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holy crap! fish flavor food is bad for cats?? i never heard anything about that...

duke is down to much less wet food, right now we ar taking care of two other cats also so i give them both wet and dry and it keeps them happy. once duke is on his own again i think i'll only give him wet a couple times a week. too bad i just bought a bunch of salmon wet food a couple weeks ago....rrr!! other than that i use dry purina and science diet.
My friend Emilyanne told me once that fish flavor food and Nine Lives brand gives cats liver problems and can lead to liver failure later in life. She's not a vet so I don't know what to think. I avoid giving my cat any fish flavor food and I only feed him dry Iams. I also heard that cats don't need a rabies booster every year.
well, i agree with the nine lives catfood info..that stuff is crap....i used to give jake iams but i upgraded him to nutro cuz of the higher protein content. as for fish flavor...i don't think its a huge issue unless there are bones in it. i mean, we eat otter pops and i know those aren't healthy. hehe.

sorry to be o/t: can indoor cats get fleas?

if so, any suggestions how to treat them without the lotion on coat that a. he wouldn't let us comb through b. would lick straight off as he's continually grooming and nuzzling himself?

as an aside cos I think it's cute: mandoo turns his nose up at smoked salmon but loves salmon fillet (I give him flakes of mine, not an entire one!
I'd never heard of Nutro before the local shelter told me to feed it to the foster kittens I'm taking care of. I bought some dry, wet and some in a packet which I don't like because there is way too much gravy. I try not to buy things in gravy because I think it gives cats diarhea.

I had no idea that Nine Lives, Fancy Feast, Friskies, etc were bad. The woman from the shelter called it "junk food" for cats. She said that Nutro is good but also something called Wellness that Petco didn't carry.
I have to give Lou Iams, it's the cheapest non junk food I can afford. I'm a student and have limited means.
Petco is freaking expensive so I watch the ads and when Iams goes on sale somewhere I'm all over it.

The only time Lou gets junk food is in his stocking for Christmas.
now if we are going to get into specific brands.....royal canin is awesome...but i am not willing to spend that much on cat food. but the creme de la creme is called natural dad met the guy who makes the stuff, got us some samples for my dog. awesome....this same fella also supplies this food to the LA Zoo for the big cats. now thats protein!!! but alas, its also way out of my budget...

jake loves the gravy....
Mojo gets Science Diet. The vet school here has a fund raiser where they sell the food at not too terribly much above cost...and the profits go to providing medicines and surgeries and so forth for lower income people's pets. They also do those there.

So I get my Science Diet there. And it's cheaper than at the store. Yay!
I switch back and forth between Nutro Naturals and Royal Canin, both of which my vet "approves" of. (My furbabies only get kibble.) I do buy Iams on occasion, like when I don't make it to the pet food store before it least you can get Iams at the grocery store! I switch up the food mainly to keep them from getting too bored. I tried Eukanueba, but they don't really like it....

In the past I fed stuff like Purina, Friskies, Whiskas, and even Alley Cat, mainly b/c I was young and poor, but I wound up having so many health problems with my cats....the first had to be put down at 16 after an infection spread rapidly through her heart, lungs, and liver; the 2nd at 14, after developing horrible mouth ulcers that were probably cancer....she was in so much pain and misery that I didn't even wait to find out. I can't say for sure whether it was related to the food, but the idea that it could have been the food makes me nervous enough to pay the extra...anyway, it is true that they eat less of the better quality stuff, so the cost almost balances out. Plus I can SURE see the difference in their coats and overall health, and that has me sold!

bunnyb, I've used that liquid junk in the past, and it never worked. I don't know for sure, but I think the only way to really get rid of the fleas is to bathe the cat, and wash everything they come near, like bedding and clothing. Then you have to do it again in 2 weeks to catch the egg hatchlings. What makes you suspect fleas?
Okay, I know this goes off topic, but all of you have to see this video! It's priceless!

I use Nutro for my dog, and when I adopt my cat I'll probably be using it as well. It really really really did show an improvement in my dog (especially my older one who died last year). She had a lot of food allergies and skin/coat problems, but they cleared up almost completely when we switched her to the higher quality food. My ex-roommate's cat had stomach problems that cleared up with Prescription Diet, and I think now she's on Royal Canin.

At the ASPCA we feed the cats Iams (wet and dry), but sometimes they get Prescription Diet and some other expensive food depending on their medical conditions. The only time cats and kittens get fancy feast/whiskas/9 lives is when we they refuse to eat. We give them "junk food" to try to get their appetites going again.
Okay, I had to watch that with sound off so not to disturb sleeping boyf so don't know how positive it sounded but the vid me cry sad.gif.

doodle, he's continually scratching himself and I'm covered in bites.
bunny, can you get some help and give the cat a bath? You could also get them to do it at the vet's, or maybe pay a groomer....but you do have to wash all the bedding and other stuff. I wonder how your cat would get fleas if its indoors? I can't you share a building with other people/animals?

I forgot to mention, me 'n' the kitties are at my mom's house, aka "Nanaland" to them. smile.gif This is Carmella's 2nd trip, and she did much better this time. She seems very content, though much more clingy than at home! I guess she is afraid I'm going to leave her behind, or maybe it's just that I'm not up "doing" as much as I do at home.
we're going to take him to vet's this week as treatment he was given at rescue centre (a year ago) worked with him. I live with parents and sis and we have a bunny (who is outdoors).
whenever the cats got fleas my fam would always give them a bath with flea soap, then pick off all the dead or dying fleas and drown them for good measure...then blow the cats dry (or drier) so they wouldnt catch cold. took forever, but worked. we usually gave them one more bath a week or two later to be sure. i have no idea how they got fleas, as they were indoors, but they had 'em all right. flea collars seemed to help after the baths.

yeah...i'm a poor student too and can't always afford the pricey food. i feel pretty secure with iams and purina though, and science diet and proplan when i can...although it depends on the animal i guess. we had a cat who lived to be 19 and she spent many years on purina and alley cat (which she hated, but my rents were cheap) and only much later in life was put on the vet's choice of food (dm? i can't remember the brand.) right at the time we were about to take her to the vet to have her put down she beat us to it and died peacefully in her little cat bed she'd had for all those years. i think it was where she wanted to be...(sniff, she was so cute)
I agree, lulee, my family couldn't afford the expensive stuff, either, and we have a cat now who is 16 years old and perfectly healthy. The rest went because of stuff unrelated to diet (FIV, swallowing needles, heart defect). My dog is on Purina- his previous owners tried all the pricey stuff (Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, etc.) and he either didn't like it, it made him throw up or it made his coat really bad. I don't think the expensive stuff is necesarily the be all and end all.

I would avoid flea collars though- they can be irritating and toxic. Those monthly drops are a better option, as long as you don't get Hartz brand. I've heard of many Hartz products of all kinds doing bad, bad things to cats and dogs.
Yeah....I have to admit I never fed the expensive food until I had a job that could support that. But I do have to admit, it's true that they eat less of it, so I think the cost difference isn't AS bad, though it's still more....but yeah, I just shelled out $20 CAD for a bag of cat food and thought, wow, I'll bet there are people who don't have that much to spend on their own food right now. Sometimes I wonder what immigrants from really poor countries think about the pet food aisles....

Carmella just survived her 2nd "vacation" away from home. I don't know how many it is for Georgie. Oh, and that little shit (George) had a chance to meet a bustie in real life and he HID under the bed almost the whole time!!
I have this friend from Zimbabwe Africa, he made a comment to me once about the pet food isle. It was so strange to him, he saw it as a symbole of American wealth.
gaaah!! woke up this AM to find duke with a very, very swollen nose. what the hell!! i have no idea how it happened, tho it could be from wrestling the visiting cat (they will roll around for hours, really getting into it. they're friends but they are both very aggressive.) has anyone seen this before? it's like the whole front of his face is wider, or something. he doesn't seem to be in any pain though, he's prancing around and harassing everyone as usual.
Can he breathe okay?
luleey, can you see a tiny bite mark on his, um, muzzle (is it muzzle for cats?)? It almost sounds like an allergic reaction to an insect bite of some sort.

Does anyone know what Arm & Hammer High Performance clumping cat litter is actually made from? It just says "natural materials" on the package. I've been trying all sorts of litters, trying to find one that works really well with the LitterMaid catbox. The High Performance seems to be the best by far (only one day in), mostly because it's so light the rake goes through it much more easily than it did the clay litters. It just sort of bugs me not to know what it actually is....
it doesnt look marred or anything, just like it's all swollen. maybe i'll try putting some alcohol on it or something...he seems breathing normally, playful as always, and doesn't flinch or anything when i touch the area. doesn't seem to care one way or another, as a matter of fact. eating like regular, and the area does not feel hot or anything. weirdness, no?

sixel, haven't tried the a and h brand of litter, so i can't offer advice on it...sorry!
well, duke's swollen schnozz seems mostly better today. maybe he just ran into something head on...he has the tendency to do that...
This must have been one tired kitty...
I was afraid it was dead until the last 30 seconds or so.
If I did that to cat mandoo I'd lose a hand.

polly, I was worried it was dead too! I was trying to detect if it was breathing or not.
I was too when I first saw it, but rest assured I'd never post a video of a dead kitty, that'd be awful. sad.gif
for all you other cat lovers:

=^..^= Cats who Love Macs =^..^=

mandoo treated and flea-free.

Hey Bustie kitty lovers.

Sorry I have been away from the Lounge for a while, but I really need some support right now. Dinah, my oldest kitty (age 11), is very sick. Long story short...we took a trip to the emergency clinic on Saturday, where the vet gave us a list of several things it might be, but would cost almost $900 just to do the tests that would be needed to diagnose her. And then, depending on what it is, it might or might not be treatable. And if it is treatable, the treatment would cost thousands of dollars.

Oh, by the way? I was getting this news on my freaking BIRTHDAY. And SapphMan had just come back into town to surprise me on my birthday--he's been out of town for most of three weeks (and I was with him for two of those), taking care of his dad, who has been in and out of intensive care following complications from cancer surgery. So what a homecoming for SapphMan. And what a shitty, shitty time the past month or so has been in our lives.

We brought Dinah home and have been trying to make her as comfortable as possible, until our usual vet re-opens on Tuesday (they were closed for the long weekend for Labor Day here in the U.S.). The emergency vet assured us that she is not in pain, but she does feel "crummy." We will take her to the usual vet tomorrow and try to decide what to do.

SapphMan needs to get back to his dad in a few days, and I'm scared that 1) If I stay here, Dinah will take a turn for the worse while he's gone and I'll have to deal with it alone; or 2) If I go with him, something will happen while we're both gone and our friend who has been pet-sitting for us will have to deal with it; or 3) If we decide to (Shit, shit, shit, I hate typing this) put her to sleep this week before we leave town again, we will regret it and feel that we rushed into a horrible decision.

Fuck, I just feel like my heart is breaking, and guilty that I might have missed the signs that something was seriously wrong, and guilty for not having the money to give her the care she needs (we wouldn't have it in the best of times, but we've also missed a lot of work while taking care of SapphMan's dad), and this is all just too much stress to deal with at once.

Thank you for letting me babble. I am just in pieces right now.
(((sapphy))) make her as comfortable as possible, spend quality time with her and see what your vet says tomorrow. It's horrible that you have to play the waiting game but you may get better prognosis tomorrow.

((((dinah)))) i agree...just try to make her feel loved and calm til you can get her to the vet tomorrow, see what he or she says...i know i personally would have no way to afford tests that cost even a few hundred dollars and then treatment, let alone possibly $900 worth of tests, so you're not alone in not being able to pay tons of money for a sick pet. it's tragic that it's so expensive, and it's really unfair that people who love their pets can't always give them the best treatment...but if it turns out that it will be thousands of dollars and no sure recovery, then i would probably feel that i had no other choice than to put her to sleep while she is not suffering too badly, and be able to say goodbye. of course, it may not come to that, so we'll keep our fingers crossed, but i have known some who kept their pets alive though they were in pain, merely because they couldn't bear to part with them, and i don't think that's what's best for the animal. and this was even with the most expensive treatment that could be given, and the animal would (imo) have been better off leaving this world without suffering. ((((sapphy and dinah))))
((((((((((sapphy and dinah))))))))))

I'm so sorry, sapph. What are some of the things the vet said it might be?
((((dinah and sapphy))))

I know it's hard. There's not much I can say to make you feel better, I know that. I'll be thinking of you.

awww (((((dinah))))) and poor ((((((sapphy))))))

(((dinah and sapphy)))
(((Sapphy))) I'm glad that we could be there for you to rant and vent to. It is awful to go through those kinds of things in a vacuum. Let us know what the regular vet says and I will definitely be sending good vibes your way. Elvis the cat is also sending good kitty vibes to Dinah.
(Cross-posted from Kvetch Up):

Thank you all so much for the vibes and well wishes.

We just got back from visiting our normal vet. She is so kind. Obviously loves critters and is sensitive to the feelings of humans as well (not all vets are good at the latter, in my experience).

Anyway. Dinah's situation is NOT hopeless. There are many things it could be, and many of them are dire, and some of them can only be diagnosed with those expensive tests. thing it COULD be is a certain liver ailment, the treatment for which The thing is, she doesn't feel like eating, so the vet gave us a special high-calorie food to give her via syringe. It could perk her up and get her to eat on her own again. Of course, it might not--but it is worth a try. She is alert, interested in things happening around her, and so on. So the doctor says her situation is NOT (at least for now) one that would warrant being put to sleep. She's not suffering, or in pain. She can walk around, use the litter box, and so on. It's NOT hopeless, and that's what we're focusing on right now. My stomach is less tied in knots than it was all weekend.
Yea for Dinah!!! And yea for vets who aren't total social morons!!! Hopefully the new food works some magic. I hate it when my cat boycotts his food (not that he does that very often laugh.gif )

Its nice that your vet gave you something that you could actually afford to try instead of just being like "she needs lots of expensive tests and treatment and you are a bad person if you can't afford to do that".

So good luck! Me an' Elvis will still be rooting for you guys!
yippeee....i am glad there are some alternatives and the sitch is not as bad as it seemed. it could truly be something as simple as the food, which is great, and it's awesome your vet knows how to clrify the options available. lots of luck!! (((healthy vibes)))
Yay for good Dinah news! I love that my vet isn't high-pressure, doesn't try to guilt trip you into expensive treatment.

I hope the diet solution works and she feels better!
Yay for good news for Dinah!

Hey sapph, is the main issue that she's losing weight rapidly? When I took Bunny in for that issue, the vet said the first thing they look for when an older cat (10+) loses weight is hyperthyroidism...the blood tests were only about $60 CAD to diagnose it. It would be worth having that test done, I think, because it's very, very common in older cats. If that's what it is, it's pretty cheap to treat with medication.
now that you mention it i think my parent's older cat had that condition for a while...she lived to be very old even with it. suddenly she was really super skinny, but she still chowed down the food. then she ended up getting really fat...then skinny again (this was over a period of years). i guess it was kind of an on-going problem that was treated periodically but didn't really have a big impact on her overall activities or personality until the very end, when she was real old and had other health issues too.

Even though my cat LaLou is still pretty young he goes through weight fluxes. He gains in fall and loses in spring. Does any one else have cats that do that?
I've noticed that George - who is only 2 - started to lose weight towards the summer. I was a bit worried at first, but his health is otherwise good, and he is still playful and affectionate, so I figured he was eating less b/c of the heat or something, or maybe because I switched to indoor cat food. Also, he is a long, lean kitty by nature. I decided it wasn't urgent, and I thought I'd just ask the vet about it at his next check up (in November/December).

When Bunny started to lose weight, the effect was more dramatic, and she kept losing and never gaining back - that's where the alarm bells went off for me.

Carmella has gotten rather chubby! I'm not sure what to do, though I'm sure the vet will have something to say about it. I do feed indoor cat food.

I don't know how to manage the balance with the food issue, with George losing weight and Carmella gaining it. I do let them free feed, b/c I am too nervous about measuring out the food, since she's a bit of a bully and she'll just eat his share, and he's already so slim...
oh doodle, me and my kitties have the same feeding situation. i'd rather have one chubby cat than one sickly skinny cat (which is how the adopted cat was when we rescued her). my chubby cat is really active though so i am not worried about her health too much.
sapphy, did your vet do any bloodwork? Where do you live? I am a veterinarian in Vermont and we charge $25 for a thyroid test and $30 for a general health profile (liver, kidney, proteins, sugar etc.) I think we are the most inexpensive vet clinic on planet earth. We charge $5 for an office fee--if that is any indication! Hyperthyroidism does jump to my mind reading your posts. If you need any help, please let me know!
Yep, that's what I got for $60 CAD - thyroid test and blood workup like gomersalgirl describes. And we don't have universal health care for pets in Canada! $900 seems like an awful lot to quote for tests without offering those basic, relatively inexpensive ones, to at least rule stuff out...? Of course, I don't know if there's a difference in veterinary care costs between Canada and the U.S., so maybe the cost jump comes from that. Then again, it might be worth phoning a different vet and asking about the cost of those particular tests...and anyway, maybe a second opinion is in order?

The kitties' "nana" (aka doodlemama) went home today - the cats have spent 2.5 weeks with her, being cuddled and cooed over (and no doubt getting extra treats when I wasn't looking), so I think now they're gonna get a bit clingy and demanding...just like kids!
I don't see anything wrong with shopping around for the lowest price for vets. I do it all the time.
Sorry to interrupt this current discussion, but it's time for a


biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Ok. Carmella's newest thing is...are you ready for this? At bedtime, she has taken to sleeping curled up against the pillow on the other side of the bed!! Like right now, she is curled up so that her head is actually ON the'd almost think she was waiting to be tucked in!

Now, y'all have to see this:

Cats of the Zodiac

Based on reading the profiles, I am convinced Carmella is a Libra; based on what the vet said about his age when he was a kitten, Georgie is probably a Taurus, or maybe an Aries, but the personality description doesn't suit him so much....
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