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My cat hasn't been pooing in her litterbox lately, and I just thought she was being difficult, but her last defecation had blood in it... I'm taking her to the vet today, I'm very worried.
((lananans & kitty)) ~*~*~healthy kitty vibes~*~*~*~

Jenny/Zelda got adopted last week sad.gif I'm glad she got adopted; sad it wasn't by me. I'm just waiting for the next special kitty to come along now.
I'm taking my Gaby to the vet tomorrow, hopefully everythings okay.
Good luck with the kitty! ((hugs))
Lananans, what did the vet say?

One of my cats got sick on Wednesday. He is older, and has kidney problems, which we are feeding him special food for. Anyway, he started throwing up on Wednesday, and hiding under a chair in our bedroom. He wouldn't come out, and when I pulled him out to cuddle him (which he usually likes) I could tell he just felt bad. I was worried that he was dehydrated after all the throwing up, but I couldn't get him to drink any water. Then on Thursday morning he threw up again, but since he didn't have any food in his system it was just bile. Poor kitty! So my Mr took him to the vet, who took some blood work, and poked and prodded him, and then gave him a saline(?) shot under his skin to rehydrate him. So the kitty was much better yesterday evening, and acted like himself. The vet called me today with the blood work results, which indicated that the kidney stuff is actually a little better than before, but an liver enzyme is now elevated. This could mean a lot of stuff, apparently, but mostly he is getting older. So we have to keep an eye on him and bring him back for more tests in 6-8 weeks. Poor kitty!

So the vet recommended that we buy one of those water dishes that filters and cycles the water. We did, and set it up for Oscar (the cat) but he seems to be a little afraid of it because of the noise it makes. He is a timid cat, and is afraid of new things, so I'm hoping that he'll get used to it.

I hate it when my cats don't feel well. Why do they have to get older, dammit?
((kiteye)) I hope your cat gets better. My dog is getting older too (he lives with my parents) and it is so sad to see him walking around with hurt hips, it breaks my heart.. so I kind of understand.

My vet said that Gaby (my cat) probably just had some diarrhea, and that we should just watch what she eats, and she gave us some medicine to feed her twice a day, tuna flavoured! lol. We also have to bring in a stool sample to make sure that it's not a parasite, but she's pretty sure that she should be okay. I was very relieved. Also I hope this means that she will start using her litterbox again. We've been having HUGE problems getting her to poo in it for the last little while. Sometimes she will, but then sometimes its like she's saying "fuck you! I'm too good for the litter box! I shall poo where I please!" Like that one time I left for the weekend and closed my bedroom door. I came back and she had pooed right outside of it, to spite me I'm pretty sure. Bah cats. I love her to death but she probably is going to be the death of me.
This will probably make you guys laugh (I was laughing about it like a 5th grader when I was talking about it).

But how often does your cat have to fart for it to be something to worry about? Our cats do it at least once a day. I have heard it could be a sign of heartworms or bad food. Fyi, they have had their stools checked and tested negative for worms. They have also been given dewormer twice, and once a month I give them Heartguard pills.
My cat farts on a fairly regular basis, about once or twice a week and he is in ideal health. I always thought cats fart because they eat grass to aid in digestion.
Our cat is not the mostly snuggly creature until fall rolls around and she wants to cuddle with us for body heat. IN the summer and spring she never lies on us but now that it's getting cooler out she is all about it. It is just funny to me.

Deschatrouge, how does your cat deal with the hermit crabs?
My cat doesn't snuggle for heat, at least not with me. Her favourite is my boyfriend, who developed an allergy to her AFTER I got her, even though he has had cats his entire life (go figure.)
Allergies to cats, for some people, can come and go. LeBoy wasn't raised with cats, but had friends who had them and was never allergic until he was about 24. And not just watery eye, runny nose- these were full-blown asthma attacks. But they say your body chemistry changes every 7 years or so, so I'm hoping this won't last much longer. He says it's been a little better the past few months, so I'm still hoping.

I'm still planning on doing a "trial adoption" from the shelter, but I can't decide who I want- the 2 year old male who's very friendly to everyone, good-tempered or the 6 month old female who is apparently very selective about who she likes and seems to REALLY like me. I'd guess that the male might be less likely to be adopted because of his age, but if the female is really as fickle as she seems, what if she doesn't find someone else who she gets along with? unsure.gif
I was always severely allergic to the cats at my mom's house, but have no problem with the 2 kitties I live with now..go figure!

Polly...any chance of being able to adopt 2 kitties? It would be so hard to choose!
Our new cat, Brian, the asshole, destroyed our expensive wool rug by chewing on it. He chews on freakin' everything. I can't get him to stop and he will try anything to chew, including doing when I'm not around and then stopping the minute we walk into the room. He's pulled recycling out of our "bins" and ripped apart fabric, posters, anything he can get his teeth around. I think he needs a chew toy. Any suggestions for how to fix this problem?
I'm pretty sure I'm only going to be allowed one kitty. At least for now, until we're really sure LeBoy isn't allergic at all. I've heard some people are allergic to other people's cats, but not their own. Weird.

Zora, sounds like he was weaned too early or something. Definitely try the chew toys and if he goes after something that isn't allowed, bang some pans together or something, just to scare him away from doing it!
One of my kittens, Willow, always gets restless when she gets ready to go to sleep. She will nuzzle the hell out of me and just keep nuzzling frantically as if nuzzling was a life or death situation (along with sticking her butt in my face lol). I will try to get her to settle down after she has been rubbing frantically against me for awhile, but she must find that perfect spot to sleep. On the surface, it sounds like normal cat behavior, but I'm not sure. Then she will finally go to sleep, but not without all these extra measures that annoy the crap out of me. My other kitten will just go to sleep, no fuss. Anyone else have a cat who is a light sleeper or seems to have anxiety surrounding sleep?
QUOTE(missladyj @ Nov 5 2007, 11:43 PM) *
Deschatrouge, how does your cat deal with the hermit crabs?

a long time a go the cat was in my room when the crabbies were active. since I have a lid on it he couldn't get in but he acted really interested when he heard them bumping around. since then he just sees the crabitat as another piece of very uninteresting furniture. we also have fish, he doesn't care about them either.
KITTY!!! teeny weeny smoky grey tortoise shell tabby rescue kitty! mmMMmmMmMMMmMmMm KeEee~Yoot!

anybody got any natural remedies for the goopy eye she's developed overnight since we brought her home?
she also has fleas (lovely).
and i would like to feed her a natural, raw meat based diet. anyone doing that?

i haven't had a kitty since i was wee, she so nice wub.gif
expensive though. $140 on basic supplies and another $180 for fixing, shots and microchip. wow. who knew such a little puff of fluff could equal such big money ohmy.gif
totally worth it though.

eta, little named her wild flower, fleur for short. hee.
Zora, our kitty Ziggy was a bit of a chewer too, but not as extreme. We bought a couple spray bottles and squirted him whenever he chewed on things other than his toys. We gave him a stuffed bear that was larger than him (he was only three months at the time) and he has made that bear his bitch tongue.gif. No kidding, he drags the poor thing around in his teeth, beats it up, humps it, sleeps on it and most importantly, chews on it instead of my hair, the edge of the coffee table, the arms of the couch, computer cords, shoes, the dogs tail, etc.
here he is at 6 months with his bear:

Congrats pepper on you new Furbaby!
I always get the best advice about my cat from the ladies in this thread so here goes

We moved our plants inside because of the weather changes and Boo ( our cat) likes to eat the spider plant ( this is the only one she likes to chew on) which of course makes her puke. So shes puking up whole pieces of the plant everyday. is there anything I can do to stop her or get her something else to chew on that won't make her puke?

thanks you ladies are the bestest most smartest cat ladies evah!
spider plants look really nice when they're hanging up, why not do that? there isn't any way to make cats do what you want as far as i know/remember. best to eliminate the source of trouble i think.

so we drove over to a friend's restaurant for dinner tonight and on the way we saw a sign for "free kitty" so we stopped. of course they couldn't find it under the porch but they had it when we went by on the way home and were having a last little snoggle with her to say goodbye. she's about 8 weeks old and has been with her mama all this time (our little girl is only 5 weeks) and she's a similar colour and pattern too so they look like they could be sisters. and guess what they were calling her? that's right, they were calling her Pepper! we may pick out another name but still, i consider that very fortuitous.
she's exploring the house with the other fur baby tucked away in a bedroom upstairs. i'll make the introduction happen slowly.

kitties! we gots kitties! yay!
missladyj, do you already give her catgrass? Supposedly having catgrass around to chew on will stop cats from chewing on houseplants. I've never tested that because my houseplants are hanging up, but our fuzzybutt enjoys the oatgrass I grow for him (free sample seeds from Poopsiecat). Cheaper to grow your own of course, but you can buy pots of catgrass on sale at Whole Foods, garden centers, etc.

pepper, congrats on your kitties!
Cats don't like citrus or hot, spicy flavors. You could get some orange oil, put a few drops in some water and spray the leaves with it. You could probably do the same with some tabasco or something, though I don't know what that would do to the plant. Maybe the orange oil is safer.

But pepper's idea would obviously work, too. We have some friends who made a hanging plant thing in their living room- in front of the big window, they screwed a couple of heavy duty hooks into the joists in the ceiling, about the width of the window away from each other. Then they got a wooden dowel rod, about an inch and a half in diameter and a little longer than the distance of the hooks. Put the ends of the dowel rod into the hooks and hung plants from it. It was cheap, worked quite well, looked nice and kept their cats out of the plants.

My cats always had a better time knocking the pots of catgrass over and spreading the dirt everywhere. *Sigh*
Funny, my cats always just look at the grass like "um, hey, you left your plant on the floor there. You gonna pick that up or what?" And it would just end up dying. My fatty cat Chicken does like fresh cut flowers, unfortunately. I used to have arrangements all over the place, but I couldn't keep him from nibbling the petals. Freaky cat.

missladyj, if you are home often enough, an air can might do the trick. One squirt of that usually makes a cat scarper. It just needs to be fairly consistent. I was never home enough to do much successful behavior mod with my guys.
There are various bitter sprays on the market, and I know some of them claim to be plant "safe". I used the bitter apple kind once on my house plants to discourage Ziggy from chewing them. They were already sort of beaten up from his noshing, so I am not sure if the spray did them any harm. They've since recovered and I do know that he must have hated the taste, because he leaves them alone now. I bought him some kitty grass and all he did was dig the dirt out and make a huge mess.

Has anyone tried the live catnip out? I saw it at the pet store today and was curious. I haven't even tried the dried stuff on him yet.
QUOTE(sixelacat @ Nov 11 2007, 11:23 PM) *

missladyj, if you are home often enough, an air can might do the trick. One squirt of that usually makes a cat scarper. It just needs to be fairly consistent. I was never home enough to do much successful behavior mod with my guys.

Ha, I can attest to the effectiveness of the canned air trick! When I was still living with my parents, one of the cats had no sleeping etiquette- she'd stomp around, you'd wake up with her ass in your face. So we kept the door closed, which drove her crazy. As soon as she'd start pawing and scratching at the door, I'd get my canned air, stick the tube under the door and pull the trigger. Scared the bejeebus out of her and after a couple of times, she gave up.
thanks ladies for all the suggestions. I have mentioned to hubby about hanging the plant . The air can won't work cuz I'm not around during the day.

congrats on the kitties pepper!

thanks again all
oh my gosh polly, i'm cracking up over here, ppfftt! ha!

hokay, my sweet little charming darlings are INSIDE the piano. no joke. hope they don't "go" in there! how the heck would i clean that blink.gif ?
Mine is sitting on my legs. Nice, warm kitty. They really are sweet and the cutest things you've ever seen when they're not tearing the house up and scratching you when you're trying to do your homework.
I checked the last few pages of the archives, and this video hadn't been posted, so hopefully this is at least somewhat new to you guys:

I snagged it off a another bustie's page, so I'm not sure if it's already been posted here. I had to re-post, it makes me laugh so!
QUOTE(musicfit @ Nov 14 2007, 08:55 PM) *
Mine is sitting on my legs. Nice, warm kitty. They really are sweet and the cutest things you've ever seen when they're not tearing the house up and scratching you when you're trying to do your homework.

In my house we call that cat lap. If you have cat lap you don't have to get up and get your own glass of water.

I have that video on my myspace page, it was sent to me by my sister. It's funny because thats how our cat wakes the Missus every morning.
Does anyone else have a littermaid litter box? I bought one off Craigslist the other day, but it was used and doesn't have instruction for how to program it.
I don't know anything about the littermaid box, but that video is hilarious. My cat is exactly like that, which is part of the reason why when I need to sleep well I lock her out of my room at night, otherwise she'll just be running around like mad.
See, there I was having a nice little "cat lap" moment. And then I moved funny, startled Olivia and she frantically clawed her way off of me slicing my toe and my knee (on opposite legs, I should add.)
I do love that clip, though. My cats are like that in warm weather. In fall and winter, they sleep like stones. I like the winter sleep mode a lot more. I know that if I even tried to keep them off of my bed, I wouldn't get any sleep. They are too spoiled. And who's fault is that I ask you?

I wanted to pass on this product I just learned about: Pill Pockets. Olivia is on meds 2x a day right now. A friend of mine told me about them and I got them from my vet for $6 a pack. She just gobbled up her antibiotics like a champ. No fighting, no fingers down her throat, no problems! And I gave one to my boy cats sans pills so he wouldn't eat his sister's meds.
That cat video's a scream, I laughed so much my cat started looking at me funny laugh.gif .
oh, i need some help right Now. my wee little 6 week old rescue kitty uses the litter box no problem but the 8 week old rescue kitty pees wherever the damn hell she pleases including the upholstered lid of my childhood toy box, the couch, the rug, argh. And the litter box, she knows where that is alright and likes it fine. just not all the time. i caught her doing it on the couch so i crated her, it's a really big crate and i put in a toy, litter box, food and water and bedding thinking i would clean up the couch and then think of what to do. well, she just totally and completely freaked out, kitty melt down. she got Soaked, covered in food and litter, a mess. i had to give her a bath which, can i tell you, she was decidedly unfond of. she's in the bathroom now with litter, food and water, bedding and a toy until she dries off and i think what to do with her.

i can't let her pee wherever she pleases, i need to figure this out and fast. the downstairs litter box is big enough, i scoop it out several times a day, it's in a warm enough area not next to any drafts or anything noisy, they can get into it just fine. what can i do? i looked online and found Nothing to help me.

i'm going upstairs now to pet and reassure her now. poor little damp kitty.
Pepper, I am by no means an experienced cat companion as I only have one, and have had him just over a year and he's been perfect with regard to using the litter box.

However, one thing I remember reading is that sometimes each cat will want/need their own litter box. How do you keep them from using the other's box? I don't know, but apparently the theory is that since he may not feel that the single litter box is "his own" (which of course, it isn't), he may be marking in other areas as a way to claim his territory.

I'm sure someone much more qualified than myself will chime in soon smile.gif
Could also be a UTI. Is she pooping in the litterbox? This page had some good info.

ETA: Check out the "Peeing Solutions" link at the bottom- if an UTI has been ruled out, sounds like you have to housebreak them like a dog, putting them in the litterbox yourself every couple hours and praising them.
hi NP!

thanks for your suggestions guys. polly, i'm ordering the 'stink finder' and odour remover from that site you linked to. now that i know what she's doing i have to find any other spots and clean them up.

there is more than one litter but i don't think they care yet. they eat, sleep, and use the litter box together, they just love each other so much. and she does go in the box, both poop and pee, though i will watch her more closely now to make absolutely sure of that. she's in the bathroom overnight from now on until i'm sure she's going in the box and not on the furniture. in fact, from what i've been reading, i should be putting both of them in there when i'm out of the house too.

poor little fur babies. hope things straighten out soon!
i haven't caught her in the act but that doesn't mean it isn't still happening. she's so little, her pee doesn't smell like anything yet so i can't tell that way. got my fingers crossed though!

here's a little kitty psa, that clumping litter is deadly. i had a friend who swore it made her cats sick and now here's the proof.

thankfully there are great alternatives. hope my girls will go for one of them.
pepper, I've tried 4 or 5 different kinds of those wheat-based litters, and they would be fantastic if they actually covered the odor issue. It won't make as much of a difference when your furbabies are small, so hopefully they will work for you for quite a while. Unfortunately, I have 2 very large cats. One is much fussier than the other, and won't use the litterbox if he can smell waste. In fact, he's found a favorite spot in the dining area instead. I've had to use scent-killer and shampoo the carpet in there half a dozen times in the past month! I also have a Littermaid self-cleaning box, and wheat-based litters work SO well with those, which is why I keep trying every new kind/brand that shows up.

The clumping litters haven't caused any health issues with my kitties, but with the Littermaid they don't really form hard clumps as much as, well, muddy clumps. These get stuck on the rake or glue to the bottom of the box, either way they gum up the works more often than not. I got the Littermaid because I was gone so much I couldn't keep the box as clean as they like, and didn't want them to find an "alternative". Sigh. Still searching for the "perfect" litter for it.

*oh, and for a disclaimer, I really do like my Littermaid, and would MUCH rather have it than not. In fact, if I had the money I would buy a second one, because I think that might alleviate some of my issues with it. I think it might just be seeing more "traffic" than it can handle, seeing it serves two large cats (large as in 20 and 22 pounds, and only one of them is overweight according to the vet!)*
My kitties will only use one brand of litter, and that's Arm & Hammer Odor Indicator, which is a clumping litter. It has not made them sick.

I tried several different environmentally friendly litters and they hated all of them. They used the wheat litter for awhile until they could smell their poop. I had to clean it everyday, which is very costly, since litter is not cheap. We have finally find a litter they will use, and we were so sick of their litter issues and buying more kinds of litter when we don't have much money, that we gave up. It's so much easier just letting them use the litter they want. I'm sick of the environmental issues, but while they are little, I'm not experimenting with litter types. That will have to wait until they are old enough not to be misbehaving all the time.

Also, my kitty Willow was peeing outside the litter box about a month after we got her and I took her to the vet. Turns out she had urine crystals since I was feeding her the wrong cat food (cat food with too many veggies in it). So if you do the preventive measures (the odor stuff) and she keeps peeing all over everything, take her to the vet, it could be a potentially serious health issue. It could also be that she just doesn't like the litter. That was an issue for both of them for awhile. Damn premadonnas! Lol.
The vet tech who volunteers at the shelter I also volunteer at says that there is more and more evidence that a partial wet food diet is really good for cats. I always thought it was like kitty junk-food, wasn't good for their teeth and made them have loose stools, but apparently, especially in males, it prevents urinary problems. I guess when I get my kitty (*sigh* some day) I'll do a partial wet food diet.
i'm going to start the raw food diet for these little furballs. they are young enough to transition easily and it sure sounds easy to just cut them off a hunk of boney meat! gross for me, the non-meat eater though. oh well, i think of it as one of those neccessary icky jobs, like helping little get the crusty ones out of his nose so he can breath, or like changing the baby's poopy bum. yay. raw meat in my kitchen is pretty much on a level with that for me.
hello everyone!

those of you looking for other types of litter to try - have you tried the pine litter? you can get it in little pellets or in a very fine soft ground-up granual-type (sorry, my use of language sucks this morning), which also clumps.

we tried it for a week or so with our new cat (she's 4 yrs old, but has been using the reg clay clumping stuff and we wanted to switch because of the dust factor). we loved the pine stuff (and it's what my mom uses for her cats) and found that it really cut down on the bad odours. however, our cat wasn't really fond of it. she would use her box to pee in, but we discovered she was pooping in a corner in our basement far from her litter box - maybe it wasn't the litter change, but we couldn't figure out why she was doing this. so, we switched back to her regular litter (a different brand, much less dusty) and sometimes she would poop in it, other times, we'd still find poop in the corner. so, we got her another litter box and so far, so good. no poop in the corner.

so, maybe that's not such a convincing sell for the pine litter since our cat didn't like it, but she's an older cat - maybe a kitty started younger on it would get used to it?

lover, we had the same experience. the pine litter worked for our cats for about a month. for some reason, they started pooping elsewhere too. same thing happened with my friend's cats. it's like they loved it at first (one of my cats would lay in it when it was clean). but then something happened and they stopped using it. very very odd. but once i switched back to a clumping litter, they went right back to the box.
Hmm, I'd be wary of pine litter- you're not supposed to use pine bedding with small animals (hamsters, mice, rats, etc.) because it can cause respiratory problems. Maybe pine litter wouldn't be as bad since the cat isn't actually living in it.

I don't know what the right answer is. Maybe potty-training your cat.
hm! interesting stuff about the pine litter! i didn't know about the respiratory conditions that it may cause. and interesting that you experienced the same thing with your cats, falljackets.

my mom uses the pine stuff with her cats, but they are outside a good deal of the time and usually do their business out there, so maybe they don't really care what's in their, they're used to litter changes.

you can also buy newspaper/recycled paper pellets for litter, too, though not sure how easy or great it is to clean.

on a related note, we recently bought another litter box for our cat, called the booda-dome, it's a dome shaped litter box (and it's pink!) and she loves it. we find she uses it more than her square shaped one. i think because she can turn around and move in it a little easier.
with the pine litter they extract the oils so it isn't piney. wonder if that's what makes it diff. than bedding made of shavings.
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