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hi newbies.

we have been having a problem with a troll named steve, who posts under the name 'femicist nemesis'.

he often posts graphic, faked abortion pix.

you can block him here.
Hello Bust! I'm Scott, I just signed up a few days ago to this site. I'm not quite sure what to think about the forums thus far. From what I've seen, people here are pretty cool and open-minded. ::crosses fingers::

I'm all for gender equality, but more so, equality of all people.

Anyways, it's nice to meet all of you. happy.gif
hi bip!

things will be just fine if you are respectful....sort of. lol.

welcome to the lounge. you'll never find a bunch so openminded, but take some time, read some threads and ease yourself into the lounge by checking out the media whores part, and don't start any threads, until you see how it's done properly. good luck!
Welcome, BIP! Enjoy the Lounge & have fun!
Hello. We are..

*Mod Squad! *
Hooray! Keep up the great work!

Just so we all know, what are your magical powers? Do you just annihilate Steve's posts, or any trolls posts? Do you get rid of threads? (I'm assuming not, since the ones he's started are still there- but that's okay!)
We have the same duties/powers as GirlTrouble did.
Is there a Steve thread We've missed?

Nope, not anymore. I must not have noticed you'd gotten rid of them prior to me posting that. Thanks!
Hi. I've recently re-registered after a 2-year hiatus. I was a former member under a different user name and liked to hang in the "our bodies our hells" thread. It's good to be back and see some of the same, seasoned folks that were here back in '05.

that's great! who were you back then?
I can't remember if I've reintroduced myself or not? Like Perilous I hope to be making a come back to these boards. I used to post as venusindisguise and at the time spent a lot of time in Smells Like Teen Spirit, DUDE, and the break-up thread. Sigh. That was years ago! Holy geeze busties! I hope to see some familiar faces about and get back into some good ol' rants and what have you.

Is the lip shaped sofa still in the newbie lounge?

Welcome back Perilous- great minds...!
Hi hellcat! I remember you. Welcome back!
Just to be sure, Perilous and PerilousTimes are two different people, right? One's a troll and one's not?

It's just a weird coincidence that they both show up at the same time.
Polly, I noticed that, too. But then read the posts.

I remember venusindisguise!

Perilous, who did you used to be?
Hi all,

I've been lurking for a while now, and decided to maybe start posting a bit.. but yes, probably mostly in the Our Bodies, Our Hells forum where I usually lurk.
i pm'd peril, they said they posted under the name "Clovercole" or something. didn't seem to know. i don't remember clover cole, but that doesn't mean much. i for one am not ready to call perilous a troll, just a poorly chosen nic for the lounge right now. i think she may have just reminded steve he used to post under the name PT. steve=FN+PT+?
i guess you could say im new, although i have been lurking here for years!! i used to have a different user id, cant even remember it now, and i just got my new login set. yay!!! im part of the bestest group of chickies out there!!
Holy Moses! I wasn't aware that there was a troll amongst us with my namesake or close to it!! I used to be Cloverbee (I think). Clover-something anyway. Way back when. Don't have as much time to lurk but I will be posting up a storm when the mood strikes. ~Maybe I should change my name...hmmmm....~ Don't want to arouse suspicion.
Cloverbee????? WOW!

it's busties resurfacing.
Yeah. I was just reading some of my old posts in the dog and puppy thread. What a nerd I was! Geez! Good to be back.
Well, I'll be! It's Cloverbee!

He's already commented all over you, the assclown. You might want to go to your control page so you have comment approval.
Hello ya'll! I'm new here! My name is Alison and I hope to start chatting it up on here! biggrin.gif
Hello. New here. My name is Angie. I haven't quite decided what I am doing here yet... but please feel free to say hello!!
Welcome Allison & Angie! Pull up a chair, have a drink or two! Bust away!
Hiya! I'm new, obviously... I love reading the posts so I thought on the offchance I might actually contribute to one, I'd introduce myself first. So..hi!
whooo! you're off to a good start, spatz! welcome!
Hola! Im new round' here and I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Any California neighbors here? Anywho I hope to chat with you all soo. Take Care! tongue.gif
Welcome to the lounge Eulalia, Babydollhead, Spatzlemaus and Blushed! I've just recently joined back here and hope to see you on the boards! So...WELCOME!

*pulls up a chair and opens a Strongbow*
Welcome new people!
eileen grace
Hi, just a line to say hello and thank you for being here, a woman's space. Just what I need, somewhere to be myself, not have to look good or pretend to laugh at egotists jokes. biggrin.gif
Fango DeMaria
Hey, I'm Marylou. I discovered this website and the magazine about six months ago, and now I realize that there was actually a forum. Silly me? I'm from Miami. So... uh, yeah. I'll be lurking if you need me.
Oh, how ever nice it is to get new Busties! Welcome to the Lounge. Kick off yur shoes, I'm sure somebody's pouring something & there's bound to be snacks!
Hi I was on the board a bit a few years back - earache and being bored has sent me back !
Welcome to the club Newbies!!!

Hi from LA!
Christine Nectarine
wow, so much newbie action! welcome everyone! *starts blender* who's up for margaritas?
Hi ladies, another new girl! Nice to meet you! I'll have one of those margaritas, please smile.gif
Hey Girlz....just another newbie from the philly area saying hello wink.gif...
Hello all, welcome!

*passes around tapas platter*
Hey ladies! I interned for BUST in NYC about two years ago - and during that time I was the lounge moderator. smile.gif Now I'm back on the site as a Denver gal who is anxious to share topics, links, opinions and gather my own insight from other bad ass ladies in the Lounge.

I'm the Denver Women's Examiner in Denver - like writing about local women doing cool things - but also like to touch on national issues from time to time. Visit my page and feel free to send story ideas my way!

In the meantime I'm lookin forward to gettin involved again.

Denver Women's Examiner
Oh, criminy! How I miss HOME! Welcome, BritHorvat! Do tell how's tricks in the mile high cit-ay!
Hello! I used to post here a few years back, apparently before a lot of bells and whistles were added! Sorry, I'd write more, but I have a ton of features to explore. If you are an old-timer, perhaps we know one another? I used to be m$e$e%t#a^y, minus the colorful symbols.

I have a question (well, many, but one for now)... What ever happened to the bust travel guide? I think I just used it a few weeks ago...? Maybe it's been longer, but I can't seem to find it. Has it been relocated? Does anyone know of an equally "hipster" take on local delights online? I'm looking for a directory of sorts, where I can just punch in the place I'd like to go.

More pressing, though, I was hoping there was info on cool things to doin Flagstaff (I know, I know), as my friend just moved there for school!

Any help with any of these questions would be appreciated, I'll repost the part about flagstaff elsewhere, as well.

My name is Kim, I'm an artist and a student in my second year of college. I love love bust, I'm new to the lounge as an actual member but come here often for advice.
[font="Palatino Linotype"][/font][/size][size="4"][color="#800080"][/color]

Hey fellow BUST babes!

My name is geri. I've been a BUST subscriber for 5 years now, and I'm lovin' every minute of it. I'm a professi0onal pastry chef/baker who is trying to bolster the resume and knowledge by studying for a BS in Health and Wellness, to tack Dietitian and Nutrition Expert to the Chef thing. This is my first time joining the Lounge, but I use the site to shop and find cool, funky shopping sites, and the Boobtique is so cute.

My one gripe with the Boobtique is that just about all the stuff that has the vintage old school pics of women on them(the journals, totebags, notecards, etc)have only Caucasian women on them. I being a proud woman of color, usually end up tinting the skin colors to a more tan or brown shade. Can't you show the ladies of color that we're just as cute as the Caucasian blonds, brunettes and redheads? Two prime examples of old school sexy ladies of color are Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Carmen Miranda, Eartha Kitt, Rita Moreno and Nancy Kwan. All lovely, and I'm so sure the Black GI's had Dorothy Dandridge as their pinup during the Korean War, like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable were for White GI's during the same time and WWII in Betty Grable's case.

If I have to, I suppose I have to get crafty and send in a sample!

Love and Peace. biggrin.gif
Hi busties.

I've been here before but I'm back.

QUOTE(go_kayte @ Oct 9 2008, 11:41 PM) *
Hi busties.

I've been here before but I'm back.


Hey, glad you're back- you posted awhile back about needing a roommate in Chicago...are you still living here?
YAY! hi kayte!!!!!!

missed you! welcome back, chicklet! *big hug*
Lays down a tray of Cosmos. Take a seat on the lip-shaped sofa and make yourself at home.
radishpits, I'll bump the travel thread for you in ATWT and if you read back a good few pages I'm sure there's some info about Flagstaff eta: it's already in use so should be near the top this time.
Girltrouble! <3

Yeah I'm still living in Chicago. I think I'm going to move into a studio and live by myself for the first time in over 5 years. Kind of scary, but exciting!

So what's the haps around here?
Y'know, the usual- political discourse and running trolls out of town.

You should stop into the Midwestern Mamas thread- we're getting together on the 25th for brunch!
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