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hahaha...carmella the pillow stealer!

jake does that too...he will actually steal my pillow and push me out of the way. lol and when i get up in the am, he steals the warm spot...i just tuck him in now. little bugger.
Yep, Carmella is a little mimic too, blanche, that's what made me wonder...not just mimicking me, but Georgie, too!

Aw, both of your cats sound cute in the A.M. Mine know not to bug me. When I get up, which will happen when I'm good and ready, they will get treats. This is how I've bought them off not to bug me in the morning, because that's the time when I'm too evil to commune with cat or human.
Mandoo has characteristics of both a Taurean and a Virgo. He can be very unflappable (i.e. when he laid eyes on our bunny for the first time last night or when our neighbour's cat wandered into the house) but can also fReAk out a noise, or the window cleaner.

He too loves lying on my pillow, nudging my head out of the way, but he's mainly positioned curled up at my feet or on my lap (he HATES my laptop). He is not enamoured by a lot of fuss in the morning, it distresses him, so he is forever waking me up by coming into my bedroom when everyone else is leaving for work.
My Lalou is a leo all the way, He has hosted dinner parties for international power houses and expects me to turn on the faucett so he can take a drink at two in the morning.
Hey kitty lovers, I just wanted to update you about Dinah. She is definitely improving! Her skin is still yellowish, but much less so than it was. After requiring force-feedings with the turkey baster thing for about nine days, she started eating her special food voluntarily late last week. We have to bring it to her (she doesn't come running to us to ask for it), but it does seem like her appetite is coming back. Her behavior is much closer to normal, too--she greets us at the door, rolls around in a sunbeam, etc. I'm cautiously optimistic (fingers crossed).

Thank you all so much for your vibes and support!
My vet said when you read the lable of a cat food bag, that the first ingrediant (sp?) should be meat, not meat by-product and not corn.
re: purina one cat food...i've been using this with my (new-ish) cat and his two friends who are staying with us for a few months. they all enjoy it a lot, although i'll have to check the ingredients. i didn't before. i'm going to start giving them smaller portions though as i've noticed they sometimes wolf it down in big quantities and then promply barf it back up. ewwww!! i can't really afford to buy anything more expensive most of the time, and i don't want to give them alley cat.
Whats with cats barfing. Mine barfs frequently, every time he eats somthing not in his regular diet, usually at night. Then I step in it in the morning.
luleey, try putting a golf ball in your kitty's food dish. It will slow her down! I've had to do the same with my own.
I'm a momma again!!!

We just adopted one of our friend's cat because she couldnt move across country with him. So, I am now kittymomma for the beautiful, black fluffy Charlie Murphy, a.k.a. Darkness:

IPB Image

She is crazy. Its very cute. She stares at the drapes and then attacks them. I think its good that she's keeping those drapes in line. You never know when your drapes will just up and go crazy.
aww bless. Princess of darkness?

hehe, prettyinpink is a funny kitty mama.

eta: hypoallergenic cats sold in US
Yay, PiP! She's lovely! When you talk to her, do you call her Charlie or Darkness?

deschat, I'm sorry I don't remember how old your cat is, and I'm too tired to read back in the this something your kitty just started doing? If he's an older cat and this is new, you might want to ask the vet about it....actually, even if he's young and it's new, ask the vet. If it's all the time, it's probably that his stomach can't handle the stuff outside his diet. Georgie eats bugs all summer long and then hurls them up somewhere in the apartment. But otherwise, he never pukes.

I've discovered a new way to entertain Georgie....probably he'll get bored of it soon, like everything else. But anyway, I took a newspaper apart, and laid the sheets out in about a 4X4' square on the floor, spreading them out and also layering them. Then I put a bunch of different toy mice in between the layers. It kept him occupied for quite a long time so that I could do my thing! I think he really liked the sound effects of the rustling newspaper. Then after he found all the mice, I re-arranged it again and let him do it all over....he wound up going for this about six or seven times before he finally went back off to bed! Or maybe he only went off to bed b/c I forgot to re-arrange it the last time...I was too busy to notice...
Soo cute, Pink! Love the name.

I don't know how to feel about that article, bunny. Even though it would mean I could have a cat because Le Boy is severly allergic to cats; not just itchy eyes/running nose, but full-blown asthmatic response. He's not asthmatic otherwise, and before he turned 24, he was never allergic to cats, so I'm hoping his body chemistry will change and he'll be able to tolerate cats in a few years...I don't know if I'd get one. Besides being super expensive, having a genetically modified animal is kinda weird. Eating GM food is creepy enough, having some little genetic mutant of a cat....I dunno. I'd wait for a few generations at least- cod only knows what kinds of health issues screwing with the genes will cause. ETA: read the article more carefully and saw that technically speaking, they weren't genetically modified. I guess that's a little better. But I've heard that some breeds claim to be "hypoallergenic", but it's really not true. Hmm.

So sad- when I came home tonight, there was the cutest little gray and white kitty outside. She had a collar on, so I resisted the urge to take her, but she was so friendly. I have issues with people letting their cats outside, at least around here. Feline HIV is rampant and I've lost 3 cats to it. Not like I could keep it anyway, with Le Boy and Le Hellhound. sad.gif
luleey i have to find a golfball for fat cat! or three, since there is one cat dish for each of them.

on the allergy line--my bf is allergic to cats. asthma and everything. but, he said if we got a small shorthair one, it wouldnt be a big problem--he just can't sleep in the bed with us, and we would be sure to vacuum frequently. now, though, we are taking care of two other cats for at least the next few months, and so yes, he has an asthma attack pretty much every night. even though we vacuum twice a week, open windows, have a (well, kinda crappy) electric filter thingy and give the cats baths every few weeks it still happens. poor guy. they're his sister's cats though, and he agreed to watch them--oh well! we just keep his inhaler by the bed, and i hand it over when i hear him start hacking. it is sincerely a pain in the ass but manageable under the circumstances, as the rest of his family refuses to watch them.

you all have such great advice--any thoughts on how to keep them from hanging out on the table and kitchen counters? they are really getting kind of belligerent--my fault for not reinforcing the no-tabel/counter rule to begin with--but now i want them to know i dont want them hopping around on these high places all the time! sigh...they just love to mess up stuff on shelves etc...
deschat, I'm sorry I don't remember how old your cat is, and I'm too tired to read back in the this something your kitty just started doing? If he's an older cat and this is new, you might want to ask the vet about it....actually, even if he's young and it's new, ask the vet. If it's all the time, it's probably that his stomach can't handle the stuff outside his diet. Georgie eats bugs all summer long and then hurls them up somewhere in the apartment. But otherwise, he never pukes.

Lalou is around six or seven. This is not new, he pukes after any old thing that may or may not agree with him. Like the other day he ate part of my unfinished breakfast cereal and the puked it up in the hall. My house girl had to aim him so his puke would land on the linolium. Then he went back and tried to eat the rest of the damn cerial. (Yes, my cat is a dumb-ass.) Yesterday he puked in the bathroom a pile of brown cat food and a long green balde of grass

*This should probably go in the grody gross out room.
poor lalou! i think most cats are dumb like that with the barfing thing. when i lived at home one of my family's cats had a fave puking place where she would regularly deposit whatever she had just scarfed...right outside my bedroom door. that way when i woke up in the morning and went outside, i imediately stepped in it. i mean, i understand that they get hairballs sometimes, but really. this other cat my fam has also pukes a lot...combination of wolfing his food too fast, and having a sensitive stomach (totally his fault--when he was a younger cat he decided to devour several feet of plastic wrapping paper ribbon. he almost died.)

yeah. they're pretty friggin dumb sometimes. but i still love 'em!
yeah, i think i will break out the spray bottle again. i feel absurdly guilty using it for some reason though. wink.gif it's not like it hurts them or anything!
I was at the vet yesterday, I moved to the city last January and just took mojo to his brand new local vet. I splurged and went to a place that only deals with cats and they are REALLY good in terms of not freaking them out.

They had a thing called a Kitty Kong that you fill with canned food, it's for cats that eat too fast. Also they had balls that you fill with dry food that does the same thing. Just a couple kibbles fall out at a time. And it's kind of like a toy for them that'll keep them entertained for a while. I might get Mojo one of those, I think he'd have fun with it.

I was really, really impressed with the vet. wub.gif She and her assistant were able to get through an entire exam with him just purring away. They sat on the floor with him. She is also a cat behaviorist. I was impressed that they didn't pick Mojo up and put him on the scale...they just got him to walk up on it himself. So cool.

She had a concern though; Mojo isn't neutered. (he does NOT have access to other cats and I wanted him to stay active and not overweight and he doesn't spray)

Anyway, she doesn't have much statistics on the incidence of long living, indoor, intact male cats getting testicular or prostate cancer, because most of the non-neutered male cats she sees are outdoor, feral, or barn cats. She's only seen one cat with prostate cancer ever, and he was neutered.

I was overwhelmed by the overall place and how gentle they were with Mojo (who passed his checkup with FLYING stars) that I just sort of nodded and agreed when she said she'd recommend I check his testicles once per month, she said, like a breast self exam, looking for lumps and such.

Gulp. blink.gif I've, um, never touched them and I have to admit to having sort of a "block" in terms of it...but does ANYBODY at all know anything about, um, sensitivity, avoiding, maybe trying to avoid inducing a spray, okay, just, seriously, this is going to be so weird.

I know that was a dumb sentence.
Thank you Blanche. Actually, before I read your reply, she called me and asked me if I had any more questions, and also to give me the rest of Mojo's test results (all normal, yay!) So I asked her, exactly what to do.

She said just, while I'm in the process of just petting him, when he's relaxed, to just feel and make sure they're the same size and shape. And I breathed a sigh of relief and said, "so I don't have to be totally detailed and check every centimeter and, you know, go to town?". And she said, "no, just make note of the general size and shape the first time you do it and make sure it doesn't change."

I think I can handle that. I just, now, have to get past the squigginess of it. smile.gif

I guess it's going to be like anything else...the first time will be the hardest.
I Just have to write this. My cat, Gideon, Is the world's first retarded cat. He makes an attempt to jump from the coffeetable to the couch and somehow ends up on the floor, on his back. He has smashed his head on almost every surface in the house. He rolls ones, people. I don't know whats wrong with him, he's so strange. We got him from my husbands stepmother, and i guess he was born a feral cat, so he hid a lot. When we brought him home, he got out and my husband spent two hours getting him back in, and after that he's shown no interest in leaving again. And all of the sudden, he's the mos loving cat ever.

WTF cat?
I have a friend who has a cat who was born from a feral/inbred litter. She's really cute and friendly, but, yeah, not the brightest crayon in the box.
This is quick, but BFF adopted one of the feral/inbred kittens from around here, and though she is 4 now, she will always be kitten-aged in her brain. She's still as loveable as any cat I've known, of course! Just not too bright, and yeah, she is clumsy and kind of graceless, and has never had the cat's "natural" ability to land on her feet.
i've heard of retarded cats before. i also knew a cat who had seizures and would run into walls.
If we are on the topic of dumb/ungraceful cats:

my cat Lalou likes to play in paper bags. He does a running dive-in and his velocity usually causes him the smack in to the wall head first while in the paper bag.

the other day he ran head on into the ceder chest and we heard the audible thunk.

When he's in the yard he stalks dead leaves and then tries to eat them. He looks confused when they don't taste good.

If he eats somthing and it tastes good but makes him puke he'll go eat more and puke again. He makes the most horrible noises when he pukes, like he's dying but the discomfort doesn't seem to stick in his mind.

I love my Baby Boy but he is a moron.
lol on the moronic cats!! duke isn't actually too dumb...tho he does bang his head into things a lot while chasing toys. he is a good bug killer--the other night he caught a huge moth and slurped it right up while the other cat watched. many of the "bad" things he does, like crawling all over the kitchen shelves and trying to shred the furniture, he mostly does while we're around bc he wants attention. even if it's negative attention, he still wants it.
My parent's cat chases his tail. huh.gif

We call her Darkness.

Darkness is very strange.
She's trying to ruin our blinds. she likes the windows because she sees her reflection and it freaks her out, and she doesnt seem to care about the fact that the blinds are in the way of her and the window. She keeps trying to go outside because she sees another cat in the window and she wants to meet it.

She's never been punished before and Irishboy and I dont put up with scratching and the blinds stuff, so she pouts when she gets her nose flicked or shot with the spray bottle.

I put a cheap full length mirror down on the floor and she sleeps next to that. When she's not sleeping, she hops in front of it with her tail all bushy and runs away.

She also nurses on the blanket when we let her lay on the bed. I need to get her her own kitty.

She's a box kitty too. Its her fort. She will protect it at all costs. She scuttles in circles on her tummy on the bottom of it.

Darkness is a straaaaange cat.

Heh heh, that's funny, PiP. You should defintely get her a kitty buddy! smile.gif

I have not yet decided whether Carmella is very smart, or a little bit retarded. She is very cautious about the dumbest things, and sometimes fearful. One time I moved the cat bed so that a piece of the blanket fell over the side, and she spent an age creeping up on it, approaching it with one swatting paw out. She does all kinds of stuff like that. BUT she's been very clever at imitating me and George, especially George.

Carmella is also VERY powerful, fast, and fiesty - she's definitely got a strong survival gene! I don't think I've ever had a cat who would have been able to beat her in a fight. Not that she goes around trying to fight all the time - she's very interested in peace! And also getting lots of pettings. But she does nip if you touch her the wrong way (I've almost got that out of her, but not quite), and she'll scrap if she's pushed, and I've also observed her reflexes during playtime. (She's not the kind of cat you could pet during playtime - she'd take your hand off!) She's definitely a fighter....I don't know if it's natural, or if she honed it from spending her first year and a bit in a household with a "cat lady," where she had to negotiate with god knows how many other cats.

George is the opposite. He never, ever, ever puts a claw out to human or animal, and you can stick your fingers in his mouth (I do this when he's yawning!), and he'd stop himself from biting down, even reflexively. Bunny (r.i.p.) was so gentle that she must have completely civilized him in that respect. The other day, when he was washing Carmella's face, she made as if to nip him. He took one front leg, stuck it straight out, and gently tapped her softly with his outstretched paw, twice, on the top of her head. It was SO funny. Of course, she took off after him.

What are everyone else's cats like? Fighters or lovers?
Gideon loves pets and head scratches, but if you don't pay him attention, like, if you try to sleep, he'll attack your feet under the covers. He's very irked right now that we haven't given him any wet food in a while. right now he is facinated with a paper bag. he skips in between attacking it and using it as shelter.
funny cat.
both of my cats are fighters.

we got sharpie when she was a kitten. we spoiled her rotten and let her play with us too rough. so now she has no problem with biting and scratching humans. she'll refrain from scratching or biting too hard when she is mad at me - hah, like last night i was holding her like a baby and she grumbled and just kinda smacked my face with her paw - but she always ends up drawing blood when i try to play with her.

we adopted maggie a few months ago. they said she was out on the street. she is very sweet to me - never bites or scratches - and needs lots of loving, but she really put sharpie in her place. which is kinda sad, since sharpie was here first, but maggie had a rough life so far and knows how to be the boss. i got maggie so sharpie would have another cat to play rough with, and that seems to be working out okay. there is a really subtle difference between their playing and fighting though! my boyfriend thinks i am nuts, but i swear i can tell the difference - you busties know what i am talking about.
Once Lalou had a stand off with the neighbors chihuahua Daisy. He and Daisy are enamies. It was very much like stand off at the OK Corall, she at one end of the alley, he at the other. She was barking at him rabidly, then he made his move, he took off at a full gallop and Daisy was taken by surprise. All she could do was run the other way with her tail between her legs barking all the way until Lalou had the the alley all to himself. Then he sat down and washed his foot. I was soooo proud.
Sooooo....this is new.

Since Georgie is a boy, and therefore more susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTI), I want him to drink as much water as possible. Thus, I let him drink his water out of a glass beer mug that sits on the little bookshelf in the entrance hall. (He prefers it because it's like mommy's water, and because it's NEAR mommy's water.)

Carmella, being a little imitator (probably a Libra), has recently taken to hopping up there and drinking out of it too. Which just made me notice something....does anyone else's cats do this?

When Carmella drinks, she dips her paw in the water and licks the water off her paw!!

(She also make a bit of a splashy mess.)
My parent's cat does that too- my mom lets her lick the inside of the yogurt cup after she's done with it, and she starts by sticking her paw in and licking the yogurt off, but after it gets close to the end, she shoves her whole face in there, and gets yogurt all the way back by her ears. I guess the daintiness only goes so far.
doodlebug it only girlcats? Or has anyone witnessed a boycat do this?

It's very cute, I have to admit. Although it's hard to peg Carmella as the "dainty" one, since she is a little toughie who frequently body-checks Georgie out of the treehouse.
I had a male cat once named simba who used to pick up fish in his paw and eat it like that.
God I miss that cat. he used to stick his whole head into glasses of milk.
i miss my cats...they're with my parents, so i get to see them only once in a while. anyway - my girl cat sometimes eats with her paws - but mostly she would just pick out the bits of food from her bowl, put them on the floor and eat them that way. both my boy and girl cat stick their heads into glasses/bowls to eat the leftovers.
my boy cat, when you're eating a bowl of cereal or something else in a bowl (and have it at mouth level, so he can't get into it), will actually try to bring it to his level with his paw (does that make sense?). it's very cute, but sometimes annoying.
and, for a while, my boy cat would only drink water from the faucet - straight from the faucet.
my boy cat did the paw-water thing, but only as a baby. now he just slurps it right up.
Darkness apparently likes to pee on piles of paper... has done this to bills galore. Not pleased.

Any suggestions as to what I can do? Her litter box is clean.

Also, she has lots and lots of energy no matter how much we play with her... anyway I can encourage her to chill?
Yeah, I was going to suggest that....I think if a grown cat is a paper-peer (hee!) then it's not about re-training just have to make sure there's no piles for her to pee on. And watch any clothes or blankets you keep on the floor!

I had a cat like this once - I took her from an acquaintance when she was already 8. She peed on everything. Ugh. Once she peed on a boyfriend's leather jacket. And once, when I was living with a girlfriend, she left POOP under her desk! (Of course, in both relationships, we were at the breaking up stage, so maybe it was all deliberate on kitty's part.) Anyway, I had to limit her options. In retrospect, though, I suspect a kitty version of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder - she was treated quite badly (hit, yelled at) by the new wife of the guy who gave me the cat (which is why I ended up with her). If I'd known then that they could give kitties psychiatric meds, I would have signed her up right away. Anyway, you might want to ask the vet about it.

You also might want to look into a bladder infection or other issue related to her urinary/reproductive health.

I have a question. Carmella's left eye is watering...well, it started out watery, but now it's goobery. She gets a little blop of goop forming on the fur below the inside of her eye (to the side of her nose). It's been doing it off and on for about a week. She's not squinting, and she seems otherwise healthy and happy, possessed of a good appetite and her usual fiesty personality. She did have goobery eyes when I got her, but they went away after about a month of healthy food and love and veterinary care.

I am experiencing a few flu-like symptoms right now myself, including stuffy sinuses...I picked up a bug on a recent trip. I don't know if it's possible for a cat to pick up a human disease, but she does sleep right beside my head every night....??

Anyway, I know it could be anything from a cold to serious respiratory issues to eye problems. I'm just wondering what others think on how long I should let this stuff go on before I take her to the vet?
My parent's cat likes to pee on plastic bags that are left on the floor. She's so weird.

I don't think your cold could transfer to the cat. Sounds like a little eye infection or allergy- I'd give it a couple more days.
yeah, I came home last night and found 5 different spots that she had peed on, including a plastic bag and my pink leather boots. I cleaned her litterbox and she's only been pooping in it. She just isnt using the litter box to pee in. The litter was completely dry.

I think that she used to be an indoor outdoor cat. Maybe thats the issue.
prettynpink, is this new behaviour for her (or did you recently get her and aren't sure?)? it sounds to me like she is trying to get your attention and might need a visit to the vet to check her urinary tract. mister boots started peeing at the top of our stairs in our old condo, even though he would poop in the litter box. turns out he had a bladder infection and was trying to pee in places that we were sure to find.

your kitty might be having pain when she pees and is associating it with the litter box, hence her avoidance of it for urination. it's usually easily treated with some antibiotics, although getting a cat to take meds can be a difficult matter.
cats taking meds...not easy.

i would take your cat to the vet, PIP, just to rule out the urinary thing. its a good idea.

doodle...what color is the eye goobers? and the actual eye area? is one eye puffier than the other? those are some of the things to look for. worst case, carmella gets eye drops. but you have to go the vet to get them.

((carmella's eyes))

How to Give a Cat a Pill...In Twenty Easy Steps.

The trick i do with my dog, and maybe you could adapt it for cats (though they aren't so treat-crazy and Pavlovian as dogs) is to hold up a dog treat so he gets excited for that. Then I get the pill in his mouth and hold his mouth shut (cats aren't as muzzle-y, so maybe this wouldn't work.) While I'm holding his mouth shut, I hold the treat in front of his nose so that he salivates and swallows and knows he'll get the treat if he takes the pill. After 30 seconds or so, I feel him swallow, I release his mouth and give him the treat- usually I'll do it with the extra special treats that he only gets when he has to take medicine.

I know some friends got a "pill gun" from their vet, so you can shoot the pill into their throat before they have a chance to spit it out.

I would hate to have a cat or dog on a maintenance drug. It would suck to do this every day, maybe more than once!
Any time I've ever had to give a cat antibiotics, the vets have given it to me in liquid form (clamavox, I think), with a syringe. You just have to hold them and shoot the liquid into the back of their mouth.

I gave Bunny thyroid medication this way twice a day for over a year this way, too. I paid a compounding pharmacy extra to have her tapazole specially mixed in a fish solution. But I tried the pill gun - half the time, she'd still manage to spit it out, and it was ruining my relationship with her....she started avoiding me! It was awful.

miz gb, there's no swelling or squinting, no marks or scratches on her eyeball, nor any other problems with her eye - I checked. The goop was runny (watery) in the beginning, and is now thicker. It seems mainly clear (not cloudy), with a slight, transparent, pinky-brown tint to it...yes, that had me worried, too. But that's the same colour her eye goobers were when she first came here. She was sick when I got her (I would be too, after 2 months in a shelter!), so I'm wondering if this is how it manifests when she's "under the weather"....

There was nothing when we woke up this morning, and nothing now...unless she's cleaned it off so I can't get to it first! Which she hates. She seems perfectly fine in every way, except for the appearance of the eye discharge. Anyway, I am going to give it a few more days, since the average cold or flu usually goes 10 days, and I think this is the 7th day.
Hmmm....I didn't know that, blanche! Is this L-Lysine something I'd have to get from a vet or a pharmacy, or is it something from a health food store?

The eye boogers seems to be clearing up - there's still a little leaking, but it's less than it was. Whatever it was, even if it's "done," I've written it in my notebook to mention to the vet next visit, which is coming up in the next few months.

Thanks everyone for your input!

I had a visitor last night, and after I brought her snacks and beverages, Georgie brought her the "gift" of a toy mouse. He loves having company - he's such a charming, well-mannered, and graceful "host." Combining that with how long, dark, and handsome he is, I've started to wonder if maybe, when I named him, I was unwittingly channelling George Clooney.

Also, he got to have a couple of potato chips, which made him ecstatic.
cute potato chips story doodle!
{{{prettyinpink's kitty}}}

unfortunately for me and the felines...foudn fleas on one of them. which means they all have them. which means....they ALL get a flea dip today after work. there are gonna be some seething cats in da house tonight.

has anyone tried flea powder? im wondering if i should put something like that on the rugs. i'll definitely vacuum again...
well, we actually put the revolution on them last night and we're waiting to see the results. what would i treat the carpet with, though? we have mostly wood floors but a couple of rugs. i think revolution was being talked about recently in this thread but i wasnt really you have to use it each and every month? thanks for all the help!!
I'm not familiar with that Hartz product, blanche, but I've heard numerous reports of Hartz products being toxic for pets- go figure! Here's an awareness website (there's lots more out there.) They're also being investigated by the EPA for using chemicals that shouldn't be used around any living thing, let alone small animals. I know they're cheap, but it's worth it to spend a little extra money than lose your pet.
i have a funny story...

jake's been taking meds..but they are the kind you have to put in the fridge so they are cold, so i forget this and just take them out to give to him without LETTING IT COME TO ROOM TEMP (oops my bad). so jake makes this face which is probably the equivilant to our ice cream brain eye squished shut, one eye open in disbelief that something that cold just went down, and the mouth open in some yawn-ouch position. damn funny. but i feel was really bad. he was glaring at me after.
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