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I can dig the whole musician and art cat thing. My cat is a can opener cat, he can hear a can opener from a mile away and he has to see what's in every can I open.


I think my cat LaLou is a knowlge cat, he likes to be in the room whenever any one is doing any reading or studying. It's not that he has to sit on whatever I'm reading (but he does do that when he's lonley), he usually likes to sit and doze next to, or near me as I study. Mrs. Rouge studies on her bed and he is always with her when she's studying or reading.
I've had several cats like that, deschats! I would have to blast the water taps whenever I opened a can. Luckily these two are on a strictly kibble/no mooching system, so they don't make the association between cans and edibles. (Cheese, on the other hand...)

Bunny used to lay on all my newspapers and magazines when I was reading them. I saw a cartoon once...don't remember, maybe it was Chickweed Lane...maybe those Hallmarks of Felinity ones? Anyway, it was from the cat's point of view, and that cat was thinking, "Don't you see that I can't bear the thought of you reading this newspaper until it's been properly warmed?"

So I haven't been able to drive anywhere, due to a combination of bad weather and me being on T3s...and I wound up buying George (who still won't eat the diet food) some Purina cat chow from the nearby convenience store...and he's been barfing it up like crazy. Which kind of says everything about cheaper cat food, IMHO. Well, I just got home from shopping, and he's back on the "good stuff" as of now.
I haven't been a cat owner in a while, I'll get to why in a minute, but wanted to post here for some reassurance. My g-f and I will be proud co-parents of a kitten thanks to the SPCA as of this weekend. We went and fell in love with a smokey-white girl about 5 mos old according to the staff earlier this week and made the decision to make her part of our unit last night. This will be our first pet together. I've been opposed to having a pet since the last time I owned a cat with a significant other was about 8 years ago. But since the end of that relationship where the ex got the cat and always found excuses why I couldn't come and visit with her, I've had misgivings about another pet. But my current g-f and I have been together for over 2 years and thought that this would be a good time. I almost feel like drawing up a contract that defines kitty custody rights but of course no one should have to do that. Anyway, thanks for letting an almost cat-mama vent!
hi petitmains! i hope i'm safe in saying we all enjoy hearing about each other's kitties in this thread, so give the deets on your new litte bundle of claws and joy! does she have a name yet?
hey all- i need some kitty vibes. my big guy, simon, is pretty sick. he's been throwing up and diareah last night and today. and he will be nutso traumatized by going to the vet. sigh...some get better soon vibes would be mui appreciated.
{{{{get well soon vibes for simon...and lots of kitty hugs}}}}
(((((get well simon kitty vibes)))))

the kittys are slowly adapting...we may not have to send molly back. the verdict is still out. 1 1/2 weeks until the nephews will she adapt to them? i've trained the boys well...i just don't know what to expect from her.
petitmains - congrats on the new fur baby. It's a risk but I bet it will be worth it.

{{{Simon vibes}}} Moxiegirl, I swear the worst part of a sick cat is knowing that they will be so freaked out by the vet trip. It's like it's almost not worth it.

I need some support. I am almost ready to strangle my girl cat and I don't think it is her fault. In some way, it might be mine. For months, she has been urinating where she is not supposed to, namely on my bed. Always in the same spot, normally at about the same time. She does not do it everyday and does use the little box. In September I took her to the vet and he found an infection. We treated her and the behavior faded for awhile. In October it started again. I took her back to the vet and there was no infection. He x-rayed her for crystals in her urine and found nothing. He brought up the fact that she might be anxious and depressed. Olivia has always been my "special needs" cat. Very high strung and emotional. Now about this same time I was seeing the doctor a lot and getting very sick. So it made sense. He prescribed the medication for infection in case there was something that we could not see and I tried to train her out of the habit of peeing on my bed. In November I bought a $40 room deffusor to spread happy cat pheremones in the bed room. I think it affected her mood for awhile for the better and she stopped urinating on my bed for a week at a time. And I took the lid of my litter box and that helped as well.

But when I have the lid off the box, one of them gets urine all around the box. It is an enormous mess and very disgusting.

So she is doing it again. I am waiting to hear back from my vet because I think I am going to take his advice and put her on anti-anxiety medication. I don't like the idea but between me going out of town for Christmas and me having surgery in January, I do not see her life getting any calmer anytime soon.

Help please.
Hey Moxie, how is Simon? Has he improved? give us an update.

How is your new furbaby Petitmains?

There was a merry Xmas in rougeland My LaLou got a water fountain for Xmas. He's happy b/c he doesn't have to bug anyone to turn on the faucette and I'm excited b/c I will no longer have to scrub dirty kitty prints out of my sink. WooooHoooo! The best part is, it's pink! *does cat water fountain dance*

I was wondering if any one else had one of these and if their cats liked it.
I have a question. does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep a cat from digging up potted plants and/or shitting in the pot?

Hubby put some red pepper in the dirt and it sort of works but she still gets in and tears it up.

I've heard wrapping the base of the plant/top of the pot with aluminum foil can work, because cats don't like foil.
kittenb, I'm sorry, I didn't see your post earlier! How are things going? I don't think you should be shy or feel guilty about putting your cat on anti-anxiety meds. They're not like people who have the option of talking out their stressors with a friend or a shrink! Plus, really, you just never know how much "feral" and/or inbreeding a cat has in it, and it may not totally know how to cope with the world of humans. By the way, yours is not the only cat to have this problem - there are many, including my mom's friend's daughter, whose cat is similarly "troubled." But the daughter refuses to entertain the idea of medication, so the cat is totally strung out all the time, peeing everywhere whenever she goes away, including the bed. I think it's more responsible pet-ownership to help alleviate your cat's emotional/psychological distress, if the means to do so exists. I hope everything works out for you and your kitty! (((((big hugs)))))

missladyj, this is my specialty! I have almost 40 plants, and there's no digging in them! The best way to re-train them, I've found, is to lay loosely crumpled balls of tin foil over the entire surface of the soil. This doesn't look so hot, but once they are over their need to dig in that particular plant, then you can replace the foil with a couple layers of decorative stones. I've tried all different kinds, and they are all cat-proof - big polished stones, tiny landscaping ("potscaping") rocks, polished glass chunks. (If you go into my profile, there is a link with pics of my home - the very first pic is a big tree with tin foil in the base! I've replaced the foil with polished glass now.) You can usually find bags of the tiny rocks pretty cheaply in the indoor gardening section of your garden centre or home store, but if you want something different, like the polished stones or glass, and you don't want to pay garden centre prices, try the local dollar stores. The only thing about stones is you have to be a bit more careful about watering...the plant will probably need less, because the stones will slow down surface drying, and also, you will have to lift a few stones to check the moisture of the soil.

Red pepper, or any kind of pepper substance, can be dangerous to cats...they can easily get it in their eyes when washing themselves, which can cause burning and even long term eye damage.

Also, it is a very good idea to grow a separate pot of grass for your cats to nibble on...this makes getting into the houseplants much less tempting for them in general. Cats need the chlorophyl provided by plants, so it's instinctive to chew on plant leaves...they seem to especially go for those with grass-shaped leaves (palms, false palms, etc.). Some of these are poisonous to cats, though. I'm a really big fan of Cosmic Kittycat Grass (avail. at most pet stores)...I just keep it trimmed and watered, and sprout new pots of it every four to six weeks. If you're a money-saver, you can also buy seeds (i.e.: wheatgrass, barley, oats) and grow your own, but for the price of a fancy coffee, I like the fact that the Cosmic comes all in one nice, neat package: dirt, seeds, container!
Our cats always got too happy with those catnip plants and knocked over the container, making a big mess. I'd advise replanting it in a heavier container than the little plastic thing.
Ah yes. They will do that, little buggers - I have yet to grow catnip for that reason. The cat grass is not catnip though...but yes, they used to knock that over, too!

However, I bought a small clay pot that is just slightly bigger in diameter than the plastic cat grass container (which itself is the same size as a small sour cream container), and filled up the bottom half with old pot shards and soil. I sit the grass container right on top and water the whole shebang. Within days - sometimes hours - thick roots grow out the drainage holes in the bottom of the grass container, burying themselves deep into the soil below, which anchors the grass in the clay pot when the cats are munching away. But because the bulk of the roots are still in the grass container, it's easy to rip out when it's time to put a fresh pot in. This way, I can do the sprouting and replacing with minimal mess or fuss.
Oh, yeah, those are just grass- you mean what I know!
To save the house plants we grow herbs for LaLou. We used to get the cosmic kittty herbs in the resealable plastic bag, but for less than 5% of the price we buy him oats at the feed store for $0.50 a lb and sprout them. I have found that they last longer in a deep planter. If he doesn't have them he eats the spider plants which isn't good for him and makes the plants ugly. To combat this we have two planters in rotation. We have one planter of mature grass and one sprouting, that way he's never without grass.

He's so cute, he likes to sit and watch his grass grow.
thanks so much for all of the suggestions and the heads up about the red pepper. I was thinking about getting the chia cat grass grower too. Boo loves to nosh on the spider plant and it would be good to have her eat something that was grown specifically for her.
We were walking past the pet store on the way home form dinner and there was this kitten in the window so I was watching it and it reached out it's paw towards me. So we HAD to have it. We named her Bastet and she is so pretty.
I'm so happy to hoave another cat after gideon but I'm nervous as hell...
Just wanted to type that....
Happy New Year from George and Carmella!

IPB Image

Apologies for x-posting, but I was on my way to get water when I stumbled across this scene...AND had enough awake brain cells to grab the camera. It's actually their 1st anniversary - we brought Carmella home last New Year's Eve. This is the first time they've ever let me get a pic like this, so I couldn't wait till morning to post it.

Welcome to the BUST Kitty Family, baby Bastet!!

Ok, back to bed.
Aww, I wish me kitties snuggled like that. They just have mutual disdain-bordering-on-hatred for each other. About the closest they get is opposite ends of the couch.
Heh! That's the thing, polly, they don't usually snuggle like that. Although they will deign to sleep within 5 feet of each other on a bed or sofa (and they love to play together, and get into each other's business), they don't ever seem to snuggle (when I've been looking). I've been dying for them to awe me with snuggling! And it took them a whole year together to do it. Maybe they were having a little anniversary party of their very own or something!
We are thinking about getting Bast a friend... Today she tried... and I mean really tried, to eat my pinky. She would of taken out a chunk if i didn't jerk my hand and scare her.
I guess that is what I get for feeding her treats out of my hand though... tongue.gif
kittens love to nibble. thye just dont know how much their nibbles hurt!! duke went from being a chewy kitten to a semi-bitey cat, but he only bites when we purposely annoy him, and not hard. he knows he isnt supposed to but i've been unable to completely cure him of it. he had a friend for a few months while we were pet-sitting and there was a lot of wrestling and ear-knawing between the two of them, followed by grooming and napping. it was cute!
Kittens that were weaned/hand raised without siblings grow up to be little brats! They don't have any 'social skills'. A few months ago some a-hole dropped off 4 tiny kittens outside our clinic in the middle of the night. Their eyes were barely open. Nice. Our techs hand fed them and eventually two of them went home with two different techs. Well, they kept coming in complaining how bratty the kittens were! Eventually, they decided to have one tech take both kittens and VOILA! The little shits started 'fighting'/wrestling each other and STOPPED doing it to the owners hands. The kittens worked it out and are inseperable.
George wasn't really a biter when he was a kitten, but he would get mad excited and grab/kick with claws. I had an ill, senior cat at the time, who couldn't tolerate his roughhousing for very long. So, I got an ostrich feather duster (the big dark grey one, not the colourful turkey feather one, which is crap for dusting as well), and used it to "wrestle" with Georgie. The ostrich duster was big, thick, and "real animal" enough for him to take on (and I could "fight back" from a handle-length away), so it really worked well. It totally wrung the energy out of him, got his "crazy" out, and helped him understand the difference between "toys" and "living creatures." Now he is gentle like Ferdinand the Bull. I mean, okay, yes, he's a Taurus. But still.

You could try that as an interim measure, till you decide about a 2nd kitty....?

BTW, ostrich dusters are tough! Georgie is almost 3, and I'm still using the duster as a cleaning tool.
the feather duster is a great idea! sometimes i give duke a ball of socks to wrestle with. of course, this makes folding socks difficult bc he wants to wrestle with each pair. i'm thinking he will get a bit mellower within a few years, though, since he is not even 1 yet. that's the way it's been with other cats and kittens i've known, unless they were super mild or timid to begin with.
Doodlebug, I love the ostrich feather duster idea! It's perfect. I will be suggesting that one to my clients! Thanks smile.gif
Oh yay! I hope my idea works for others!

Ostrich dusters aren't too expensive, either...I think I paid $10 CAD for mine.

My mom sent up a "christmas stocking" for the cats...just got it yesterday. It was FILLED with toys and catnip and treats! Holy moley! But the best toy is this one from the Cat Fancier's's a wand toy, with three fabric "ropes" and then feathers on the ends. It's really well-made, compared to most of the wand toys - it's all sewn together, not just glued. Anyway, it makes them more playful than any other wand toy we've had, so I highly recommend it! I guess you could make one - I think it's something about there being three tails that drives them wild.
I so had to post this.
that was freakin adorable. i love it when they gallop sideways like they're all menacing. eeeehhhhhnnnnrrr!!
I was kind of having a icky day, I really needed that dose of cute. I feel better now.
I found this site on cuteoverload- it's in German, so I don't understand all of it, but you'll get the gist of it. Holy crap, cutest kitties ever.
INSANELY cute scottish fold kitten
Le Boy found this on YouTube and we couldn't believe it was real. I looked it up and sure as shit, it is real. And their website says it's supposed to "reduce stress in pets"...Um, does it look like it reduces stress? The people who did the You Tube video said they stopped it before it was done. The website says it was designed by veterinarians and animal behaviorists....was their last name "Mengele" by chance? It's a kitty torture chamber!

I know giving a cat a bath isn't easy or, in many cases, painless, but being stuck inside a washing machine and suddenly water and soap start spraying from all directions is not the way to reduce stress in the cat. A quick bath with you holding them firmly is the way to do it.

I can't believe someone thought this was a good idea- where's PETA when you need them??

Here's a video off of Cute Overload of a cat who's a dream to bathe.

ETA: I looked at the testimonial section on the company's website- the reasons people give for loving this thing are all reasons it benefits them- there's a groomer place that says their employees don't have to get big dogs into tubs anymore and they don't have to risk getting bitten by cats, so their worker's comp insurance has gone down....huh, no one's thinking of how horrible that is for the animals!
That video was so horrible, like a car wreck resulting in decapitation, but I couldn't look away. I do not agree with the people who invented and use that machine. that poor cat looked panicked, he had no way out of that tiny unfarmiliar space and there were no people to reassure him.

My cat is pretty good about getting a bath. He does cry alot because he feel uncomfortable. I treat him gently and speak soothingly, which lets him know I'm not going to hurt him. I think that the fact I'm not stressed when I bathe him makes a huge difference too.
Okay I am most generally a lurker - but I seriously HAD to share this:

Two weeks ago today my mom and I moved, she was moving out of state and I just down the road. Between us we have 7 kitties, because of my new living situation mom had to take all the kitties with her. About an hour before we left, we went to give all the cats tranqualizers, so they wouldn't freak on the six hour car ride. Well we couldn't find one of the cats, we looked and looked - there wasn't any furniture left in the entire house, so she had nowhere to hide. All we could figure was that she got out when one of the doors was left open. There wasn't much else to do. I alerted all of the old neighbors and the new owner of the house to be on the lookout for a black tortishell. A kept in contact with everyone, called vets in the area and check with the shelter - no kitty. I was really worried about her because it was so cold in the last few weeks. So anyway coming up on two weeks I basically gave up any hope of finding her and hoped that some kind person had taken her in.
Today, I went out to the garage to look for some stuff in my storage tubs and I swore I heard a cat meow, I continued to open tubs and stuff and then heard meows again. WTF? was all I could think. I listened again and the meows were coming from the couch! I couldn't feckin believe it. I turned the couch over and found a hole in the bottom, she was hiding in a hole, in the couch, in the garage for TWO WEEKS! She's fine if a bit skinny and starved for both food and affection. Mom's going to come and collect her this week. Unbelievable.

Thought the kitteh lovin' Busties would appreciate this story
that is really a crazy story octobersky! so glad the kitty made it ok.

i love that cuteoverload bath video! duke hates baths--i just try to do it as quickly as poss. and i dont do it very often, since i dont enjoy holding a cat who's whipping around and trying to claw my heart out. one time i helped my friend bathe a stray we found and he was just sat there though--maybe he knew he was dirty! either that or he was kind of out of it, because he was a bit sick from being out in the cold.
I have noticed that orange tabby cats are REALLY friendly.

When I was a little girl the orange cat next door used to come in to our yard and sun tan with us kids, and once or twice he managed to get in the house and lay on our couch.

My Mother-in-law's cat Fred is an orange tabby, he'll ask to be picked up and held like a baby and have his chin tickled by perfect strangers. Before he became "their" cat he welcomed himself into the house without permission and settled right in.

My cat HAS to make friends with random strangers who come in to have keys made at the locksmith office we live under. The owner of the lock shop has accidentally locked him in the office because he came in to make friends with the customers ans stayed to explore. He has also made friends with all our neighbors. I sometimes find the open cans of tuna they leave out for him (I get a little paranoid that someone might poison him.) My landlady is allergic to cats but she she finds him so charming that she leaves him a little bowl of food and water in the hallway.

My cat is a mooch.
My orange tabby is the most anti-social cat I have ever met. He's this skinny, totally neurotic little thing who yowls if we change anything about our apartment (seriously, we move the furniture and he cries like we're chopping his tail off.) I've had him since he was 6 weeks old, and he's never had anything traumatic happen, but ever time a new person comes over, he is nowhere to be found. He once got stuck in the wall by prying off a vent cover and climbing up into the vent.
I stand corrected.
so my boyfriend said he was going to the store and comes back with the cutest orange and white kitten as a surprize! we named him Graham like the cracker. he's not totally orange so i dont know if it fits into this conversation but he's very sweet and friendly and cute! i've only experienced orange cats getting to be the mean cats when they go outside.
awww, graham is a great name. Six week only kittens are so damn cute.

I have a problem that I'm sure many of you have gone through....I moved my cat from a big house (and backyard) to an apartment where he can't go outside...we're on the third floor. He used to be really active before he moved, and now he's a slug. We play with him and he will react but when you are living in an apartment that's less than 500 square feet theres only so much exercise he can get in. Anyway, since he moved, he has gained six pounds! Seriously! We limited his food intake to 3/4 cup a day, but even so, in the past two months he has gained a pound, and although I would like to attribute it to the winter weather, I know he's gonna turn obese/diabetic if I don't do something. Does anyone here have any suggestions for my chubby kitty?

Hi....Mojo and I moved from a house to a condo last year.

Anyway, Mojo currently eats less than 1/2 cup per day. What I do is I feed him twice per day. I kept reducing the amount until the dish was completely empty.....and where he was actually HUNGRY at the next meal time.

My vet congratulated me because Mojo was at the ideal weight for his size so I'm pretty proud of that! But, if I had to guess, I'd say he eats a scant half cup of dry food per day (science diet adult food).

I guess I'd try reducing your cat's food, a bit. Mojo's hungry in the morning and in the evening when it's meal time....I dunno.

If it helps any, he's a smallish/normal sized cat, he weighs 11 pounds.

Hope this helps a bit....?
are you using the diet pet food gumby? i'd talk to the vet and find out what they reccomend if that isn't working.
Yeah, unfortunately he is on diet food alreadythe Iams weight loss stuff...I talked to the vet when he was only 13 pounds and she suggested a few things that I'm not entirely on board using wet food. Im hesitant because I hate bad cat breath and don't want it to wreck his teeth, which are great right now.

Before we just had a giant bowl out which he would eat from whenever he felt like, and we had hoped that feeding him twice a day at 3/4 cup each would improve the situation,but maybe we will start cutting down even couldn't hurt.

Thanks for the info, treehugger
gumby, i feed my chubby cat 1/2 cup of diet food twice per day. she lost weight and never seems to complain about being hungry (like, she doesn't attack her food when i put it down or meow when it's time to eat).
thanks lauren, that's awesome, i actually just cut his food intake down from 3/4 cup to 1/2 cup yesterday, and there was the exact same amount of food left in his bowl as there is when we feed him more....way before, we would just have a huge bowl out and he could eat whenever he wanted, then we went down to 3/4 cup/ day (as said on catfood package) but so far (and it' sonly been a day), 1/2 cup seems to be going great! thanks for the advice.
Hi cat people.
Today I came close to assaulting my beloved kitty. I've been collected and patient trying to solve this problem for a very long time. I thought I had it solved finally, but after she peed on the bathroom rug yet again I snapped and I had to repress the urge to chase her down and beat her with it - fear not repress it I did.
But yes i guess that makes me a crazy mommy dearest bitch in my heart.

This peeing thing happens ever time I leave a rug/piece of cloth/towel on the bathroom floor. I've thrown it out each time, and cleaned the tiles with Nature's Miracle, but she can't seem to resist.

I've carried her to the mess, tapped her nose and said "No" and put her in the litter box a meter away, which hasn't worked. She also does this occasionally on hallway rugs. She has a thing with rugs apparently and we're not allowed to have them.

She seems happy in every other regard, I have no idea what the problem could be here or how to curb the behaviour. Any ideas?

Edit to add: Gumby, I took my cat the the vet last month and was prescribed special diet food that also has dental protection in it. It's dry and the kibble is larger which makes it harder for her to eat it out of boredom and she seems to like the stuff and is satisfied with small portions.

I too read somewhere that wet food makes them feel fuller and they'll need to eat less.
I first have to thank everyone who had such great advice for keepin the cat from shitting in the plants. I have put rolled up balls of tin foil in the plants and she hasn't been in there since. So thanks y'all.

I have a new question I am hoping you can help with. It has been cold as shit here in Chitown which means dry air and dry skin. And little miss Boo has the worst dandruff I have ever seen and I am assuming that this is from her skin being dry. Is there something I can either put in her food or on her fur that will help ? I thought about olive oil but am not sure how to get in either on her skin or in her food or if she would even eat it.

Unfortunately I have no suggestions for Sukouyant but I will attest to the great advice in this thread.

thanks again!

I'm totally not a vet, nor does Mojo have the problem....but when you posted, I immediately thought, "fish oil"...perhaps some could be mixed into your cat's food. Tuna packed in oil?

I know that in the winter *I have to drink more water to keep MY skin moist...maybe make sure your cat has lots of fresh water. I'd squeeze a tiny bit of tuna "juice" in it to encourage miss Boo to drink more.

Sukoyant, I feel your pain. My belated cat Fujie (rest in peace, old girl), used to do that but it was more if she was stressed. I have read about pheremones like a plug-in air freshener that has an anti-stressing, comforting effect on cats....maybe something like that? I dunno, since you said she's happy. Sorry to not be more helpful.

You may want to take her to the vet to rule out something physical, like a bladder infection. I've read that if a cat has a bladder infection, and they use the litter box with it, they start to associate the litter box with painful urination, and then when they see a "different opportunity" they'll do that....

ETA: I just re-read your post and I see you've taken her to the vet recently. If that's the case, then I'm clueless, but if I run across a possible explanation for the behavior, I'll certainly post it here.
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