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I just don't think this cat will outgrow it. He is seriously mental.

I don't know. I kind of want to go back to me, the Mister, and Oliver.
He's just . . . . bad.
The only thing I hate about the whole situation is that I *hate* the thought of giving animals away because I'm always afraid that someone bad will take him/her and abuse him/her and it will be all my fault. I really hate it. People think I'm insane because I like animals more than most people. I get too emotional even though this cat is driving me crazy.

I really do think that he will have to have a bigger home. I might give him a few more days and then put an add in my local paper. I can't take another few months of this, it's just not something I can handle. The last three months were so stressful and now I've finally found solitude only to have it taken away by a cat! AND! He's not worth my $350 damage deposit, sadly.

And yes, poor Oliver. =(

That does sound like an interesting book, gumby_cc. It's something I might check into if I decide to keep him.
have any of you ever moved long distance with a cat? i'm moving from boston to chicago at the beginning of august. it's a 15 hour drive. i think i am gonna leave as soon as i finish packing up the van and stay in a hotel for two nights so we can arrive in chicago early on the third day. i've been researching online and think i have a good plan, but i just want to run it by other cat people who have done this before.

i'm gonna go out this week and buy a bigger crate, one that's big enough for the cat to stand up and move around in a little. i'm going to put her favorite blanket in the crate and leave the door open, so hopefully she'll start hanging out in there. she fights when i try to put her in the crate to go to the vet, but it's a tiny one. once i have the crate, we'll take a few practice drives. she's only been in the car with me for really short drives, so i want to try and take her for longer drives and see if she stops meowing at any point. on move out day, i'm gonna keep her either in the crate or in a room with the door closed - which do you think is better? i'm not too worried about her in the hotel room. i'll bring a makeshift litter box, give her food and water. i'm staying with friends right now, and she was fine when we came here. started exploring right away and was cuddling and happy. when we (finally) get to my new apartment in chicago, i'll bring her and her stuff in first. i'll keep her in the crate until we are done moving and then keep her in my bedroom for a few days.

i'm worried most about having her in the car for that long. how much should she eat and drink? what if she never stops meowing? what about when we stop to eat or whatever? is she going to hate me forever? is this the best way to move a cat long distance?

I don't know if 3 hours away would be considered long distance, but I did just recently move with my feline friend and he was pretty good with the move. I actually took him home and back last weekend, so six hours in two days and he was fine, except for when the car got hot and we didn't have air conditioning. I just made sure the windows were down all the way and then once the sun was behind us he was fine. Like blanche suggested, just make sure you have food and water, although I agree, she might not eat or drink because of feeling stressed. When I got into my new place the first thing I did was make sure Oliver (my cat that moved) had his place set up first and he eventually settled in nicely.

Also: Update on my new feline friend!
We are going to keep him. We have been off the past three+ days so we have been working on training him and he is improving. He and Oliver are getting along better; they even sleep close together although not totally curled up. And we changed his name to Dodger, like in Oliver Twist. It suits him because he dodges all over the place too. So I guess it's a good thing that I gave him some time!


I did a multi-day move with my cat, Elvis, from Utah to New York and I think you have a pretty good plan. Hopefully your cat does not talk the whole way to Chicago, but no matter what she says, DO NOT let that cat out of the crate. Elvis almost caused a multi-car crash when I stupidly let him out because I was worried by all his meowing.

And in response to where to keep her on moving day, I definitely say in a room with the door closed. That way she can stretch her legs, go to the litterbox etc...

Good luck! It sounds like your cat is very lucky to have someone who put so much forethougt into her comfort!
gahh, i know i should not let her out of the crate, but my mom is gonna be in the car too so she can keep an eye on the cat. maybe i'll just let her out at rest stops or something. i got this big soft carrier, it's like a duffel bag with mesh sides and a soft fleece bottom. i hope she likes it and just falls asleep!
I just thought of something else that works for Elvis... If we put a sheet over his cage he just drops off to sleep. Weird right? But we thought "Hmmm.... He really enjoys napping under the covers on our bed so he would probably like having something over his cage." Of course this isn't such a good trick for long stretches of time or if it is really hot (or your kitty does not like it as much as Elvis). But you could try it for an hour or so to see if it might give you some peace and quiet.

By the way, when is the big move?
Laurenanne, I have never moved my cats more than a few miles but I can promise that s/he will not hate you forever. A few days at most was the longest my girl hated me and that cat can hold a grudge. Just tell anyone who is moving you to leave the animals alone. My friends kept trying to check on them and it did not help.

After a year of an unresolved peeing issue and many trips to the vet, I have decided to have my girl cat treated by an animal energy healer. My vet had told me that if the latest round of medication didn't help, he was going to have to send me to someone else. Then a friend whom I trust told me that she knew a pet pyschic/energy healer. After checking out the woman's website, it kind of came down to what do I have to loose? I emailed her and we have been talking back and forth. I am looking forward to this and I'll let you know how it goes.
ulg im moving my cat and 3 ferrets from MA to NC, AND i dont have a car or liscence. I'm not looking forward to figuring that one out but i'm sure however i do it they are all going to hate me for a while sad.gif ...oh new pic of lenore lounging with my boyfriends bike.
the big move starts on monday! and, kittenb, telling people to LEAVE HER ALONE is a great idea. i'll let you all know how it goes!
AHhh... I don't know what to do with my cat. I love him love him love him, but he pees on my bed!!
I know that I haven't been home much since i started hanging with "bruce leroy", and he is now locked away in my room because my roomie refuses to have the ac vents fixed in his room... meaning we have to keep the seperating doors leading to his part of the apartment opened to allow air circulation...problem is...
My cat will piss on any rug he finds and has done so to my roomie's rugs. Thus, he is not allowed to go into those rooms.
Nachos only pees on my bed, i think... when he's unhappy with me or his situation. I clean the poopy-box consistently, stopping off at least for 20min to check on him everyday if I'm hanging with my new crush.
I've tried Feliway. I've tried Total Miracle. Vinegar, etc. I have to keep a dang vinyl tablecloth on my bed.
Somehow a part of the bed was exposed and he took that opportunity for the second time in a month!!!

It's gotta be cause he has to stay confined to my room and I haven't been around.

I do have a cage I could put together so he could go outside or something... but if I'm at work or elsewhere, he won't be able to move about freely in the apartment.

I only have 3 more months of this shit. My last roomie before this one wouldn't let nachos out either. And sure enough... nachos showed his unhappiness.

I just can't wait to have my own place where he won't be allowed in my room except for when I'm in it.
So much for having rugs. Waterproof rugs are my only option.


Any suggestions other than the obvious of being home more often or putting him in a cage when I leave home? sad.gif
Oh, Moonpieluv, that is a difficult problem! I don't have an answer for you, but I can commiserate as one of my cats regularly pees outside the litter box, even though we scoop it twice a day. My bf and I moved in together last winter, and I had two cats and he had one. His cat has always had problems with going outside the litter box, and the trend has continued. I am constantly cleaning up with Nature's Miracle (I think that's what its called), an enzymatic cleaner. We tried Feliway, and it didn't work for us either. One of my other cats has started peeing on my throw rugs too, so I've had to pick those up. I think the issue for her is that I've recently relocated her litter box. I may have to move it back to its previous spot. Some days I feel like I'm doing innundated by cat pee! It sucks! At least you are going to be moving to a better environment for you cat soon, and it sounds like the issue may resolve itself then. Does anyone else have any advice for peeing cats?
Aluminum! I had no idea... excellent. I shall try it it. I hate to not have a special place for my cat to sleep.... I think now's the time to get him a wee cat bed... and foil my bed. Not very glamorous, but honestly I don't bring that many people home with me... I go over to "BL"'s house for more privacy anyways.

I do have a box in there. before nachos had two boxes.. one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom.. that seemed to work out great cause he used the one in kitchen for his #2's and the one in my bedrm for just #1's. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and put two cat boxes in my room?
My poor cat! sniff. unsure.gif

All this makes it seem like I neglect the poor guy, but I swear I don't!! He's my little baby... if anything, he has attachment issues! He "makes bisquits" on my chest and sits in my lap as much as he can. ALL the Time. even when I'm home a lot.

I think he likes the bed cause it's
A: the most comfortable space for him
B: my quilt under the vinyl cover has been peed on before, but I thought all would be well covered...
I think it's mostly an act to show me that he's not happy, though.
He's peeing on available or slightly uncovered spots. so... I bet he smells the ammonia remnants I couldn't eradicate from his prior pee-pee episodes... all of which happened when I wasn't home as often, very sad myself, or when locked away in the room. Sudden change or unhappiness in him or me or feelings of abandonment seem to trigger it.

He started doing it on my ex's side of the bed before I left him. hmmm....see?!?
So there you have it.

He has some feather string toys, but he doesn't seem really into balls or lil'mice or anything. He used to have a sock monkey that he would beat up? hmm... he needs one again...maybe dressed as a wrestler or something. Brillant!

No scratching post as he uses one of my chairs (declawed by my parents), but now I'll try anything for my little cat of love, as I call him!
Thanks Blanche!!!
p.s. I shall never have a rug unless totally plastic or something!
moonpielove, you and I have the exact same problem. This is why I am taking Olivia to an energy healer. It has been going on for a year and now my normal habit is to flip my bed up against the wall as soon as I wake up in the morning (she has retaliated by peeing on my box springs.) Be sure to get your cat looked at by a vet to screen out any actual health problems. Once that is clear, the idea of having aluminum on your bed is one that I have not tried. I normally keep trash bags under my bed sheets so that the mess is blocked from the mattress. I also have a mattress cover that works...okay...with blocking the mess. Not as well as I need it to, but better than nothing.
I think Olivia does most of her craziness b/c she is a high-strung cat. This is just one more example. And having to put her on medication a few times this year has not helped that. The only way I can pill her is to sit on her back and force my fingers down her throat. It is ugly and just upsets her more. sad.gif I have gotten to the point where I feel like a bad cat-mama and people seem to wonder why I haven't gotten rid of her. What can I say? She's my cat and she needs me.
OH MY... I would NEVER give my lil' nachos chachos away! It's just something that I have to deal with....

Kittenb... although I totally feel bad for your situation.. I'm at least glad that someone else knows my frustration! I'm going to Lowe's and getting this extra thick like plastic cover to envelope my entire bed! I will then get a little cat bed or make one or something to put on the cover for him to lay on.
I just don't have a choice.

I'm also moving soon, so in my search... I'm afraid to go for carpeted apt.'s, but alas... if one is a good deal, then so be it. Aesthetically, I prefer hard-wood's. So if I have to do a carpet situation... then I'm going to have to cover every square inch of carpet with that heavy-duty plastic material that you can have measured out by yards. What a pain! But...

I love my kitty. He loves me. He's just a pisser.
QUOTE(Moonpieluv @ Jul 31 2007, 01:32 PM) *
Kittenb... although I totally feel bad for your situation.. I'm at least glad that someone else knows my frustration!

That was how I felt about your post. Tonight is the night I see the pet psychic/energy healer. Please goddess, let this work!!!!!
So, to insert a little levity here, I have two 4 month old kittens, one of which tries to nurse a little when she's cuddled up with other kitties. Thats how this picture came about. I laughed so hard when I took this picture. I introduce to you: Kitteh Pr0n!

Oh my god, PiP, that is hilarious! (nice avvie, btw wink.gif )

Good luck with your troubled girl, kittenb!

moonpieluv, my boys NEVER peed outside their box until I moved back to my parents for a bit several years ago. And they weren't fixed at the time, either, because they never left my house and had never attempted to spray anything. BUT, when we stayed with my folks, they had to stay in the basement (they HATE closed doors, they'll pull them open and walk away, or at least scratch the heck out of the door trying!). I let them out to roam very supervised a couple of times when my dad was home, and he expressed his dislike for kitties basically because they don't immediately fawn all over you like dogs. Well, one weekend when the folks were out of town, I let the kitties upstairs and fell asleep on the couch. OOPS! They had wandered upstairs to my parents bedroom, where both parents had piles of sorted dirty laundry on the floor. They peed exclusively on my dad's clothes, and also on HIS side of the bed, even right on the indent his head makes on his pillow! laugh.gif Such good aim!

Perhaps nachos needs a friend? I got my boys at the same time because I was working close to 80 hours a week back then and knew I could only be around at odd hours. I'm around a lot more now, but one of my boys is really needy and the other can entertain himself. I think if I had only gotten the needy one he would have had the same issues poor nachos is having. (((nachos)))
Oh... KittenB I hope the healer helped! Please report back when you can!

Sixelcat---- thanks for sharing your story! I know it's because he's stuck in my room all alone. I let him roam about a bit the apartment, supervised of course, but he always wants to go into the living room and my roomie's room... that is, the rooms that are forbidden to him. He now has two poopy-boxes in his room and has returned to using one for #1 and the other for #2. He's not happy with the situation, and I can't wait to finally get my own apartment and be done with all of this.

Now that my crush is back from vacation, I'll be of course spending a lot of time at his house, as he lives alone.... I wish I could get a new friend for nachos... sad.gif But my current roomie would kill me and honestly, I don't have the money for vet visits right now.

I have thought about it once I get settled in my new town. a little adopted kitten...awww.

Prettyinpink---- that picture is so friggin adorable! ahaha. laugh.gif
Well, I went to my pet psychic/energy healer person and it was intense. It became a 90-minute reading where I learned about my past lives, two of which I shared with Olivia, and why we both got sick at the same time, the same year. It seems that Olivia & I have a longer and more complicated relationship than I previously assumed. She has been suffering from all of the stress that I have been under this year. Also, it has not helped that her behavior has put a huge strain on our relationship. So now I have been talking to her more, thanking both my cats for using the litter box and asking them to continue to do so. The healer did warm me that there might be more set-backs but so far so good. And I feel better about it. We did some energy work on both Olivia and myself, clearing out old ineffective thought processes and behaviors. It seems that Olivia knows that she is not supposed to pee on the bed but she just blanks out when she does it. Then she feels bad and I get angry & frustrated and the whole stress cycle starts again.

So...I guess we will see what happens next. I have been incense bombing my apartment as I am so paranoid about it smelling bad. Although my most truthful friend said he did not smell anything. With the heat, though, I just can't stop worrying. So I bought some good quality incense sticks and I plan on burning two a day until the weather gets colder. I don't care if my place ends up smelling like a metaphysical store. Better that than a cat box.

If anyone is interested, this is the woman I went to: Star Healings.

ETA: Moonpielove and I x-posted. My cats do not belive in closed doors. They insist on going into every place in my house. I let them in the coat closet as a special treat during bad weather, only. Otherwise, that is the only door I have ever insisted stay closed to them. So sometimes my boy cat will just sit in front of the door and wail in frustration.
BTW, according to the healer, my boy cat is a much simpler cat. More along the "fire bad, tree pretty" thinking. Hee!
i have a problem, and i dont know if its solvable at all.

my cat has been unrolling whole rolls of toilet paper, everytime i put a roll out, in the morning its all over the floor, shes still a kitten so i think she thinks it is her toy. is there any way i can get her to stop? besides the obvious, put the toilet paper somewhere else, because i have a tiny ass bathroom and if i put it somewhere else its a huge hassle.
Maybe if you had a tp holder with a cover of some sort. I don't know what they are called but the kind that has a heavier peice of chrome laying across the top of the roll. Or maybe one of the standing on the floor dispensers.
My cats rarely do that but I find it so annoying when it happens rolleyes.gif .
Hoping other kitty owners have some advice . . .

I have 2 cats (8 year old, overweight male, Miles and 6 year old slender-average female, Emma) and in the last couple of weeks both of their coats have become ridiculously matted in the same spot - their lower backs near their tails are like dreads.

Miles usually has some problems with grooming because of his weight (and also because I stopped brushing him regularly when he start expelling his anal sack when I did). There was one other time about 2 years ago when he started to get a little matted and I had to take him to a groomer, but this is even worse. Also, Emma is an extremely fastidious cat and has never had a problem with her coat or cleanliness, but she's all matted now too.

At this point, I will have to take both of them to the groomer, but I'm more puzzled by how it happened in the first place. It has been really hot and we don't have the A/C on all day (window units), so I'm wondering if it's sweat and overproduction of oils from the heat? Can cats sweat that much? It's just weird, because it's never been this bad.
prophecy grrl, cats actually only sweat through their paws (and very little at that), so they're probably not matted from sweat. I would think it's the heat, though, because they've really only got 3 strategies to cool off. If it's just a bit too warm, cats groom themselves (the saliva acts like sweat does on people), but if it's hotter they'll try to lie in the coolest spot and not move to minimize creating body heat and maximize its release. If they get waaay overheated they will pant, but they have to be really baking to do so. I bet your cats are just not grooming themselves as much because they're trying not to exert themselves.

Have you tried to brush out the matted place? My overweight cat frequently won't/can't get his hind quarters, and it got pretty matted back there a while back. I thought I would have to shave off some spots, but I used a slicker brush first and worked the matte from the end towards the root (like brushing long hair) and it all came out without resorting to shaving (or expensive groomers!). Good luck!
thanks for the reply kittenb. actually my boss gave me a really good suggestion today, thought i would share it with you guys if any of you ever have the same problem. she told me to cover the toilet paper roll with a shower cap when we arent using it, so she cant get at it, at least till she gets bored with trying to play with it.
my kitty got stuck in a tree the other day...i'm not sure if he was hot or just panicky, or maybe both, but he was definitely panting up there! in between the crying that is. luckily he came down after about half an hour, where he promptly collapsed on the kitchen floor (panting again). i think he really worked himself up while he was in that tree! poor little guy.
Aww poor kitty. They always look so forlorn after the fun of climbing up the tree is over.
QUOTE(tankgirl @ Aug 6 2007, 10:14 AM) *
i have a problem, and i dont know if its solvable at all.

my cat has been unrolling whole rolls of toilet paper, everytime i put a roll out, in the morning its all over the floor, shes still a kitten so i think she thinks it is her toy. is there any way i can get her to stop? besides the obvious, put the toilet paper somewhere else, because i have a tiny ass bathroom and if i put it somewhere else its a huge hassle.

I know you've already gotten a solution, but another one in case somebody else has a problem....try putting the toilet paper on the roll the other way? I mean, where you'd pull it off from the bottom instead of from the top? That worked for my cat, back when I had a problem.
QUOTE(laurenann @ Jul 27 2007, 07:30 AM) *
the big move starts on monday! and, kittenb, telling people to LEAVE HER ALONE is a great idea. i'll let you all know how it goes!

So has kitty-face forgiven you yet? Thankfully my cat has a bad short term memory and forgets about having to be in the car for long periods of time. Especially if I feed him right when we get to our destination.
oh, yeah, the move went fine! she was great in the car - just slept the whole time - and adjusted well to the new apartment. what a good girl!!
yay for good moves! sukoyant your pic is hilarious...yes, he has been upset i havent been letting him climb more trees now. he shot up a couple more but came down again straight away, but it's a bit too nervewracking for me.

good luck with the toilet paper lovin' cat...with duke it was paper towels. he would stand on the stove and unravel the entire roll from the wall holder whenever we left the apt. we had to get a stand-up holder instead. luckily he has been leaving the toilet paper alone.
We have 2 new kittens from the same litter that we acquired about 2 months ago. I am now trying to get a urine sample from the kitten who has been peeing outside the litter box so I can have it analyzed at the vet tomorrow to make sure she doesn't have a urinary tract infection. I was told to shut her in the bathroom with beads in her clean litter box until she peed in it, no matter how much she cries to get out. But her crying is overwhelming. I can't stand doing this! I feel like I'm hurting her. I think I'm going to have to have the vet do it tomorrow while I go work out. Has anyone else had to do a home urine sample for their cat?

I took my kittens to the vet today because Willow had been peeing outside the litter box. The vet analyzed her urine sample to find that she has crystals in her urine because we were feeding her the wrong food. These crystals make it hurt for her to pee, so I had to go get her some Science Diet along with the antibiotics the vet gave to me.

The vet advised me against organic pet food today. It has too much plant matter in it and they are putting far too many veggies in it, which throws kittens' and cats' systems out of wack. As the vet explained, cats mainly eat mice and what is a ground up mouse? Protein. So now I have to re-litter train them which consists of shutting them in a small room for 2 weeks! I don't think we will leave them in there that long. We will probably just get another litter box. But that is where they are right now, with all their toys, food and water, in the office upstairs.

We go to organic food stores all the time and don't take into account that just because something says it's cat and kitten food, doesn't mean it's cat and kitten food. The people who made it obviously don't know a thing about cats. So this is my moment to advise against giving organic cat food to your kitten unless you show it to the vet first and make sure it's okay. We are inexperienced cat owners, so we didn't know. Humans can handle small amounts of protein, but cats MUST have protein, since they are carnivores.

That said, Science Diet, Eukenuba and Iams are the 3 brands that were recommended to me by the vet and they are very expensive. I looked at all 3 different brands and I would only be saving about a dollar or two if I bought something other than Science Diet. So to calm the sense of worry about giving them the wrong food again, I broke and bought Science Diet kitten since it was the sample the vet had provided.
Okay, I have a question about re-litter training.

My vet is having me keep my kittens in a small room with their litter for 2 weeks. I have started to let them run around outside the room throughout the house off and on. Will that undo their training? I just can't keep them cooped up in a little room for 2 weeks, no matter what the vet recommends. Anything any of you have done that has worked when it comes to re-training them to the litter box when they pee outside it?
musicfit, good luck with your kitties! i did not know that about organic food, thanks for the heads up...i have pretty much fed mine iams or pro plan (purina). the last time i bought cat food some rep at the pet store convinced me to buy this all natural kind which they said was better bc it was made with rice instead of corn, making it more easily digestible. i'm not sure if it is organic, though they told me it was made with the cuts of meat people eat as opposed to the other parts of the animal. in any case i mixed it in with duke's iams and he loves it so much he has been trying to get away with eating only the new brand and leaving the pieces of iams in his dish! the brand is called natural choice. the only issue is that it is pretty expensive so i dont know if i will be able to stick with it. iams and science diet seem like good choices, though, so i hope they are feeling better very soon!
I guess I over-reacted by saying that all organic food is bad for cats. I have friends who buy expensive organic cat food that just uses meat from animals that have been treated in a more humane way. I would just make sure there aren't too many veggies in it and it's pure meat with no fillers or attitives. I think rice is fine, because I found Eukenuba food with rice in it. Anyway, I didn't mean to say that all organic food is bad, just that you have to make sure it's not highly veggie-based.

Sorry. Anyway, we are having a huge peeing outside the litter box problem. As I stated before, the vet had instructed me to keep the kittens in a small room with their litter boxes in order to re-litter train them. But now they have peed in that room on the bed. What to do? I'm so frustrated! Luckily, I'm seeing the vet tomorrow. But any advice you might have would be welcome.

the type of cat food your kitty is eating is nutro natural choice most likely. it is a really good cat food. if you can afford it you should keep your cat on it, theres a reason why most vets and pet store employees feed that to their pets, theres a HUGE difference in quality. but im not here to be a sales person, i personally feed lenore puina because its cheaper and im poor lol but if i had a choice id feed her nutro mos def.
Sorry this is ott. Is it okay if i post a pic of my cat Lou?
Please do!
Here are my kitties! The striped one is Willow, the black and white one is Xander.

yes tankgirl, that is the brand. he is pretty in love with it! i'm going to try and mostly keep him on it, maybe mixed with a bit of purina or iams. supposedly it reduces litterbox odor somewhat, though i don't think there has been a huge dif. funnily enough he doesnt seem to like that brand of canned food much.

awesome pics music!! theee cutest.
We got them at Pet Co.

Also, yeah! They are. I wanted some kind of Buffy-related name and then I ended up getting 2 from the same litter that just happened to be male and female and just happened to be inseparable.
so i have a cute story to tell. i had let the ferrets out of their cage to play and them and the kitten chased each other around for a good couple of hours. the house quieted down, as it usually does and the ferrets fell asleep hidden somewhere. i looked around for the kitten and couldnt find her anywhere... until i looked into the ferret cage. there she was, on the top floor, curled up in one of their hanging hammocks! so cute. i cant even believe she was able to squirm theough the small holes in the cage, let alone get to the top and sleep in their hammock!
Is anyone dressing their cat up for Halloween? My Lou is going as a camel this year.
A camel! That's awesome! What will the costume involve?

I think my cats would kill me if I tried to dress them up. tongue.gif
(cross-posting in the dog thread, too)

I need some advice on introducing a cat into my dog household.

For those that haven't heard the story, LeBoy has a history of cat allergy-induced asthma. He wasn't allergic his whole life, then about 6 or 7 years ago, was suddenly triggered by one cat. Since then, he's had reactions to varying degrees (usually a full-blown asthma attack) to the cats of friends and family. Well, he thinks that it seems to be going away and that maybe he'll be okay now (your body does change its chemistry every 7 years or so, so allergies can come and go, and the timing would be about right.)

I volunteer at a shelter and there's a cat that I've bonded with and I'd like to try to bring her home. The shelter is cool with me doing a test run over a few days (assuming LeBoy makes it that long) before we go through the adoption process.

My plan is to keep her in our office with her food, water, litter box, bed, etc. and keep a baby gate across the door so she can see the rest of the house but it's a barrier between her and the dog (and also so she doesn't contaminate the whole house, if LeBoy indeed has a reaction.)

I'm debating if I should send the dog away for the first night so she gets used to it, then bring him back the next day and introduce them, or if he should be there from the beginning. I have no idea how the cat will react to the dog, but my dog was raised with a myriad of cats with his former owners and doesn't bother them unless they run and knows to get the hell away when they smack your nose (and this cat has front claws, so it's even more effective.

Any advice?
Oh no, I don't realistically expect either of them to stay on their side of the's more just a "line in the sand" sort of thing.

If we end up keeping her, I think I have a good idea for keeping the litter box and kitty food out of the dog's reach (because god knows he'll try to get at it rolleyes.gif ) We're in a 2 bedroom/ 1.5 bath condo, so space is limited. We'll make a wooden box with a door and ventilation holes, line the inside with vinyl tiles for easy clean-up, and the top will lift up.

On the top, we'll just put sides on and keep her food and water up there. I know cats don't like their food close to their litter box- do you think she'll notice?
It'll only bother her if she can smell the litter really close to her food. But I keep food, water, and litter all in the tiny laundry room off the kitchen (no washer/dryer). It's a self-cleaning litter box, so there's no exposed waste near their food and they seem fine with the set-up (unless I don't empty the waste receptacle often enough, but then you can smell it in the kitchen-a good incentive for me to keep it emptied!).

Do you have a blanket or towel or something that has been with Jenny/Zelda for a bit? Putting something that smells like her in/near your pupper's area before you bring her home would get your dog used to her scent before they actually meet.
good luck polly! like the litterbox idea. my bf is allergic too, but his allergies are tamer after living with a cat for awhile. he will get asthma attacks if there are more than one cat staying with us, though.

on another subject, last night duke charged at something out the window and shattered the glass. luckily he wasn't hurt...but the window sure isn't looking too good. sometimes i could just kill that cat...rrr!
Thanks for the advice- that's a good idea, blanche. I'll have to look for a hamper and litterbox that will fit with each other.

Yeah, when I'm at the shelter on Monday, I'll make sure I have her sit on a towel while I snorgle her and then bring it home.

And good to know about the allergies, luleey.

I got some more details about her from the supervisor at the shelter- they got her from a kill shelter where she was 2 days away from being gassed, her and her baby. They rescued both of them and her son was adopted right away. Oh, I want her!

I've introduced a new cat to my household that has a dog, and I pretty much followed the plan that you've outlined - keep 'em in separate rooms and slowly allow them to become used to each other. It took a couple weeks, but now they do fine. They're not best friends, but they do sleep on my bed with me, with me in between them of course. rolleyes.gif The cat was freaked out by the dog at first, but the dog has lived with cats in the past and just wasn't all that interested in the cat. Once the cat figured that out, everyone was ok.

Also, good idea on the litter box!
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