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polly, have you tried a chunk of raw fish or raw chicken? with the bone in is best as that's the right balance of vits and minerals. don't worry about bacteria, cats digestive systems are very short and highly acidic and process raw flesh foods just fine. it may be tempting enough, you never know, and if you pick a fatty deep sea fish he'll get those EFA's. good luck, force feeding bites.

we're home on saturday and i can finally stop hearing about how much little misses his kittens. finally.
the cat/house sit says they're happy but still sneezy, wtf? their eyes are cleared up though so that's good. i'm still giving little eye drops for his one red peeper. he Loathes them so hopefully he's learned his lesson about rubbing a sick kitty all over his face. d'oh. every morning i was washing kitten snot off from between his eyebrows, what is with that kid? gross!
that's really good advice, pepper!

my vet (and my sister the pennwee, who is also a vet) have warned me about giving cats fish bones; apparently they can get stuck easily in throats or perforate the peritonium and cause serious, potentially life-threatening problems, so you might want to be careful with those.
I have three cats ~ Milo, Walter and Lucy.
Walter and Lucy are outdoor cats and Milo is indoor.

Milo has horrible allergies. He is on a steriod, but he continues to pull out his hair.
It grew back, but now he has doing it again.

Does anyone have any advice? He is also on a special diet.
Aww, poor Milo- my parents have a Russian blue named Milo and he was licking his fur out too for awhile. It was more anxiety than allergies and he eventually got over it. Maybe he's anxious or it's become compulsive at this point, like how some people develop compulsive coughs after they've been sick for awhile.

When I was doing the chicken livers, they were raw. Didn't seem to make much difference, but I haven't tried non-organ meat chicken yet. Maybe I'll pull some salmon out of the freezer tonight for dinner and offer that to him.

Right now, he seems to tolerate the chicken baby food. I think the trick is that he'll keep eating on his own, just a few bites at a time and it takes him about an hour to get through the serving. And I have to sit there and encourage him or he just won't do it.

Something weird- he seems to be grinding his teeth. Anyone ever seen a cat do this? I found a good cat message board (I think it's, too lazy to link that....I'll come back and do it once I actually post there.)
I don't know if it's a good idea Polly, but what about catnip? Does anyone know if it would be appropriate to try it with a non eating kitty? The reason why is that A: catnip is related to cannabis and might act as an appetite stimulant and B: it can sooth an upset tummy if that's a problem.

Bliksem is a big fan of Gourmet brand food in the smooth form when I add warm water to it. I call it kitty soup. She doesn't like a lot of people food, but goes crazy for raw hamburger and fatty strips of meat that I clean off. Oh, and she will fight me for butter. Maybe something a bit fatty, as I think cats need a bit more fat than other animals. And warm can be easier on kitty's tummy.
polly, mandoo has food intolerances and only eats one type and flavour of dry food but we give him cooked chicken and smoked salmon or sardines every so often; he goes crazy for them so I would try your kitty with them. It seems a positive thing that he now has the energy to resist you force feeding him, if not ideal.

Mandoo obsessively licks away at his fur and occasionally has bald spots. Currently he has little patches at the back of his legs, which I'm concerned about but I think it's been caused by either compulsive cleaning or bed sores from being such a lazy cat!

This is a great fictional book for cat lovers and I dip in and out of it every so often.
sad.gif It seems like every suggestion someone gives me I've either tried already (and it doesn't help) or doesn't work when i do try it. And that's totally NOT a criticism of the suggestions, just this damn cat.

Tried catnip last night, no interest.

Tried raw salmon last night, no interest.

I looked up "cat teeth grinding" this morning and they said it could be a symptom of something wrong with his mouth- his bite could be off, or he could have a sore in there. I'm going to take him into the shelter this afternoon and have the medical staff look at him. They also said that it could be an issue with the food and if the cat is on wet food, switch to dry and vice versa. If they don't find anything wrong with his mouth, I'll get some dry food from them. I kinda suspect it's more of a food issue because he only does the grinding after he's taken a few bites of food, not when he's just hanging out with me.

*Sigh* Off to work.

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies- I'm open to anything right now! Hmm, beluga caviar? Sure. Black winter truffles? Whatever works! rolleyes.gif

Another thought, perhaps soft goat cheese. Cats and dogs often like "gamey" smelling stuff, perhaps he'd like a soft spreadable goat cheese at room temp? And hopefully you like it too, so if not then it wouldn't go to waste. Sheep cheese is also good, but maybe not so easy to find unless you live near a good cheese shop.
i don't think dairy is an optimum food for cats, after weening they lose the ability to digest it (all mammals do, even us but don't try taking away our cheese!) butter on the other hand is pure fat, if you can find raw butter that would probably be terrific in small quantities. raw egg is good too and mixed in with chunks of meat it might be appealing. polly, just keep trying things over and over again. just like a fussy kid, seeing and smelling it regularly increases it's appeal.
that's weird about the tooth grinding, hope that's just stress. poor kitty. poor polly (((hugs))).
I'm going to chime in here w/ chicken breasts baked in olive oil.
my Airy, who isn't much of a foodie at all, went Nuts tonight when I was cutting it up for a dinner tomorrow night and ate several chunks.
then again, she also brought me a still alive but half eaten salamander the other day - ewwww! sad.gif
(hey maybe you should try That Polly- let little Dumbledore 'catch' his own food? yes I am Just Kidding!!)

seriously though, big hugs to your little guy as he adjusts thru this, he's got a huge fan base here pulling for him.
I took him to the shelter last night for the medical staff to look at him- they said he's looking better, gave me some more foods and treats to try with him and said I should take him to the animal hospital the next day for them to check him out..

The animal hospital is right next door (it was the vet who started the shelter several years ago) and when I was walking to my car it looked like they were still open, so I went in to see if I could get an appointment for today. They said they could take him then, so they took some blood and the vet looked at him. Said he looks better, encouraged me to keep force feeding him if that's what it was going to take. She gave me some high-calorie canned food to add to the baby food mixture.

They're supposed to call me today or Monday with the blood results.

Right now he's sleeping under the covers in the middle of my bed...LeBoy says it's like a kitty ravioli laugh.gif

I'll keep ya posted!
Hey Polly can we see a pic of your kitty ravioli?
A picture in his ravioli state? Or just pictures of him? There's pictures of him below on January 2nd. Don't have any picture of him under the covers.

Found out about a drug called cyproheptadine- it's an antihistamine in humans, but an appetite stimulant in cats. They use it a lot in cats with chronic renal failure. The dosage is a little hard- any more than an eighth of a pill and it will either make the cat lethargic or manic until their body starts metabolizing it, but otherwise it's pretty effective.

I fed him this morning before I left for work and LeBoy called me about an hour later, said he threw up. Ick. I've started giving him 10-20mL of water after I feed him, also with the syringe and he really gags on the water for some reason. I think that's what made him puke. I only got about 5mL into him this morning, because he gagged after a couple shots of it. Poor thing. I may have to have them teach me to inject the water, with a real needle syringe under his skin if he can't tolerate it with the oral syringe. *Sigh*

He's still on his mission to rid us of our mice infestation. He woke me up at 4:30 this morning, sniffing around in a box next to my bed, where the mice have been going through. Had to discourage that. rolleyes.gif
The vet called- his liver levels are better. He's a little anemic so they're going to put him on steroids (oo, something else to shove down his throat!) and re-check him in a few weeks.

About the appetite stimulant, they said until his liver is better, they can't do anything.

About the water, she said he's probably getting enough from the fluids from the food and if he's thirsty he'll drink. And if he feels dehydrated, I can just bring him in and they'll inject him with water.
((((((polly and dumbledore))))))

ask if they can't give you the steroid in needle/injection form. MUCH easier than shoving things down a cat's mouth. strange but true. you give the injection in a large muscle mass, not hard to do at all. and he wont mind.

ditto with the sub-cu fluids.

hope all of this does the trick and he is feeling better immediately!
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Jan 14 2008, 07:02 PM) *
A picture in his ravioli state? Or just pictures of him? There's pictures of him below on January 2nd. Don't have any picture of him under the covers.

Yes, in his ravioli state.

I'm weird, I can't get enough kitty cute. This is where I get my fix.

so we're back from our two weeks away and while i've had a house/cat sit come by to check on things, scoop the poop, pet the creatures, there has been no supervision the whole time. the little buggers are bigger now, of course, and think they belong on the table, the counter, the high chair, the bookshelf, in the closet (which they can somehow get into), climbing the curtains (ack!) etc etc etc. OMG, they are atrociously ill-behaved little mongrels! yargh. as bad as real teenagers. can't wait for them to grow up some, geez. they sure are cute when they're small but what a pain in the ...
grrr, tell me about it, pepper! Our two boys are just under a year and just over a year-barely kittens anymore-but they are so rambunctious and destructive. We try to discipline by spraying them with water, but that only stops them when they're caught. I can't imagine what goes on when no one is home!

the bf wanted to get kittens! like tiny, 2 month old kittens! He'd never really had cats before, so he thought kittens would be a good idea, but I had to convince him how crazy they were, and we compromised on very young adults-but even then, they are nuts. As I am typing this, there is one of them on the coffee table trying to knock shit off.

Needless to say, now he understands. tongue.gif

I love the little bastards, but I wish we could've just gotten middle aged cats, like our 8 year old girl, Jade. She's so well behaved!
absolute terrors. they are intense. we got them at 6 and 8 weeks.

my friend moved the kettle over onto the hot burner i had just used the other day. said that so long as the buggers are getting up on the counter i might want to make sure they couldn't step onto a hot burner when i had my back turned. how smart is she? it never would have crossed my mind.
ooooh, yes, when I was a kid we were visiting my brother who dropped out of society. Anyway, he heated with a wood stove and one of his kittens jumped on top of it. Poor never saw three people jump up so fast to rescue him!
I think my cat is gone. sad.gif He ran away last night and doesn't seem to want to come back home. Very sad.

~*~*~*~*~* miles come home vibeage ~*~*~*~*~*~

years ago, one of our russian blues "escaped". he had never been outside, it was winter (in the USA). he was gone for almost a month. i'd given up hope.

in the middle of the night, i was awoken by chandon's screetchy meow; he was clinging to the window screen outside my bedroom window.

he was reaaaaaaaaaaaaally thin, but no worse for the wear.

miles will be back. i feel it.

polly, here's hoping that the steroids work. glad to know that albus is happy and loving and that the feeding issue is less stressful for you both.
((sassy)) My boyfriend's cat went missing during the summer, but he came back after a little adventure. I hope yours does too:)
sad.gif Aww...sassy....*big hug*

I will pray for your cats safe return
awwww ((((sassy)))) I know you're worried about your baby. He is exploring and doesn't realize how you are worrying. He has no intention of staying away and wants to return, eventually. I mean, he got lots of yummy food, warmth, and snuggles from you, didn't he?

~*~*~kitty stay alive vibes~*~*~
I'm wondering if any of you ladies have some advice for my boyfriend and my's cats... i'm not sure if this is exactly the right place to put it.

our cats (or one of them at least) have recently been having issues with them peeing on things in the bedroom. they never really had a problem with this before, except when we first moved into the house and they were probably scared at the change and went by the couch once. but recently one of the cats sprained her paw pretty bad and the vet said that we just had to wait for it to heal on its own, so she's been laying around more, and we think it might be her not wanting to go all the way to the litterbox. at first it was only like shirts left on the floor overnight, but most recently they peed on the blanket on the bed, and seem to have gone on the floor near where a previous problem spot. we've been cleaning the soiled items right away and have scrubbed the carpet with some pet-urine-cleaning stuff we have. we also have put a small litterbox in the bedroom for her until her paw heals, and that helps some, but it still seems to be a bit of a problem. but i was wondering if any of you had some advice about how to get her to stop?

thanks so much!

and ((((sassy)))) i hope your sweetie finds his way home soon, i'm sure he will.
sarasota - please take your cat to the vet for a unrinalysis/uring culture. It is probably a simple infection that can be cured w/some meds but the best time to treat it NOW. Trust me, on this issue I know what I am talking about. rolleyes.gif
it's been ages since i've visited this site and glad you all are still here!! ((sassy)) i hope he comes time while i was cat sitting for my roomie her cat disappeared for two days. i was frantic. he showed up one morning nonchalant (and hungry) as ever. what a relief.

in good news i got a NEW KITTEH!! she is an adorable one-year-old calico. we've had her about a month. today i noticed her eye was weepy and she was looks like it's just watery, but does anyone think this could be an infection? i am inclined to think she e scratched it or the other cat whacked her there...i just don't want her to be in pain or anything. she also had a bath yesterday and it has been so cold lately i was a bit worried about them catching a chill. they seemed fine after they were dry though! thanks in advance for the advice!! ((((kitteh vibes and meeps)))
anyone? My sisters cat is losing fur on her hind legs. She also has really stinky breath (like something died in there). She's older, at least ten. None of her behavior has changed though.. still has appetite, pees ok, walks ok, social for being a bitchy kitty. She's not taken it to vet yet, but plans on it. Anyone have any idea what could be the problem?

luleey: any pictures of new kitty?? biggrin.gif
Is it just falling out, or does she see her licking there a lot?

Could be a nutritional deficiency- at the shelter, we see a lot of strays or neglected cats who have poor fur condition. Once they've been on good food for awhile, their fur thickens and softens.

Not that I'm implying your sister doesn't feed her cat well- there could be a nutrient she's not absorbing or something. I say it's worth a trip to the vet- 10 or so and otherwise healthy is worth it.
Miles still hasn't come back. It's been a week, even though I doubt cats can tell time. I'm just wondering if getting a girl kitty would be better. Would it lessen the chances of them escaping? I've just had really bad luck with male cats in my adult life.

polly: she did originally think it was just from licking there a lot, which is why she didnt notice it getting progressively worse until i pointed it out. what would that mean? thx. wink.gif
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Jan 23 2008, 04:34 AM) *
anyone? My sisters cat is losing fur on her hind legs. She also has really stinky breath (like something died in there). She's older, at least ten. None of her behavior has changed though.. still has appetite, pees ok, walks ok, social for being a bitchy kitty. She's not taken it to vet yet, but plans on it. Anyone have any idea what could be the problem?

luleey: any pictures of new kitty?? biggrin.gif

My cat is missing his fur from his hind legs, but it is due to the fact that he has really bad allergies. He gets all itchy and irritated. For the past couple of years he has been on predezone (I don't think that is spelled correctly) for his allergies. I also feed him Purina One for sensitive systems. He use to have a little kitty mohawk.

Goodluck smile.gif
i'll try and post a pic of the new kitty...she's a cute calico. it turns out her eye is infected or something, so we have to give her ointment...i sincerely hope i'm putting it in right because she seems to try and clean it out every time i do! it's less swollen now though which is something of an improvement. it came on her so suddenly, the other cat must have scratched or kicked her. what a stinker.

(((bustie kitties)))
i'll try and post a pic of the new kitty...she's a cute calico. it turns out her eye is infected or something, so we have to give her ointment...i sincerely hope i'm putting it in right because she seems to try and clean it out every time i do! it's less swollen now though which is something of an improvement. it came on her so suddenly, the other cat must have scratched or kicked her. what a stinker.

(((bustie kitties)))
hmmm...did i kill the thread or what!?

somehow both my cats have ended up with this kitty conjuctivitis infection in their eyes. poor babies. first we got ointment which was super hard to put in and wasn't working all that well. then we got some antibiotic pills which i think are helping. little squinters!

They couldn't give you drops? My cat currently has a little eye infection (don't think it's conjunctivitis- just these big, gray, slug-like globs of mucous) and they gave me drops of some stuff called Gentamicin Sulfate. I put one drop in each eye twice a day, which is pretty easy. You just come up behind him, tilt his head back and hold his eye open by his upper lid. It's really helped. There was only one reappearance of the nastiness. Maybe this stuff wouldn't work on what your kitty has, but you'd think they could at least give you whatever meds he needs in the drop form.

Now the prednisolone pill for his anemia, that's another story. He's been on it for about two and a half weeks- he's in the tapering off stage right now. The first 10 days or so were okay, but he's finally reacting like a normal cat and being completely obstinate about taking the pill.

I will be so happy when this Fatty Liver thing is gone and he's eating on his own. He's in week six of it. It can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks to get back to normal. I have discovered that he really likes hamburger meat, though, so I'm going to start leaving that out for him during the day when I'm at work. Just have to keep the dog away from it.

He's going back to the vet on Thursday to get his blood work done again, check his liver levels and red blood cell count. I've noticed that the fur around the base of his ears is a little thin and when I looked, there's some weird pigmentation there and it looks kinda puffy. Maybe it's just the steroids making it puffy, but I'm a little concerned. Skin cancer in cats is pretty rare; somewhat more common for all-white cats, but still rare. We'll see what the vet says.
Luleey, my cat when i took him in off the street had the eye yuck problem, the vet gave me a couple of seven dollar tubes of ointment and it cleared right up. It comes back however if he gets stressed out, so I keep an extra tube in the medicine cabinet.

Yay! My little Lou furbaby is getting his very first cat tree tonite! I hope he likes it.
I was looking at Cute Overload, and for the hell of it, I clicked on a link for a book called "All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat" because there was an "Are You A Cat Person?" quiz. It's hilarious and illustrated and I thought it was really cute and funny. You know you want to look at it. I swear I'm not affiliated with the book : )
humanist that was great...thanks for the link! wink.gif i'm a cat fanatic. but i didnt need that quiz to tell me, it was just funny how much of it was true.
I'm a cat person. Prolly a good thing... if my cat licked himslef while sitting on the kitchen table he'd get the spray bottle in record time.
I'm a cat person... my cat knows where he can and cannot go. He is still spoiled as hell
Hey kittycatlovers...question: has anyone seen any instances of a cat being depressed? the reason I ask is this: my roomie & I each have a cat. The two cats are constant companions. Roomie goes out of town for work for weeks at a time, and this time, he took his cat with him. My cat who is still here, soon after they left, became sick after he would eat his food, began vomiting everything in his tummy up everyplace, and this morning only took a couple licks of his food, not eating the rest, then vomiting again everyplace. I'll go to the vet ASAP if he doesn't stop. But since this coincided with roomie taking his cat (which I didn't like at all, by the way, as these cats have a culture of their own and it was rude to remove the other cat in my opinion), I am wondering if Winky is depressed or lovesick because his friend has gone away. Is this possible???
It's absolutely possible, jan. Depression is what caused my cat to get Fatty Liver Disease. If left untreated, he would have died. Like the night they found him, they weren't sure if he was going to make it.

The vomiting makes it sound like maybe there's more to it than just depression, but either way, I'd get him to the vet ASAP, and find some information on depression in cats and how to prevent it.

Is getting a second cat an option; not just financially, but do you think he'd get along with a cat that isn't your roommate's?
I do think he'd get along with another cat. He's a great guy who loves being around other kits.

I'm really worried now...he's thrown up constantly today...and at this point, it's nothing but bile? or spit. He just keeps doing it, every time he wakes up from a nap
barfy sad kitty boo ~~ happy kitty vibes~~

i am Not a cat person. there are spray bottles all over the house, there are off limit areas that they actually stay out of (because i am vigilant, not because they are well behaved or anything) and when i use "the voice" they scurry away as fast as their kitty selves can carry them because they know they are in for a soaking or some Loud noises if they don't skeedaddle immediately.
still, all the vday cookies my mom brought over yesterday hit the trash in less than an hour because mr relentless was up on the forbidden counter licking them the very minute my back was turned. and the baby monitor in my room isn't just so i can hear the baby waking up. that space is of endless curiosity to them.
these kitties are my little boy's pets. he named them, he feeds and waters them, he plays with them every minute he can, they sleep with him every night and they all adore each other. i, on the other hand, am merely tolerant. and i clean the cat box. oh yay.
ok, i let them sit in my lap when i'm at the computer. they are still darn cute little buggers, just really bratty and annoying when they aren't asleep or on the lap.
Pepper: oh, ya big grump wink.gif tee hee

my cats are allowed anyplace. It's their house too.

BUT...I do not have kids. I see your point if I did, things would be need to be tidier in this place for sure

Thanks for everybody's concern. The Winkmonger appreciates it.

He will see the vet first thing in the a.m.

Also, contacted roommate whose bringing the other cat home TONIGHT. cool, right?!
Ah, shoot...unless he's really sick and gives the other cat something

flip, I forgot all about that.

Well, time will tell~?
Oh, ok, didn't read that carefully- I thought your roommate moved out and took the cat with them. Yeah, definitely get the cat to the vet.

Could just be an allergy to the food- I'm not sure if allergies can come up out of the blue in cats (like if you're feeding him the same food as always and this happened.)

I think I mentioned this earlier, but I found a great forum for cat owners: The Cat Site

There's a bunch of "Help, My Cat is Throwing Up" forums on there. They're not picky about starting new threads there, so sometimes youreally have to search around for info.

Keep us posted!
Okay, Winky is all better!!

He made it to the vet on Saturday to find he had a little virus working its way through him...he was pretty bad for a while, couldn't keep any food down, hanging out in dark corners of the house, all stationary...then, slowly...I saw him running late last night!

Then, this morning when i went to feed him, he started meowing, getting all crazy, running around in excitement from the smell of the food, just like his old self, (trying to get neath my feet & trip me~!)

He's sitting on my lap as I write, all posh from his after-breakfast grooming...wants to say thanks cat Busties for everyone's moral support & concern. It really helped mommy not to panic too much!

Pollystyrene: the cat site is awesome! I've learned so much... rolleyes.gif
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