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blanch: Yep you guessed right there male and female I raised the both since there where about week old ( diff litters) so there like two peas in a pod smile.gif
hey guys

im getting a kitten shortly and ive never had a cat before. i grew up with dogs, ferrets and small rodents. right now i have 3 ferrets that get along with pretty much any other species ive introduced them to. now my first choice would be to go to a shelter for a cat, and not stress so much on a "kitten" but cats i know are weird abpout other animals so i want my cat to grow up with the ferrets around so they can learn how to play safely together.

well the main reason for getting a kitten is the boy wants one, hes always had cats, and ive tortured him into having any pet but lol. so anyway, does anyone have any tips as far as introducing the kitten to the ferrets or whether or not i should get a male or female (obviously ill be fixing it, and it will be indoor)... ive had roomates with cats and i worked at a pet store for a bit, but im still not confident about introducing the ferrets and cat. any suggestions?
I confess I've posted this in 2 diff. threads...(before I realized there was a CATS thread)...apologies

I have to share this: I just got a new cat so now I have 2 right? Well, before the 2nd cat came, I was preparing things at home for his arrival, and one of the things was to make a second litter box. Both litter boxes are in different cubby holes in my bathroom with towels hanging over the entrances.

Well, I guess the 1st cat was trying to make sense of the 2 boxes so he began 'pooing' in one and 'peeing' in the other! Then, when cat 2 came, he followed suit, and so now they pee in one box and poo in the other, ha ha. I witnessed it this morning first hand when I saw Winky go into one box and pee and then he came out and walked into the other box and was in there for couple min's, isn't that funny!

Cats are so "orderly"
I_am_jan, that's fabulous! hee, v funny.

tankgirl, I'm sorry, I have no experience of ferrets.

mandoo survived the move wonderfully, has made the new house his own and has discovered the great outdoors. He is taking kitty-steps and venturing out a few inches more each time but is very curious.
jan that is parents' cats do the same thing with their two boxes.
yay for mandoo and the move!!

any advice or ideas on this issue i have would be young male cat just adores waking up at 5 am every morning, despite the fact that me and the bf dont get up til between 6 and 8. He usually sleeps with us, so when he wakes up at 5 i just kick him out of the room so he can eat a little, use his box, etc til we get up. the problem is he will hang out for a bit but then start squalling right outside the bedroom door. I swear he can hear the opening of an eyelid...thus "they're awake! now they can play with me!!" i have tried ignoring him but he persists in crying piteously for indefinite amounts of time...sometimes i stuff him in the spare room but it's not a v. big apt and i can often hear him even with ear plugs in. i know he would benefit from another pet friend but that is not an option for us right now, and that he just wants love and attention, but at 6 in the morning? i play with him every day so it's not like he's neglected in that respect...he is just wants attention 24/7. any ideas or experiences? thanks!
luleey: Wow, I know how that is...Winky was exactly like that before. Winky by nature is "clingy" - much more like a dog(!) than a cat, in that he's not independent at all...always wants to hang out with the humans-? He would sleep *right* next to me - on my *pillow* even - I would wake up in the night and he would be taking up the entire bed. Then, like you said, as soon as I *stirred* in the early a.m., he would begin whining/wanting to hang out - and I couldn't get back to sleep for the last couple hours before I had to get up for work. When I got home from work at night, he would be waiting at the door and whine until I settled down and could sit with him for a minute and hold him. I was very frustrated and it appeared there was nothing I could do.

That ALL changed when I got the new cat. Now, as clingy as he used to be - I rarely see him. He is *always* with the new cat. They sleep together and everything. And all of the whining stopped. It was like a miracle. Those two are ALWAYS together...I'm embarrassed for them how into each other they are ; ) I guess some cats must get lonely and *need* companionship.

***Are you SURE you can't get another cat??

They would take care of each other and you would hardly notice the little extra work it would take you to have another. ?
i'd love another cat, or even a dog...we even were taking care of two other cats for a few months and duke made fast friends with one of them. but my landlady already got mad at us for having just one cat, so our pet plans are on hold for at least another year. i guess as he matures a little, and when i can live somewhere that allows more animals, duke will be less clingy! he sounds like winky...always whining and following me around, harassing us the second we sit down to do work or anything. it's funny how non-independent some cats are. i'd like to let him outside too but we live in the city and there are too many crazy drivers on our street, so maybe he is a little bored too. i guess we and he will just have to deal with it as long as we can!!
AIEEEEE!!! I have pictures of my new kittehs! They are 4 weeks old!

Kitteh Blog
Yaaaay! I got a call from the shelter I work with and they have three NEWBORN babies that need bottlefeeding. Im getting them tonight. Weeeeee!

Ill make a blog about it and pictures and you can follow the babies health. Not that anyone else cares. I loooove bottlefeeding kittens.

Yay! New mommy!
yay bebehs!!! i love the pics and cant wait to see more...
Well, the babies got a surogate cat mom. There was someone who had a foster cat who lost three kittens and those three kittens will just be placed with that mother. If she rejects them Ill be the new momma but she probably wont reject them

So I guess thats good. Nothing better for a kitten than having a feline mom.
I think this sums it up:

Prettynpink I squealed out loud when I saw your kitten pics. So cute!

I liked that chart Maybesparrow...before he met me, my boyfriend hated cats but now he loves mine so much he uses a special kitten voice when he's talking to him. Our cat loves it, too!
I just have a question for you all.

Two days ago my feline friend escaped my house and I just found out today (after two days of searching for him) that my sister believes that she found his remains last night while I was at work (we live in the country and she thinks it was him - there wasn't much left to tell, just some fur) and she thinks a coyote got to him before I could find him. Obviously, I am devastated. He was my little man and my most favourite thing on this earth.

I just want to know when you think is too soon to get a new cat. I kind of feel like getting a new cat right away is kind of disrespectful to his memory, but at the same time I haven't lived without a cat for six years (my Mom's cat and then Oliver, whom I got a year ago next month). It's only been two days and I miss the companionship and love that I felt from him (and that I gave him). I just don't know what to do. This is my first time losing an animal too, so I'm pretty upset. I have my eye on a nice boy from the local humane society, but I don't know how soon is too soon.

I know I can always turn to the lounge for good advice, so here I am.
((Arcadia)) I'm so sorry about our kitty! I think that's really something you have to answer for yourself. When I was growing up, we always had multiple cats at a time (anywhere between 2-5 cats, usually 3 or 4, though), so when one died, there was always more around and there wasn't really a "when should we get a new cat?" question. Eventually a stray would come along or someone we knew would have a cat who had kittens. One cat we got from someone in front of the grocery store who found a litter. Hmm, Max...I was 11, he was a tiny kitten, he fell asleep in my arms and my dad let me keep him. We just put him down a few years ago. I still get all teary-eyed when i think about him.

I think you just have to do what feels right. Maybe go to the shelter without any expectations of taking a cat home, see the cats, if you fall in love and it feels right, do it, otherwise wait and go back in a couple weeks or whatever.
(((arcadia))) I think polly's advice is that of a sound sage. As you have your eye on a nice boy already then visit him again, play with him and see if you connect; he is not going to be a replacement of your little man but a new friend and companion who will probably aid the grieving process.
Polly and Bunny, thank you.

I kind of think the same way you two do. I'm just afraid that if I get a new cat the same fate will happen to this new cat because of the living situation I'm currently stuck in and that would be so much worse.

BUT at the same time, I miss Oliver *so* much that I feel like another cat would help me on my way to healing. It's seriously so bad that I can't look out my bedroom window into the back field because that's where he (might have) met his fate. It just makes me sick. I live in another province now so today I went back to the one my mother lives in to visit for Mother's Day and I'm so upset that I don't even want to go back to my house where it all happened. I feel like I *can't* be there. I didn't think something like this could affect my life so much. I seriously feel like an empty shell and no one in my family over there where it happened think that I am acting rationally at all. When I cry about it they actually yell at me and tell me to grow up and get over it. Even Le Man doesn't think I'm acting very "adult". My mother is the only one who thinks it's perfectly natural to be this upset.

I really don't know what to do. I just miss him so much. He had the cutest face and he was orange and big (like I always wanted) and now . . . . it's not even certain that he is dead, but it really just burns.

QUOTE(Arcadia @ May 13 2007, 05:57 PM) *
I kind of think the same way you two do. I'm just afraid that if I get a new cat the same fate will happen to this new cat because of the living situation I'm currently stuck in and that would be so much worse.

....I seriously feel like an empty shell and no one in my family over there where it happened think that I am acting rationally at all. When I cry about it they actually yell at me and tell me to grow up and get over it. Even Le Man doesn't think I'm acting very "adult". My mother is the only one who thinks it's perfectly natural to be this upset.

Like you live with undependable people who might let the cat get out again? (That's just what I'm interpreting from your statement.) Well, if that's the case, unless you got a cat that was terrified to go outside, maybe it's not a good idea. When getting a cat, you do have to take into consideration everyone in the house, like even if you were just living with roommates or something- everyone in the house has to take some responsibility for the animal. I volunteer at a shelter, and we make really sure that everyone in the household understands this before we allow them to adopt.

I think that's awful that your loved ones are giving you a hard time. To lose a cat (and your first, at that) in such a shocking, sudden way, and only in the last few days- I think your reaction is perfectly normal. Certainly, if you thought your feelings were serious enough, after a reasonable amount of time, I would hope that you would seek outside help (depression caused by the death of a pet is very common, not like you'd be the first to have this problem.)

He came back! My sister seriously thought he was dead but this morning when my Dad let the dog out, there was Ollie, sitting on the back porch! Le Man called me immediately at 7:00 and I could hear Ollie crying in the background - he has this really weird and stupid half-meow and it's probably the best sound I've ever heard.

You guys gave seriously good advice and I wasn't going to get another cat yet. It's true; I couldn't get another one and risk his escape too.

From now on though, Ollie will have to be locked in my room or the basement most of the time. I don't want to do it but I really don't want to go through this again!

Thank you guys so much for your support; you're the best.
that's wonderful! i am so glad he came back. here i was about to post something sympathetic and now i don't have to! love it!!
Aw, thanks anyway!

I was so excited to hear that he came back this morning. I thought I was going to die. When I heard him meowing over the phone I started to cry. It was ridiculous.

Oh the things we do for the animals we love.
OMG - that's amazing! welcome home (((ollie)))

It's not ridiculous to cry, I almost did!
So Im getting another two bottle babies today. this time Im really getting them. They put the mother to sleep at the shelter and THEN realized she had babies?? I dont know the exact details but I know i have two baby kittens about 2-3 weeks in age that need to be bottlefed.

So I decided to make a blog on livejournal about their progress and ill be making entires with pics often. And then when they are adopted, Ill probably get more babies and make more entires.
Once i figure this livejournal thing out Ill give the adress for it.

**I just went and viewed them. I am at work and so the lady who brought them too me put them in the lounge. Ill bring them home at lunch in an hour. One if grey and black stripes and one is white with a grey tail. Yay!**
Oh, that's so awesome of you! It would be fun to look after some little kittens like that. I just love all cats. I love dogs, too, but I'm most definitely a cat person.

I didn't even get to see Ollie yet. I went back to my Mom's for the weekend because I was so upset about the whole situation, and I just got back to the province I'm living in today and had to go straight to work (I'm here now). I can't wait to see him and yell at him for being so bad. He will get so many hugs and scolds!

Again, thanks for everything you guys! This forum has a thread for everything, I knew I could come here when in need. smile.gif
Yay Ollie! I thought I lost a cat once but she came back two weeks later! Just needed an adventure I suppose!

I have a question. My cat is currently living with my parents because I cant have her at this time. I visit every two weeks and she generally seems happy there yet she is spraying a pair of cabinets all the time. I realize the move was stressful, but its been months now. I gave my parents a Feliway plug-in but its not working. I think she smelled the scent of our family cat that has passed, and her marking has turned into habit. Instead of having to buy my parents new furniture, does anyone know a really good pet odor remover?
Hey GB! I'm pretty sure this is the stuff my mom used when her mini dachs decided that the formal dining room was their new bathroom (it was the least used room in the house, so nobody noticed for almost 2 days!). It was recommended by the vet to remove the urine odor so they wouldn't smell it and keep thinking that was an okay place to go. Wood's so porous it may take quite a bit of treatment to get the "marking" odor out.
i got my kitty! yay!
Thought I'd post this video clip of my stoner kitty. It's his first time ever experiencing freshly picked catnip...hehe. Sorry it's a little dark.

Yeah, I'm lame.
I'm a proud future crazy old cat lady.

My family(As I am under eighteen, I live with my parents) and I are thinking of putting cat number one on a diet. We want her to live a happy life, but a long one. The problem is, we have two other cats who are just fine. We're thinking of trying the multi-cat stuff. Does anyone have any experience with that?
tree i love that video!! my kitty gets kind of aggressive with the nip so he doesn't get it all that often. Les, my sister has 3 cats and each needs a different food!! One has IBS, one is overweight and one can eat the average cat food. so that is one way to do it, although i know she has to watch the overweight one bc he will try to steal the other cats' food if he thinks no one is looking!
quick question for whoever feels like replying...i am taking duke to the vet for the first time since the shelter vet checked him last year; since he doesnt go outside, do you think it's necessary to get him a rabies shot? just curious. the vet will probably recommend it but i'd like to avoid any higher costs than need be. thanks!!
i dont know the specifics, but if i were you i'd get him a rabies shot even if he doesnt go outside. if you need any reasons, I know they are small but heres a few...

Most vets wont see animals unless they are up to date on shots unless its a life/death situation. when i brought one of my ferrets in because he was very very sick, the vet told me he was required to bring animals up to date on their shots, and he would have done so in order to treat him, if he wasn't too weak to handle the shots. So, you might run into that situation.

Also, If you ever have to board him, fly with him, etc... he will need to be up to date with his shots.

Another reason is that if he happens to get outside by accident. There is no knowing if and when that will happen.

If you are worried about extra costs for shots, I'd reccomend, if you have a Petco in your area, most of them have vet clinics about every other weekend. Basicly its a very cheap clinic where they do cat and dog shots as long as you provide them with the necessary information. Its not a substitute for vet visits, but it is a very cheap way to get your cats shots. All you have to do is bring him in a carrier and they scruff him real quick and give him his shots.

I hope this helped you.

P.S. My kitten is doing great, we named her (finally after a week) Lenore. She did amazing with the ferrets, I even caught her opening the cage for them so she can let them out to play. I'm not sure if that is cute or scarry yet lol. When I get my digital camera working I'll post some pics.

another reason for the rabies shots for indoor cats...if you live in a very old house, it may have bats in the attic. I used to live in an old house and on two occasions I had bats get inside...(shudder).

Anyway, they can carry rabies.
thanks tank and tree! i didn't consider the traveling aspect, and it's true, he could get outside. i'd definitely rather take him to a reputable vet and pay extra for the shots just so i know he is in good health!

lenore is an awesome name!! how cute. i am dying for another kitty and look online all the time...i'm just torturing myself! i love ferrets too, although i don't know much about how they get along with cats. i held one once and it was really squirmy.

heres the little lenore sleeping
What kitty cuteness.

My cat is overweight, around fifteen pounds, but he has huge paws and just a little paunch. I have been
feeding him the Iams indoor diet food for nearly six months without much of an improvement. He gets a
half cup every day, but it makes him very cranky- to the point where he bites at my ankles out of frustration.
I love my guy dearly and wonder if his being unhappy and hungry is really better than a few extra pounds.
For those of you who are long time cat owners- will a few extra pounds really hurt him?

I just hate for him to so unhappy. Many thanks.
i just moved with one of my cats - which is a topic for a different thread - but i am loving how easily she is adjusting to the move. we are staying with my friends and arrived last night. she immediately went to the window and watched the busy street below, explored for a few hours, and then plopped herself down on the couch. she is eating and using her litter box with no problems. she's purring a lot and wants to cuddle and just seems happy. maybe she likes being an only kitty better? we got her from the shelter, so maybe she just handles change well? whatever it is, it's making the whole moving situation that much easier for me.
lenore is such a cute little baby!! i love gray kitties.
Who's told you your cat is overweight? I mean, Mojo is a little lighter, 12 pounds, and the vet told me he is the perfect weight for his body size. he's not a big cat by any means. he's muscular though.

being overweight will likely shorten his life a bit...i had a cat that would have qualified as morbidly obese (i just saw an old picture of him, omg) i can't believe how fat he was. so, he lived 12 years. died from kidney failure. but he was a happy boy.

and in no way am i advocating letting a cat get THAT heavy! i think houdini had something wrong, metabolism wise..he only ate about 1/3 cup of food per day.

ETA: I found this:

Severe obesity is easy to identify. Mild to moderate obesity (usually referred to as "overweight") is harder to determine. Cats vary greatly in their sizes and weights. Overweight is therefore assessed using "body condition scoring". A vet (or experienced owner) uses a combination of visual inspection and palpation (feeling the cat). Some guidelines are:

* Does the cat have a sagging belly or wobbly apron?
* How easy is it to feel the cat's ribs? If they cannot be felt at all, it is a sign of too much "padding".
* How active is the cat?
* Does the cat have difficulty reaching its back or bottom to wash itself?

None of the above is a single indicator of overweight. For example many cats have a loose apron of skin. In some breeds it is genetic; it may also be due to previous weight loss or to pregnancy. Some obese cats are unable to let their tail droop - the amount of fat causes it to curl upwards from the base of the spine.

The trend of feeding dried food (biscuit, kibble) is also a contributory factor. Dried food is energy dense. A small amount contains all the calories a cat needs. Unfortunately, this small amount is not filling. Although the cat has eaten enough calories, it continues to feel hungry because its stomach has only registered a small amount of food (the stomach has "stretch" receptors that detect bulk). So it begs for more or it goes scavenging or begging elsewhere in order to fill its stomach so it feels full. The solution is a "light" diet where the biscuits contain fewer calories. The problem is that dried food is convenient for owners, but cats are not designed to eat dried food alone. They are designed to eat prey that is less energy dense than the convenient kibble provided by the owner. Canned food is much bulkier and the cat feels full much earlier.

Cats fed entirely on dried food are more likely to become overweight (and constipated!) than cats fed on a mix of canned and dried food. If you don't believe me, try spending a day living on candy or chocolate bars instead of balanced meals - even though you are consuming enough calories, your stomach craves more food. Just as a regular diet of energy dense junk food makes humans fat, an energy dense diet of biscuit can lead to fat cats. The only way to prevent this is to carefully measure out the quantity, avoid titbits and not let the cat outdoors where it might find food elsewhere - you will, however, have to put up with a cat that begs for food because its stomach is not satiated after it has finished its ration.

So...would you consider switching to canned food? It sounds like it's more filling.

QUOTE(period_monster @ May 30 2007, 01:19 PM) *
What kitty cuteness.

My cat is overweight, around fifteen pounds, but he has huge paws and just a little paunch. I have been
feeding him the Iams indoor diet food for nearly six months without much of an improvement. He gets a
half cup every day, but it makes him very cranky- to the point where he bites at my ankles out of frustration.
I love my guy dearly and wonder if his being unhappy and hungry is really better than a few extra pounds.
For those of you who are long time cat owners- will a few extra pounds really hurt him?

I just hate for him to so unhappy. Many thanks.
We got Geoff a little brother and he's either really dumb or really smart. We got one of those pet waterers, the kind with a bottle turned upside down that fills the dish, and Brian spent the entire morning splashing the water out of the dish because he likes the bubbles that come up from the jar. Fucking cat.
A couple of my mom's cats are obssesed with playing in their water dish - I don't know how many times I've stepped in a giant puddle of water. We always joke that the cats are having a pool party! I have no idea where the notion came from that cats don't like water, almost every cat that a member of my family has owned has loves to lay in the sink or bathtub and play with their water dish. Go figure.
Treehugger, thanks so much for the information. I think I will look into wet food. Hopefully by now all the canned food in stores is safe.

Gilbert is also very into the water dish. I have to keep it on a placemat to soak up some of the slop.
treehugger, that info is really helpful. i don't think my cat is overweight, but it's good to know...i feed him mostly dry with a little canned, so maybe i iwll start giving him more canned. thanks!
Thank you tree hugger! I'll look into wet food also.

I wonder who came up with the idea that cats don't form bonds with people. My mothers kitten has been following her around everywhere since she broke her wrist. She hasn't left her side! My cat loves to snuggle with me(and only me) while the fat one always checks in when someone is crying. They are just as loving as our dog. Sure, I know a lot of indifferent cats, but I have seen them form strong bonds with people, and sometimes with each other. My older cat, who was a mommy before we adopted her and never fully raised her kittens "adopted" the two others when they were kittens. She groomed them, taught them how to catch mice, and slept and cuddled with them. Even now they are grown up, she still does this. I also have a friend whose unnuteured male cat did the same thing to the kittens they fostered, which is really bizare.

Anyone ever have a cat like that?
Anyone have any tips on how to get pet hair off porcelin? Rosie has to be in the bathroom whenever I'm in the bathroom, so I end up with cat hair all over, and it's always a pain to clean because it seems to like to stick to the toilet like glue.
according to my bf my cat also cries at the door when i leave...he's such a big baby! he doesnt cry when the bf leaves but when he hears his key in the lock he always comes to greet him. even cats who seem indifferent, like one i had as a child who was not very affectionate, always greeted us when we came home, and brought us loads of dead mice and birds...which i guess was her way of showing love!
Mr. Arc and I got a new kitty today! A coworker is moving and had three cats and couldn't keep the kitten he had so we adopted him. He came with the name of "Zeus" but he is not at all God-like, so we have renamed him Alfie. It took the better part of the day to do it, but I think it suits him. I actually got the name from a "cat names" site!

Here's a pic of the two:

Oliver is the orange one and Alfie is grey.
We need more kitty pics here! laugh.gif
Oh, the Babes! They are so cute!

I am hoping that Alfie (whose name I am thinking of changing to Lucifer or Spooks because he is SO BAD!) will start getting along with Oliver. So far all he's done is chase him around and scare him, which makes me feel bad for bringing him here because Oliver is my baby and I don't want him to feel like he is being punished or anything. I know that sounds weird but Oliver really did have a stressful past few months so I don't want him to be any more stressed out at all. He is just my first cat that is totally mine so I want him to be comfortable; he really is like my child, I worry about him the same way!

Is that weird?
No, they share food and litter. Ollie doesn't really mind that as he's been in houses with other cats his whole life as has this other kitten, but I don't know what to do with him! He's SO BAD.

Last night he broke an antique jewelery box that I inherited when my great-aunt died. And he claws my furniture and the screens. And knocks over my flower vase. And I am not happy about it.

I have never considered giving up on a kitten before. I am considering returning him to the previous owner or finding him a new home because he is just too bad for me. I think he might just need a bigger home - the previous owner also had a small place and I had a mental cat like that before as well so you know.

I hate it but I'm giving him a week more to start smartening up and then I might have to find him a new place.
Sorry to be rude and just jump in, but I just read your problem, Arcadia, and had to add me $0.02.

I got my cat when he was 6 months old, thinking he had outgrown his kitten habits. But I was wrong----he would hide my glasses and TV remote under my bed, jump all over the place where he wasn't supposed to, bite me while I was was awful! He outgrew it around 9 months, but I was tempted to get rid of him to. I am glad I waited it out.

But there's a book I read, which doesn't address the craziness of one cat so much but really does help a lot with managing two or more cats.....Cat Vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat (Paperback)
by Pam Johnson-Bennett (Author)

Poor Oliver. I can feel his (and your) pain.

I am going to go resume lurking now.
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