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Howdy! My name is Constance and I'm new to the forums but I have been a big reader of BUST since the beginning when the pages weren't so glossy and it's been a big part of my reading pleasures! I'm looking foreword to meeting like minded ladies!
Hi, I'm Spire and I'm new here.

I just got Issue 67 (Feb/Mar 11, with Portia de Rossi on the cover) and there's a winter cape pattern on page 37 that I'd love to sew. In the article it says to go to to get the pattern but it doesn't seem to be listed on that page. There's another cape pattern but downloading it shows it not the same one as the magazine (not enough pattern pieces). Does anyone know where I could download it?
Welcome newbies! Please ignore the troll!
Hi I'm deafgeek. Am a huge Bust fan, and always go to the Bust Craftaculars in NYC in Dec.
Just thought I'd introduce myself!
Again, welcome newbies!

If you'd like to avoid reading any troll posts go to My Controls. The left hand side of the page shows you your Menu. If you go all the way to the bottom you'll see the Options tab. There is a heading under it that says Manage Ignored Users. Click on it & you can add the name of anybody irritating & you won't see their posts anymore! It makes life easier & more pleasant!
Looks like exactly fuck all has changed in here.

The Troll is still doing his pathetic little thing. How lame.
shocking, no? rolleyes.gif

nice of you to pop in, none the less!

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 15 2011, 01:28 PM) *
Looks like exactly fuck all has changed in here.

The Troll is still doing his pathetic little thing. How lame.

CH, yeah, and Modsquad is being superslow in responding to these posts. I've sent them a PM to delete these posts dry.gif
I really wish I hadn't accidentally deleted the PM they sent me. It might have contained some explanation as to why things have been so slow/lax. I think we may have a new intern or something with how things have been handled recently.

Or else they've decided to cut their losses & just ignore us completely.
Hey, popping in after a long hiatus/search for a platform like lj to post on. Used to post a lot back in 03-06ish, if any of you remember "meetay," that's moi. See you around... heading to the working grrls section, if it's still there... I need to vent! Hope to talk to a lot of you soon!
Hey, toasterbottom! Yeah, I remember you. Welcome back! smile.gif
Bumpity bump!

Hello newbies!

Man - I think I originally found this forum at least - what - 2001? 2002? - so, 8-9 years ago.
(Holy s%^snacks. Is that even possible? And am I really that OLD??
Anyhoo - I know it's been at least long enough that my username has needed to be resuscitated at [i]least/i] twice.)

I don't know why it's taken me so long to wander back...I've got a subscription and ever-ay-thing!

But I'm tickled to be back here, and intend to wallow happily among you lovely BUSTies.

Thanks for having! <3
Hi gals! Long time reader, first time post? I think I posted a very LONG time ago somewhere else (prob. in 2002?) and it has been so long. Love this mag and what it stands for. I wasn't allowed to do many things growing up and this magazine was my escape, what I was all about, and I loved the fact it was so unique and spoke to me. smile.gif Thanks for being my best friend during those tough adolescent times and even now BUST! You've always been there for me!
*waves* Hello! Just doing the proper newbie thing and introducing myself to the masses smile.gif
Love the magazine, love the site!
P.S. Apparently it's National High-Five Day, so I'll extend one of those, too!
hello to you all from Canada, it took me some trial & error to figure the lounge out (haha!)

I'm old enough to remember the old Bust "Sex: What Is It Good For?" issue... I still love Bust :)
Hey there,
I live in CA but am from the Midwest. I've been needing an outlet lately, or maybe it's just cuz I don't have any girlfriends out here. Either way, I turned to my trusty Bust and ended up here. Looking forward to the boards!

Hello ladies! I'm a college student here in Miami. When I'm not being a news junkie or reading BUST, I'm working working working. I hope to meet some amazing people here!
Newbie here and long-time lover of BUST. I usually hate magazines, especially the ones designated for women but this one has everything I love and everything I didn't know I loved. Anyways, enough of my rambling. Just glad to be here happy.gif
Hey everyone!

I'm a filmmaker currently working on a documentary called "Let's Talk About Bras." I've been a longtime reader of BUST online so I figured I'd sign up on the forums and say hello biggrin.gif

New here so thought i'd introuce myself. Like a lot of gals here I thought I needed an outlet so here I am!

Gonna take a look around!

Hello all, I am new not only to this forum, but also to the magazine.

I thought this would be a great place to introduce my blog given the wide array of women that post here. It is called 'Busting At The Seams' and it is all things about having large breasts. As a woman with large breasts, I felt isolated from the rest of the slim, small boob world where women could just go to the local store to pick up a bra and not wait 2 weeks for one like I have to. There are many topics I like to touch upon and the list goes on.

I very much wanted this blog to be about the reality, not the fantasy (horny comments are not invited). It is meant to inform, entertain and give people something to think about. I hope you all find it interesting and if you have any suggestions, good feedback is welcome. Thanks!
hi! new to the forums. i'm trying to find anything in the forums or on the site that link to past travel features in the magazine? they're so awesome & i just recycled/re-sold all of my books and magazines, forgetting to pull those out sad.gif
hello.... I am new, too and I am glad to be here
hello, friend, nice to know you.
I am newbie here too, great to find so many people got many interesting with me
Hi ladies! Just want to share to you that I really do enjoy conversations with different women about their lives, relationships and etc. I am a relationship adviser and I love to give tips and ideas on how to handle relationships. I am a very empowered women so I want other women to feel the same way as I do. I have been a constant supporter of anti-abuse towards women and I also do donate for women who suffer health conditions such as breast cancer. Let's all support women all around the globe.
Hey Ladies,

I am new and glad to be here! I live and work in Atlanta with my Mister and a little one. I work full-time as a social worker and on the side my mister and i have three etsy shops and a blog.

You can check us out here:

Looking forward to getting to know some new women!

Hello Ladies!

I'm new to the lounge, love BUST and am happy to be here!
I'm a Rhode Island native, an artist, and future art educator.
Hey ladies!

I don't know if this thread is dead or not...but hi! I'm new!

I started looking at Bust because I'm in a class called Online Feminist Spaces, and I have started seeking out feminist communities online. It's been a joy to explore the Bust website, and trying to determine how members of feminist internet communities interact with each other, and how they often break behavioral norms found on the web. Too many places online spaces are anti-feminist or racist or follow really backward viewpoints (the anonymity helps), so progressive spaces like Bust are a breath of fresh air (although it still has to fend off the occasional troll, of course).

Anyways, if anyone has any thoughts on this issue, I would love to hear them. Is this a safe space for you and why? Or why not? Also, I'm having trouble determining if there's a male presence on the site. Any men out there? Just curious!

Thanks smile.gif
Hi! Just thought I'd join here, and see what it is like!

I have a question though - is there any way I can sort the thread display so that I see the first post made as the first post? At the moment I have to read backwards and it is really irritating!

my name is alex. i'm a 22 year old newlywed from Detroit currently living in a much smaller city in Indiana. i've been reading BUST since i was 18 and consider myself a life-long feminist.
i attended a university for almost 4 years when i decided to move and drop out. i also realized my career path wasn't headed in a direction i was comfortable with, and i'm currently pursuing training as a birth doula.
i'd like to meet some like-minded ladies to share some tips and rants!

I'm Shelby, a 20-year-old student from Detroit who hopes to end up in Boston! I've been reading BUST since high school whenever I've been able to find an issue. It's taught me everything I've REALLY needed to know about being a girl (sorry, Mom! sorry, Judy Blume!).

Ummm... I'm a media junkie who has an addiction for the written word. I don't feel right if I don't have a pen in my hand or if my fingers aren't flying over my keyboard. If you want to talk about books, television, movies, music, or writing, I ALWAYS will love to listen and share my opinions!

That's it for now!
Have a nice day!
Hey ladies!

There's nothing else out there like BUST--I'm a long-time lover of the magazine and new to the lounge. I'm also a profoundly unfussy bride-to-be attempting to plan a low-drama, small-budget wedding with my sanity and sense of humor fully intact. I'm eager to chat with ladies in the same boat, and those who've managed to pull this off themselves. You can find me at my blog/support group:
Hello darlins!

My name is Mary-Morgan. I have been reading Bust for a few years now and love it more and more every day. I am a 22 year old hairstylist and makeup artist. Crafter and Baker.

feel free to chat anytime smile.gif

also follow me on twitter @marymorganbird
Hello hello! Another newbie!

I'm from Sydney, Australia....working as a graphic designer...25....umm....I always feel nervous posting in a new forum!! But generally, I'm here because I need some female lovin as lately I've become fare too entangled with my boyfriend. I need some girl-time back in my life, or else I will go bananas.

Too much for a first post?
QUOTE(miniskirtordeath @ May 7 2011, 06:17 AM) *
Hey there,
I live in CA but am from the Midwest. I've been needing an outlet lately, or maybe it's just cuz I don't have any girlfriends out here. Either way, I turned to my trusty Bust and ended up here. Looking forward to the boards!


Hallelujah!! This is why I'm here too, busty love to you x
I keep getting a "Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum" error message when I try to start a new thread (In the Our Bodies, Our Hells section, if that matters). Obviously I can reply here and my registration was completed so I have no idea why I can't start one :/ It was kind of the whole point of my registering.
I've posted a few times but I'm new here as well. I have been reading the posts on Bust for quite a while and always thought they were great. I was happy to discover there was a 'lounge' so that I could get to know some fellow readers.
ya, i've been a guest here for a while and now i am a member just like you smile.gif
nice to meet you
Hey yinz!

I'm new to the board but an oldie to BUST! I was lucky enough to participate in the Craftacular a few weeks and now want to keep in touch with all the wonderful ladies I met there!

I also wanted a little help or suggestions navigating around the board where I could collaborate on art/music/shows with other people in the BUST Lounge. Can you help a girl out?
Hey! I'm new here - just joined when I should be writing my paper. I'm a single mom, student, I work a lot, and I'm just way too stressed lately. I LOVE BUST, so I thought this forum might be a nice place to chill out once in a while. xo
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Hey gals! I haven't been in the lounge in foreverrrr! I've been consumed with being at home with my two little one and now I said enough is enough...I gotta go back! smile.gif I used to work but after I had my second bay bay my beloved hubbie said I should stay home (aka he couldn't handle watching two kids, punk ass!). It's crazy but I gotta say that I adore watching them grow up and this is my "me" time so let's have a ball!
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I am also a newbie here. I just joined just because to get the deep information on the current fashion and lingerie.
hey there, my name is molly. LOVE the magazine.

i love travel, getting outdoors, getting crafty, motorcycles, bicycles, mountains, surf, etc.

BTW - does anyone know how to change the display to chronological order? looking at the last post first is making my head hurt!

Hey all!

I found this site by doing a search on this really fun condition called Bacterial Vaginosis. I am here to share my experience and what is hopefully the end of this nightmare. I would also like to see if I am the only one going through this nightmare.

Excited to be a new member! (BV Roller coaster=100) Click me!(/BV Roller coaster)
Such a nice thought. I really found your information helpful.
Hi there. Never posted here before. I'm just an 18 year old from Canada and when I'm down I just go here to read about relatable experiences. smile.gif
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