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sukouyant, I had the exact same problem with my cat a year ago...he was living at my mom's house (with two other cats) and would piss all over the soon as he moved to my teeny apartment he stopped....i assume it was the stress of living with other cats....But when i brought my cat to the vet, they suggested a bunch of different options..making sure his litter box is super clean (get two and put them in two different places), getting the pheremone thingy that treehugger mentioned, or as a last resort giving him anti-anxiety medication. Also, if you can, try putting a little bowl of his cat food where he is accidently going because cats don't pee/poop where they eat. accidently going also becomes a habit, too, so you have to use a black light to really identify where exactly he's going and clean it up completely because if he smells a teeny amount of his pee there, he will probably do it again.

the 1/2 cup food for my kitty is not going as smooth at it first was....he is starving when we feed him and it's practically gone within a 1/2 hour. but we had a friend over who hadn't seen our cat in a few months, and he said, "geez, he's gained so much weight!" so i know it's for the best. sad.gif
My parents had a cat who'd do that and they just kept the bathroom door closed all the time. To help, they put a piece of elastic from the top of the door to the frame, using a staple gun, so the door would close (they'd have to push it shut, but it was a reminder to close it all the way.)
Hi everyone. This is my first time posting in this thread and I apologize for interrupting the conversation with something sad. My kitty was just diagnosed with kidney failure and is in the vet hospital for 3 days getting re-hydrated. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience wiht this, as needless to say, I'm kinda freaking out and really sad that the vet said I may have to put her down if this doesn't work. She's old, 17, and has had a really good, healthy life up to now, but I'm just not ready for her to go. So any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated as I'm feeling really in teh dark right now about what's happening, and google can be a very scary, dark place with way too much bad information to handle right now.

oh, gah ((((((starshine)))))

Houdini, my beloved cat of 12 years old got kidney failure. I ended up putting him down. The vet said he'd have to get shots every couple days and, I don't remember, something else...I decided to get him re-hydrated so he wasn't suffering, and then put him down.

sorry i'm not much help, and probably making it worse....the vet DID say it'd be possible to extend his life. But it's was a terminal thing, at least in Houdini's case.

awww another hug for you (((((starshine)))))
((Starshine)) sad.gif

Thank you treehugger, gumby, blanche, and pollystyrene for your words of wisdom. Before giving up, I'm going to try some spray on the new rug called cat-repellant and see if it can break this habit.

(((((starshine and kitty)))))) i hope he rehydrates well and feels better. good luck to both of you.

soukayant, i would still take your kitty to the vet to completely rule out a UTI. mister boots was peeing in really obvious places in the house once and it was because of a bladder infection. i felt rotten for not taking him sooner and helping his pain. he was associating the pain with the box and peeing where we would notice. poor boy. and since you just changed her food, maybe that's why she did it again after not doing it for a while (i think i read that you thought you'd broken her habit). the new food could be affecting the pH of her urine.

anyway, you could also try to move her food bowl into the bathroom where she does it, but if it's a nervous thing, she's likely to just find another place to pee away from her food...

first though, do have her checked out for an infection. once my mister boots was cleared of infection, he never peed on the floor again.

good luck, kitter-lovers!

Thanks everyone for the support. I absolutely love this forum for all the care that is here, it makes the internet seem like a much safer space. So Emily sadly took a turn for the worse today and passed away a couple hours ago. My vet was absolutely amazing and let me take her home so that she could go peacefully with me, which she did. I know that she is in a good place and feeling better, which helps with the sadness. It was actually quite an honour that she waited for me to take her home.

Thanks again everyone.

(((starshine))) that's so sad. one of my friends cats just died, he had kidney failure for a while. it was getting out of hand though - she would stay home on weekends to take care of him and spent a ton of money trying to keep him alive. in the end he died naturally, but he must have been miserable. so sometimes putting them down is for the best. of course i may feel differently when my two kitties are old ladies!

(((gumby's fat cat))) maybe try 1/4 cup four times per day? poor guy, he doesn't understand dieting!
Thanks again everyone for the comfort. It's pretty weird in my apartment right now without any company, but I just keep trying to remember that she went naturally on her own time, and that she didn't have to experience any pain.

Sukouyant, my Emily used to pee on anything bright red (not burgandy, not orange, just red). It really was just her thing, and there was nothing I could do about it, which kinda sounds like what you are going through. I just had to learn not to leave anything red on the floor, which is really too bad cause I like the colour. So maybe just keeping the bathmat on the edge of the tub when it's not in use would help. Good luck with that, cat pee definitely sucks.
(((starshine)))one of my old cats had that problem too as she became old, and she also passed away peacefully in my family's home, in her own bed. They had planned on putting her down the following day as they knew she was in pain, but she took matters into her own paws and left in safe surroundings. I'm sure Emily had a wonderful time with you and knows how much you love will seem awfully empty for awhile but i have a feeling some part of pets always stay with us no matter what. my bf claims he can still catch a "glimpse" of his old dog at his parents' house, guarding as usual!
((((((((((starshine)))))) my heart just broke for you as I read through this thread, but it sounds as if Emily had a wonderful life filled with amazing love with you and that is what matters most of all. I am still so sorry for you.

.. ok, I used to post here a long time ago and short attention span/whatever, but I need advice please?

my sweet and stinky "baby" (she's only 6 lbs at 9 yrs little hellion..) cat Airy has done something to one of her back feet as of yesterday and is limping and hopping and finally now laying low like she's trying to stay off/rest it. there doesn't seem to be any blood/injury to it best I can see, but the top of her foot does look to be a little puffy or swollen maybe? w/ her fur and that she won't let me look or touch it (normal for her, she hates to have her feet messed w/) it's hard to tell.

she was fine yesterday morning, then I heard a cat fight out front (she's indoor/outdoor bc I can't for anything keep her in) and it was after that I'd let her in that I noticed it.

I'm really at a loss bc she is a crazi-healthy girl normally and can't Ever remember her being less than kick my ass 100%.
but last night she even hopped to the side of my bed and meowed for me to lift her up (my bed is uber high) which is the really scary thing and shows how big this might be for her, bc she Hates to be picked up nearly more than anything. I cannot tell if she is any pain .

my current line of thought is just to watch and wait today and see how it goes.....unless any of you have any ideas or expereince w/ this? she hatey hate hates the Vet and know if I take her it will be traumatizing to her, so really see that as a very last resort but absolutely will do it if need be.

my mom thinks maybe she stepped on something or bruised a pad or the like?
Well, all I can say is that cats are MASTERS at hiding illness or injury. It's part of their self-survival instincts. If she's showing it, that dramatically, chances are it's bad enough to warrant attention.

I'd take her in, if it's no better today.
thankyou treehugger, and that's very true, or if they are Very Hurt I know they will often hide away where no one can find them too.

Airy just let me look and touch her foot. still looks a little puffy to me, but was able to go toes to heel and leg too and she never responded and I even went back to make sure she Could feel what I was doing (my mind jumped to ' Oh No she's Paralyzed!!') and she appears to have normal leg-hip movment so I don't know. she's gotten up (from her nest of blankets frecklette made for her earlier) & hopped downstairs and is back here w/ me and tried to (sassily) bite me, so she is feeling more herself clearly.

it's been roughly 24 hrs now, if there is no change by tonight, tomorrow I call the vet.

I just hate this, bc as much as she and I communicate, I still can't tell what is wrong and I feel like a bad mamacat, you know?

Airy is still limping, so I broke down and called our vet and the best he could advise was to soak her foot in warm water if she'd allow, but really, she needs to be seen.


she's more mobile, but I think it's determination bc she's so active all the time and laying still is likely driving her crazi.

so.. might take her in to the PetSmart vet office.. has anyone tried there before?
I don't like our regular vet where we take our dog, something about him is just creepy and no Way am I letting him touch my wee kitty girl. got her carrier out and refreshed, and she saw me carry it and got h u g e kitty eyes like ' ma, what ARE you doing??' but if it's what needs to happen then ok.
((((Airy)))) I hope she feels better. I've never tried the petsmart vet, but if you don't feel comfortable about your current vet, then you shouldn't go to him. Your intuition is usually right about these things.

Little Mitsume (We renamed her- well, I renamed her. And she's not really little, she is going to be a monster of a cat) is almost six months. We haven't gotten her fixed yet, and we still have to get her shots (second round) but she is healthy and happy and we love her so much. I'm glad we got a cat I almost didn't want to after Gideon died.

She has long hair and I was wondering how often should we groom her? what about baths? (She gets stinky!)

Today Mr. Otaku, who is six feet tall and 350 lbs was trying to tempt her with treats and he was saying "Speak, meow" and he meowed. It was hilarious. He is intent on teaching her tricks. I laughed at first, but she's already getting good at fetch!
little mitsume remimds me of memoirs of a geisha) sounds precious!!

I've always only had short hair girls, so I don't know about grooming, but for awhile when we lived in an apt Airy would get out and sneak into the attic and into the aspestos and would get baths constantly. I'd bath her w/ whatever was at hand, often baby shampoo usually, bc I knew there was no second chance to leave the bathroom to get the right stuff. I'd run just an inch or 2 or 3 of lukewarmish water in the tub, and add a drop of soap to the water too, and then use a cup.
is mitsume a good girl about being bathed?

I love that your mr is determinded to train her!

update on Airy: (cross posted from mama's):
took her to the vet saturday morning. to the old vet who spayed and then gave her her international health vaccines to travel to germany several years ago. was a good call,bc I love these people and am going to switch our golden dogboy to them too. even when she was hissing and spitting and doing her best "kimodo dragon" act, they were cool. yes we still ended up sedating her, but they were still gentle about it. (frecklette cried and so nearly did I tho.)

she dislocated her foot- to- heel bone, where it fits in the socket.
she's now in a kitty-cast, toes to hip and is not One Bit Happy let me tell you.. and bc she is a little kick-ass was still trying to be as active as she normally is (which is the saddest thing in the whole world w/ her huge star-spangled wrapped cast, limping around) we finally had to take her back to the vet yesterday (bc I thought she had re-hurt herself) and then went to the store and bought the biggest hard shell dog crate we could find to keep her in.
it's sad.
it's like she's in kitty-cat-jail, and she is meowing so sadly.... but I know this is for her own good.
we take her back for a re-check and hopefully the cast off 10 march.
I'm glad she's getting better. Poor thing, though. I hope the cast is off sooner rather than later!

Mitsume (which is japanese) hates getting baths. HATES IT. Last time we did, she bit right through Mr Otaku's finger. It swelled up to the size of a bouncy ball. Luckily it went down, or we might of had to go to the clinic. After that she cuddled up next to him, but he was pretty mad. Its funny, she NEVER bites or scratches me.

She's getting bettr a tricks, too. tongue.gif


onna-otaku, I don't know about the bathing part, but my cat book says long-haired cats require daily grooming - it says use one of those wire-bristle slickers, a comb, and you can use a toothbrush for the face. If it's not done this frequently, they will get mats in their fur, which are painful for the cat. Daily grooming has always been the main reason I never got a long-haired cat. BUT I suspect daily brushing will probably help with the smell a little bit. I wonder about the smell though - if the cat is doing regular self-cleaning, I'm not sure the smell is normal? Maybe you want to ask a vet about that....also, if it is normal, maybe the vet has some kind of dry shampoo you can apply and brush out?

I had to take Georgie to the vet today for "self-mutilation." (He's been pulling out his fur and chewing on himself.) The vet says it is caused by stress (related to me being extremely sick) and says although the biting is worrisome because he could get a skin infection, hair-pulling is actually a not-uncommon stress-response in cats! They do it because it releases endorphins and the rush temporarily overcomes the feelings of stress. She says some folks just eventually get used to things like having a cat with a bald belly, and there aren't any long-term consequences except, well, baldness! Anyway, just wanted to post that, in case anyone starts having that problem with their kitties.

(Interestingly, she gave Georgie a shot of Depo Provera for treatment! Apparently it's not only good for birth control in women, but in animals, it temporarily interupts the endorphin rush they would get from doing something like this, so, hopefully, they stop doing it. The vet said it might take more than one shot, so if he doesn't stop in a month, we'll try again. If he wasn't doing the biting and risking skin infection, we'd probably have left it untreated, though.)

my very first cat, Cinderella (Cindy) pulled out all her fur when I left to join the mr in Panama when I was first married. we had decided that a move like that was going to be too stressful & hard on her bc she was already super old, something like 20 at the time I believe.
however, my mother didn't tell me she had done this until years and years later. they said she mourned me to the point of almost killing herself, stopped eating, pulled her fur out, all of it.
the family didn't tell me bc they knew I'd have swum across the damn atlantic had I known.. I almost didn't leave as it was bc she sat there primly by the door like ok Mom, I'm ready, let's go and it almost killed me.
good gosh I am tearing up just to remember, I miss her so Much still all these years later.. my Princess, my love, my, well, you get the idea.

so yah, cats will react to stress in some unusual (to us) ways and it's so good of you to see georgie's pain and take him in. I'm so sorry you have been that sick too. (((((((((doodle & georgie)))))))))))

oh, and I think the idea of a dry shampoo that can be brushed out is a Great idea, if it exsists!
freckle, I'm glad you took Airy in. Poor kitty! I've never seen a cat in a cast. It seems like it'd be SO heavy for a cat to drag around. Is it plaster of paris, or something else?

Anyway, I was wondering what was wrong with Airy.

And poor Cindy as well!

Onna, I'm not much help...I've never had a long haired cat. The smell does seem odd to me, too. One of my cats, once she got older, she got sort of arthritic and couldn't clean her bum so well any more....she started to smell, occasionally. Could she just have poor grooming habits?

Hey, a fairly easy trick to teach a cat is "jump through the hoop"...make a hoop with a handle (a wire clothes hanger works pretty well)...hold it on the ground in front of her and dip a spoon in some chicken baby food (no need to actually spoon any in...just coat the spoon)...let her walk through the hoop and then lick the spoon. Slowly, bit by bit, raise the hoop up in the air. (like, maybe an inch a day or so). Do this whenever you get a chance. Don't let her lick the spoon unless she goes through the hoop.

I've had cats still jumping through the hoop when it's three feet up in the air!

So my cat Mojo scared me yesterday. He wears Soft Paws, and I was gonna replace a couple that had fallen off...I picked up his paw and he had THREE softpaw/claws grown right into the pad of his foot! I had no idea this was even happening...he wasn't limping or anything, and I'm always picking his feet up and playing with them. (he likes the crease between his toes rubbed) I must have ended up just playing with the healthy foot. Weird.

Anyway, we had an emergency vet visit....he was anesthetized and the claws cut out of the pads of his foot. He seems pretty good now. But I feel like a Bad Kitty Mama.

Anyway, *~*~vibes for all the kitties who need them!~*~*
treehugger that is Awful!!!

but what is soft paws?
my guess is when you would tickle his paw, he always gave you the one that was ok, smart little devil..

Airy's cast is made of some sort of lightweight plaster.... wrapped in a lightweight stretchy ( light blue patterened w/ darker blue stars) bandage, and they wrapped her little toes in a cap of heavier gage white sticky tape. it goes from up where her hip connects w/ her tummy, so it's full legnth too.

I don't at all think you are a bad mama treehugger! they are so good at hiding injuries as was pointed out to me and you know it's true. clearly being petted and loved on was more important to Mojo than anything else, and that he is already ok shows you it might have hurt you more psychologically than it did him physically.

((((((healing kitty vibes & for their mama's too!)))))))))
That sounds like a good idea. I don't think the Mr. is jumping to give her a bath anytime soon.
Where would I get that?

I think it's mostly bad grooming habits that make her stinky. A while back she hadn't mastered the art of pooping without getting it all over herself, but shes over that, and its been a little better.

poor kitties! I hope they all feel better!
ahh the cat bath...we have some waterless stuff too that is anti-allergen, though imo it's just as hard getting it all over duke as it is actually giving him a bath with water. luckily he is a short hair. the other night he stank so bad i plopped him under the faucet and he immediately started trying to claw my heart out. he really tries to just sink his claws in your chest! i was shrieking, the cat was was a bad scene. i think next time i'll get another pair of hands to help out.

i actually have a pack of softpaws but i havent used them yet...i definitely need to be better about trimming, though. he doesnt seem to mind that much.
Hee. I thought that this was amusing.

Pet Diaries
Excerpts from a Dog's Daily Diary;

* 8 a.m. Dog food! My favorite thing!
* 9:30 a.m. A car ride! My favorite thing!
* 9:40 a.m. A walk in the park! My favorite thing!
* 10:30 a.m. Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing
* 12 p.m. Lunch! My favorite thing!
* 1 p.m. Played in the yard! My favorite thing!
* 3 p.m. Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!
* 5 p.m. Milk bones! My favorite thing!
* 7 p.m. Got to play ball! My favorite thing!
* 8 p.m. Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!
*11 p.m. Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!

Excerpts from a Cat's Daily Diary
Day 683 of my captivity:

"My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects.
They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are
fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for
the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in
order to keep up my strength.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an
attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the floor.
Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their
feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it
clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made
condescending comments about what a "good little hunter" I am. The audacity!

There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was
placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However,
I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my
confinement was due to the power of "allergies." I must learn what
this means, and how to use it to my advantage.

Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my
tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try
this again tomorrow -- but at the top of the stairs.

I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches.
The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released - and
seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded. The
bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicating with the
guards regularly.
I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged
protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe.......
for now."
hilarious! love it.
that really is my happy go Lucky (his actual name) dog to Airy.

she is none too happy about her confinement and is making it known most vocally, often. as a matter of fact as I am on my way to bed, she seems to be tuning up but I will take it that she is lonely, bc I'm honestly not sleeping good w/out her up here either, even tho I complain when she wakes me up.

we're letting her out for an hour of exercise each day now, and I disassemble her kennel to change the litter and blanket and her food and water, keeping her contained w/ in the living room.
crazi how much I miss her even when she's right here with us. sad.gif

I have taken to calling her ~el fugativo (spanish for the fugitive) bc that's what she'd be if only she could escape right now.

7 days left!
the diaries were priceless.

I am not sure where to post this since I don't think there are any threads about rats as pets but here goes.

In my classroom at school I have a hybrid corn snake and have been feeding it live small mice. This time I decided to get a live small rat to feed to the snake. I put the rat in the tank with the snake around 11am. The snake caught the rat twice but couldn't manage to kill the rat. By the end of the school day, the rat was still alive. I told my students , who named the rat Chester that if the rat was still alive the next morning that we would keep it. Sure enough this rat survived overnight in the tank with the snake. So I now have a pet rat and a snake. I have the rat set up in a tank with one of those wheels that they can run in and food and water dishes. I have never cared for a rat. Any rat care suggestions? I was told to handle the rat and have been holding it everyday except for the day it pissed and scratched me this has gone pretty well. I forgave Chester for the pissing and scratching seeing as how he has had a traumatic experience with the snake.

any information on the care of rats would be appreciated.
missladyj you need to pm ratgrl.
I'm sure she'd be more than happy to help you in terms of how to care for one.

you can tell her freckle sent ya tongue.gif !

good luck & congrats on the new adoption!
I bumped the general pet thread, missladyj, and I'll post my comments there.

thanks ladies! Chester is definately a survivor!
I just wanted to post an update on Airy.

we took her to the vet for her 2 week re check, hoping/assuming she'd get her cast off, but no such luck. the vet said 1 more week and then I take her back friday morning and I'll stay w/ her while they give her a shot to relax the muscle and sedate her, and then pick her up in the afternoon, cast-free.

he also said it was ok to let her be a little more active now, so we've barricaded the staircase & side rails so she can't try to go up there (tho she's already proven that she can if she wants- and in a Cast!) and has been getting several hours of "outside time" (outside the kennel that is) the last few days.
she & I took a lovely cat-nap on the sofa this afternoon.. the first one in Weeks, and it was such bliss! mama & babycat, happy together again. crazi how much I've been missing her.
this is making her happier and she seems to understand that the end of her torment is near bc she has stopped crying and merowing non-stop as she was doing before, and also isn't fighting me when she has to go back in now either. she did great at the vet on friday too- yah!
I am keeping our dog seperated from her when she is free, bc as good as she is at moving around right now, I'm still afraid he will to want to play w/ her and she'd hurt herself, so he too will be glad to get her back in "fighting form" bc he lays outside her kennel and has started to mess w/ her til she tries to swat at him through the bars. (make no mistake, he LOVES her, and she all but abuses him endlessly, it's really very sweet.)

I have a picture of her but can't figure out how to upload it from my phone to my files here just yet- blast it!

how are all the other kitty babies here?

did you find the dry cat bath onna?
and did it work?!

((((kitty love)))))
I found one, but can't afford it (starving student), so I've been brushing her constantly. She seems to be cleaning herslef better as well. She's getting so big! but she still a big baby. She can meow like a grown cat, but will turn on the little kitten squeak when she wants attention.
I'm so happy to hear that about Airy! best wishes!
(((kitties and kittymamas)))

kittymamas, any tips on how to make moving house as stress-free as possible for the kitty?
Bunnyb - I just had that experience a few months ago of moving kitties, 8 to be exact. They had to travel 6 hours for the move, it was interesting! Are you doing an intown or out of town move? And are the kitties moving to an already occupied house or totally new digs? It will make a difference.

When my mom and I moved ours, we sedated them with tranquilizers from the vet and restricted food and water prior to the 6 hour car ride. It also helped that once we got everything out of one room we put them in that room with their favorite blankies, beds and litter box, that way they were out of the way and safe. Except for one and that's a long story I posted in here awhile back it involved the cat, a couch, two weeks and a garage.

Anyhoo, once the kitties got to the new house, mom still gave them a half dose of tranquilizers for the next 24 hours and restricted them to a bedroom for a few days, so they could get used to the sounds and smells of the house. She made sure to come in often for snugglies. After about 3 or 4 days they got used to their surroundings and have adapted very well - they are all purry and lovey.

Due to current living situation my mom has my two cats, I miss them sad.gif , but know they are in good hands. Lots of love to all ((((Busty kitties))) Yay Airy!! and (((Chester))) What a cute story missladyj! A friend of mine had a rat Miss Bianca, she was quite smart and very sweet.

Good luck moving your kitties bunnyb!!
thanks octobersky! it's just the one kitty -mandoo- and it's about a 15-20 car journey away so it shouldn't be too difficult. I worry, though, as he's a nervous cat (a cat rescue cat who was abused - he doesn't like change and can't be lifted) and is already a little distressed by the boxes and then there will be the movers and I'll be away up until the day of the move (but my family are here). We're planning to put him in my new bedroom (it's an empty house) with his litter tray, food and water and my duvet as he spends most of his time on that before introducing him to the rest of the house once it's in s settled state. I hope that he will be ok.
*sticks head in*

bun, you could put some herbal stuff in his water - bach's flower remedy or phytopet calm are both good. It just seems to take the edge off. And maybe get him used to being shut in a cage/one room by doing daily periods in there... so when he moves, he knows what's going on.

*waves to kittymamas and dissappears*
bunny, try also leaving some clothes that you've worn strewn around the room kitty is in. That always seems to work with my cats - often I've left the kitties at my mom's place when I've had to travel for work. I guess it works because your "dirty" clothes smell most like you, plus it's another familiar reminder of home.

ETA: and also, if he's the nervous type, he might really like some kind of "hidey-hole" arrangement, especially if the new room will be largely empty when he's in there. When cats feel threatened/nervous, they usually make for dark, closed-in spaces. So if you've got something nonthreatening - one of those kitty tents, or even just a closed up cardboard box with a cat-sized entrance cut in it, with one of your "dirty" sweaters in the bottom - that might help mandoo feel more comfortable in the new, strange room.
we have a new roomate moving in next week. he moved in his 6-month-old male kitten today. my poor kitty girls are freaked out, and the stupid little idiot kitten has no idea. my one cat has been under the bed since he showed up, and the other cat is laying on the desk right now just glaring at the kitten as he runs around on the bed and jumps in my lap. it's like he does not know how jealous and bitchy other cats are! little guy just wants to play.
kitties, little ones, often Don't realise what is what yet; give the wee guy a chance ey? while I understand that your new roommate wants to get him acclimated sooner rather than later, I think it's kind of un cool that he's not there With Him to help him through it, for all parties involved. it's traumatic for your girls too, and he needs to be appreciative of that fact, instead of oblivious.

I would still love to get another kitty baby, but Airy just will NOT have it.
last time we tried to take in a stray that wanted to stay w/ us, when he attempted the second level of our house (she was ok w/ him on the 1st), she launched a very potentially Ugly attack that made it clear she wasn't having it. sad.gif ahh well.

she is doing ok. got the cast off friday but the drugs didn't wear off totally til yesterday morning, when I let her out of her travel carrier and started feeding her again. ( I gave her water before that)
I'm still keeping her in the downstairs tho, bc I know that once I let her go up, she'll likely find a hidey dark spot under my bed and I won't be able see and watch her after that, and the dr said to really observe how she uses that foot/leg as that will determine any future anything.
so far, she is mostly keeping her leg drawn way up and hopping on her other 3, but from time to time I do see her gingerly attempting weight on it here and there, sometimes for balance, sometimes to even take a tiny test- step. I know she knows what to do, and she's started cleaning it now as well, but carefully, like it hurts to touch. and she won't let me touch her foot at all right now either. so, I'm letting her do her own thing in the "controlled" environment, but I have also noticed she isn't jumping as much as she had been w/ the cast on and is more content to stay w or on me when I am on the sofa.

whatever she needs, you know?

this is important, the animal food Re Call List; I hope no Busty Babies are affected by this but it's worth checking labels for!! am going to post the dog food re call list too.

((((((((fur babies))))))))
i'm feel bad about it, but i am soo sick of this kitten. he has been fighting with my one cat and trying to hump my other cat CONSTANTLY. i tried keeping my cats in the bedroom with me last night, and the kitten meowed at the door for a few hours and then peed on the floor. our future roomate hasn't been here to visit his kitty since he dropped him off on friday. NOT COOL. the kitty is getting neutered tomorrow and i am going to strongly suggest that the guy sleeps here tomorrow night, because i am a little resentful about having to take care of his pet.

though it was REALLY cute when he slept on me while i was watching tv yesterday. he purred and purred. i don't mind a rambunctious (or whatever) kitty, but the fighting and humping and peeing on the floor is too much. think he'll calm down once he gets neutered and his owner, you know, LIVES with him??
Laurenann, i had a similar problem with a roommate who dumped his hyper active little one on me and my old girl. Has your future roommate had a cat before? He sounds like he doesn't know about what it takes to take care of one, the attention a kitten really demands.

Neutering will help..I'd also suggest that in your roommate's absence kitten is bonding with you and might come to see you as his primary care-giver - your roommate should really be there during the meeting of the cats and breaking in process in order to discipline and train his kitten.
I 'm a little worried about my LaLou. I gave him a can of Iams cat food that was on the list of recalled cat food. I didn't feed it to him chronically, just once at Christmas. I don't want to go in for a $200 vet visit just because I'm a worry wart. I'm worried because he doesn't want to go outside as much as he used to, all his other functions seem to be normal, he's just lethargic. I'm wondering if he's starting to feel his age or something, or if there's a neighborhood bully outside.

Do you think he's not going out because of the food or some other reason.
My friend's cat is a victim of the tainted food and was throwing up non-stop, so I think La Lou is safe. Send good vibes for **Roxie** who sadly may not pull through sad.gif

Recal list:

I would look in to one of those class action law suits green bean, see if there is one in your area.

all of LaLou's functions seem to be normal. I'm sure he's starting to feel his age a little bit
They've expanded the recall to some dry cat foods now....I almost thought Mojo was eating the recalled one but fortunately (for Mojo, anyway), it's a different one.

Here's the information.

You know, with all this crap going on, I'm almost thinking about starting to make Mojo's food from scratch.....I'm gonna go look for recipes.
This is so scary! If they are going to keep testing foods and add them to the recall list....who knows which one of our pets could have ingested this stuff? Here I thought it was safe b/c my babies eat kibble....bah! Anyway, they eat Royal Canin, which hasn't turned up on any lists yet, thank heavens! Carmella did get Nutro Naturals in the pouch for the first three months she was here (while I weaned her off wet food), but that was a year ago, so it must have been okay, because she's fiesty and happy.

I think pinkpoodle makes her cats' food from scratch....we need to harass her into coming over here and posting about it. I had thought about it once before, after I read...erm, I THINK it was "The Natural Cat." Or something like that. But I couldn't afford it then...I was on a Kraft Dinner kind of budget at the time! (Even I wasn't getting fresh meat to eat. tongue.gif)

(ETA: ironically, I just wrote that last paragraph as I was feeding George bits of SMOKED GRUYERE!! Talk about a change in lifestyle! Hee!)
Yeah...the current issue apparently is with wheat gluten. So...breathe easy (at least for now) if you don't see wheat gluten on the ingredients list.
Apologies for cross-posting, but this can't be missed: interspecies snorgling (safe for work).
Random cats pics I took

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