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Oh, that's good to hear, jan. Glad he's getting over it.

Albus caught a mouse last night! I came home last night and heard his collar jingling. I went over to the doorway of his office and he was playing with something. It looked like his toy mouse, but the tail seemed longer and unless the toy had red stuffing....ew. Once he walked away from it, I put two plastic bags over my hand, two paper towels and picked it up. When he came back, he started crying. I patted his head, told him he was a good cat, but he's not allowed to kiss me for a couple of days. blink.gif

Honestly, I didn't think he had it in him. Most cats are interested in mice, but they're not all smart/determined/skilled enough to "close the deal". He was such a loafy cat at the shelter, and within 24 hours of him coming to our house, he had already detected our mouse problem and has been pretty consistently monitoring it (hanging around the spots where the mice seemed to be coming in) but I thought that was just a hobby for him. Nope, he meant business!

I'm proud and disgusted all at the same time laugh.gif
Albus? I've never met a cat named Albus?

Is he a gladiator ? tongue.gif

Albus has earned his keep in your house with his prowess!
"I patted his head, told him he was a good cat, but he's not allowed to kiss me for a couple of days."

Polly, that made me laugh out loud!
Yeah, that no kissing rule lasted about 14 hours. He's irresistable, such a smoocher.

Well, jan, his shelter name was originally Dumbledore after the character in Harry Potter. Sometimes if a cat is there for awhile, they'll change his name in hopes that a new name will catch someone's eye and they'll adopt them. Coincidentally, they changed his name shortly after J.K. Rowling revealed that the character Dumbledore was gay. I'm choosing to believe that was merely a coincidence.

Anywho, they changed his name to Gorgeous George, which doesn't fit him at all.

LeBoy and I are huge Harry Potter fans and we really think naming him after Dumbledore suits him better, but it's a bit of a mouthful, so we decided to call him Albus, which is the character's first name.

I found out it means "white"....kinda funny for a mostly black, partly white cat.
polly I am so glad Albus is doing so greatly!!
my Airy caught a salamander awhile back & brought it to my front door & I freaked out, tho also was rather proud of her bc I always knew had she been allowed outside more as a kitten, she'd have made a fantastic mouser too. - how can you be upset w/ them for
following their instincts? after I got her to let it go (still alive poor thing) I gently reminded her the rest of the afternoon that House Rule #2 is "We Don't Eat Our Friends." (rule # 1 is Always Love Mama; and friends is squirrels & birds & whomever else happens to be around.)

Airy is slowly adapting to the puppy's arrival & intrusion into Her Domain.
as they live mostly in the (gated) kitchen where her food is, she's taking the "sky route' (i-e over the sinks & stove (which has not been used hardly sinse then anyway) & counters to get to her newly elevated food and even comes in there sometimes just out of curiosity.
she & Lucky (our Golden we lost in Nov) always got along wonderfully & would play, but I realise that w/ puppy's and 2 of them at that, it's much different and we're not pushing it.
everything is on Her Terms completely. she was here first.

jan- am so glad Winky is ok too!
scary stuff!

the reason I came in here today was to post this : a list of poisionous plants to cats & dogs.
unfortunately, we have 2 or 3 of those here and thought at the time we were buying them we were ok so we'll just have to be that much more careful (I'm thinking more the puppy's tho, Airy tends to prefer grass.)

anyway- hurrah for healthy & happy socrazi much loved Busty Kitties!!!!!
they sell stuff at hardware stores and pet stores to repel cats. I forget what it's called (It's been a long time since I've worked in a pet store thank god!) but I hear it works really well.
blanche, same here. a thousand stray cats are using the yard as a litter box, ugh.

i sprinkle cayenne pepper everywhere and my friend gave me a can of spray called Shoo. maybe if i was more consistant it would work better but i'm too darn busy to trudge outside in the snow sprinkling and spraying all three porches!
Anyone know how 3 male cats can get along? My Miles seems to scare off the other two (the other two being my boyfriends). This makes me laugh, because he was the "new" cat. Then again, he's younger than the other two. Should we just throw them in a room to work it out? I just want them to get along before I decide to get a dog in a few months. Thanks!

How are your boys getting along lately, sassy? It took awhile for two of my cats to tolerate each other-we thought it would never happen, but it's gotten a lot better. Sometimes they just need time to develop trust for each other.

So...someone has been relieving her-or-himself on our bed. We hadn't had any problems with any of the cats until now. The biggest problem is that we don't know which one is doing it. We don't think it could be a UTI because the first incident, a few nights ago, the cat pooped on the bed. The litter boxes were a bit overdue for a cleaning, so we thought maybe someone was sending us a message about that. We gave the boxes a thorough overhaul and hoped that was the problem. We got all the blankets dry cleaned, during which time (2 days) there were no more accidents. It was (of course) after we got our blankets and mattress topper back clean and on the bed, the cat did it again-but this time it was piss. So all 3 of them are banned from the bedroom when we aren't in there, and a very close eye is kept on them when they are allowed in.

The other night though, I left the bedroom for literally 3 minutes to grab something from the kitchen, and when I came back again, the little shit had peed again. So we know whoever is doing it is very determined to do so, for whatever reason. It is SOOO frustrating that we don't know who is doing it. Besides keeping them out when we aren't in there, we can't do anything else until we know the culprit. Fortunately, there have not been other accidents elsewhere in the house-they are all using the litter boxes otherwise. So I have no problem banning them from the bedroom if that solves the problem.

Right now we're just trying to figure out how to find out which one is doing it-we need to catch them in the act or something. My idea is to just hide in the closet with the door open a crack, and wait for the little monster to make a move, at which time we'll come out and stop them. This would only be to find out who's doing it, not to try and scare them. Each time was on about the same spot, so we'll just put some plastic under that area and a crappy sheet on top that we can just throw in the wash, in case they manage to pee before we can stop them.

We have some strong guesses as to who might be doing it and why, but they are all innocent until proven guilty. It could be a surprise after all. I just praaaaay that they don't start anywhere else other than the litter boxes. It's no big deal really to keep them out of the bedroom, but we can't keep the rest of the apartment off limits.

Has anyone else dealt with this before?
Just wanted to show off my kitty's I hand raised both of them from about 2 weeks old

aww!! lunia that's awesome, they are so adorable and look sweet and healthy smile.gif
every cat around me is having kittens this year. it's so great. i dont know what to do with myself! lol. i'll post pix asap!
Lunia they are lovely! If I were you, I'd be so proud.
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Mar 27 2008, 02:03 AM) *
The other night though, I left the bedroom for literally 3 minutes to grab something from the kitchen, and when I came back again, the little shit had peed again. So we know whoever is doing it is very determined to do so, for whatever reason...
Has anyone else dealt with this before?

Gods, yes. My girl cat did this every day for over a year. I worked w/three different vets at two different locations and a pet healer/psychic before we finally got it worked out.

Basically, Olivia had a tendency to develop various infections. Being sick so long started to stress her out. Or being stressed out made her sick. It's kind of a chicken/egg thing here. But the end result was a big vert bill, many anti-biotics and now we have her on anti-anxiety meds every other day or so. When she goes off the meds her behavior starts to swing towards the stressed again. She gets crazy clingy, licks my hands to the point of making me crazy, that sort of thing. She hasn't peed since early December and she seems so much more peaceful.

She is still crazy but not near as bad.
i mean are you kidding me? ? look at this utter cuteness!!

sorry for the shitty quality, i took it with my very low tech camera phone.
I am squeeeeing at all this kitty-cuteness!!!!
lunia & knorl they are just adorable!!!

Airy is adapting to the puppy's finally, in the interpretation that she is starting to purposely taunt them in the kitchen (their area) by being right out of their reach & I swear - making faces at them & waving her tail over them about 6 inches higher than they have so far managed to jump. they are growing so fast that she'd better watch it! we all try to run interference for her when she comes in the kitchen (via counter top Sky Way) but if she doesn't stop messing w/ them she may be on her own soon. nicknaming her Stinky was right on the money.

I came in here though, to post this:
it's a low cost spay-neuter program in the US. look for the Special Programs button on the right side, punch in your zip code, and it will email you a list of participating vets in a radius of your home.

hope this helps someone or you will pass it on bc we all have the responsibility to do the right thing.
(no lecture intended! smile.gif )
Thanks for all the nice comments girls smile.gif
i got back from walking the little man to school only to find that one of the little mongrels had been on the counter, knocked over my daily vitamin tub and ATE the iron tablet. oh boy, it's 25 mg of dessicated liver with some vit c. geez louise, anyone know if this is ok or not? you'd think, liver, but... i can at least expect barf and poo right? oh man... so not good...
wow, Pepper I would be on the phone with the vet if I were in your situation. I would be concerned about iron poisoning. the vitamin c, not so much. I once saw a dog eat a vitamin c supplement, and the owner just shrugged. Vitamin c is easily flushed out.
vet called back and said no worries past possible constipation. whew.
Just want to say thank you to whoever mentioned Pill Pockets, a while back. We're planning to move cross-country and the vet prescribed Xanax to calm the cat down for the flight. We experimented a couple days ago to see if he'd freak out worse, or if he'd react as he's supposed to. I think it'll do what's necessary.

Though he did spend the first 5 hours meowing plaintively and lurching drunkenly toward the spiral staircase, which he normally uses to get to the top of a 10-foot-high closet so he can put his front paws on the basement window sill and look out, with his back paws on the edge of the closet, & his middle hanging out over that 10-foot drop to the floor. Yikes. He really was just like a drunk driver. "I can navigate the stairs, I know I can! I can leap! Dammit, let me go!" Good practice for running after a toddler, anyway. & after that, he did flake out on the couch for the next several hours, thank cod. Vet says for the actual flight (in a couple weeks), he should calm down once he's in the carrier.
He chews on weird shit all the time. Styrofoam & plastic mostly. Today it was an earbud from my iPod, the day before some pens in a cup.
i've got two kitties, one who is a dream come true and the other one...well.....she's got her ups and her downs. lately she's been trying to eat my aloe plant. i'm pretty sure it's non-toxic (anybody know?) but has anyone else dealt with this? there's no where for me to put it where it's out of reach (she's got mad vertical thrust) i was just hoping there might be away to deter her.
Uh, oooookay. Whatever.

DJ, Aloe is indeed toxic for your feline! Here's a good list of harmful houseplants with some other helpful links at the bottom. How is the plant situated? Does it have something (like a shelf or windowsill) that she sits on to nibble the plant? I ask because when I was trying to keep my furfreaks off shelves/whatnot I put double-sided sticky tape on the surfaces I didn't want them to access. They really can't stand the feeling of their paws on the tape, get disgusted, and eventually stop trying to get up there.
hey, doubled-sided tape! that's a fantastic idea. i moved the plant outside for a bit and have since brought it back. she hasn't been chewing since as far as i can tell. thanks for list sixelacat, that's very helpful!

now she's moved on to eating string. she's already destroyed the pulley-string for one of my blinds and i just caught her trying to eat one of my throws! i know the string is bad for her and can get caught up in the digestive track. they've got tons of toys to chew on and destroy and i don't know why she feels posessed to do it!
My cat is also a sucker for the strings on the blinds. I try to wrap them up high but we have annoying neighbors and houses close together and they are constantly being used so they don't always stay out of reach. But, she is absolutely obsessed with chewing on them.
You all won't believe what happened to me today. I was driving down the street and this green minivan in front of me was dropping kittens from the window. I only saw him drop two and I slammed on my brakes to retrieve them from the street. I went to get the guys license plate number and the car coming up behind me went to pass me and would have hit one of the kittens. So distracted by the kitten about to get hit I wasn't able to get the guys plate numbers. I yelled to the guy about to pass me to stop and he did. I picked up the little shaking ball of fur and walked down the road to get the first little guy dropped as well. The guy who stopped behind me also walked with me. He had his son with him who was very shaken up. They were both very nice guys. They ended up taking the one kitten home and I took the other to my vet which just so happened to be on the same road. I told the vet that I couldn't keep it because Mr. Pugs is allergic to cats. I asked what I should do and they called the Delaware Humane Society. They told me to bring her in. Then the vet tech at the desk called her sister who offered to take the cat. The vet tech took her in the back to shampoo her and giver her de-worming shot. Everyone in the office was cooing over her and saying how adorable she was. It was so sad. The guy who took the other cat was very nice and I don't have a doubt in my mind that he'll take good care of his little guy too. Thank God I saw this and was able to pick them up. I only wish I had gotten that guys plate numbers. I would have turned his ass in on the spot. What a way to come into the world uh? The vet tech said she was about 8 weeks old and looked very healthy although it did have fleas pretty bad. Oh well, I'm sure they will both be better off with their new owners. Just wanted to share.

That is insane, pugs! Thank god you were behind the guy. There is a special place in hell for people who drop kittens out the window of a moving car mad.gif
Holy crap LMP, I didn't know evil like that existed out side of hell. You are a really good person for doing what you did.
I hope that bastard falls out a window of a very tall building.
bunnyb, no, i hope someone shoves him out of a moving car and he gets hit. by a truck. a semi-truck.

LMP, you are a kitty's best friend. you deserve a medal for doing what you did.
thanks everyone. i was so upset about it the rest of the night. i just hugged my pups when i got home. it was so terrible. i mean KITTENS for christ's sake!! i mean how evil can a person be?

I cannot believe the depths of evil you've described. You're an angel, Pugs. Poor kitties. sad.gif
Sweet merciful crap. I want that guy's severed head on a pike.

This was just something funny. So my cat, he snores, he belches . . . but I'd never *heard* him fart. I know he does, but I've never heard it. Until yesterday. I went to go pee, he came with me & decided to drop a deuce. I was drying my hands when I actually heard him buttsnicker. And it was LOUD! A full blown gaseous emission from something that weighs about twelve pound & it was deafening! He was very embarrassed.
Pugs - I have no words to describe what you witnessed. I hope the asshole burns in hell and is repeatedly dropped on his head (a la Dante). Good for you stopping for those poor little kitties

QUOTE(tankgirl @ Apr 24 2008, 04:53 PM) *
My cat is also a sucker for the strings on the blinds. I try to wrap them up high but we have annoying neighbors and houses close together and they are constantly being used so they don't always stay out of reach. But, she is absolutely obsessed with chewing on them.

Yeah my brother's cat has a string obsession. He once ate about 2.5 feet of thread and ended up in the vet emergency at 3am. The vet couldn't believe how much Bammers actually ate. It cost my brother a small fourtune in vet bills. He has to be militant about making sure there is no string/cord/thread available to Bammers.

ETA - kitty farts -teehee!
Cutest cat article ever!!

A little disturbing that the cat is the only female in a managerial position, though. dry.gif
Polly: thanks for that tongue.gif ... such fantastic patches of color on that adorable calico's face!!!

I wish I could get my cat to wear a hat,
but grumpy ol' Winky ~
he'll have none o' that!

I bought him this hippy-style doo-rag/bandana-like headscarf once with a cute doggy-bones pattern on it! and tried to put it on, he just looked at me like: yah, that's going to happen...just as soon as I start wearing kitty ugg boots ohmy.gif
How cute is Tama! My Lalou is general manager of the locksmithing shop located in my building.

My cat will let me dress him. Not in a hat though dry.gif He has a blue sparkely liberace cape with a white faux fur collar and cuffs he wears on Christmas day.
So hilarious, dechat! Liberace cape! You must post pictures!

Albus goes catatonic when I try putting his harness and leash on to go out on the balcony. I don't think clothes would go over well.
Hello girls. Has anyone had experience walking her cat? I always see these two boys walking their cat in a baby stroller with a mesh canopy over it. Then I saw a girl with a cat on a leash once. I wonder if I could walk Winky?
Like I said, Albus goes limp when I put the harness and leash on him, but he really loves the dog (following him around, rubbing against him and he's very interested when I put the dog on a leash and take him outside) so it would be interesting to see what would happen if I tried walking them together sometime. I'm a little afraid of what would happen, actually.

I think you have to have an abnormally tolerant cat or start doing it when they're kittens and they get used to it; sort of like giving them baths.
My brother got his cat to walk on a leash. He bought a little kitty harness for him and had him get used to that and then tried the leash. The first few attempts were hilarious!!! Bammers would just go limp and then you would end up dragging him around the floor. However once Bammers realized that leash=outdoors, he was more than game. My bro says he gets some really strange looks from people when he takes Bammers to the park for a walk, while others are just really curious. I don't think all cats would go for the leash thing, it would depend on their personality I suppose.
Wow. Well you know Winky is pretty weird; that's partly why I think I could give him a shot. His personality is partly dog, actually. He greets me at the door, meows for a while after I come in (kinda like "bark, bark")...follows me around and waits for my attention, drinks from a toilet bowl first chance he gets. Plus yeah, those other cats I've seen lately getting walked have made me too curious! I intend to wait til he's over his upper respiratory infection which will be a few weeks. After that, I'm going to try because someone actually gave me a "cat leash"? (she had it, but had never used it...). Then if it doesn't work, I could go the route of the two boys I see on the sidewalk with the little stroller who I've been meaning to speak to. (It's so cute, it's one of those (older?) strollers that's very small, again it has a mesh canopy completely over the front, and the cat!? oooh, he looks so zen, looking like "the Queen in her Carriage", he just sits there in the very center of the basket staring ahead sitting straight up, like the "standing sit" looking quite content, yes quite alive and quite satisfied!"

P.S. That sounds so hilarious about kitties going "limp". I will DIE if that happens to Winky tongue.gif
Heh - you might have actually seen my brother walking his cat as he lives in Columbus wink.gif

Your Winky sounds ALOT like Bammers, he's a very doglike cat. Bammers sits on my bro's lap and "helps" him with online games and such, begs for food, does those little merping noises and actually comes when you call him. He's an awesome cat.
laugh.gif les hear it for Columbus kitties! Bammers and Wink have twin personalities, Winky also begs for food and comes right to ya when ya call him, I forgot to say it!! Maybe it's a Columbus kitten thang

well tell your bro bro to be on the lookout for us...being a cat that sorta looks exactly like Tom (and Jerry) yet has only one eye! I'll be like hey! I know your sister, mmHm, I sure do@!

But stay tuned, I'll report back to tell what happens.
QUOTE(i_am_jan @ Jun 6 2008, 11:29 AM) *
Hello girls. Has anyone had experience walking her cat? I always see these two boys walking their cat in a baby stroller with a mesh canopy over it. Then I saw a girl with a cat on a leash once. I wonder if I could walk Winky?

I walk my boycat Momo occasionally around the courtyard outside my apartment. My girlcat, Ella, is much too shy and nervous to handle going outside, and she'd never tolerate the harness. Mo tolerates it, but he doesn't like it. It takes me forever to convince him to let me put it on, too. He gets excited when he sees me take the harness out of the drawer because of course he knows what it means. But then he walks around and won't settle down in one place so I can approach him with the harness. It can take 5 or 10 minutes before I'm able to approach him. Once I get it on, he usually rolls around the floor a little, essentially trying to get the thing off. Or, if he's feeling more tolerant that day, he'll sit expectantly by the front door until I take him out. Once he's outside and used to the harness, he takes his time walking around, sniffing, checking things out, and just lolling around in the sun. He's actually not much of an outside kitty, so he gets scared by noises and other people pretty easily. We'll usually come back inside after 5 or 10 minutes.

I've lived in my current apartment for a little over a year and he's still not used to going outside. I lived at my previous apartment for 5 years and he got very used to it. Then again, I was in an upstairs unit with a large balcony for him to walk around on, and I guess he felt safer up there than he does now in my ground floor unit with the courtyard right outside the front door. At my previous apartment, he could take his time deciding if he wanted to leave the upstairs area and go down to the courtyard below, so I guess that element of safety made him feel a little more sure of himself.

And now, of course, I have to post pics of my kitties...

Mo in the laundry basket, where he shouldn't be:

Ella, sunning herself in the living room:

QUOTE(octobersky @ Jun 6 2008, 10:26 PM) *
Bammers would just go limp and then you would end up dragging him around the floor.

lol. my cat would do the same thing. my friend and i got such a huge kick out it, swear the neighbors were gonna call the aspca.
awww thirties, you have cute kitties!

I'm having some cat drama. There is a cat who has been abandoned on my block. Mt landlady said we could take her in, we were, she is very sweet. She doesn't like my Lalou at all. she came in the house and went in to defensive mode, you know, hissing howling, growling, the whole bit. Mrs. Rouge and I were upset because she is very nice, very friendly. Does anyone in the Northern Utah, Southern Idaho, Southwestern Montana area want her?
Sorry deschat, far far away from there and LeBoy won't let me get another cat (here's the one I want! She's so cute and snuggly and fits in with our other black and white pets!)

Funny you mention all of this though- someone at the shelter I volunteer at just sent out an email talking about a study from a group called Animal Behavior Associates about feline aggression. It's part of a seminar they give, but she wrote about the findings:

There was a study done with a group of cats that lived together for over a year. These are the results.

During the first month the incidence of rubbing, grooming, approaching behaviors among the cats was very low. The incidence of watching/observing and aggression was very high.

Over the course of a year the cats mellowed.

After a year, they spent much less time watching and showing aggression and a lot more time in social behaviors such as grooming, rubbing and sitting in close proximity.

This helps explain why our new arrivals can take a long time to adjust and may start out really aggressive and then mellow. It's also important to know when people introduce a new cat to their household. The first month is a transition period, it can take a year or more before the cats show signs of socialization.

They also said that mutual grooming is not always a sign of socialization. About 1/3 of the time, after a long mutual grooming session, the cats end up expressing aggression toward each other. They don't know if it's an expression of dominance or if one cat just had enough or whatever.

One other very interesting point they made is that cats don't have any way to "make-up" with each other after a fight. That's why when people introduce cats, they say it's so important to keep it as positive as possible and not let any aggressive behaviors escalate. Once cats start not getting along, it's very hard to turn that around.

Any chance the cats could work it out? I know, it's a pain in the ass!
I'd keep her but her reaction to Lou is so extreme. I'm afraid she would attack Lou the way she carries on. I thought he would be the one to instigate, but he only acts curious toward her.
*delurk* When I moved on my own w/ my 1st cat, after living with a roommate w/ a cat, I got a kitten cause I was afraid my girlie was lonely -- and they didn't get along. It did take a full year before they did -- I still remember the first day they lay down next to each other, when one let the other groom her, etc.

Do you have room to keep them separate for a few weeks until the new kitty gets to feel a bit more comfortable? If you can give her a space where she feels safe and private, with together times being monitored, I think they will be able to work it out. In my sitch, it took a month for me to feel safe to leave them together unmonitored, then a year till they were buddies. They still tussle and yowl at times, but they also snuggle a lot. I'd say unless there's actual bloodshed, stick with it.
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