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well, i think the revolution killed all the fleas. at least i hope it did. i have to check them tonight, but i did spot some dead fleas on the white cat yesterday, which i took as a good sign. i think we should bathe them anyway just to get the grossness off their fur, but i have to get the bf to agree to that. i have never used hartz products on cats, but i used their food, treats and litter for several pairs of gerbils that lived long (well, comparably) happy i don't know what the deal is with their products now. i will check out that awareness site though! yes, and these cats are indoor cats but they love hanging out by windows, and our apt is old and full of cracks. there are probably millions of life forms in there and in the walls that i dont even want to think about. i guess i'll be giving them to revolution for at least another couple months just to be sure. too bad it's kind of $$$.
Hee hee! I went to snap some pics for the decor thread today, and found Carmella in bed! This is where she sleeps at night. I swear she must have rigged herself under the covers - I never touched them - the bed was unmade.

IPB Image
Doodle, that picture makes me want to crawl back in bed and snuggle with a cat (just about any cat will do) jealous of all the cat people out there. My dog's not snuggly and cats are out of the question with Le Boy's allergy. When I go over to my parent's house, it's like impossible not to fall asleep as soon as one of the cats sits on my lap. Like the napping's contagious.
hmmm white vinegar...that's easy. i think i'll try it.

doodle that cat is giving me a cute attack. when duke was a baby he used to crawl in between the bed pillows to sleep...i miss sleeping with him! the bf can't have him in bed anymore bc he'll get asthma. i let him sneak in once and awhile, but then the other cats come too and it's like a cat boarding house or something. all 3 of them on the bed staring at you all night. hee
Aw, thanks you guys! Carmella is blushing.

Speaking of cuteness overload....I've been posting about it in the decor thread, but due to wanting to use the dining table somewhere else in my place, I've turned the dining room into a kitty playground! And coffee bar. (*ahem* I'm not totally insane - you have to feed your guests somewhere!) And atrium. (I'm a plant freak.)

So it's a combo coffee bar/atrium/kitty playground!

Yes, I'm insane. But anyway, it's terribly fun! I took the treehouse, the extra cat bed (b/c Carmella thinks my bed is hers now), and the other 2 junglegym-esque type toys, and put them all in the dining room. And I had this big tree, which I've arranged almost in the middle of the room, propped up against the cool! And the jungle gyms go around the tree, with the bed in a corner by the radiator.

Living here is Kitty Sesame Street! (I want to come back as a cat, owned by someone like me.)
wow kitty sesame street!

mandoo encountered his first baby today and didn't like it one bit. he sniffed a bit, ran away, looked bemused and huffed cos something else was on my lap.
Aw, thanks blanche!

bunny, count yourself lucky - when Georgie saw his first baby, he lept off the balcony and ran out into the bush! Four hours to find him....

Ok, here are pics I posted in the decor thread a couple of days ago, but there are a few changes. 1) I turned the treehouse the other way, so that you'd see the pointed roof head on in the photo (and that is a lime green feather boa tied to the front - dollar store Hallowe'en stuff, if you're looking for a great, cheap toy!); 2) I pushed the tree out more towards (but not right in) the centre of the room and put the blue/twig thing behind it. The big branch still leans against the treehouse, though (which looks much cuter with the pointy roof facing out), and now all the climbing/junglegym apparatus (apparati?) circle the tree, basically. I hope to find a new pot for it that looks sort of outdoor park-like...maybe a wooden tree planter or something.

IPB Image

(Georgie just discovered that the treehouse's new vantage point lets him see everything that's happening on the kitchen counter, hee!)

Also, the coffee bar is the folding wall-mount table you see on the floor - not yet mounted, as I'm awaiting a 2nd table to put beside it for the "counter." (doodlemama is going to pick it up from Ikea and ship it on the Greyhound.) The cats will be allowed to sit on them at the window - normally I wouldn't let cats on a "dining" table, but I did buy the fold-down table for them anyway. It was originally going to go in the bedroom. But this is better!

IPB Image
Doodle, awesome job!

I'm mainly back in this thread to report that, yes, my cat has reached new levels of kitty weirdness.

I found out today that he LOVES canned pumpkin. Almost as much as tuna.

I had a cat who ate bread. He would rip open a loaf and eat half of it in one sitting. We'd wake up and find bread bones everywhere. He also ate green olives and cantelope (although not necessarily together).
Aw, thanks blanche and treehugger! *blushes*

kelkello, before I had cats, I lived in a basement suite - my first place, actually - where the landladies' cat would sneak into my place, rip open my bread, and eat half the loaf! That was 20 years ago, and I've never heard of another one doing that until now.

Georgie likes potato chips AND chip dip. And also Bits and Bytes. Have to watch him at parties. They both like cheddar cheese, cream cheese, ice cream, creamy pasta sauces (Alfredo, etc.), and hard boiled egg yolk, as well as the occasional green pea, if you squish it up a bit first. (Actually, every pet I've ever had liked green peas, including a budgie I had for 12 years.) Oh, and of course, just about any kind of meat (sandwich meat is especially popular with them), as well as milk, cream, and real butter.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Oct 19 2006, 09:51 AM) *

They both like cheddar cheese, cream cheese, ice cream, creamy pasta sauces (Alfredo, etc.), and hard boiled egg yolk. Oh, and of course, just about any kind of meat (sandwich meat is especially popular with them), as well as milk, cream, and real butter.

Lalou likea all that stuff too, but he has the most sensitive tummy. I can give him meat and fish in small quantities. If he eats any dairy however, it ends up on my carpet. He gets all crazy when we eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream, we have to fight him off because he tries to steal a lick.
hilarious cats eating stuff!! i caught one of them eating peanut butter from the jar last week. sheesh. and duke tore open a bread loaf bag but i caught him before he dug in...ben and jerry's? that's a fave of his too. he's gone from the kitten who wouldnt eat to the cat who steals whatever food he can get his paws on. excluding certain things like wine and veggies.

though one of my parents cats started slurping up my wine once. it was a very sweet japanese wine.
the first few days we had our adopted cat she ripped into a loaf of bread i had on the counter. now i keep bread in the pantry.

my other cat loves bean sprouts, tomato sauce, and noodles.

My kitties have their winter coats now....SO thick and silky! I feel totally justified about buying the expensive food now. Carmella's fur was kind of ratty when she arrived last New Year's.

I really try not to give them people food, because I've had two cats in the past die of what I think were preventable diseases. They don't really mooch, and I don't give them any encouragement, but I do usually give them a couple of little pieces of cheese if I'm eating it, and also a bit of ice cream! I'm hoping they think of it as a VERY special treat, not an entitlement. I dunno if I should even be doing that much. It's really hard, 'cos they're just so cute and GOOD....they rarely do bad things, they deserve to be spoiled in every way!

blanche, I got my budgie (Jasper - tho' he was blue!) when I was 12 - he moved out of the house with me when I was 17. He had a lot of freedom to fly all over the house....he spent most of his time on the kitchen counter, entertaining himself in reflective toasters and kettles - you had to really watch him when you were cooking (once he flew straight into a bowl of cake batter and I had to wash him off under the tap). Anyway, he consequently became very comfortable around people food. He was pretty interested in whatever I ate, and he especially liked peas, green beans, corn, pizza (crust), toast, apples, lettuce, and other things of that nature. He went batshit over a fresh spray of millet! I swore it was budgie drugs or something!
Haven't checked in for some time, but am very glad I did.

((doodlebug)) Your kitty playground is AWESOME! I've wanted to do something like that ever since I saw the Cats House website.

I was very happy to learn about the white vinegar flea killing technique although we haven't had much of a problem, thankfully.

And on another topic... does anyone else out there feel like a really bad person because your cat is overweight? I'm taking Elvis to the vet, which is something I dread as much as he does because they always tell me how fat he is and how it will really affect his health. I've tried all the lite foods and spending more time trying to get him to play, but he just doesn't lose any weight. Oh well, we shall see what they say this time.
dont' take it to heart kcrile....jakester (as you can see from my avatar photo) is a big chunky monkey himself. although he has lost 1 pound since he came to live with us. he is on diet food and i try to race him with the laser pointer so he can get a good workout but obviously that's not working. but his skin, eyes, and poop is all way better. so i just go for a healthy kitty, even if he's a bit on the husky side.

also, we might be getting another kitty who is notoriously fat since she's been named 'squishie'...sad really. but she was a breeder momma so maybe once we get her, we can tone her up and keep her happy and healthy.

now i just sound like i am rambling...sorry.

ETA-Royal canin is the bomb...great stuff especially for cats with allergies. or so i have been told.
blanche, I feel the same way about birds....I'd love to have another bird but I wouldn't as long as I had cats....I think birds should be able to fly free at least part of the time.

Royal Canin is what I usually buy for my furbabies. The vet says it's the same company that makes the pro version they sell, and is very happy with me feeding Royal Canin. I feed the indoor kind regularly, and the Special 33 if they've been hairballing a lot. Sometimes I buy Nutro Naturals, too, which is a bit cheaper and quite similar in make-up. My cats don't really like Eukanuba.

On the weight issue...I've had Carmella 10 months and she's put on quite a bit of weight...but it's not from me overfeeding her or under-playing with her, so I refuse to feel guilty. (Not to mention that she and George chase one another all over the apartment.) She had tapeworm when I got her, and she was sick, and not fixed...her weight increase coincided with increased food quality, post-shelter life, post-hysterctomy, and post-de-worming. I KNOW it's not my "fault" because George, whom I've had since kittenhood, is very lean. Anyway, Carmella is physically an incredibly fast and powerful kitty...she's as strong as a miniature cougar. I think she could kill a person, if she were tested.

Lots of people who are overweight are actually very healthy, and lots of thin people are very unhealthy, but doctors will always bring up the weight issue with their overweight patients, even if those people go in for carpal tunnel or tennis elbow. Weight is not the sole determinant of health in humans, and I think it can be the same way for long as you keep them exercising and eating healthy food, they'll be more healthy than otherwise, and the vet is going to say whatever s/he is going to say.
Is any one dressing their Kitties up for Halloween? My La Lou is going as a hula dancer. He's soooooo cute!

Friday he entered a costume contest at our local Petco. Even though he didn't even place, I thought he was the cutest one there.

He was won out by a cat dressed as a spider. *grrr.*
My big Maine Coone greeted trick-or-treaters in his lobster costume. My fat little kitten was a doctor, and my orange tabby; a pumpkin.
i bought a cow costume for jake....turns out he's a fat cow...literally. the small size didn't fit. and he looked oh-so-grumpy. i laughed long and hard..and then returned it. i should have taken a picture.
My boycat is black...he was born dressed up for Hallowe'en! tongue.gif

(ETA: Actually, I'm not a cat-dresser-upper, but...I WAS kind of thinking about making him wear a little white bow tie for the holidays, if I find one. He's very elegant; it would seem sort of tuxedo-esque, non? I could tell people his full name is George Clooney. But what would Carmella wear?)
I'm not sure if next year if my La Lou will be a fortune teller or a camel. The camel would be really easy to make but the fortune teller would be really cute. I would have to figure out a way to make him a little turban and a cape with arms holding a crystal ball.

*Realizes that most people don't put this much thought into dressing their pets.

I have no life.
hey, I have a claw question: The other day when I was clipping my kitty's nails I noticed that one claw does not retract. She didnt seem particulary sensitive about it, the paw isnt swollen and I havent seen her limping or licking it excessivly, so it doesnt seem to be causing much pain...but still, should I be concerned? Shes 13 years old and I'm hesitant to bring her to the vet for every little thing since at her age lots of ailments are gonna start to happen and I dont wanna go in debt over it. But is this a big deal?
that's cute blanchedeveraux....i love it when cats talk....i swear jake says 'mom'....odd i know...or '' has noticed it as well and swears by it.

greenbean, as long as it doesn't seem to be bothering her, i don't see why you should take her in...but i would definitely trim that nail so it doesn't get snagged on something.

Exciting news....We are getting another kitty!!! Friday she exciting. i'm posting photos once she calms down.

I have always thought that part of why our cat is so mean ( shes a biter ) is because she was a nasty person in her previous life and has been reincarnated as a cat. But she is aware of this and is real salty about it.

I decided in her previous life she was none other than Joan Crawford. So I have been calling her Joan.
aaaarrrrgghh...any insight into why my cats have fleas again less than a month after their revolution? what is the deal with these guys??

maybe i should give them baths this time too. they'd at least be cleaner.
greenbean, no info on the claw, but if it's not bothering her, I'd leave it and just bring it up at the next vet visit.

luleey, my cats are indoors, so I don't know much about fleas or Revolution, but is it possible you didn't catch the eggs? Did you wash up everything, all your bedding and the cat's bedding, clothes, and stuff like that?

blanche, that's cute. George doesn't "talk" much at all - he's the strong silent type. The most noise he makes is that occasional back of the throat chatter cats make when they see a potential object of prey: "kh-kh-kh-kh." Oh, and he purrs like nobody's business. Carmella only talks when I've left the room, and I have no idea who she's talking to - me or George. If I talk back to her or meow back to her, she doesn't stop to hear me at all, just keeps meowing. Bunny (RIP) used to talk ALL the time, and imitate people sounds, especially mine. You could tell she was trying to imitate human talking. I always thought it was b/c she was part Siamese...she had a very distinctive "voice." We'd have entire conversations! Sometimes I'd talk human, sometimes I'd talk cat - I have no idea what I said in cat, but she seemed to dig it.

deschat, I LOVE your new avatar pic!

miz gb, I can't wait to hear about yer new kitty, and can't wait to hear how Jake responds!!! He's about to be de-throned by a gurl, and has nooooo idea. Heh.

missladyj, Carmella is a biter, too, and I actually think it's related to previously living in an environment with many other cats - a learned self-defense mechanism, and a way to secure resources, like food or a secure hidey-hole when sick. (Carmella is a swatter, too.) I'm treating it with a combination of always approaching her slowly and gently, and scruff-of-the-neck discipline when she gets out of line (and I don't discipline her if she gets "wild" during play, so that she doesn't get confused). She's improved quite a lot.

Oh, hopefully this weekend, I'll post some new pics....I've got the kitty playground finished! Well, the whole room isn't finished, but the cats' part is. (Can ya tell where my priorities are?) I've got the wall-mounted folding tables installed, so now they have a window seat, and all their jungle gyms, in one room.
Greenbean, I think Doodle's right: if you can touch it and it doesn't seem to hurt her, then it can wait for the next vet visit.
well, these cats are indoors too which makes me miffed about the fleas...though it's a very old building with lots of little cracks and stuff. so im washing up as much as i can and using flea powder on the carpets...i hope it works this time. what a mess.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Nov 9 2006, 07:08 AM) *
deschat, I LOVE your new avatar pic!
I am a little worried about my little Gideon. He sems happy enough, but he won't eat. I really think he is just being picky, because I gave him a piece of smoked salmon and he gobbled it up. He also hasn't been pooping, though, so maybe he's constipated and that is why he is not eating? We're figuring he'll eat it at some point, but I don't understand, he liked the food well enough before. Until we gave him wet food. H's just so skinny you can feel his vertibrae when you pet him...
any tips on getting your picky cat to eat? Or to help him deal with constipation?
My husband does know more about animals than me, and he thinks he's fine, just constipated.
Hmm...Onna, if you're cat is skinny, not eating well, and not having regular bowel movements, I think those are enough alarm bells to warrant a visit to the vet. There could be a serious disease or disorder at play sounds like too much is going on to dismiss it at as constipation or picky eating. How old is your cat?
He was born in June. Today Mr. Otaku force-fed him some milk with a baster, and he ate is right up. ZHe also will eat the tuna we give him. We hope the milk will make him poop. If not, we are going to take him to the vet when we get money.
Can i just say that i am very disappointed that we did not get any pictures of cats in costume on this thread!

Of course I didn't even dress Elvis up or take a picture so I really shouldn't be asking others to indulge my cute kitty kat obsession.

And speaking of which I hope everyone has discovered which I actually found through Bust. It is the best thing for those days when you REALLY need to take ten minutes out to look at pictures of cute and furry aminals. I swear it will help restore your sanity in 3 pictures or less!
We took Gideon to the vet last night. Turns out it was bad. He had FPV, and there was a lot of fluid in his stomach. I guess it is something that a lot of kitties get but very few of them get this sick. His white blood cells mutated. There really wasn't much of anything that we could do. There were steroids that we could give him and some chemo pills, but all they would do is extend his life a few weeks. So we had to put him down.
So watch for it in your cats especially if you are living in a milticat house. A fluidy belly, thinnes, suddenly not eating. If their attitude changes at all too. Sleeping more than usual, that sort of thing.
R.I.P. Gideon.
(((((Onna-Otaku))))) (((((Mr Otaku)))))

((((((((((Gideon RIP))))))))))

I'm really sorry about your little furbaby. It's seems especially sad to think of losing a kitten...

Um...after such sad news, it didn't seem right to just post cute new pics here without warning, so I'm letting you know that I've posted pics of the kitties and their playground. There are 3 in the Decor thread and 1 more in the Okay thread.

Good night.

I'm just grieving for the poor baby. He was so young. I can't believe i didn't know he was that ill, though. The vet thought he was a year old, because his face was all concaved. I just miss him.
We've decided that when we move this january we are going to get a kitten. I think Gideon would of liked it if we had gotten another kitten anyway.
My step mom told me that she thinks animals are here to be our gaurdians, and when we don't need them anymore, they go away. I don't know. I'm just learning how to deal with real grief.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
((((onna-otaku)))))my heart is with you at this i am still getting over the loss of my dog. today is 7 months...ack.

We brought molly home on friday...she's in good spirits, very feisty. a bit of eye goopage though...i'm going to take the both of them in for a checkup. the grooming lady will flip! she loves sphynxs.

I'm really sorry about your furbaby. It's soooo sad - they had a run of FPV (or FelV, not sure which, or what the difference is) at the local SPCA last year, and had to put down a lot of kittens. It's really extra upsetting, though, when you've bonded with a kitty, no matter how young, and then you have to lose them. But I think you made the right decision, rather than letting him suffer and then incur medical bills that you can't really afford. Those choices are hard, but I guess we all have to make them at some point. Big hugs.

miz gb, I'm so excited about Molly! How is Jake adapting? Carmella had eye goopage when I first got her, but time away from the shelter, plus good quality food, seemed to cure it - except for that li'l bout of goopage in October (which is gone now).

Speaking of food, I started the kitties on the Royal Canin weight control formula last Friday. And they don't like it! Well, George doesn't like it. He's flat out refusing to eat it, and then he pesters me day and night. I gave him extra treats and he gobbled them up like he was starving! But, since he is not overweight and can actually get "too skinny" IMO (I really got the diet food for Carmella), I bought him a little bag of regular food, and I'm keeping a bowl of it stashed up by his closet bed, where Carmella never goes (otherwise she would just eat his food, like the little bully she is). Carmella is eating less food, I think - maybe the secret of diet food is that it tastes bad, so they only eat it when they're really, really hungry!

George's bedroom, aka on top of the deep freeze in the closet:
IPB Image

Carmella and "her" purple afghan:
IPB Image
well, doodle, both are tolerating each other well...but i noticed that jake's wrinkles were MIA....i.e. he's been chowing down cuz of her presence. so last nite...i stepped on the scale...i know i'm over...but then i held him and stepped on....dude...he's gained 4 pounds....ow.....!!! but today he actually purred and wanted some i think he's gonna be ok. i wonder how the two of them will do with turkey smells wafting around our flat next week....its next week!!! i'm tempted to do a test run.....who doesn't like extra turkey....? ok ok...extra stuffing? mmmmm

(((ona-otaku))) so sorry for your loss. losing a kitty is hard no matter what--even if they are freed from the pain.

doodle your babies are the cutest!! maybe carmella will like the diet food better in time when s he gets used to it. i wonder if the diet food doesnt have a good smell or something.

fleas STILL abound. i'm at my wit's end. luckily the two cats are going back to their mom next week, so i think i will wait a bit and start duke on frontline for at leasta few months and try to break the cycle. i had tried a cheaper bracd of the spot on treatment--don't try it anyone, go with the more expensive bc that crap does not work at all and is really greasy and gross!
Hi kitty-busties!
I was wondering if someone could help me out here--
I have to take my cat on a seven hour drive, something I've never done before. I've thought about taking her to the vet to get sedated, but last time she was sedated (for a tooth extraction) I remember the vet saying that at her age (13) its risky to put her under. I dont mind if she cries the whole drive, I just feel sorry for her. So my question is does anyone know what is more stressful/harmful to her body? The sedatives or NOT being on sedatives?
You could try Bach Rescue Remedy. It's made for people, but safe for cats and dogs (I found out about about it from Turbo, who swears by it for her dog's anxieties.) You can get it at Wild Oats (if you live near one) and probably other health food stores. It's a little expensive (last I checked at Wild Oats, it was $18 for a little bottle) but if you have time, you can get it cheaper on eBay. The nice thing is that you don't have to give it to them like medicine- you can rub it on their ears and they'll absorb it or put it on their nose and they'll lick it off. Here's a page about the dosage and stuff. Good luck!
greenbean, I think it's worse for a cat to be sedated, b/c cats need to be in control. I've read that sedating can freak them out more, and also isn't good for them. I travel with my cats all the time - admittedly, the longest trip has been 5 hours. But if you give them their own place like a crate or a pet duffle bag, and line it with a comfy blanket or sweater, cats will sleep most of the trip. Cats are more adaptable than people think!

The first few times I travelled with any cat, I found it was important that they knew I was there, so I usually place new travellers' carriers so they can see me, and I also talk to them or sing...well, I usually sing when I'm alone in the car anyway. My experience has been that kitty sees you as mama, so as long as mama is nearby, they feel mostly safe. I've also found they can "sense" things like your discomfort with driving through certain areas/weather, or if something's wrong with the car! Last time my car broke down, Carmella let up the strangest yowl about 10 minutes before it happened, and made me decide to pull off the highway into the next town...thank goodness, b/c the car died just as I was pulling off! Anyway, my point is stay calm and cheerful while driving with the cat, and the cat will sense your mood.

Also, it is much better to keep them inside their carrier for the whole trip, as cats prefer small, dark spaces when they're scared, plus they can put you at risk if they are loose in the car, and there is more risk of them getting away when you stop. For a 7 hour trip, though, you might want to at least try to get kitty to use a box and have some water - just make sure there's no way for the cat to get out, or to wriggle underneath the seats where you can't reach.

I've travelled with 3 different cats now, and all of them were nervous first-timers once....all of them turned out to enjoy their little "vacations" quite a lot, and although they don't really "love" car travel, they don't really object to it, and seem to forget about it shortly after we arrive at our destination.
I met someone yesterday who has travelled long distance with her cat and she basically said the same things. I think getting my kitty in the carrier will be the hardest part, since she associates it with vet visits!
Getting kitties into their carriers is always the hardest part, even when they associate the carrier with going to "gramma's house!"

By the way, this is a really great website about travelling with cats. It's the site that inspired me to start travelling with Bunny, about 4 or 5 years ago! Lots of good tips and encouragement....I even bought soft-sided carriers because that site recommended them (and they really do make travel easier, unless you have to ship pets via cargo, which you do need the hard case for).
Awwwwwwwwwwww...those are some CUTE kitties!!!

The comment about the artist kitty reminded me...

Does anyone have "helper" cats?

I've divided my kitties according to their tasks. George likes to "help" whenever I'm making art or doing something physically creative, like decorating stuff. He gets right in there - he loves to be around me when I'm creating. He also loves to "help" when I'm lighting candles - not that he touches them or does anything dangerous, but he likes to be there. Carmella, OTOH, loves it when I sing and/or play guitar. She gets all over me, she can't get close enough, and then when she does settle down, she'll be right at my feet. She is my biggest fan. It's like George is an artist's cat, and Carmella is a musician's cat!
cute pics!! love them to death.

i don't know if this counts as helping...but duke enjoys freaking me out by trying to hop up on the stove while i'm cooking. he also tries to "help" eat the finished product. wink.gif

he also loves laundry, which he helpfully wrestles with on the bed while i'm trying to fold it. ok, so he's not the greatest helper...but i love him anyway!
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