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frickin adorable!!!! ramsay, they are soo cute!
i see a submission for "cute overload" wink.gif

very cute and funny: mandoo has just freaked at the window cleaner! Never seeing him move so quickly from the sofa to run away!
cuteness of everyone's kitties! i'll try to post a pic sometime...meanwhile tried to trim the kitten's claws yesterday and he screamed bloody murder the whole time. any suggestions? i have the guillotine type clipper, and we bundled him in a towel too but he wriggled out. i barely clipped the tips of his claws but he acted like i was trying to kill him! so now one of his paws is trimmed, kind of, and im afraid to try the other one...i'd be interested in hearing any success stories you all might have to offer. thanks!
Oh, cute pic!!!

lulee, are those the kind of clippers that surround the claw?

When Bunny was still around, she didn't mind having her claws clipped, but she hated being held down. I found that if I let her sit on her own on the sofa, without holding her down, she would let me clip her claws. I would sit beside her and lift her paw, press the claws out, and clip, without any complaint or struggle from her. She was very special of course. smile.gif (She also hated being restrained in a carrier, and would have happily sat on the passenger side floor of the car for an entire trip without moving or doing anything bad, if I'd let her....but I didn't want her to become cat pizza if there was an accident, so in the carrier it was, with the carrier seatbelted into the back seat.)

I use the element of surprise on George and Carmella. I keep the clippers nearby, and during some moment when the cat is lulled into security (usually during a petting session), I scoop them up in my left arm and start clipping with the right. I hold them very firmly, and speak very gently, with lots of "good boy/girl," "almost finished, three more" and soft "shhh" noises while I'm doing it. Giving treats and lots of praise afterwards seems to help, and also, letting them go without touching them again until they come to me - that lets them regain their sense of independence and dignity, I guess. My furbabies barely struggle at all now, and while they leap away when I'm done, they never sulk or avoid me afterwards.

I've had to start swabbing Carmella's ears with this anti-itch solution, so I use the same tactic to get that done.

I've found that it's very important to maintain the "boss cat" position when doing stuff like this. In the beginning, if they tried to get away, I wouldn't let them, and if they DID get away, I would go and find them immediately, so they'd no there was no delaying or getting out of it.

I'm also not afraid to correct that really wild kitty behaviour - really only if it reaches the point of being physically aggressive towards me or another human (I don't interfere when it's just cat vs. cat) - by grabbing the scruff of the cat's neck and saying "no" in a low, firm voice. I know this might sound evil or mean to some, but I never do it in a hurtful or angry way, and I never, EVER try to lift them this way. I do it in a firm, I'm-the-mother-cat-so-settle-down kind of way. After all, that's how their mothers train them! In fact, though Carmella was a biter/swatter when I got her (I would probably bite and hit too, if I spent 2 months in a shelter, and my entire life before that as a rescue cat in a house full of many rescue cats), she's almost completely over it now, and the scruff-of-the-neck technique has been the ONLY thing that worked. Scruff-of-the-neck correction is instinctive to cats, therefore normal; it makes them instantly submissive. Though you have to do it immediately, or they don't make the connection to the behaviour (i.e., if they run away, don't chase after them just to discipline them). And lest anyone worry about alienating cats with this, my furbabies are very affectionate and trusting, they still follow me everywhere (like kittens), and they rarely, if ever, do bad things. In fact, aside from Carmella's biting/swatting habit, I can't think of a single bad thing they've done recently. And Georgie, who was actually trained as a kitten in scruff-of-the-neck correction by Bunny (his pseudo-mom, and the kitty who taught me this technique), has not bitten, scratched, or clawed a human - not even during play - since early kittenhood. He is the sweetest and most gentle little guy I've ever known - and this is a fellow who lived alone, neglected, and unsocialized on a tiny balcony from age 6 weeks to 3.5 months.
thanks for the advice, doodlebug. the clippers do "enclose" the nail. yeah, i made the mistake of abandoning the endeavor when he started squalling like a maniac. i'll have to try it again and be firm. maybe when he's in a sleepier mood, or suprising him like you suggested. little duke is also a big biter, and he really doesn't respond well to "no" and being swatted on the nose like a mother cat would...i'm thinking of breaking out the spray bottle for this, bc i would hate to have a really bitey cat. he gets super belligerent if you try to question his antics during playtime...flicking his ears back, rolling his head around menacingly and puffing his fur up while stalking around you. it's actually really funny to watch but his little teeth are sharp! we got him from a shelter and he was the runt of the litter, so he may have been given a hard time there which could explain his defensive attitude. he is also very loving though and follows me around everywhere, so i know he can be good, it's just a question of him understanding that it's not acceptable to gnaw on people whenever he feels like it.

on a funnier note there was a fly my room the other day, and duke was entranced. i thought, good, that'll keep him busy...until i saw him leap up out of the corner of my eye and then heard loud lip-smacking noises ensue. apparently duke had caught the fly as an after-dinner snack, cause i sure couldnt find it! wink.gif
Hey luleey...just a quick response as I'm working on a report tonight (but BUST is like crack, isn't it?).

I wouldn't recommend swatting a cat, even gently, as it could cause them to see the human hand as a threat, and could possibly make them MORE likely to claw/hit/bite out of fear (defensiveness).

But I'd recommend trying the "scruff of the neck" thing for the biting and other violence towards humans, because cats seem to understand "scruff of the neck" as you dominating them, which is different than threatening them. Like I said, nothing was working with Carmella (spray bottle, verbal discipline, canned air, etc.) till I tried that. The other things would frighten her and make her run away, but they didn't stop the behaviour. This is working - she's almost at the point where she doesn't nip or swat (people) at all. I think it's about respect for the "dominant cat" (you), versus fear of a threat to their safety.

Of the cats I've owned (or been owned by), the two that came from the shelter were the biters. (Bunny's biting ended naturally, when she realized she was in a safe place - though she did tend to nip my feet occasionally in bed, if I accidentally touched her in the wrong spot in my sleep!) I am absolutely certain the environment creates the behaviour.
last nite i sat on the floor, knees up, and put jake with his back against my legs, tummy side up...its not recommended for 'crazy kitties' but he's pretty mellow. this is the postion i put him in to clean his ears, his eyes and trim the claws on the back feet. or i just scoop him up and sit him in my lap and he sits there while i trim. the neck hold is good but hard if you have nails. and the towel idea is great but it takes two to hold. so grab a buddy and go for it.
thanks for all the advice, i do so appreciate it!! my bf actually managed to trim duke's other front paw last night while he was napping on the sofa. he reported that duke squaked a little bit but otherwise didn't give him any trouble--i guess it's better to do it when he's not all riled up from playing.

I'm trying the neck scruff thing, as duke definitely does not respond well to being swatted, clapped loudly at, etc. it seems to just piss him off and make him more defensive. i'll probably try using the spray bottle too, bc it worked pretty well to get him to stop scratching the side of the matress--he pretty much avoids it now and scoots away if i catch him looking longly at it. he is very territorial about this one office chair we have, and will harass people that sit on it, but i don't really care about that as it's a really old ugly chair and hardly anyone uses it. i figure just let him have his throne, if that's what he wants! my parents' male cat also has an obsession with this one arm chair that he thinks is his property--the other cat never goes on it, and if he catches you trying to use it he hops up on the backrest and stalks around. maybe it's a guy thing!
Yay for getting nails clipped!

I think my furbabies are due again.

George is a very odd cat. Whenever I'm singing and playing my guitar, he does his usual disappearing routine - I'd take offense except that Carmella is all over me when I sing. Anyway. Georgie WILL come out of hiding...but only when I play Leonard Cohen or Johnny Cash songs! Isn't that the weirdest thing? Who knew cats had such preferences??
Okay, now I'm feeling kind of neglectful of my kitties. Does everyone clip their furbabies nails? I've never done mine. Do they really need it? They shed them on their scratching post (and sometimes doorposts-I'm never getting that security deposit back for this apt.!) and don't seem to have, I don't know, problems or anything. They don't scratch people or each other or anything....

Doodle, that's too funny about George! The only preferences my cats have shown is for/against smoking. One will give you seriously dirty looks for even taking a lighter out of your purse, and sit in the middle of the room with his back to you shooting you disgusted looks until your done with the cig. The other could care less and is more than happy to take the vacated lap. Silly political kitties!
sixel, do your cats go outside? If so, it's not really necessary. I think cats are usually pretty good at keeping their claws cared for, but I've always found it's harder for them when they get older, and pretty soon they're like Howard Hughes. So I just get them used to it young. Plus clipped kitties aren't as prickly when their on your lap!

That's funny about the cigs! Whenever I have friends over, if there is a joint lit up, or even if someone is rolling one, Georgie is right in there like a dirty shirt! He knows when people get mellow, he gets the best pettins! He's the second cat I've ever had who really likes to groove with tokers.
No, they're strictly indoor kitties. I hadn't thought about them not being able to do their scratchin' when they're older (they're 5 or 6 now, I think). Hmmm, maybe I'll get some of those clippers. It'd be nice if they didn't poke holes in my leg when they're kneadin' dough!

we've had one of my cats since she was a kitten and my boyfriend clips her nails. i am glad she lets him do it because she scratches the couch and sometimes gets too excited when i play with her and scratches me. she is so good for my boyfriend! he holds her firmly on his lap and coos to her and then gives her lots of treats when the clipping is all done. when i try to do her nails she freaks out and i can't hold her down.

we adopted a cat from the mspca about a month ago and she won't let us clip her nails. but i have only seen her scratch the posts and mats we have for them and she keeps her claws in when we are playing or petting.

the new cat got spayed on monday and it was so different then when our old cat got spayed when she was a kitten! the incision is so small and there are no stitches on the outside. she was a little groggy for the rest of the day and then walked funny for a few days, but she seems fine now.

when she got spayed the vet said she is underweight and i should try to feed her wet food two or three times per day seperate from our other (fat and glutonous) cat. i picked up ten cans of friskies at stop and shop 'cause that is what my mom feeds her cat. is friskies okay food? i also feed them high quality dry food - that is all the old cat eats - and the new cat eats that too. so the friskies is just to help her gain weight - any thoughts?
Hey Laurenann, I think Friskies is pretty good, yeah. I use that and Nine Lives. I usually don't give my cats anything with gravy though. I mention that because you might want to do the same, at least at first. I think if you switch from an all-dry diet to including wet food, you don't want to give them diarrhea (which foods with gravy could do). Maybe also stay away from fish and liver at first too? Probably not as big a deal, but just a thought.
the friskies is probably ok--it might not have as much nutrition as science diet, purina, or iams though. but if you feed them good dry food it will probably balance out. maybe experiment and see what the cat prefers (if you have the time and $!) i tried several different brands with duke when we first got him and he was so small...he barely ate and you could see all his ribs. he finally settled on the purina pro-plan stuff, which has made him grow really fast and the vet was very pleased with his progress. he wasn't a fan of iams or friskies, but he might like more types when he gets older.
Mr.Luci clips the nails. They yowl and make a right fuss about it, but they are just big freaking babies; he's never hurt them once. I nicked the quick of one of my dog's claws once and she still lets me trim them; her memory must suck smile.gif

Feeling magnanimous and full of kitty love I went out and spent a ridiculous amount of cash on a fancy scratching post cum playground for the boys and they won't go near it, naturally. I set it up, demonstrated the scratching post, made all sorts of encouraging gooey noises and Klyde walked over to a cardboard box and started loving that, while Jinx just looked at me disdainfully and presented his ass to my view before running off with a plastic tab from an apple juice container.

I'm hoping they just need to get used to it and they'll come around. I can't return it, it's really awesome, and it was expensive. Lesson learned, however. Next time I want to do something nice for them I'll just root through the garbage. Ingrates! wink.gif
You could try putting catnip on it or honeysuckle spray. Or go for the double whammy and do both. Even if they don't use the post at least they will be high as kites. smile.gif
one of my classmate was looking thru a magazine and they had a photo of a sphynx (like my jake) but they had photoshopped tattoos all over it....looked so freaked out my classmates...but i think i freaked them out more when i declared loudly 'oh how cute! i have one of those!'

hmm....things to do

1. try not to ostracize self from classmates by talking about odd cat.
Whatever, Jake's fabulousness *totally* misunderstood!

*sashey shauntay, Jake!*
Glove-stealin' cat!
polly, that's hilarious!!!

Did anyone see the sleepy kitty song link mornington posted in Bizarro Websites?
I am a little worried about my cats this week. I don't have air conditioning (I don't like it and I get really good air circulation if I don't block the window it would be installed in) but it is really hot in Chicago this week. I have the windows open and the blinds pulled so any breeze will still get in, but do cats like heat? I have a lot of fresh water down and considered leaving some in the tub for coolness, but I was afraid one of them could drown while I was at work.
i had a kitty emergency last night! i was out on the deck with my boyfriend and a few friends. the kitties were just lounging around under our feet - they are allowed on the deck when we are out there. i feel bad keeping them inside all the time and they love chasing the bugs that come near the lights hanging out there. anyway, all of a sudden we hear these loud howley meows and see sharpie laying on the pavement three stories below. i flew downstairs and found her crunched up on all four crying and crying. i picked her up and she dug her claws into me, we took her upstairs and she jumped out of my arms and hid under the bed. we finally bribed her out with treats, and saw that he nose was bleeding. then she coughed and that was bloody so i took her to the animal hospital. i waited around there for a little while before they told me that she was too ferocious to do any testing on and that she'd need to be sedated and kept overnight. this mornings update was that she has no broken bones, no abdominal or chest injuries, and her heart looks okay. she is normally mean to the vets, but they said hissing and swatting could be a sign of a head injury. i'm waiting for them to call me back right now, because i want to take her home and observe her for signs of head injury here where she will be comfortable and not have anything to be mean about. i am also waiting to go over to talk with a financial officer because i totally cannot afford the $1000 estimate sad.gif if she wasn't bleeding from her face i probably wouldn't have taken her, but what can you do? i am so anxious to bring her back home!

oh, and thanks for all the advice on wet food. geesh, two problem cats lately.
Oh my god, how scary!
So the vet wants $1000 to observe her? Good luck. I hope everything works out fast.
Oh, no! ((laurenann))

I'm glad it sounds like she'll be all right. Suck suck suck suck suck about the price tag. sad.gif
oh laurenann....((((vibes for your kitty))))
The Vet wants that much money?

My kitty , Lodi fell off of our old bthird floor balcony three times. Of course when he fell only 5 ft and hit the sub roof, that is when he broke his leg.

But the first time, he bruised his ribs pretty good, but was oaky. It cost $100 for the exam.

$600 for the leg.

The second time, he was fine.
we just got back from the hospital and sharpie is okay. she has a big scrape on her face. no broken bones or internal injuries, though she does seem to be pretty sore and cranky. they gave us four days of pain medication. the bill ended up being $732 which is waaaay less than the estimate so i am satisfied with that.

the animal hospital we went to is known for being expensive (angell memorial in boston) but it is riiiight around the corner and they do have excellent facilities and treatment. also i should have asked more questions and then maybe said i didn't want them to do this test and that test. it was 11:30 at night and i was frazzled. on the bright side i got the financial assisstance information so let's hope they think i am poor enough!

((((((((((sharpie and family))))))))))

That's awful! I'm sorry it's going to be so expensive, and I hope you get some kind of financial assistance. I'm so glad sharpie's going to be okay...I think I had my own little heart attack when I read about the fall and the blood!

Georgie fell off the balcony three times - well, the first time, he jumped (out of fear of a toddler in the apartment). I feel pretty lucky that he's never been hurt...luckily, it's all bushes, grass, and soft dirt down there. I'd be a wreck if he hurt himself! Although, that was all within his first year, and he seems to be over the risk-taking now. (The last time, I think his dignity was more injured than anything, from falling in the junipers after leaning over to "catch" my toes through the other side of the railing.) your kitties seem stressed from the heat? I imagine if they don't go outside, they should be alright...they'll be able to find the coolest spot in the place. One thing I used to do for "cheap" A/C before I had A/C (I live in a place where 105 is normal for July) was to freeze plastic 4 litre milk jugs with water inside and then stick one or two in a dishpan with a rotating fan in front of them. Also, you can put a bowl inside a bigger bowl, fill the outside bowl with water, freeze it, and then use that to put their water in - keeps it nice and cool during the day.
((((sharpie and laurenann)))) I'm glad she's going to be okay, and I hope you get the financial assistance! I know I couldn't afford that, either....

kittenb, I've got no A/C right now either, and my kitties seem to be fine. They like to lie in the bathtub, I think the porcelain is cooler for them. I also put ice cubes in the water tank of their water fountain, so they have cold circulating water all day. They do seem to be drinking more, which is good for them anyway. I've also been brushing them a lot more, because the shedding is unreal when it's this hot! Hopefully keeping the excess fur off is helping them stay cooler, too....
laurenann, how is sharpie today? Did the financial assistance thing work out?

I am so going to build this somewhere in the apartment.

edit: Georgie is across the room, sleeping on his favourite chair. I don't know what he's dreaming about, but the whiskers on (only) one side of his face are twitching up and down!
Wow, doodle, those shelves are nice! I wonder if the smaller ones would hold my 20 lb. kitty, though. Hmm...I suppose if I attach them to wall studs....

*wanders off to find a T-square and more time for projects*
i filled out the application and i am going to bring it over to the mspca tomorrow. the guy i talked to yesterday said they consider "low income" to be $12,000 ($12,000?!) a year or less but if you explain your situation to the lady in charge she can work out some sort of deal for you.

poooor sharpie! she seems crabby and spacey, which is hopefully a combination of the heat and the pain medication and not symptoms of a head injury (the list of symptoms the vet told me is making me paranoid). she tried to jump onto the counter and couldn't, so i guess she is sore and bruised. the cut on her face is sad but it is not too deep and she isn't picking at it or anything. she probably did not really need medical treatment, but i was so worried when she fell that i just wanted to make sure!

(((laurenann))) (((sharpie)))

poor little baby! you did the right thing taking her in tho, it could have been a situation where waiting wouldve made it worse. you never know--better safe than sorry! just try and soothe her as much as poss and try to prevent her from jumping around.

duke just got neutered so he's a bit crabby too. when i got home he was so mad and started squalling and attacking my legs...i guess for the humiliation of being cooped up at the vet!
Lodi's injuries caused him to eat for comfort. I know it was not funny at teh time, but the first time he fell, he was all bruised up, and though nothing was broken, he hobbled around. So instead of moving, he would lay with his bowl in front of him, his little arms around the sides and eat. When he wasn't eating, he would rest his chin on the corner of the bowl! laugh.gif

So, each time he fell afet that , when he was rescued, he would run straight to his food dish, to eat the pain away! Now he is a chubba-lubba-ding-dong!
Aw, poor sharpie. Georgie was pretty sulkie and didn't want to be touched after his last fall into the junipers. I assumed he was pretty bruised up, and also that his dignity was kind of bruised.

3G, I don't mean to laugh at your kitty's plight, but damn, picturing your kitty with his head on the dish just made me chuckle!
Oh, gosh, (((laurienann))) that's scary! Sorry I missed the first post. I worry about Mojo for the same reason...I live on the fourth floor.

Hope sharpie is okay.

Doodlebug, I had a similar thing in the house I was renovating...when I gutted the living room and pulled up the floor I had to move ALL my stuff, tv stuff, table, etc. into the dining room. I didn't have room for Mojo's tree sad.gif but what I did was I saw a sisal carpet runner that was about six feet I put THAT up the wall so he could climb up it...then shelves around the ceiling that he could jump onto from the sisal runner.

It took him a few tries to get the hang of it...and jumping off the runner onto the shelf, occasionally he'd miss...but he eventually got pretty darned good at it!

Although it wouldn't work with declawed cats, obviously.
Doddle, it was seriously the most pathetically cute thing ever!
There was a story on Yahoo about an animal shelter in Berlin where someone abandoned a 29-pound cat. They're trying to find the owner: 29-pound cats need the most love!

yeah, doodle, treehugger, sharpie was so cranky and sulky for a few days. she is back to normal now though! yay! except her shaved leg from the iv is so pathetic looking. our other cat, maggie, just got spayed too so i have these two shaved cats. they look silly.

the cats have been fighting more since the deck incident though. maybe maggie pushed sharpie?? ohmy.gif
hee hee, shaved cats. Do they look pissed? I'm trying to imagine our two with injuries like that, and all I can figure is that they would both stalk about swiping at ankles and grunting

Klyde just knocked a rock down off a table and then went into the bathroom and gleefully unrolled the toilet paper. Someone needs to play, apparently.

I'm in the process of moving into a new place. The one thing I forgot to ask (and am now kicking myself for) is whether they allow pets. I just saw my landlord a while ago, and the answer's no.

I started working at the ASPCA a few weeks ago, so I know I'll be around all these animals I love and that they'll come and go. I have 2 years of shelter volunteer experience, so I know how it goes. BUT...I've fallen in love with this cat. She's scruffier and scrawnier than the other cats at the shelter, but I want her. We clicked. I just know that we're meant for each other. And I know that her name's not Tiffany, it's Stella Maris (like from the PJ Harvey song). She's a total Stella.

I know that the no pet thing probably wouldn't have prohibited us from renting the place anyway, because we're cutting it really close to when we have to move out of our current places and we probably wouldn't have found anything cheaper or closer to campus. But still...*cries some more*

I wonder if I could offer my landlord an additional pet deposit. The thing is I truly suck at negotiating. This would have to be in another 2 months or so, though, because I'm in no financial condition to be offering extra money! Our landlord was nice enough to let us move in with only half of our deposit, because two of us are basically destitute until we get paid next week. sad.gif

Sorry for the sulky rant...
love her!!! she is the sweetest. i suppose you have two let stella stay at the shelter and maybe get adopted into a good home, and be able to care for her til then. or work on your landlord, offer extra money, promise to do some of the yardwork, whatever you're willing to do to keep this cat. we actually didnt know we cuoldnt have pets and adopted a kitten--we just figured it was ok cuz the people upstairs have a cat, and the landlady (lives in the bldg) has a cat and a dog!! we were so suprised when she was like, no, the lease says no pets. uhh....riiiiighhht. but then she say duke and thought he was really cute, and we promised to keep the place clean, no cat pee, etc. so we got to keep him. so you never know, you could wear this landlord down--keep the cat quiet and indoors, pay a pet deposit, etc. good luck!!

on another note, any advice on "weaning" the kitty off (more or less) wet food? he should eat more dry for his teeth, and now that he actually enjoys eating he is a huge pig when it comes to the wet food and begs for it constantly. and i give in like the weakling i am. wink.gif any thoughts or experience would be appreciated!!
luleey, i just weaned my jake from wet food...the first two nights were rough..and we free feed him his dry food but he would just nibble enough and then gorge on the wet food, even to the point where he would get the "runs" and still beg for it. when it got to the point of him waking me up at night to give him wet food, we talked about it ( and I) and decided to just do cold turkey. we have a packet of wet (just in case) but we haven't touched it yet. so far, he's forgotten. but its now been 2-3
just my 2 cents.

faerie..she's a cutie!! i would definitely talk to the landlord after you finish paying him/her, when they are in a good about options. we didn't even tell our landlord about jake--but they thought he was super cool anyways. and he's super friendly, which helps.
((Happy birthday faerietails!!))
Going to adopt a kitty once I get a new apartment. Should be in mid Sept or Oct. Yay! smile.gif
Some friends of ours, a husband and wife, moved back to Chicago this weekend from a downstate town. Yesterday, the wife brought their two cats up, put them in the new apartment, in their carriers, in the closet. She came separately to go to a family birthday party. Today, the husband drove the truck full of all their stuff up and we went over to help them unload. We let the cats out and one of them must have been so freaked out last night that he cried all night and his nose was all crusty with snot. Awww, the poor kitty! He'll survive, it was just really pitiful.
thanks for the weaning advice! i'll be trying it soon. smile.gif
My LaLou never liked wet food. He knows which cabinet the aquariyums are in though. Does any one know if that brand is harmful to cats? I know fish flavor food is bad for cats, it gives them liver problems but how about fish flavor treats? are they bad?
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