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pine cat litter is different than using pine shavings for small animals. the reason its unhealthy for their respitory systems is because small animals live in their bedding, they also eat it, mostly when they are trying to eat their food. the oils are harmful for them to be contained in for long periods of time, not to mention the way it reacts to the amonia in their urine. for cats, in a litter box... they are only going into it to relieve themselves, they are not in a small cage sitting in it and breathing it in all day. its perfectly healthy from what i have found.

my cat uses feline pine litter and it works really well for her. you dont have to change it as oftet (about once every 2 weeks) but you do have to scoop out the solids daily. it is one of the more environmentaly friendly litters out there. the only problem ive had with it is that her poop smells worse because the litter is heavy and she has a problem burying it, but i scoop it out usually as soon as it hardens so it isnt a huge problem.

i have also tried the wheat litter, i used it for my ferrets a while back, but it smelled pretty bad compared to the newspaper pellets i had been using so i switched back. im sure it would work better for a cat than it did for my ferrets and if it were available to me right now i may try that with the kitty.
cant get up (or type really) 2 kiteez in lap licking eachother

pine cat litter is different than using pine shavings for small animals.

that's a relief, because my cat uses Feline Pine too and seems pretty happy with it. We put a layer of baking soda under the pine bits and that helps cut down on smells.

Anybody see this xkcd comic strip? My top 3 inanities when I'm near my cat are "I've gotcher tail!" (he loves having his tail pulled), ""You're a purry boy!" and "You're so fuzzy!"
Guys I need your help. My poor kitty lou has had to become an indoor cat because he started crossing the very busy road in front of my house (which he never did before) because he fought and lost his territory to some other cat, I could hear there knock down drag outs from my living room window, and had to go out there to break up the fights. I decided it would be much easier emotionally to make him an indoor cat than to peel him off the the pavement of that busy road with a crowbar. He has been driving me and the Missus up the wall because he cries all the time and gets all stir crazy running from room to room.

Any suggestions for making the transition easier?
*ventures in* greetings kitty-lovin' busties. i've got a couple slight little issues that i hope you guys can help me out with. my boys are about six months old now, and growing like weeds. well, toby is. we think he must be part maine coone, cause boy is getting huge. he's already up to 17 pounds! king is still this petite delicate little thing. it's so funny seeing them side by side, because they started out about the same size. i told my mom the other day they would have been more fittingly named laurel and hardy. anyway, on to the problems, which may not be problems at all.
problem the first: king still does that knead and suckle thing cats do when they're weaned too early, mostly on toby. i tried to break him of it when they were younger by pulling him away and telling him no whenever i saw it, but toby doesn't seem to mind, and since they live with my mom, it's hard to be consistent. is this something he'll grow out of himself, or should i resign myself to the fact that he's forever going to take out his kittenhood trauma of being seperated from mom by using anything and everyone as his own personal pacifier?
problem the second: toby's favorite petting position is sprawled on his back with all legs flung wide for a good belly-rubbing, which gets him purring so loud one would wonder who started up that outboard motor in the livingroom. while he's being pet on and loved, he likes to play-claw and -bite, which i find adorable and charming, and secretly, he's my favorite. but i can't help but wonder if there's a way to teach him that it's okay with family, meaning people that live with him (me, c-monkey, and the momster) but not with visitors. cause i know that one of these days, someone's going to go to pet his belly, cause i'm stupid and said "oh yeah, go ahead, he loves that", and as soon as the claws come out, they're going to yank back quickly in a panic, and he's going to freak out and bite and/or claw much harder than he would have. i'd rather not have to break him of it entirely, cause like i said, i think it's cute, and it's just a trademark toby thing. so, any ideas?
that kneeding thing will never, ever stop. i have never known a cat who does it to be broken of it. sorry.

problem number two, cats have such teensy weensy brains, it's too much to ask them to remember that something is ok with some people but not with others. either he does it or he doesn't, and i think getting him to stop entirely may prove to be quite the challenge. one thing i know about cats is that they do what they want and that's final.
like clawing the hell out of my curtains. sigh.
I second pepper- nope, probably can't break King of the kneading. It's like the cute, non-offensive version of a dog humping.

And, no, can't have it both ways on the biting. If you don't want him to do it on anyone, you're gonna have to deter him from doing it at all. Pull your hand away as soon as he starts biting/clawing, yell "no" and stop petting him. Be consistent and eventually he'll get the hint. A lot of cats do that- they show you their belly (which is irresistible, I know) and when you start petting them, they attack, whether playfully or aggressively. When it's aggressively, I think they do it as a "look, but don't touch" thing. Which just makes it harder because there's nothing as snorgleable as a cat belly.

I filled out adoption papers for this cat at the shelter yesterday. I'm not going to be able to take him until after New Year's. We're going out of town for a week at the end of the month and it doesn't make sense to have a cat for three weeks, then leave it alone for a week- I just don't trust leaving an animal alone for that long while they're still adjusting, even if I think he's the sweetest, most well-behaved kitty in the world. He's quite the face-nuzzler as described there. He's such a good cat. I need to think of a name.

I'm still a little nervous about LeBoy being allergic to him, but we have an air purifier now and the shelter recommends using Allerpet and it's only about $8 a bottle, so that's pretty reasonable.
grrrlyouwant, i agree with what pepper and pollystyrene have said with regards to the scratching/biting. my parents have a cat who loves to be scratched and at any time out come the claws and the teeth. we just tell anyone who might want to pet him that it's likely he might want to "play" - whether lightly or aggressively.

the cat that currently lives with my husband and i, she is the sweetest cat. she loves lying on her back, with her belly exposed - which i've never really seen a cat do before. she sleeps this way at times.

polly, gorgeous george is very handsome! reminds me of the cat that my parents have. smile.gif
Oh Polly, George is one handsome cat! But then again, I'm kind of partial to black-and-white DSHs smile.gif

Like my Billy:

ooohhh mmrrraaaooowwww!!! cute kitties!!!

here's mine, did i post this already? oh well, they're worth looking at twice!

Bliksem lays like that all the time. And yes, she'll fuck you up if you touch her belly. I do it anyway because I think it's funny how she kicks with her hind legs, fortunately with claws in. She won't scratch your face though, so sometimes I take a deep breath and blow hot air on her belly. She always gets this stunned WTF look on her face, but I think she secretly likes it.
It's like the cute, non-offensive version of a dog humping.

*snerk* i love that polly. thanks for the advice everyone. i already figured that on my own, but never hurts to ask, right? so, king can suckle to his little heart's content, and toby will just have an unseen 'pet the belly at your own risk' sign round his neck. everybody's kitties are so cute! i'll have to post some pics of my boys when i get around to it. happy.gif
We just adopted two adorable boy kitties from the local shelter!

The tuxedo boy's name is Hermes (god of mischief, as he is very rambunctious), and we haven't decided on a name for the tabby. We'll get to know him a little first. But here's my list of names so far:


And here's our older girl kitty Jade (no, we did not name her)
MAOW! pretties!

i vote for ferris, i like that name a LOT. it goes well with the hermes and jade as well.

Oh, everyone's got some good-lookin' cats here! Pepper, your kitty with the bolder stripes, the one looking in the mirror, has very similar markings to humanist's yet-unnamed kitty (I've seen other pictures of him that show that better, so unless humanist posts them, you'll just have to trust me.)

I think he looks like a Ferris, and pepper's right, it does go well with the other cats names.

And I love Irving for a cat name. I may have to steal it. Gorgeous George has actually been through a couple of names at the shelter. They change them after awhile, I think because sometimes it's the names that catch people's eye on Petfinder, and they figure if they change the name, maybe they'll get noticed. Previously he was Jinx, which didn't fit him at all, and most recently he was Dumbledore, which, while too long, was a more fitting name. Even though he's not that old, he's got that wise, old cat personality about him. Plus, I like the Harry Potter reference. So, I was thinking of changing it to Albus, Dumbledore's first name, but now I'm kinda liking Irving. Like a cool old man name.

My shelter has a Christmas Wish List, of like 6 things that they are most in need of and go through quickly, such as litter, Tide laundry detergent, paper towels, Milk Bones, etc. I think I'm going to buy a Costco-sized one of each and give it all to them.
eek! I had the picture of the unnamed kitty posted, but it disappeared! But here's the other boy we adopted:

And yes, he does have all the marbley stripes like yours, pepper. Ooo! I have a good photo:

I do like the name Ferris, but my housemates aren't too excited about it. Bf got to name the other one Hermes though, so I get to name this one. But I'll give it a few days. Right now I'm just calling him by his name at the shelter, which was Gabe, but I don't really like that as a permanent name...
Thanks for the votes!
Ferris lost : ( So his name is officially Calvin. Calvin and Hermes. And Jade.
We let the boys out of our bedroom for the first time tonight, to see the rest of the apartment and to meet Jade. Hermes ran right up to sniff her face and she smacked him good. He gracefully accepted defeat and proceeded in exploring every crevice of the apartment, and tearing up and down our long hallway. They both seem pretty happy with the expanded room now. Jade is still growling every time one gets within a few feet of her, but she seems fine otherwise. They both came from a shelter with many other cats, where they were constantly meeting new ones-and so she's no big deal to them. But Jade came from a previous owner when we got her; I don't think she's known many other cats. I know they'll get along eventually though. *knocks on wood*

I think we're going to have to discipline Hermes a little. He's a big silly kitten with no manners. He thinks everything in someone else's hands is his too, and that toes are for chewing on. Unfortunately, he seems impervious to the air can so far. Have not tried spray bottle yet. Any suggestions?

hmm..strange that the previous photo is showing up now..silly technology...

northpole, our old kitty looked just like Billy, and his favorite place was on top of the fridge : )
raina, don't you hate when they tempt you with the belly?! and especially your kitty's-that's a snorgling belly!
Kitties, kitties, kitties! I love kitties. Jade is so purty, I can see why she'd be such a diva. Yes, Bliksem has a VERY snorgleable belly. I can only go in face first, since she won't scratch my face, but hands and arms, all bets are off. And if I don't move fast enough she'll go for the legs.

Purty Kitties!!!

I'm a little late to respond to this, Grrl, but my 7 year old cat is a kneader too...I've never been able to completely break him of it, but if it gets crazymaking it helps to break his rhythm...I do this by picking up one paw and stroking it for a few seconds. If he does it again, I do it again. Sometimes it takes two or three times, but eventually he gives up and settles down.
you know, they say children are made so darn cute on purpose so they can get away with being irrational, unreasonable hooligans.
well, it's a good thing these kitties are so darn cute, lemme tell ya! geez, obnoxious. love the using-claws-to-climb-up-legs-Every-time-someone-sits-down thing. o.u.c.h.
oh, pepper! i want kitties now! it's been many many years since i've had a kitten, and when i did, my little guy would climb up my mom's and my legs while we were doing the dishes.

now, as i think i've mentioned earlier, my husband and i adopted a 4 year old, we didn't get to know her in her kitten phase...but i'm guessing she was absolutely adorable. she still is. i would love to get her a little brother or sister...but i don't think she'd appreciate that. nor would my partner. tongue.gif
I tried the pine litter, but I really don't think they liked the way it felt on their paws. They didn't use it enough and ended up going outside the litter box. ph34r.gif

I apologize that I'm responding to an out of date topic (things have been pretty crazy stressful over here). But I just started the kitties on a partial wet diet with the Fancy Feast. My friend feeds that to her kitties and they love it.
Oooh, picture time? Here's a few of my two boy cats. The big one is Geoff and he's totally my favorite. Brian is the tuxedo cat. He's an asshole. No two ways about it. But they get along....when they're sleeping.

And a Geoff on his back pic for good measure:

Oh, they're so cute, zora. Those Russian Blues (or faux-Russian Blues) are so snorgleable! Makes me sad I'm only getting one cat. sad.gif Maybe he'll learn to snuggle with the dog.
for the bustie cat lovers, I give you this!
wrong linky??? huh.gif
Just input an url and it LOL catz the site. Hee.
One of my cats thinks he's a little man in his favorite armchair.

I'm tying to load the image. If it does not appear - click here
QUOTE(BellyDanceGirl @ Dec 13 2007, 10:20 AM) *
One of my cats thinks he's a little man in his favorite armchair.

I'm tying to load the image. If it does not appear - click here

that didn't work, either --- very sorry. sad.gif And, I have to be off line for a bit - I will try this later.
(cross-posted in This Just In)

Why do scientists want to make everything glow?

I guess it would make it easier when you hear that puking noise in the middle of the night. rolleyes.gif
uh... scary.

someone please, Please tell my fur babies that the baby seat is NOT their bed, the curtains are NOT for hanging on, my toes are NOT edible, plastic bags are NOT toys and neither is the christmas tree.

i saw this, i was tempted...
don't feel bad, my Lou believes all the ornaments on the tree are for his own personal amusement. Because I knew this would happen I didn't buy any ornaments he could hurt himself with.
last night they were convinced that the dinky cars all over little's floor were there for them. late too. i went in and picked them all up, or so i thought. they managed to find another one. and then another one. at 2 AM. *yawn* so sleepy this morning.
lenore likes to "break dance" on my bed in the middle of the night, its fun lemme tell you. i think i do prefer that over her scratching the fuck out of my toes when im in a deep sleep though.
oh my gosh, i love them. they are so cute and they're getting big so incredibly fast! and they play and tear around the house and sleep with little at night and are hysterically funny.

and it's a darn good thing too because i just discovered that their new favourite thing is to fish a dirty lump of litter encrusted kitty feces out of their box to use as a toy and then Hide Them All Over The HOUSE!!! oh, ugh, i am distraught! i clean out the waste in both of their boxes every day already, don't tell me i have to do it every few hours! AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! wacko.gif
I know they have stuff for dogs that you can sprinkle on their food, that doesn't affect the taste, but it affects their poop so they won't eat it/roll in it, etc....I wonder if they have something like that for cats.

I'm so glad that my dog has the good sense to disregard his poop.

Countdown to kitty time! 11 days! I pick him up the 31st! LeBoy just has to get his inhaler refilled.

There's a stray kitty in my complex. A gray tabby. Don't know if it's a boy or girl. Front declawed. What kind of person gets a cat declawed and puts it outside!?!? mad.gif He's so sweet. He "found" me twice last night when I was leaving the house. I borrowed my mom's cat carrier so if I see him again, I can take him to the shelter. When he found me the second time, my neighbor was coming home and she said she's been feeding him for a few months. It was soooo cold last night; I felt terrible leaving him out there, but she said she'd put some food out for him. She's tried bringing him into her house a couple of times, but he doesn't get along with her cats.

I hate stupid pet owners. Appearance-wise, he seems healthy at least.
Is he skinny Polly?
No, he's pretty normal size. Part of me wonders if he does belong to someone, but if you're letting your cat out with no claws, let alone on a night when it's 20 degrees F outside, you don't really deserve to have the cat.

Bad news for me- my kitty at the shelter is sick. They called me tonight and said that he's on the list to see the vet tomorrow because he was really lethargic, and they had to give him fluids and force-feed him. They said his gums were white, that's how dehydrated he was. If he doesn't get better, he may go into liver failure. I'm going in tomorrow to see him. The woman who called me, another volunteer who I've met a few times, didn't come out and say it didn't look good, but she implied it. She said, "I'm sorry to call you with the news, but I thought that if I were adopting a cat and they got sick, I'd want to come spend some time with him." sad.gif

I'm kicking myself because he's seemed more lethargic than usual, but he's always been a little reserved, so I thought maybe he's just depressed about being in the shelter or something, or maybe I was generally coming in during his sleepy-time. It's hard when you only see a cat a few hours a week what's normal behavior- unless there's some blatant physical signs of illness, sometimes you just don't know.

I'm sad.
oh polly, hugs to you. hope you get some better christmas kitty news.
Thanks ladies. I'm just going to paste what I wrote in the kvetch thread, since I was pretty thorough there (probably moreso than necessary- y'all are probably more interested in the details than most)

I saw my kitty. He looks better than I expected. He's definitely lost some weight and he was all messy from the force-feeding. His ears, where they should be pink, were whitish-yellowish because of the liver issues. He saw the vet this morning and they did a bunch of tests, but won't have the results back until Wednesday.

He was in the room where they keep the sickies, but he wasn't being kept in a cage. He seemed to recognize me when I came in, let out a voice-less "mew" and started purring. LeBoy came in with me- it was the first time he'd met him- and he immediately loved him. He was rubbing all over both of us, then sat in my lap for about a half-hour and purred and slept. It's good that he's responsive, purring, tail-wagging...he must not be feeling too bad.

They tried to get him to eat, but he wasn't too interested, so he's going to have to be force-fed. They do it by hand because using a syringe can freak them out more and even if they get well, they can still develop a food-aversion because of the trauma of the syringe.

I'm going back there tonight for my usual Monday night shift and maybe in the morning tomorrow. The shelter director is going to take him home when she's not at the shelter to take care of him and when I get back from being out of town on the 30th, I'll take him from there, on a "foster care" basis, not an adoption basis, at least at first.

Adding on: The vet tech at the animal shelter said his case was unusual, even though they don't quite know what's wrong because usually a cat will stop eating for some other reason and that causes liver problems, but in his case, he seems to have a liver problem that's caused him to stop eating. He's only a 1.5-2 years old, so it's weird that he's sick. But they really seem dedicated to getting him through this, as long as it's sensible to, so I'm hoping it works out.
oh polly my heart hurts for you right now!
I have been happily counting down the days w/ you till you got him (tho I know I haven't posted that, probly lots more busties have been too) and I will hope w/ all things good that he makes a strong recovery from whatever this is and you get to bring him home healthy & joyfully the 30th.
that he rallied for you, and esp that he & LeBoy hit it off so well- hurrah!

please keep us posted?

((((((polly's baby))))))

and on a different note: does anyone else's cat nibble on the artificial tree branches?
it hasn't seemed to hurt her, and she doesn't eat much, just a nibble or 2 here and there, but still, it's PLASTIC.
for x-mas we're going to give her a small teaspoon of peanut butter on a plate and let her go to town, she luvs it!
I had to force-feed him tonight- it took 90 minutes, but I got a lot down him and he didn't throw up! Woohoo! Hopefully by the time I get him, he'll be better- either eating on his own or more used to it.
Good luck, Polly smile.gif

It sounds like you and the little guy are made for each other!
Thanks, northpole; I think so too.

It would really suck if after all this LeBoy was unbearably allergic to him. He might have to find a new place to live...and yes, I do mean LeBoy! ohmy.gif tongue.gif
Long story short- Dumbledore is getting better. I was supposed to get him on NYE, but the shelter director wanted to wait until he was eating on his own to transfer him over to me. Later that night he did start eating by himself, so we waited a couple of days and I got him tonight. biggrin.gif

So many people petting me!

Toys! And I don't have to share!

He's already been eating, so that's good. He hasn't met the dog yet. We'll save that for tomorrow after I get home from work! Humanist is sleeping over tonight to stay in the office with him, and my mom will be with him during the day.

Polly he is really Beautiful!

I am so very trully much glad he is home with you now and surrounded by so crazi much LOVE.

Happy Happy Homecomings Little One smile.gif

ps: and what a fantastic Shelter he came from!
Thanks freckle- I'm having to force feed him now. I don't know why, but he's just not interested in the food. That first night we had him, we had KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement- it's like formula for cats) mixed with Fancy Feast. He didn't really like that- he'd drink the KMR and avoid the food. The next night I got some chicken livers and pureed those with the KMR, so that he couldn't avoid the solid pieces. He seemed to like it, but still wasn't eating much.

I found out from the people at the shelter how much he's supposed to be eating- 20 mL of food every 2 hours. I bumped that up to 30mL, since that's 2 tablespoons and I think in [American] cooking measurements, not mL. So even when he was eating the chicken livers, he wasn't eating nearly enough and to get him to eat that much, I've had to start putting the puree in an oral syringe and shooting it down his throat. He really doesn't like that; fortunately, he's such a good, gentle cat, he's not shredding me up, just struggling.

I also got some Royal Canin canned food, in the duck variety. He won't eat much of that by himself either. And even though it's mushy canned food, I still have to puree it further because it's kinda chunky and the syringe keeps getting plugged up.

Oy. I now know the hell that moms go through trying to feed their kids....well, except the breastfeeding part, at least. I've got bits of cat food all over me. I just fed him about an hour ago and he's sulking in my bedroom closet.

I don't know what I'm going to do with him tomorrow when LeBoy and I are both at work. We're giving him free reign of the house when we're here (even at night- we let him sleep on our bed last night. And LeBoy's allergies are still not acting up! *fingers crossed*) but I think I'll keep him in the office tomorrow. With some food that he'll hopefully eat.

Good news- we got him to drink water. It just has to be out of the tap, not a bowl. We have pedestal sinks in the bathrooms, so there's not really a counter he can sit on. I've got one of my cutting boards across half the sink to make a little platform for him to sit on.

Such a spoiled little beast. I can't wait until this is over. He does seem heavier, though. Now we just need to work on his muscle mass.

ETA: He's officially met the dog. Couldn't care less, as long as the dog doesn't sniff his butt. Then he gives a "warning meow". The dog wants to sniff him all over and get up in his business, but he just backs away and looks offended. I keep telling him that all it will take is one swat on the nose and he'll leave him alone. I had to do it for him today. No harder than he would have, but it got the point across to the dog.
Ha ha, I'd heard that too, blanche. I've tried putting fish oil (like from the capsules) into his food because his skin was dry, doesn't like that. Last night he seemed to be constipated (hmm, not drinking enough water and oil will do that), and somewhere online suggested giving them tuna packed in oil. I happened to have some fancy-schmancy yellowfin tuna packed in olive oil. Gave him some of that. Was that good enough? Noooooo. Wouldn't touch it.

He seems to not be eating much of anything if I don't feed him. Last night's mixture was baby food (tried that Monday night and likes it, but won't eat it by himself) mixed with water and vegetable oil. I had to shoot it down his throat with the syringe.

Other than the food he seems to be adjusting- he's made it a personal mission to take care of our mouse problem- he spends hours sitting in a readied position where we think they're coming in. Not sure what he'll de if he actually sees one, but hopefully his mere presence is enough to scare them away.

And except for the hour or so after I feed him he seems happy. When I got him, his ears were flopped, like wilted-looking. Not sure if it was from loss of fluids or protein or something, but they're finally perked back up (except when he's pissed about being fed, then they're back, annoyed.) He plays with his toys, he's happy most of the time.

Why can't I have normal pets?!?!
((((polly and dumbledore))))

gah, that is so frustrating! when i had a sick furbaby that wouldn't eat, my vet baked her a cornish game hen. which she ate!

the good news is that once you can get them started eating on their own again, they generally keep it up. not sure why, but when they quit, they just lose interest for some strange reason.

keep us posted!
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