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Hey guys, just popping in for advice....this is making me really nervous so I hope you can help cat is 5 years old, and I had asked for advice here several months ago about him peeing all over my mom's house....
well. I got that under control a while ago....there were a lot of disruptions at her house and when those stopped, he calmed down. But generally, he's super skittish about changes in his routine.
My mom is moving and the disruptions have started again, and they're major. And they aren't going to stop. And he's started to pee all over the place again, right in front of people. It's gotten really bad.
The whole reason why he's been at her place instead of mine is because a while back I was living at home, and when I moved into a teeny apartment in the city, he would freak out because he couldn't go outside. It just seemed better for him to be at her place where he could go outside and play with my mom's cats. But my mom says he's got to leave because neither of us can keep up with cleaning his piss, and no one would want to buy a pissy smelling house from her. My vet advised me that due to his active nature, I should just consider him a resident at my mom's house until I get a bigger apartment myself..but that might not happen for up to a year, or even longer.

So I guess my question can I make his transition to my teeny apartment easier? It really sucks that it has to happen right when it's getting nice out because there is absolutely no way he can go outside here...we're on the third floor. I've tried (several times) bringing him here permanently but after the very first night I've brought him back to my mom's house because he's kept us up all night because he's the most active then and would usually be outside.
I feel like such an irresponsible pet owner, and I feel really bad for him, but I just need help figuring this out....
Maybe you can transition him by having your mom start to restrict him to certain areas of the house? To keep him out of bathrooms and bedrooms, and then slowly shut off his access so he has a smaller living area. Then the switch to your place might not be so bad?
That might work, mermaidgirl.....someone gave my boyfriend advice that if the cat is keeping us up at night, a last resort is to put him in his carrier while we sleep so he understands he can't play then. But I don't agree with that--it sounds mean and how would he go to the bathroom? Thoughts?
I've been taking care of a pregnant cat, and then her four babies. I bought a great big dog crate because I wanted to be sure the Momma Cat had her babies in a place convenient for me - like not on my bed or on the carpet. We let her wander when we were home to keep an eye on her, but the crate was big enough for a small litter box and a cat bed. She ended up having the kittens in the crate even though she wasn't restricted to it at the time - it was just her safe spot so she went there to give birth.

Crates can be expensive, but that way you can get the litter box and maybe a bowl of water in there. If he is used to the crate too, then you could move him from your house to your mom's house and he'd probably be more okay with the move as long as he had his safe place (the crate).

I definitely wouldn't put him in a crate overnight with no litter box. That does seem mean.

Was that helpful at all?
Okay, everytime I am in the lounge there is that wwwAAVSorg ad flashing in the left and it always reminds me of a calico I used to have and absolutely had to give up for adoption to a local shelter.:-( I hope my kitty ended up in a nice home with good people!
See how much Wally has grown! Then and now. Those are taken roughly one month apart.

Mermaidgirl, I read your post about the kitties going to homes on your blog and I've been thinking of's gotta be hard. You did such a good thing for them!

Oh, and ETA two of the others looking sweet:


and Mabel.
Oh amilita! You did such a great job!

He's so much bigger, but he still looks skinny, which makes me feel good because my crew is bigger but they still seem so scrawny to me. I guess they'll fill in more once they are grown.
Ok, well, last night was day two of my cat being with us. He has been doing SO great here! I'm really proud of him. The first night was a little tough because he was crying a lot. We ended up putting him in the bathroom with his litter and food at 3am because it was pretty loud. The vet told us not to play with him when he cried at night because it would be setting him up for bad behavior later. But last night we didn't even have to do it, he head butted us a few times but didn't cry at all. It's such a relief!!!!
Awwwwwwwwww...Wally looks great! All of them look adorable!

I am away from home right now, and my mom is "catsitting." Last night I made her put the phone to George's ear so I could talk to him.

Sometimes I let my mom talk to the kitties when she calls my house...sometimes BFF talks to them too.

Is that weird? Do y'all do that, too? I sometimes wonder if we are the only ones who do that...or if it's just 'cause I don't have kids and this is how mom and BFF relate to my "family."
when I was growing up my dad would let me talk to my dog on the phone, doodle. you're not so weird! (my parents were divorced so half the year I was with my mom and couldn't see my puppers.)
My lady puts the phone up to my kitty Lalous ear so her sister can talk to him. He looks at the phone like it just farted when she does that.
Ok, so I'm not totally alone in putting my cats on the phone. Phew! :-)

Got home last night. Georgie apparently hardly came out while I was away, while Carmella bonded fiercely with her "nana." They even slept in the same bed! (I discouraged Carmella from sleeping with me from the beginning...I need my space.)

Cutest thing, though. I was bagged after my trip and went to bed at 9:30...both kitties immediately followed me into the bedroom and climbed into their beds as I was climbing into mine, as they usually do, though usually it's much, much later. Mom says they did get up in the morning for awhile, but as always, they were back in their beds by the time I woke up. So adorable. I love them hard!
so cute with the kittens in their beds, doodle! I have asked for someone to put my cats on the phone when I've been away. They never care, though.

mermaidgirl, Wally does look a bit's like he enlongated. The vet said him tummy looks nice and round like it should.
My new kitty Petri, 4 weeks old!
aquagirl, how do you see the photo without registering?

I bought new furniture, and moved everthing around...the kitties were freaked at first, but are now enjoying the change immensely. Now there are more things to hide under and more places to nap!
awww... i love seeing pictures of everyone's cats.

my byootimous monkey-cat:
Hee hee...

Our living room window faces the roof of the building next to us. The pigeons enjoy chilling on the ledge, providing almost endless entertainment for the two feline overlords.

This weekend we bought one of those cat hammock things; the plastic frame that fits on a window sill and provides a cushy polyester throne from which to view the fowl. Klyde pretty much hasn't left the window since.

Today, one of the pigeons puffed up and started doing that whole dominant pigeon display and it scared Klyde! Silly cat jumped down and crouched on a stool a few feet from the window, still doing that almost-silent cackling threatening thing, but clearly putting distance between himself and the pigeon.

He's so tough.
aww the monkey kitty is adorable....!
Oh, poo. Was anyone able to see them without registering? Maybe if you just click on the picture?

How can I show pictures that are just in my computer?
Nope, I couldn't see it. Try a site like fotki or that's the one I use. The give you an individual URL for each picture.
Good morning, cat moms. My name is chicken. My mom is starting to spend a lot of time lurking on this board, and as this is cutting into my grooming time, I thought I would introduce myself. I like long walks on the beach, catnip, anything with feathers, and new shoes (I like to put my head inside them and fall asleep. Ahhh, that new shoe smell...)

Anyway, it's a pleasure meeting you all, and I hope you'll be seeing more of me in the future (whoops, gotta go, mom's coming back from the bathroom.....)
My cat La Lou likes to drink out of the bathroom faucet I guess the water is really fresh or somthing. Does any one else let their cats drink out of the faucet?
Let them? I couldn't stop them. I don't know a cat that isn't a faucet fiend. Or tub -- my sister's cat is particularly freaky re: I Must Lick Shower Water Out Of Bathtub!! Or! Die!
My cat doesn't drink the bath water but he gets very concerned when I'm in the bath. He yowles and looks in at me, like I'm drowning or somthing.
My kittens love the bathtub. It grosses me out that they lick it. It also makes me worried for their health. They could be licking up not only feet-shower water but cleaning products and soap scum too.
Yeah, my cats love faucet water from the sink and tub. Also bath water, most of them. They'll dip their paw in and lick their paw.

Wally will not stay off the ledge of the tub when I'm in it...even though he's fallen in about 3 times. So silly.
Kittens are generally fascinated by water. We has this one kitten at the shelter that would stare into the water dish for an hour at a time.

I do leave the faucet dripping for the cats when I'm around. I have not, however, been able to teach them the difference between the bathroom faucet, where it's okay for them to be on the counter, and the kitchen faucet where I'd rather them not be on the counter. Oh well...I guess I started that one myself.
Raskel, they can learn, my cat knows the difference. He only drinks out of the bathroom faucet.

my mother's cat used to drink out of the bidet, which is odd. Oh, and she'd stand just out of range of the shower and watch me - she used to cry if I left the bathroom door closed and she couldn't get in. She didn't like the shower, though - she tried it once and decided it was too much like being in the rain. (this is the "outdoors" cat who refused to leave the house for 24 hours because it was raining)
Bunny (r.i.p.) was a bit of a "high maintenance" cat (I blame the Siamese genes) her last few years, she would insist that I fill up the bathroom sink for her to drink from. Georgie tried to follow suit, but he is a fairly easy-to-please guy, so now I've convinced him that a bowl of water changed twice a day is as good as it gets. I have seen him leaning into the toilet, though....I'm not sure if he's drinking or playing. (He likes to watch stuff get flushed.)

Georgie waits outside the bathroom door when anyone has a shower. Even if the bathroom door is left wide open, he waits outside. OTOH, if you are on the toilet, he figures that's the best time for pettins...and gets a little upset if you close the door.

So, O/T...the first day I had the new furniture, the kitties started to scratch it. I only had to tell them "no" a few times, and they have never done it since that first day. I've been totally praising them when they use the scratching post, though...

I'm so lucky my cats are so good! :-)
thanks, msgoofball! :-)

Monkey's also obsessed with water -- less with drinking it than with watching it, mostly sitting on the edge of the tub, behind the clear vinyl liner and watching water drops fall.

mermaidgirl -- funny, I've been worried about Monkey licking toxins off his little paws too, lately. The nice ladies in the housekeeping thread suggested using a mixture of vinegar and water to clean instead; I think I'm going to try that.
I just put a gorgeous part exotic kitten on hold at work. He's mostly black, with huge grey circles on his sides and a fat spotted belly, and big ol' pointy ears. Unfortunately one of his siblings tested positive for leukemia. So, I'm going to wait 6 weeks and have him retested. In the meantime he'll be eating vitamin paste to boost his immune system. If he's negative then I'm taking him home. I hope he pulls through......
i gave jake a bath the other day with no gb was surprised...i guess the water was warm enough and he liked all the 'mommy' attention. course the loofah sponge feels good too. jake will be so happy that we are having guests tomorrow nite..i swear he's more dog than cat. he loves to greet them and check on them all the time. he does that with grandma between naps in the attic where its nice and TOASTY. silly cat.

Chicken, jake says hi....he has a sister named chicken..but she's a spaz...
I loath giving my cat a bath, he makes noises like he's dying, but I have to because none of the pet goomers in my area will do it. What are some of the things I can do to make it less scary/uncomfortable?
Why do you have to at all? I have never bathed my cats. That's why cats are awesome. No baths, no walks, and you can leave them alone for 3 days with plenty of food and a clean litter box.
Yeah, the only time I've ever bathed a cat is when it gets infested with fleas or lice or something. *THAT* can be hellish. I never came up with a painless way to do it.
Valium. One for you, one for the cat. . . .Actually, a friend had a Persian that hated to be groomed but every so often had to be clipped and bathed. If it's a needed bathing, you might call your vet and ask for kitty sedatives.
i bathe jake once to twice a week...he's a sphynx so all the dirts and oils show up and he sleeps curled up with all of it rubs off on my pjs...he loves the nylon vet says he's got the best sphynx skin around...they get zits too if they aren't cleaned enough.
Wow, I didn't know you had to bath a sphynx. Does he get sunburns?
When my first cat had fleas (twice), the vet did the bathing. But I had to take her in to be de-wormed anyway, because of the fleas.

I tried the first time with the fleas. Ended with nothing to show but a half-wet cat under the bed, and madly scratched up forearms.
I bathed Geoff once for fleas. It was horrible. I got a harness for him and a leash extender. (It's a rope with an O ring in one end and a clip on the other, maybe a foot long.) I used a zip tie to hook the extender on the faucet and clipped it to Geoff's harness. He jumped up and climbed on the shower curtain and put some nice sized holes in it. He howled like I was beating him. I felt so bad, and the damn flea bath didn't even work.
I had to get Advantage in the end. I wanted to get him on Program (it's a natural medication that doesn't kill the fleas but stops them from breeding) but the only vet in town that perscribes it wouldn't do it because she wanted to see him for a year first. Geoff is flea-free now.
I don't bathe my cats. If need be, I take them to the groomer. Otherwise, fleas, etc......Revolution is amazing. Takes care of all those pests.
yes, jake would get sunburns...if we let him...but if he sunbathes a bit too much, he gets freckles..kinda funny. jake doesn't do the "i'm dying in here" meows when i bathe him...he does the "I'm wet and theres a breeze and its annoying" meows...which is very similar to the "I can see the bottom of my food bowl--I'm gonna starve" meows. he's very silly.
Here she is!

Carmella Pic 1
Carmella Pic 2

I just got my cam working 30 minutes ago, so they are the first shots of her I could get that aren't blurry. I shall strive for cuter ones in the future! But she is pretty cute "as is"...
Awwwwwwwww...cute kitty....

This is me and Klyde, whose new favorite game is to happily and manically unroll the toilet paper all over the bathroom and then sit in it like a nest.
We have a new addition to the family. She's a beautiful Ragdoll, called Tosh, that we took home from the shelter. I just could not resist her big blue eyes and little chirping meow.
awww, blue-eyed kitties!

hee, blanche, it took a long time to establish a rapport with Klyde (the cats were both Mr.Luci's) but now he's all mine...

Jinx is angry. He's a fat black cat with a ravenous appetite and his daddy finally put him on a diet. Only hard food in the morning and half a pack of his favorite stuff at night (which is the norm, but he always pushed Klyde away from his half and wound-up eating the whole pouch).

Anway, he's pissed. I put some hot water on the hard stuff to soften it and make it more palatable, but he just sniffed it once and is now pouting on the rug.

Has anyone ever put their cat on a diet successfully? He's seriously guilt-tripping us here...
What are the benefits of no wet food?
the hard food cleans their teeth better and its cheaper...doesn't spoil..yada yada...i tend to use wet food to mix internal flea meds. or for treats. i also use it for my older mom's cat...he's twelve. but i mix it with the hard stuff so he gets both.
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