be mostly healthy, either than his weight. My mom always neutralizes the spots he does it in, and he was fixed right on schedule. The vet was stumped by it too. She offered the same suggestions but we never had any luck whatsoever.

I don't know, but having to bring your cat down to their litter box because they're too afraid to go down the basement...that doesn't seem normal to me. He obviously has weird anxiety problems but they've seemed to exist every since we got him as a kitten. Unfortunately I think we're stuck with that problem as well, as he is almost 9.

He actually did have a serious inner ear infection when he was 3 or 4 but his clumsiness started when he was a kitten. He used to trip and fall down the stairs until he was about 6 months old. I know clumsy kittens are normal, but his feet constantly got tangled under him. One other very annoying thing is that he doesn't clean himself properly, partly because he can't reach his bum anymore, but he's never cleaned himself very well. When he was a kitten we bathed him in the sink because he's never been a very good groomer. He smells a bit and could really really use a bath but that ain't happening. He can be quite violent when he doesn't like what you're doing to him.

He's a black and white giant tuxedo cat. I think most of his behaviours are just there at this point. Oh well. We still love him, but my god, what a pain the ass cat he is. It's like taking care of a baby. He's just got a stupid looking face too, but it's so stupid looking it's actually cute.

Angie, I hope things improve with your cat over time as she adjusts to her new home. My cat Mittens is 16 and I'm really paranoid about moving out. She sleeps with me every night and I'm the only one she lets pet her or pick her up. I worry about disrupting her home at such an old age, but I really love her and would hate to leave her behind. I probably won't be moving out for at least another year though.

The good news I have for you is that apparently an old cat can handle a new home, and even new people. My kitty has just fallen in love with my honey. It's been a week and now she follows him all around the house, and when we come home she runs right past me to go run in circles around his legs. I'm quite mad at him. But anyways, she's also pretty happy about the new house, she loves having the whole space to herself.

Do you think maybe it isn't that he's afraid of the basement, but of falling down the stairs? I honestly would just move a small litterbox upstairs, I know it sucks but that's what we're doing. If he can't get to where he needs to be by himself, that's a really likely reason for him to just not use the litterbox anyways.

Are his vaccinations up to date? You could always bring him in to the pet groomers. I also just switched my cat to some high-quality senior cat food, which will supposedly stop her from puking, and is also supposed to improve skin conditions, dander and smell. She may be old, but she had no problem with the new food (so far it still half new food, half old food).
We did think of the stairs at some point, because he has a bad hip. He can't sit properly, he kind of stretches out one leg and leans to the side. But he goes up and down the second floor stairs (which have even more stairs) many times during the day and night. He seems to be okay if the lights are on in the basement too. I don't know if something once happened down there to traumatize him, but there's not much down there that would. It's just dark all the time. So bizarre.

Oh well, I think we're stuck with his slightly odd behaviours. He obviously still has bad memories sometimes because if you pick him up in the bathroom he grabs on to you and sticks his head in your neck or under your hair and won't let go for anything. I guess he's afraid we're going to bathe him.

Right now he's on diet food for his weight. Our vet has a great FREE program that's basically weight watchers for pets. We can bring him in to be weighed once a month and they'll give you advice on things or foods to try to get him a little slimmer. It's annoying because you think an outdoor cat would be naturally slimmer. He has a bad habit of stealing my cats food so we have to be careful to watch them when they eat.

The vet seems to agree that he does have odd behaviours but he's already 9 so he's set in his ways.

It's cute that your cat likes your honey. Mine just glares at paperboy and leaves my room when he comes over, but his cat loves me! tongue.gif
Arrgh! We haven't slept all week! The kitty is doing really well here. She plays with her new toys, she uses the scratching post, she loves having the guest bed all to herself, she's eating her new food (but still throwing it back up just like the old food), and hasn't peed in a single corner. BUT as soon as we go to bed and close the door, she starts yowling and doesn't stop until we get up the next morning. Its so loud you can hear her through earplugs. And it's ALL night. I know it's because she's lonely and looking for us, because sometimes when she wakes up from a nap she will do the same thing, meowing and wandering around the house until she finds us. I've made sure that she has food and water and 2 clean litterboxes every night, so it's not anyhting she needs, just attention.

We have neglected playing with her in the evenings, so I guess we should be more dedicated to that, and hopefully she will eventually get used to the idea that we are not getting up no matter how much she meows. I'm also hoping that maybe it's just part of the anxiety of moving to a new home, and once she realizes we're always still there in the morning, she will be OK. My sweetie is being so good about this, he only complains once in a while when it's 3am and we haven't slept yet, and he is still very good with her. But man, I don't know how long we can go without sleep! I'm thinking of putting her back on anxiety meds, but it's expensive and annoying, and bad for her liver.
Sorry, I have to complain again. We played with her all day yesterday, to the point where she was tearing circles around the house jumping on little pieces of paper and string. It was really very cute. And it did help her sleep better... instead of starting the meowing at 2 am, she waited until 4 am. I don't feel like that's really enough progress, since most days we will be at work and she will still be napping all day anyways. So, I'm pulling the kitty prozac out of the cupboard. Hopefully we'll only need it for a few months to help her get used to the new house and get her sleeping pattern established. Hopefully it will even work! Ugh, more money, more visits to the vet.
Not trying to bring this board down but ....... sad.gif I found out my oldest kitty ( 14-15 years) has cancer. Currently we are trying chemo and he's hanging in there.
Damn, that's annoying angie. I wish I had some more advice. The only other thing I would suggest is letting her sleep with you but I know you two don't want to go that route. Hopefully she'll relax as she spends more time in her new home.

Unfortunately I spent last Tuesday afternoon at the vet's office. Sam some how injured his left knee. He was limping quite badly and could barely walk. The vet weighed him in at 20 pounds...ouch. They had to give him x-rays and he was gone for about 15 minutes. When they brought him back the girl carrying him told me she'd gotten her arm workout. As soon as she handed him to me he put his face in my neck and wouldn't let go. It was sadly cute. Apparently he probably turned too quickly and tore the ligaments in his left knee. She said it's quite common in overweight pets. She offered a few more tips to try and get him to lose weight but said it should be coming off very very slowly, so slowly that it will probably seem like he won't make progress. She also said with cats, you really just have to concentrate on diet.

So poor Sammy has anti-inflammatory meds and is basically on bed rest for TWO MONTHS. Yup. He isn't even attempting stairs. He's already looking better though, walking a little better.

Another change has come about though. He's letting people pet him for the first time in his life. He's always bitten people who try to pet him, but the last week he's just licking people. I really really really really hope that he doesn't go back to being bite-y once he's healed. It's nice being able to sit with him and stroke him and he seems to enjoy it for the first time.
aww, that sucks lunia. I didn't know you could get chemo for a cat. I hope it works. Did he have to do surgery too?

Ketto, cats are very cute when they actually need your help. It's very sweet (and rare, or at least it is with my cat!) when they acknowledge that they want your attention and love and aren't just tolerating you. I guess this won't help him lose weight at all, either! I hope Sam gets better fast!

I sure hope this medication keeps her quiet overnight. I feel bad, but if she's that anxious overnight then maybe I will actually be helping her out. We can't let her into the room due to my boyfriend's allergies and because then she just walks all over your head all night. I used to let her sleep sitting on my stomach every night when I was a teenager, I wonder if she remembers that. I know she just wants to know we're there, but it's so frustrating. especially because everything I've read says that you have to never answer or comfort them or they'll know they can get your attention and they'll never stop.

That's so rough, I'm so sorry. I hope your kitty is doing alright.

Hope everyone's kitties are getting better. *hugs all around*

My kitty is responding really well to this prozac stuff. I felt bad for putting her on it, like I was drugging her to make my life easier, but she's actually more cheerful, more playful, and less stressed looking, so I think it might actually be really good for her. She's more friendly with strangers, and purring more too. She probably should have been on the stuff a long time ago. It's only been 2 days, and she's already only meowing once a night, and very quietly too. I hope it keeps working. Another thing that changed right away, is that she is less neurotic about her litterbox. Before she would sniff at it for like 5 minutes before using it, then dig and dig to cover up her "business" and keep sniffing and digging until there was litter all over the room. Now she's just in and out, no sniffing around and no scattering litter everywhere. Weird.
Glad you found a solution that seems to work well for kitty and you.

Our cat is recovering surprisingly fast. The vet is calling in a week to find out how he's doing and I think she'll be really surprised. He barely has a limp anymore and he's gone back to sleeping on my (very high!) bed. I try to get him to stop but he sneaks in when I'm already asleep. The door is left open for my cat. Sam still isn't biting though. So nice to have a friendly cat.

I need to call the vet to get my other cat in for a check up too. $$$
Aww I didn't know you could get prozac for kitties. I'm glad it's working out for you guys. Healthy vibes to your cat ketto. Poor you Lunia, I hope you find something to alleviate your cat's (and your own!) suffering.
Good to hear Sam isn't still biting! My kittie was nice and quite for a week, but this weekend she started all over again. I think it might be because we left her alone for a whole day to visit friends in another city. She did start this last time after we were away overnight. I think she actually is scared we've left her alone in this new house (it's been 3 weeks now, how long will it take?!) I don't know. She wanders the house mewing so loud, and it's different than how she talks when we're right there. When we're there her meows have different sounds to mean different things, like she's talking. At night, there's no "voice" there, it just sounds like she's gone completely mental. We were outside for a few hours gardening on sunday and we could hear her doing the same thing then, too, even though she could see us through the window. And last night she was already meowing 10 minutes after we went to bed. So weird. I think I'm going to loose it.
I'm hoping to train my cute little carnivore on a leash/harness for taking her outside with me. Does anyone actually have experience with this?
I tried it with my cat, and it didn't work because she just kept wiggling all the way out of the harness. I have heard of it being possible, but I think it has to be a pretty calm and well-trained cat.
I think it's something you need to start ASAP when they're very very young. Mittens was a stray so she was already used to be independent and was already a year old when we tried it and it was a failure before it started.

Sam was born in October so we didn't have the opportunity to try until he was almost a year old and he seemed okay with it for a bit but quickly learned he could get out of the harness so we gave up on that too. Both our cats are regular outdoor cats now.

We have a huge yard and live on a very long Bay with no through traffic so we gave up easily, but if you keep at it you might have more success. I have seen some cats that have a harness on outside their front door and just hang out there, like a dog, but not often.
I take Albus out on our balcony with a harness/leash, but basically so I can attach him to a chair leg or something so he doesn't jump off the edge. Attempts at actually trying to walk him were unsuccessful, though I think if I took him out at the same time as the dog (he loves the dog!) he might walk with him. I tried having him on the harness/leash in the vet's waiting room because he hated the carrier so much. He wasn't too happy with that either and he leapt out of my arms and was out of the harness in a fraction of a second. *Sigh* Back into the cage! rolleyes.gif

In other words, I wouldn't get your hopes up.
lol Polly, I'll take it under advisement.
Thank you for the stories everyone. Molly is about 3 or 5 (shelter was unsure of her age) but has probably always been an indoor cat, though she enjoys the balcony. I have no idea how this is going to go but I'll post back about it.
Hello all feline-o-philes,
I have always loved cats and had them as pets while growing up. I left home at 17. Now I'm 31 and bought my own house in May so, FINALLY, I have been able to adopt a cat of my own.
I've had her for 3 weeks now. She is grey, very fluffy, 5 months old and called Misky. I'm enjoying it so much and I'm very excited to be able to join in on this thread now after years of reading in silent jealousy.

I have fully intended to get Misky on a harness and lead and, having read your posts, I'm motivated now to get this happening asap instead of putting it off day after day. But she's pretty strong willed so we'll just have to see how it goes. Curious to hear how Molly handles it, girl_logic.

angie, I was so relieved for you when you wrote about your kitty's improved behaviour. I'm so sorry it didn't last. I don't know what to suggest, though. Does the kitty prozac have different dosages for different situations where she might be more anxious than usual, like if you're away overnight?

ketto, great to hear about the fast recovery. All should be getting nearly back to normal now, I hope.

(((Lunia))), I hope you're OK.
GL, I think it's probably a good sign that she's an indoor cat. she'll be more likely to want to stay close to you when she's outside. I don't remember whether my kitty ha dbeen outside on her own or not, but the other cat in the house already had, so she probably figured she had the right to explore the great outdoors all by herself. It's amazing how quickly they can escape form a harness, the little suckers must be double jointed!

ellen, that's great! misky sounds pretty adorable. Despite our initial difficulties, we are pretty happy too. I think that we were impatient with the medication, because her behaviour has evened out quite a bit now that she has been on the medication for over a month, and at a constant dose for a a few weeks (I finally went with 3/4 of what the vet recommended. Hard to measure consistently, but the full dose sure made her dopey). It's weird stuff, it says "ampitript" on the label, and from what I could look up it's actually an antidepressant/anti-anxiety medication for humans that's never fully been tested on cats. Which makes me nervous, because it could hurt her liver over time, but the clinic has a really good reputation and they are making me take her in for testing twice a year just in case. But seeing the change in behaviour with her, I am pretty well convinced that even if she does end up with a shorter lifespan, she will be a lot happier in the meantime. She's like a completely different cat. We've established an evening routine where we give her the medicine, feed her, and play for 10 minutes, then it's bedtime and she doesn't see us until morning, and it's almost stopped the meowing. It also helps that my sweetie just loves cats and thinks she's adorable no matter what she does.
My mother & her dog were both on the Amitriptyline.

Nevermind. I finally found him. Ass clown. Back to the vet we go tomorrow.
i think my cat is part dog. he is acting out like a dog lately, meaning, i noticed he's been scratching and chewing the door here. the fucker has enough toys. shit, i feel like i need to have a circus here to keep this cat entertained. he needs alot of attention. so, i'm wonderin' what i can do to calm some anxiety of his when i start working soon. any ideas. i'm too lazy to browse the cat site forum.

Well, I'm pretty sure that a 2nd cat is out of the question so...consider Rescue Remedy if it seems to be a seperation anxiety issue (like mine rolleyes.gif ).
Yeah, I've been thinking how much he really needs another cat. I wish I would've taken one of his siblings. Oh well. I think it is part kitten behavior and part separation anxiety. He is a mama's boy. He follows me everywhere. Now, if I can inspire this type of behavior in a potential male partner.... wink.gif

Thanks kittenb!
Or what about that feliway stuff? Plug in pheromones they say it calms them down.
while i'm here....this cat leash thing isn't going to work. I put it on her in the house to try to make her ("make her" probably being where i've been mistaken all along) get used to it. As soon as she figured out what was going on she started to writhe away and nibble at the harness and rolled all around trying to get the damn thing off. Then she started doing wind sprints up and down the hallway, to the point where I really started to repent my fool idea but I couldn't even catch her to take it off. later in the day i found her in her hiding space and sweet talked her into coming out and took harness off and loved her long time begging forgiveness. so yeah.

here's picture of her in a calmer state;sid=LPR60koqU1;sid=vFX04qGJW3
girl logic your cat is sooo precious! My bf and I tried to put a leash on our cat and he did NOT like it at all...he did this weird low-crawly-walk thing. There is a guy around the block who walks both of his cats on leashes - I am so jealous, because it's adorable.
Very beautiful cat, girl_logic.
It didn't take long to get Misky going on a leash. Whether this was down to luck or her youth or her temperament, I'm not sure.

First I just got her used the the harness inside. This took two goes. The first day she dashed around the house a lot and rolled about (did a bit of grovelly walking like you described MadameHooch) but the second day she was better. Each time I gave her a treat and lots of loving just before taking it off. Then I attached the lead to let her drag it around and this actually freaked her out quite a bit. She kept trying to run away from it but of course it always followed her. However, it only took her about 10 minutes before she was used to it. Again with the treat. The next day was a Saturday so I put the harness and lead on her - she was fine straight away because I got her in a very chilled out mood - and opened the back door. She slowly ventured out and, after only about 2 or 3 minutes of seeming a bit scared of the big sky, she was OK and within 5 minutes was walking around quite happily. Now we go outside about every second day for 20 minutes or so and she pounces on bugs and climbs trees and munches on grass. Most days she doesn't resist the harness at all but there have been a couple of times when she's gone a bit vicious when I've tried to put it on her so I just forget it those days. I tried to take her for a bit of a walk to the park one day last week but it did NOT go well! We only got about 5 metres down the street. She hates to go out the front because she's scared of the noise of the cars, and this is a good, good thing!

I've had Misky for 6 weeks now and I am so incredibly in love with her. I have to stop myself talking about her all the time at work. It's embarrassing.
I adopted a beautiful four month old muted calico today. She is not yet venturing out from under the office chair, but did sneak out at some point to eat the wet food I left out for her. Occasionally, I go in and let her know I exist. So far, her older brother isn't very interested in what is going on in the office, aside from the door being closed of which he doesn't really approve.

Hope all other busties' kittehs are doing well!!!
AAAAARRRRGGG!!!! I can't open the package of lunch meat without MCR crawling up my butt! He can't have any anyway because any and all people food makes him puke. I guess it's time to get out the spray bottle.
It turns out that my 3 pound furball is actually 6 months old. She has unlimited food, but I worry because when I'm not paying close attention she's eating from her adult brother's weight-control, hairball formula bowl. Feeding them separately isn't really an option. Any tips out there? I'm just worried about Greta being so, so small. worried kitty mama
We have problems with our younger (overweight) cat eating from my older cats dish and really, we just have to watch them when they're eating. We feed them at the same time, they eat (takes about 3-5 minutes), and then he tries to wander to her dish and push her out of the way. As soon as she walks away, both food dishes go on the counter until the next time they eat.
Gotta keep them separated while eating or they always try to get the other ones food. Cats are finicky and just do what comes naturally.
Does anybody have a favorite method for getting the smell of cat piss/spray out of things that are too big to throw in a washing machine? I've used the enzyme formulas before and the vinegar-baking soda method...wasn't terribly impressed. They do help some, but it seems you have to keep applying cleaner to the smelly spot every day for like two weeks to really get the smell out,. I don't normally have this problem unless I bring in a new cat...but unfortunately we're always rescuing abandoned/abused stray cats and fostering them...(anybody want to adopt??) I'd like to try the Feliway phermone stuff to see if it prevents these kinds of fights over territory. Has anyone tried any of the Feliway formulas and had any success with them? I'm ready for any suggestions.
Hi catsies, my cat has been catching mice and leaving them on my bed in the morning. I'm told this is an act of love.

Has the Feliway helped any koffeewitch? Because I've gotta say, NO cat pee in the first place is the best method I can think of. Or plastic sheeting on everything. Sorry.

I narrowed down the problem to one foster cat and fortunately, I did find someone to take care of the "piss cat". And in the meantime, I made him a place OUTSIDE on my back patio. I felt like such a fucking asshole, but the weather was nice and I canot CANNOT have cat piss in my house. That little period of time was a freakin' nightmare. Poor cat, I think he get's reoccuring UTIs and it is not his fault. But without "pisscat" in the house, everything is stable.

Love your story about mice in the bed...I've had a few on my front door step, but never had the pleasure of mouse guts in my bed. That must be delightful.
Now that I've moved out I miss my cat. I dropped my mom off at her house on Saturday and pulled my car out of the driveway and then though "I didn't say goodbye to mittens!" So I parked the car, went inside, and picked her up. I petted her till she started to purr, gave her a kiss, and then headed off.

My mom said she seems confused on the days I visit. She scratches at my old bedroom door, so my mom sleeps in the spare room with her so she doesn't have to sleep alone. sad.gif I so badly wish I could take her with us to the new apartment. But alas, she is 16 and an outdoor cat and has my mom's cat as a companion. It would just be mean to take her away from her home.
"Pisscat" laugh.gif

ketto sounds like what you're doing really is the best of two evils, best for mittens. what does she look like? (just curious)
So we were away over the weekend and asked our neighbours to keep an eye on Oliver the cat. We put in his catflap so he could roam free and left a bunch of food.
The neighbours were just going to come over to give him wet food in the evening and make sure he didn't get hurt in a brawl with that jerk of a cat Bruce who lives a few doors down (we hate Bruce, he is a total bully and has managed to relieve Oliver of most of his eyebrow whiskers).
So I guess they came over on Friday and then on Saturday they opened their door and there was Oliver waiting to lead them to our door. Same thing happened on Sunday. We came home on Monday but didn't give him his wet food immediately (we normally make him wait till just before bed so he's all mellow and satiated and cuddly). So Oliver begged to go outside and I let him out the back. 5 minutes later there's a knock at the door and there's the neighbour and her daughter. The little jerk tried to go behind our backs to get fed! He's like a child of divorce running from one parent to the other. My cat is a total scam artist.

That's Mittens and Sam. He's the tuxedo and she's the gray and white one. My old lady cat.

Pants, hehe, that's cute. Cats are definitely smart animals and know how to get what they want.

A woman who lives in our building sits outside her apartment a couple of times a day with her two kittens. They're probably about 5 or 6 months old now, but they're so damned cute! We stop and pet them all the time so they run up to us now to hang out for a minute. They're doing an okay job of taking care of my cat withdrawal.
Mr. Fatty McFattness is on his way to be put to sleep this morning. It appears he had a stroke this morning. Just like humans, he stiffened up, threw up, and urinated on the floor. His legs suffered paralysis as well. NOT the way I wanted to be woken up on Christmas Day to my mother telling me I might want to say goodbye to him. While my stepdad is taking him to the vet, my folks (who went through this with the other cat) know he will need to be put to sleep. This Christmas sucks. The house seems emptier without him. Probably 'cause he would talk all the time for attention. I'll miss him. sad.gif
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