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Ta, just_a_guy!

Welcome, starleybeth! Feel free to keep posting in this thread with any questions you have.
Hey everyone! Howís it going? Iím new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and Iím from CA. I just wanted to make some new friends and talk to people who share similar interests. I love Bust magazine and this site. I work with Bounty and I hope to meet some cool people. Iíll talk to you guys soon!
Welcome purpledaze and other newbies! smile.gif
hi, i have been reading this forum for over a year and decided to register to post. after posting a question and being told "i can go suck it" by another member (which the post has been edited now) i think i should have stuck to reading the posts...
Hi snootyfox and welcome! I hope you keep posting here.

I am a DIY'er living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I am a Italian girl originally from NJ. I love to create, recylce, learn, and meet new people and explore new things.

Looking forward to grabbing a glass of wine and checking out the site!

Hi Ladies

I'm not a newbie, but haven't posted in some time. Just wanted to reintroduce myself. I'm 23, from
NJ, and trying to get some new hobbies so I took up knitting recently.

Hope you are all well!

Aw, MmeHooch! We could not forget you! Welcome back!

And hello, newbies!
Hello all~ I just posted in the Pregnancy thread and figured since I post so infrequently I'd better come in here and reintroduce myself. I also used to post just as infrequently under another name but I've been reading posts in the lounge for quite a while.
Hi! I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thank

Big fan of the magazine and I just found this forum.

Looking forward to participating and having a good time.
Hello. I am new here. I am 33 F and curently deployed to the middle east with the US Navy. Being that I am stuck in the desert for the next nine months, I am suffering from a serious lack of color (everything is dusty brown), intellectual conversation, art, culture, travel, good wine...well I am sure you all understand.

Thank you all smile.gif

Welcome wanderlusting, and thank you for your service to the country. I hope you find all the Busties to be warm and friendly. Have a look around!
Hi all,

Newbie here. I'm a 25 F from Canada. Graduated, worked a few years, and now in grad school for a professional degree.

I posted a few times on the "small breast support group" thread and really enjoy the liveliness of the Bust online community.

Thank you,

Hello to Limousine, wanderlusting, coreycakes, and jame. It's nice to meet you. Come in, take a load off, have a snack and settle in.

*passes around trays of crab cakes and champagne*
Jan Brady
Hey, I'm new around here. I'm from the midwest, pursuing a degree in philosophy.

I enjoy reading/dishing in Media Whores mainly. I'm usually not very talkative, but I love reading others' perspectives.

Nice to see everyone.
Welcome, Jan Brady! Can I get you a nice glass of port? Perhaps a biscuit?

Have fun Media Whoring!

welcome, jan brady et al!
Hi I'm not a newbie exactly but a returner not been on I think for a few years. I've been variations of Postie Muse for a while and live in Edinburgh Scotland
I remember you postiemuse--you used to post about films I think, in particular? Anyway, welcome back!
Hey there, total BUST forum newbie - Mainer mama, running a small graphic design agency from home, ex-urbanite who sometimes misses edgy punchy city talk. Focus on: food, sex, and other hedonistic tendencies.
Active artist/crafter who knits, paints, photographs etc etc etc, and mom to an 18 month old Merlin.
hobbies include edible mushroom gathering, traditional foods/food preservation methods, recycling clothing via accessorizing and sewing, plus all above mentioned.
Welcome newbies! Yea!

Ever so glad to see you, Picklingqueen! We had a bit of a pickling convo going on in the foodie thread. Do please stop by!
genghis cunt
Hello. I'm a 26-year-old college educated female in Florida. I like long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, and shooting my mouth off. I've been reading BUST for awhile now, but with recent body image issues, I feel the need for some good feminst discourse.
Hi, genghis cunt! Welcome to the lounge. Your username makes me smile!
Hello all - I'm not technically new as I've been posting on and off here since.... ummmm.... 2002 I think. I was back reading posts and thinking of chiming in here and there and wanted to make a more formal re-introduction.

So hello all of my busties!
***big bustie hug***

Hi there. I'm 28 and got introduced to this lounge by my sister. Heard a lot of good stuff about all of you. I'm from Europe and english is not my firts language, so I have to expand my vocabulairy a little bit. Hope to be posting here regularly.
hey y'all!

recently left my hometown of rva (love it/hate it) for life in northern virginia with mr. dude... rad, really, but for the utter lack of decent ladyfriends. i used to post yearsss ago in the lounge (as typical_girl? something like this) and figured that joining up again would solve literally all of my problems. so, mmm, thanks in advance for that.


Dear all,

I'm a man from London in England. Apart from University, I've lived here all my life.

I've been reading for a while, and have found many posts inspirational.

Although there are enough male perspectives here already, but I'm registering in case there's some way my view might be useful, and to post links to content that is relevant to current topics.

I definitely will not be starting any topics of my own!

Welcome ptolemyZ, pinkphosphenelight, Synergy and missjoy (I remember you!)!

*passes round olives and prosecco*
Unsure newbie with a story.

My name is Jessica A. Still live with my parents and have an fraternal twin sister as well. Live in Metro New York on New Jersey side of it USA. Born with a Neurologically based speech impairment/apraxia-dysarthria. Suffering from depression/anxiety for awhile now. Yet to reach this stage of life and etc. I'm an student of life and clerical volunteer.

Sorry, its in bits and pieces.

This is both of an question and rant from me.

Know that I'm not the only one whom has experience this before. Mean it can be off/online.

Mean before foundin and/or comin here?

Is it me that we are treated as we are still babies/kids??? Is it me that there are owner/s, admin/s, mod/s whom have no clue on how to run forum???

Its hard even though they all know and we have talked about it. Mostly there are other factors which I can't think of at moment. Somehow I never could avoid this when lookin for new forums for myself. Hope being here is goin to stop this.

Depression and anxiety part of the story.

Unsure when I 1st started noticed this, but it wasn't really until just before 9/11/2001 occured, spl. Basically, I just started a new school and which that didn't work out for me. Wanted to serious end my life at the time and which I tried to. Thank god, I was caught while in the act and etc. Have to say it was very testy for my parents and me during that time. Finally, got my wish for treatment and which I don't recommend my route. My route is the worst case scenario, which I learned later on after my last episode. That wasn't the only episode of the route. Had several more before I finally figured it out and etc. After that started a new school which I wanted to go to. In the end that didn't work out and etc. Then, had some recovery time before I stared my previous volunteer experience. I was a clerical volunteer at Mount Sinai Medical Center (New York, USA). Basically, my mom was working there as well and in the same department as me. Not in the same area of the department. Loved being in the city, but not volunteering. It was more usual tasks then anything else. Unsure if that was because of my depression/anxiety or what. During that time explored my options about a paid job, education, etc options. None of them worked out.

Any form of BC (Birth Control) or HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) as well.

I know because I was on bc 2 separate times. Once while on celexa and other after I went off celexa. Wasn't on any other one as well. My mom was on bc, but not very long. It was during the 1st generation of bc then 2nd or 3rd generation of them.

This also goes for hormonal replacements as well. Basically, my mom was on it for a few yrs because her OB/GYN thought it was a good idea. My mom did as well because shes a register nurse. Now, shes been off of it for a couple of yrs now (June). Of course when she went off of it she was sick. In the end she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but lucky it was caught in the early stages of it. To me I'm torn on this because I'm all for mainstream medicine. At the same time it comes with a price and I prefer natural medicine more.

Then my fraternal twin sister and my friend's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the last yr. It was caught early enough to get treatment, but now her shes having complications from the surgery and etc. Unsure if its her mother or what. At the same time its been hard on her and etc in her family. Which I prefer not to get into on here. Like my mom and my dad, my sister, and etc.

This is my story with the flu, flu shot, etc. Oh how it was written a quite a while ago and etc along those lines.

As for me have only gotten it twice in my lifetime so far and havenít had ill affects has of yet. 1st time I felt I needed it because the yr before I was at school. Pretty much everyone got it and wanted to be included at the time. Of course they needed permission from my parent/s or doctor, canít remember which one. This past yr I had to get it because I had bronchitis, last feb. Was on antibiotics and some kind of syrup for it. After that had some GERD (Gastric Reflux) from everything. Was put on medication for that which is working. Believe thats it for now.

By the way my fraternal twin sister had the shot last yr and manage to get it after the season was over. This yr she didnít get it because her experience last yr.
Hi smile.gif My name is Christen and I'm from Jersey. I'm 26 and mother of an almost-3-year-old daughter named Adeline. I'm a licensed massage therapist in Florida and I worked in the field for a while here in Jersey as well. I work from home now, so I can homeschool and spend more time with my daughter. I make hot/cold packs, sachets, eye pillows and hand salve. My cousin is the other half of our business (With Love... Botanicals... which explains my username) and she is still a practicing massage therapist who makes our candles in her kitchen when she's not out working.

Ummm... I think that's pretty much the fun and interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to reading about all of the topics posted here. Especially stuff about natural living, child-raising, other ladies who work for themselves and crafting... and a lot of other stuff, but I'm kind of going on and on here. It's great to be here and I can't wait to meet other members of the Lounge smile.gif
I'm Erica.

Oh, I've only 16 years of age under my belt and reside in California. Thoroughly intrigued, I'm looking forward to participating in this thriving... forum! I believe these are called forums- foreshadowing of my inept ability to work with technology. I love learning about everything and anything (almost) !

I hope everybody has/had a nice day smile.gif
Welcome newbies!

Don't sweat it, Wondermist! We're a helpful lot, when in doubt, ask a Bustie & we'll steer you right!
hey everyone!! ((haha i love this pink type....))

I am a newbie and I need *perspective*, fellow breast owners & breast appreciators.

basically im 43 & had a really, really stressful life. ive had lots of good relationships but haven't even been with a guy in ten years.. not even a date.. because, my life has just been so awful. my only child is just about to turn 18 & start college..... im finally feeling kind of ready to live again & stuff. kind of for the first time ever in some ways.

so unbelievably somehow, i have met this amazing, amazing man..

he is super amazing. really smart, super attractive, super sweet. really good guy. hes also only 27! but, we really get along & we've been together 7 months now.

and... im having a problem i absolutely never anticipated... when my daughter was born i had to use a breast pump for many months as she could not breast feed. that was fine but it stretched my breasts wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out. like, way out.

im super petite, only 95 lbs, but with full breasts, c cup. so now, i am super petite, but my breasts are kinda like.. well pretty much empty water balloons. they are reeeeeeeeeeeeeally floopy. they drop almost to my belly button.

its always annoyed me but being in this relationship, its really becoming a problem.

i just dont.. really know how to 'be' sexually this way. i am a very sexual person and really enjoy being sexual, and at this point in my life, i could certainly use a whole lot of super good sex.

but.. my body is just being super awkward. my lover is really great about it, and totally makes sure i know always he really loves me anyway.. hes just been so good about it.. so its not really that i feel he wont accept me this way..

but.. it is really bothering -me-. its being really hard for me to be fully sexual when i can't really move freely, can't really 'feel' stuff very accurately.. and it really breaks the mood to hear that 'flap flap flapping' sound.. oh god.

also they really can't feel pleasure all that well. being all stretched out makes it really hard to make them feel good in any normal way and i really miss that. so beside the fact they dont look so sexy, they really aren't -working- very well at all in any way. //

so my bf and i are working through it together & stuff.. but. i really need some perspective, my stressful life has left me with very few close friends and no family at all. so i really dont have anyone to talk with about this.

one solution ive tried is just wearing a bra during sex. that helps some but is pretty unsatisfying becuase there is no skin to skin contact, which we both like.

i have been saving to have a breast lift. i still have a few thousand to go, if i had the money i would do it tomorrow... basically the main reason for this is so i can enjoy my sex llife more.

i get a lot of mixed reactions on that. a lot of people think i just want to be 'perky' or that its about my ego. its really just that i enjoy being sexual and im not able to be truly satisfied this way, and thats something thats personally important part of my life. i just can't see living another 50 years having to always wear clothes during sex. //

anyway.. i really feel its not "PC" of me to say this about my own body. i love my body and accept myself as i am, but just physically, its super annoying and i just am not enjoying sex as much. //

so.. i want to hear from women & men about this. how do you feel about this? about your body or about those you love? its not that i don't 'accept' myself. it really truly is being a problem for my sex life. // does this make sense to anyone. i need perspective. this is the question i will be asking here.

thanks so much everyone. (man this pink type cracks me up)


Welcome newbies! ::tosses confetti::

Sweetcharms, if you look around the newbies pages, you'll notice that it's mostly just introductions & such. Not so much on the problem solving/advice thing (Outside of Mybodymyself's post).

You'll probably get more feedback to your query in the Large Breast thread as you may find some similar souls there. I bumped it for you. I also bumped the General Sex thread. I bumped the Anxiety thread, too JIC. Hope they help you some! Good luck!

It's Sunday brunch in the Lounge! ::passes around tray of mimosas, poinsettias, & whatever the hell you call grapefruit juice & champagne::
ok headed over to those threads. thanks for the help & bumping. :}
Hey K.P. from North/Central Florida here. I'm college student on Winter Break, who is currently just chilling at the mom's house.

I like to talk current events, specifically news relating to: LGBTQ people (esp. people of color), community activism, socioeconomic issues, environmental issues and animals. I keep up on your mainstream media stuff too (although only online) but considering a great of deal of it relates to mainstream politics, it generally makes me LOL or encourages me to embrace misanthropy. Nevertheless, I keep my eyes and ears open. I am obviously also interested in general gender issues as well, so I have arrived to chit the chat. tongue.gif

Welcome all newbs!! (I'm still considered a newbie around here myself, apparently. I'm a lurker...) biggrin.gif Please be active and prosper in this forum and life itself! Tee hee...

cocoapow- I would love to hear some of your opinions on GLBTQ discrimination, love and pride.

sweetcharms- Love the enthusiasm, and I'm happy you found a partner!

Wondermist- Welcome, hon. It is great to see a younger crowd around here, like myself. Don't forget to start with your own opinions. wink.gif

And everyone else! xoxo
There was a post that I had read that made me want to join this site. It was about BACK PAIN!!! I had suffered from it for what felt like forever (I am only 22, so my forever is really only 8-10 years but that is still a good percentage of my life). My back pain always happened in my mid and upper back (as if someone was pushing there knee into my back). This pain was most common after standing for long periods of time. (I am sure many of you are like "YES" to everything I am describing). Until i had found something that got rid of it entirely and I just have to share this. Hula Hooping! Now some of you may laugh and think it is just a toy you once played with as a kid but it is something much more. I have been hooping for almost 1 1/2 years now and I have loved it since day one. I had lost 10 lbs in the frist 20 days and strengthened my back muscles making it easier to support my chest. I don't want this to come across as a weight loss testamonial but it really was a perk. However, for me even if i loose weight my bust usually stays the same, changing only by maybe one cup size if i am lucky. Hooping is something so much more than a weight loss tool. I have heard of women just feeling sexier/attractive, having more energy, it even helps some with depression. In the begining it isn't all roses and joy. I took me 2 weeks to get the hoop to stay up, lol. But I didn't give up and now it is simple and natural as walking. My goal is to hoop a little each day. I just put on my favourite song (current fav is Stereo Love by Edward Maya & Mia Martina), pick up my hula hoop and giver.

This has already becoming far too long of an introduction so if there is anything that I missed or you have any questions, please ask.

My hope is to help. smile.gif
Hi all, I'm new to the BUST online community, but not to BUST. 24 years old, married, polyamorous, and living abroad for the foreseeable future while the US gets its shit together (hopefully). Decided to pop over and see what the forums here were like smile.gif.
genghis cunt
QUOTE(cocoapow @ Dec 15 2010, 12:28 PM) *
Hey K.P. from North/Central Florida here. I'm college student on Winter Break, who is currently just chilling at the mom's house.

I like to talk current events, specifically news relating to: LGBTQ people (esp. people of color), community activism, socioeconomic issues, environmental issues and animals. I keep up on your mainstream media stuff too (although only online) but considering a great of deal of it relates to mainstream politics, it generally makes me LOL or encourages me to embrace misanthropy. Nevertheless, I keep my eyes and ears open. I am obviously also interested in general gender issues as well, so I have arrived to chit the chat. tongue.gif

Yay! What part of North Florida?

Sorry...have to do this...


::goes back to being a polite white girl::
Good evening, all. Although I've already posted a time or two in a couple of threads, I thought I'd drop a line here and say hi.

I'm a 41 yr old chuncky chick with one man, two kids, and three dogs. (Also a grandson and soon to be stepson.) I work nights in the local hospital, as a Radiologic Technologist. I read voraciously and also love fast cars and motorcycles, and own/ride a 2005 HD Heritage Softail Classic. I'm a coffee-holic, too.

People say I'm a study in contrasts....a member of the NRA and the ACLU, socially liberal and fiscally conservative, a veteran who hates the current wars, etc. I love to hunt and fish, and I hate racism and intolerance of any kind.

I love Alton Brown. ;-)

We are in north Louisiana. Geaux Saints!
I'm a newbie, but an avid reader of Bust for several years now. I work in the Toronto film industry and just celebrated becoming a quarter century. Passions include film, cooking, crocheting and reading just about anything.
Hello everyone I'm Ruby, I haven't got my first issue of BUST but am an avid website follower of BUST and BITCH. It will be nice talking to people and exerting my feminist views here! Thanks for reading. smile.gif
hi ya'll!!!! been a lurker thru blackberry internet (which sucks peen) since 08... finally got a real computer so here im is! i dont usually join forums, but i never found such a badass group of women in one place... hope everybody is having a good new year... take care

We are in north Louisiana. Geaux Saints!

WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
QUOTE(falloutmk @ Jan 1 2011, 12:06 AM) *
Hello everyone I'm Ruby, I haven't got my first issue of BUST but am an avid website follower of BUST and BITCH. It will be nice talking to people and exerting my feminist views here! Thanks for reading. smile.gif

You're definitely not the only one with the feminist view here!

I'm soo new to this site I don't believe I've gotten the chance to introduce myself.

Vivian here, and I'm impatiently waiting at the airport while pulling my hair over getting my iphone jail broken . I'm a tech guru... so typically, i get stereotyped for being a women. Glad to be here and hoping to hear more from those that are interested in technology and fashion
hello lounging ladies! i have been MIA for the past two years due to the vicissitudes of life and the stress of being a graduate student. despite the fact that i am still in the middle of the forest studying monkeys as per usual, my free time on the internet has actually increased considerably. as such i am emerging from lurking to say hello and that i will slowly be re-introducing myself for the second time (because i had to dip out one other time in my nearly 7 years of bust lounge membership).

so helloooooooo out there to anyone who might possibly remember me and greetings to everyone i have yet to meet. looking forward to getting reacquainted.
Welcome, newbies!

Hello! You have been missed, DJ!

QUOTE(anarch @ Sep 27 2010, 01:15 AM) *
Also, I miss dj-bizmonkey. Anybody know where she went?

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Sep 28 2010, 07:59 PM) *
And keep forgetting to say I miss DJBizmonkey, too. I miss a lot of the Pre-Great Bustie Exodus peoples.

Welcome back! Do catch us up with your life!
awww, shucks! i have really missed being part of this community as well. i don't have a good excuse, just that being a graduate student is a huge distraction from the fun parts of life!! i've been a hardcore lurker, which is unfair, but i have promised myself to contribute instead of mooch from now on.

quickest update i can give is that i finished all my PhD coursework, took my comprehensive exams, and i am now just over half-way through my dissertation research in Costa Rica. it's been a rocky road so far, with multiple computer and other technological failures, monkey electrocutions, break-ups, make-ups, and new relationships.

suffice to say, i am very happy to be back at last! hugs to all my busties!
welcome b ack DJ!! I hope the dissertation research is g oing well!
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