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Oh. My. God. I feel so guilty! I got home from work today (was gone from 7:00 AM until 6:30 PM) Anyway, I...didn't see my cat. Walked into my bathroom and heard Mojo meowing. He was TRAPPED in the linen closet all day!!!

I swear I didn't see him go in there!! Eeeeps!

I'm amazed he didn't poop or pee in my laundry basket.... poor guy.

He got catnip.

Gardnerella, I used to know a guy, who wasn't really a cat person, who's saying was: "the only reason a housecat doesn't kill because they can't". I suppose after today Mojo'd be tempted to off me! He's quite a hunter as well. Glad I'm as big as I am.
Sorry to interrupt here, but I am very confused right now about my kitties' behaviour, and would really like some advice. I have two cats, a 5-year-old male and a 12-year-old female. I got the female groomed the other day as she has been biting at her fur and pulling it out lately. I brought her home following her groom (which involved a pretty major "furcut"), and my male cat does not know who she is anymore!

He is being a vicious stalker now. He follows her around, attacks her, constantly growls and hisses, and it is driving me crazy. I woke up to them fighting several times last night, and it was definitely not in play. I even bought another litter box because he has been guarding certain rooms - the litter box room being one of them!

Has anyone had this experience? I have googled it, but could find nothing at all about this.
thanks for the trim tips! he is an itty black kitten, supposedly the runt of the litter. his name is duke. i got him at a shelter; he is a huge attention hog and very vocal. i hope he's meowing just to be social! it's like he cries when he can't find you, and then when you come within sight he cries to be picked up, then he cries to be put down and so he can get the picture. im a little concerned cause i dont see him drinking hardly anything, though he could be drinking when im not around. is there a way to tell if he's getting dehydrated, does anyone know? thanks!

You might want to get Duke a scratching post. That's a good way to keep his nails down without having to clip.

If you're concerned he isn't drinking anything, measure out a cup of water adn put it in his bowl. Then, the next day you can pour what's left back into the measuring cup to see how much is gone.

I'm sure he's drinking but if you're worried he isn't, you could always dip his paw into the water dish. That way he'll know what's there and he also might lick his wet paw and get the idea.
thanks! i got him to drink a little by pretending i was drinking from the dish. i also tried putting him under a dripping faucet but he just seemed kind of bewildered. ;) now he's decided to be finicky about his food, so maybe i'll be "eating" that too...
Poor George caught and ate a centipede last night...and that centipede fought back hard, let me tell you! And then poor George kept throwing up! I think he threw up about four or five times, and he's not a thrower-upper...he's probably thrown up three times in his entire life. I was worried he got poisoned or something, but he seems to be ok today. I guess he won't go after a centipede again, though.
Cat 1 Bear 0. Oh my gosh, has anyone seen this? The pictures are great.
doodle, what kind of centipede was it?? we get centipedes here and i keep hoping that when he gets older duke will eat them. they're house centipedes, so some arent that big but they scare the crap out of me! i know centipedes sting their prey to paralyze it--i wonder if the venom upset your cat's tummy.
There are bears in New Jersey? I had no idea!

ETA: Someone made one of those morale posters about this.
There sure are, pollystyrene. We have them wandering through our backyard every few weeks. (Well, my parents do, I live in Massachusetts now.)

Weird, huh? Whenever I tell people that, they're like, "in NJ?!"
luleey, it was definitely a house centipede. I read somewhere that for every 1 you see, there are at least 20 in the walls. Ugh! Luckily, I've only seen them twice, though I know my neighbour downstairs (ground floor) has a lot more. (We live in a kind of nature-y area, by a river.)

I think the centipede stung George a few times in the mouth, fighting back. George was awfully cautious with him. And I'm sure the centipede's venom is what made him sick - Georgie is absolutely NOT a vomiter, but he vomited for 2 days. I highly recommend trying to kill centipedes yourself, if you see them, before your cat tries. Nothing beats a stomping with a shoe-clad foot.

Those pictures of the treed bear and the cat are hilarious! Of course, the nice thing about being a cat is that if a stunt like that doesn't work out, you can at least outrun the bear! :-)
Well, I gave her away. It wasn't just her personality--we have 2 other cats and it was just impractical. I found her a good home with a young couple who were very excited have their first pet together. They bought her a million toys and they seem to love her. I emailed all your good suggestions to them to help her calm down. The laser pointer on the fan thing is so funny!

I miss her and I'm sad. But I know it was the right decision.
hmmm. so much for my centipede solution. unfortunately, we are in a basement apt so there are a lot! and probably a thriving community of them in the walls. i'll just have to find another natural way to get 'em out. i hope george feels better now!!

Clicking on this link may expose you to a video of extreme cuteness. Proceed with caution.
last nite, i got home, started laundry and started the dishes...but then i noticed it was oddly quiet...since jake is usually clamoring for attention. so i start calling him, looking for him...not in the pantry, not in the bathroom, lets look in the linens....there he is..keeping the towels warm. LOL silly cat.
xexyz I forgot to mention - I played that clip yesterday and my cat was sitting in front of the computer and I pointed at the kitty saying, "Look, look - kitty!" She saw it and I think she recognized what it was. Her eyes got all big and she went in for a closer look. That video was too cute. :-)
Sorry, no cats in this but I wonder if it's the same bear as before- it is NJ!
Y'know, those two bear incidents took place only 16 miles apart (less, "as the crow flies") Coulda been the same bear- exhausted by his harrowing experience with that cat he took refuge in a nearby hammock :-)
My boyfriend saw the kitten clip with the computer and all he could say was "That cat is going to tear into the computer screen!" Thats what I get for having a techie for a husband. "But honey, he's so cute!" "He's going to tear into the computer screen!" ::sigh::
solitary...LOL, that's exactly what *I* kept thinking! "OMG, he's gonna wreck the screen. OMG, he's gonna wreck the screen..."
Ha, my bf and I thought the same thing-" oh, claws on LCD- no good!!"
hee hee! my little kitty loves the computer--we have a desktop and laptop, and he tries to hop all over both. i don't care if he watches the screen, but i am trying to discourage him from walking all over the keyboard while i'm working! it's hard when he's so cute, though!
Someone posted it here awhile back, but I don't remember what it was called....somebody has invented a software program that recognizes the "non-typing" pattern of a cat walking on a keyboard and stops you from losing whatever you were working on...

Unfortunately, I don't know if it would help me with my problem. I have one of those fancy cordless keyboards that has extra controls for everything. My cat keeps walking across the "close window" button! (Of course, I sometimes accidentally press it myself.)

I'm a little worried about George. It seems like he is losing weight. I realize this is probably because I switched to "light" cat food...but Carmella was the one who was supposed to lose weight, not George! He's a slim boy already. Also, in combination with daily puking over the past week (mainly hairballs, but not always), I'm a wee bit worried (he's never really been a puker). I'm going to try de-worming him, and also next time I buy cat food (later this week), I'll switch back to the regular kind...Carmella doesn't like Eukanuba, so I think if I get that just for him, she'll keep eating the light food. Anyway, if I don't notice a change in a couple of weeks, I'm going to book him in for an early vet check-up. He seems healthy and happy otherwise...

Oh please, universe, don't let there be anything wrong with my boy! He's an extra-special little guy...
love the kitty with the computer.

Usually Miss Boo will either sit on the back of the chair or next to the keyboard while I am on the computer. If she stands up so that she is blocking the screen I will put her in my lap.

Hubby has a music studio at home and apparently Boo decided to walk across the keyboard while he was recording something and he kept it in the song. While playing it for me he tells me, hear that, that's Boo walking across the keyboard it sounded cool so I kept it.

I have an odd question. I am bringing home a rat snake from my classroom . It is in a secure tank that Boo will not be able to get into. I want to make sure that she stays off of the tank and doesn't jump on top of it or even get onto the table where we will put the tank. The rat snake is about 5ft 6inches long and Boo is about 11 pounds. I know that she it to big for the snake to eat plus if I take the snake out to clean it's tank Boo will be locked in another room so I am not worried about that.

Does anyone have any advice about snake/cat living arrangments?
When I wanted to keep my kitties off of a table with a nice lamp my mum had made (they were in their young, knockin' sh*t over all the time phase) and I wasn't there to do the spray bottle thing, I put double-sided scotch tape all over the top of the table (kind of around the edges and in stripes across). They hate stepping on that stuff, so after a couple of weeks they actively avoided the table, even when they were chasin' each other around like mad kitties. It wasn't the extra strong kind and peeled right off after. Maybe you could put some on the snake tank and table?
Oh, I have such a funny story about my crazy kitty and the computer. I have to tell it.
I used to leave my computer on when I went to school, until my kitty decided it was her personal playground. I came home one day and found my msn on, with a conversation happening between me and a guy that I had met in another city and not seen for probably a year. Convo (as far as what I could see) goes like this:
him: what?
You get my drift here. Anyway, the next day he asks me if I had sent him messages about male anatomy, so I said no, but my cat had jumped on the keyboard while I was away at school. He says "Well your cat is pretty eloquent." I was a little embarrassed, but had no idea what he was talking about so I said "That's weird..." and left it there for a while.
It struck me a few hours later that I had cut and pasted a couple paragraphs about giving blowjobs and ball torture and sent them to a friend who is trying to get over her *fear* of penises as a joke a few days earlier, and they were still in there. My cat had managed to cut and paste those paragraphs into the conversation!!! I was so embarrassed. But at least this guy pretended to believe me when I explained...
thanks for the suggestion. We are going to pick up the snake today. I know this is all about kitties but I have to say I never thought I would feel so much affection for a snake.I am hoping that both animals will be okay. I will keep you posted.
i got a new kitty today from the mspca! her intake papers said her owners gave her up when they became homeless. she has fluffy brown and white fur and she is SO skinny. we named her squirrel because she has a big bushy squirrely tail.

we already have another cat, sharpie, and i put the new cat in the spare room like you are supposed to. but the door blew open and they saw each other and freaked out. i really hope they learn to love each other!

sharpie is kinda fat and squirrel is really thin, has anyone used that food that is supposed to bulk up small cats and trim down big cats? or should i try to give them different food?

i am so happy to have another cat!
laurenann, i think the two will learn to like each other. it takes time, but it'll happen and in the end i bet they'll be happy to have each other as friends! make sure you give sharpie lots of love initially, even tho he may act like he's super pissed at you.

for the food thing im not sure, but squirrel will probably get more filled out once she gets more accustomed to her new home. even if she is eating lighter food.

on a funny note duke was sitting down today and started silently meowing--just opening and closing his mouth with no sound! it was hysterical. it looked like he was going "meh. meh-meh. meh!" i had no idea what he wanted but it was super cute.
Laurenann, maybe you could feed them the same light food, but sneak Squirrel away and give her a can of wet food a day to help her gain weight.

The funniest freakin site!!!
i changed her name to maggie. i just wasn't feeling squirrel.

raskel, that is just what i was thinking! i also bought this high calorie gel supplement that the woman at the pet store reccomended.
Just be sure she's not gaining weight too fast. Can cause serious liver/kidney problems.
sigh...more kitten probs with the dukester. he caught a cold that wouldnt go away, so we got him liquid penicillin which has made the symptoms abate. he takes it tiwce a day with a dropper. but now he is really reluctant to eat! i've tried hanging out by his food dishes, pretending to eat his food, even giving him different flavors of canned food and tuna. he just sniffs it and walks off. i know he is eating a tiny bit but it hardly seems enough, and i'm afraid he'll lose weight...any advice? he seems frisky otherwise, playing and hopping around, just skinny. and we're on day 3 of his hunger strike...
luleey, many times when they have a respiratory infection they can't smell their food--so they don't eat. Try warming a little bit of wet food in the microwave and putting a little in his mouth or on his nose.
Hey! I'm kind of new to this thread. We just got a new kitten. His name is Mr. Muggins. :-) Anyway, he uses the litterbox. But he's been having some episodes of going in other places. He peed on my daughters bed, crapped in the bathroom on the floor, and did both in my suitcase that was left open in my closet.

I know how to train a dog. But how do you train a cat not to do this? I'm at a loss. I have never had a problem with the other cat that we had. HELP!!!!
thanks gomersalgirl...he seems to be eating again now! either he couldnt smell the food well enough or he was just being finicky. appreciate the advice!!
yummy, how old is the kitten? was the litter box far away from the areas where he's gone? kittens will do that if they can't make it back to the box in time. when i get a new kitten, i usually train them like i would a puppy for a little while. every time they eat, i take them to their box. or if i see anything suspicious i'll take them over, etc.
yummy, you can also hang out by the litter box (i know, it's a little gross) with the kitten and sort of rustle the litter with the scoop. this makes the kitten curious and they hop in the box to investigate. it's kin of a reminder for them that th box is there.
Hi there, I'm a backslidin' bustie. Haven't been in about 2 years, but could really use some help here.

My kitty has stopped eating. We've taken him to the vet twice, he's on antibiotics and appetite stimulants, and gets fluids daily through a sub-Q. Bloodwork and urinalysis look fine, lungs are fine. X-ray shows enlarged liver and an irregular skeleton (the thickness of the bones is irregular--I can't seem to find any info on that).

My vet recommends getting an ultrasound and liver biopsy in order to rule out, or diagnose, liver disease or cancer. From what I've been reading online, it seems that he has Fatty Liver Disease. I wish money weren't an issue, but I've spent $500 already and would like to try feeding him and hydrating him myself for a couple more days to see if an improvement comes with that.

Does anyone else have experience with helping a cat recover from Fatty Liver Disease? Also, does anyone have tips on force feeding? He tolerates the pills and the sub-Q all right, but will do anything to get away from me for the force feeding (with one of those large syringes).

Anything is appreciated, thanks bustie ladies!
Is your kitty eating yet bebe? If not, have you tried feeding him kitten formula with a syringe? Or even wet kitten food mixed with water through a syringe. I say kitten food because there's a lot more vitamins and proteins in kitten food as opposed to cat food. At least that way he'd still be getting fats and proteins in him.

BTW, I'm new here. My bf and I just got two new kittens! Bruno is 9 weeks, and is just a tiny little thing. We found him in a dumpster when he was just 1 week old. We bottle fed him and he's in really good shape now. He's a little monster. He runs around and plays all day long with anything he can find. I wish you could have seen him the day he discovered rubber bands. Since Bruno really needed a playmate, we decided to adopt Fritz. Fritz is 11 weeks now, and is a little giant because the lady that had his liter never weaned them until they were 8 weeks!
Also, if I ever start going on about tons of other kitties, it's because I'm currently doing my pre-vet internship, and I work in a rescue shelter.
Hello everyone! I hope everyone's kitties are doing well! I'm sure they all got a bit of extra attention while the Lounge was down...heh heh.

I am pleased to report that Carmella survived her first road trip, which included a broken down car, a three hour wait at the mechanics, a trip to that town's store, and a ride in a grocery cart. George also survived, but he is more used to it...I think he figures as long as he is with me (mamakitty), he is alright.

Carmella seems more confident already (home last night). I was getting a bit perturbed that she was still acting skittish, after over 6 months away from the shelter, but the trip seems to have made her feel more secure or something. Just had a guy in here repairing my sliding door, and Carmella didn't even try to hide, as she would normally do. In fact, she came to me for some pettins while he worked!

Oh shoot, we can't edit. I forgot to add that the kitties' adventure also included being in the car while it was being towed.
IPB Image

KITTIES!! biggrin.gif

Ok, I am cross-posting this here and in the decor thread. It is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!

The Cats' House

Click on the link that says "Cat's House" and then click on the little cat images to go backwards and forwards through the tour. The "catwalk" is amazing! Now I want to build something!
I love my cats, but I spend alot of nights over at my bf's house. My new roomie told me that my older cat, Holden, cries when I'm not here. This makes me feel like an awful person.
Anyway, here are my girls, Holden and Dolly
IPB Image
IPB Image
so i have a question for any vets/budding vets (mornington...? smile.gif )

i had a kitty for 19 years. loved that cat so much i don't think i am ever going to be able to get another one.

but that's off-topic. i had to put my kitty down about a year ago, and i'm not "regretting" it (for lack of a better word) because she spiraled into bad shape fast, but i have a question about the actual act. they sedated her beforehand, and then used the euthasol-or-equivalent.

i couldn't help but think about this when i was reading an article about the academy of anesthesiologists who recommended that the physicians don't participate in lethal injection capital punishment because "the person may not be adequately sedated, causing pain when the actual concoction is inducted" (paraphrased).

so i know the situations aren't comparable, but i suppose what i'm getting at (even a year later) is, did my kitty feel pain? sad.gif
catlady, I'm NOT a vet, but after witnessing two of my beloved cats put down by euthanasia, I do worry about it too. Sabbath, the first cat I put down, seemed to struggle a lot, even though she was 16 and very sick...she also had a bad temper by nature, so I don't know how much that played into her struggling. Muffin, the 2nd cat, seemed to go with less struggle, but she was in desperate pain due to mouth ulcers, and still, it's never been "peaceful" like it's described. I actually changed vets after that, because I didn't like their way with my pets.

I was grateful when my third cat, Bunny, died "naturally" at home, because I didn't want to put her through either the trauma of going to the vet's sterile office when dying, or the trauma of euthanasia. She had a very good death, if you can describe a death as good. Lots of love, music, comfort, and compassion. BUT I knew she was dying and was watching closely to see if I needed to have her euthanized to stop any serious and/or prolonged suffering, which I think would be worse. But I still think she probably felt pain as she was dying, since it was likely heart failure that ended her life - I think death can be painful no matter how it happens, which is the 2nd biggest reason I fear it personally! (The 1st biggest is my fear that there's nothing after death.) Maybe we just superimpose our own fears of death on our pets...I don't know.

Still, I would prefer to do it that way always - in fact, next time I have to have a cat put down, if I do (which hopefully will be at least 15 years away, since my current furbabies are only 2!), I'm thinking of paying extra to have the vet come into my home and administer the euthanasia here (or wherever we are living), where at least the cat will feel safe and secure. The difference between Bunny's last hours, and my previous two cats, was phenomenal, even if only for the extra peace it gave me. (I also liked that my other cat, Georgie, got to see and sniff the body, so he understood that she had died - rather than Bunny just "disappearing" out the door and never returning.)

I have nothing to contribute that will ease your mind, I'm sorry. But I wanted to let you know that I go through the same fears and worries that you do.
I've had to euthanize several cats since childhood and it never seemed like any of them suffered while it was happening. I had a friend whose cat, like doodle's, had a firey personality, and was a big cat- I think my friend said it took 3 or 4 shots of the sedative before the cat finally went to sleep.
I'm a veterinarian and have the unfortunate task of euthanizing both companion animals as well as horses. Most of the time it is fairly uneventful. It really does depend on the nature of the animal...especially cats. The solution itself doesn't cause pain. It's basically an overdose of anesthesia that you don't recover from. Being a large animal vet, most of my clients would have the option for me to come to their house. I know that is how I want my own animals to go (shudder at the thought). There are some veterinarians in my area that won't even allow the owners to be present during euthanasia. Again, this is because it doesn't always go as smoothly as you would like. Take comfort in knowing that it is not a painful procedure and by the time the decision is made, you know that it is the best decision for your pet!
Off the euthanasia topic (as last week was a bad week for me at work as far as that goes).....

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