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Hello everybody, I'm new here and wanted to say 'Hi' to you all.

I decided to join after having one of the strangest days today....where:
1) a young man aged around 15years in a school where I was giving careers advice made some silly comments about women being only good as strippers or wtte.
2) A middle aged misogynist that I have the displeasure of working with decided to randomly make comments in front of colleagues about my appearance (i'd had my hair cut) and how I was, in his opinion, attempting to put myself in the shop window for men. Completely unprovoked and rather demeaning. mad.gif
3) The brother of a guy I used to date back when I was about 19 randomly sent me a message on facebook telling me that, having browsed my photos, I have a lovely 'pair' and I should be really proud of myself!!! (none of my pics are even revealing) blink.gif

There must be something in the air I think....! Anyway, after today I've decided to make my own little stand....! tongue.gif

Hope you don't mind my ranting on my first post.....Thanks for listening. smile.gif

PinkyP... xxx
Welcome pinky! Just want to warn you that we currently have a troll here who is taking up a lot of space and posting abortion pictures and quoting scripture that is irrelevant to all of our discussions. Just ignore him and enjoy the real conversations taking place!
*not minding at all, even nodding* to Pinky.
I am so confused....

This board has me all backwards, maybe there's a fast fix and I just can't see it but instead of appearing in date order from oldest first, I am getting the newest responses at the start of the thread and I can't get it to display Oldest->Newest like I am used to from pretty much every other board I post on. Help?
Is there any way to change the display so the most recent posts are displayed last? I'm finding it almost impossible to follow conversation veins here with the format displaying what to me looks like posts in reverse order
Issy, there is no way to change it. But the first page should give you a good idea of what's going on in a thread. If you're not sure, just lurk, or even ask. Most threads are pretty self explanatory.

Welcome and happy posting newbies!!!
To be honest lurking has caused me to lose a bit of interest, most of the posts have been about the troll, I am not interested in jumping in existing drama, between that and the impossible to follow board format I'd rather stick to the front page and avoid all the mess
actually, if you click on "lo fi" version on the bottom of the page it displays older posts first.
Issy, I don't think you can change it but the conversation changes all the time so usually you can just start a few pages back and then work your way forward.

As for the troll, it will probably be cleaned up by tomorrow when someone is back in the office.
Hi. I thought that I should post here. I used to post a lot a really long time ago, and was quite active from 1998 or 1999 to 2004. I'm not sure if anyone remembers me but 'hey' if you do.
hey naki! <3 yay!!!! so glad to see you around here! it's been forever wub.gif

izzy: i know it might seem confusing at first, and the exact opposite of other boards, but the lounge works differently than most fora-- it is self moderated, so we'd rather have a few extremely long threads rather than a bunch of little ones. because of that, starting at the beginning of a thread actually works against you, since some of the posts are from 2 or 3 years or longer ago. so while it's good because there is a lot of collective knowledge in the threads, for most people visiting a subject for the first couple of times, it's not needed. the last page posted is usually more than enough. which is why the lounge is set up this way.
naki I remember seeing you on Tuesday, sheee-it, I may have forgotten my scarf at the pub but I could never forget you
My name is Marry and I'd just like to say hi to everyone. As everybody knows that nowadays forums are the best source of Knowledge, and through forums we can learn a lot. When I heard of the community I thought it would be wonderful to expand to a new community, meet like minded people and share thoughts and services with fellow members.I am sure there's a lot of interesting topics and discussions happening on this forum and wanted to check it out.I was looking for a new forum to join and the higher powers of Google has brought me here!
I look forward to meeting you all and wish you the best of success.
I got over it, I am still here surfing around
Hey rad, I clicked on the Lo-fi version as suggested and what do you know...worked like a charm. Can't add a reply, but good for catching up on existing threads of conversation. Sweet
Hey everybody,

Just wanted to say hello. Newbie here, I'd been a bust reader forever and a lurker on this site for a few weeks. Seems like there's a lot of clever folks here in the lounge with a lot of interesting things to say. I thought, heck, why don't I join em?
Welcome To auntilulu, issy, marylucas, and naki. It's nice to meet you. Pull up a comfy chair and settle in for the wild ride that is the Bust Lounge.
*barges through the door with blustery cold and snow all swirling in behind, sets down giant sack on the floor*

I'm back, girls! And I have presents for all of you!

Hehe. Hi! I'm glad to see some familiar faces are still posting. It's been a while. I've been busy. I'm not that busy anymore, so I'm gonna be BUSTIE instead.

Woop woop! Hugs!
I just wanted to say Hello to the old and new Busties! There is a major tidal wave we are riding as a public forum right now so hold on tight. Here's something to keep you warm!

**passes around hot toddy's for everyone**
(x-posted from MIA Busties just for good measure)

hey there, peeps!

i was glowlita, but (in my absence) i became stickier.

i've been tired of the lack of meaning on facebook lately and i never found another place that had as much depth/personality as the lounge.
just wanted to say hi. so that's why i (may be) back.

why i left: lack of time, personal strife, personality clashes, feeling like things got a little vapid.

i am not totally hip to all the new protocols (mods? minimal thread creation? people get freaking suspended now???) and i don't know if there is a quick crash course in that or if it is something i should just learn by observation.

anyway. hiyee.
Hi there, Glowlita! I remember you! Good to see you around.

I understand why you might feel alarmed and confused. Everything was the same as ever until about a week ago. That's when the shit hit the fan. Basically, our old troll bombed the place over the Thanksgiving weekend, as usual, and it took many days for his posts to get cleaned up. Some people were irate at the lack of moderation. Angry words were said and one person - GirlTrouble (also known as Butta and Aviatrix back in the day) - had her account suspended. We've never gotten a good explanation for why she was singled out. You can read all about it in the Busting Trolls thread in "As The World Turns".

The good news: After years of begging and pleading, they've finally agreed to give us a mod to work on evenings and weekends (when trolls usually hit us). So that's good. The mod started working just a couple of days ago. We're told that it is a Bustie, but they've chosen to keep the mod anonymous.

The bad news is that today we were told by the head moderator that there will be some new rules around here.

A lot of people were very hurt by the events over the past week. A lot of people have decided to vacate The Lounge permanently. Others are waiting to hear what the new rules are before making a decision.

Unfortunately, this means that the old Lounge you remember - the bustling place where dozens of women made scores of posts everyday - doesn't exist at the moment. It's kinda working on a skeleton crew so it's pretty quiet and slow. But who knows. Maybe this ol' girl still has some life in her yet. We'll have to wait and see.
so, we are still waiting for the new rules?
i read some of it and it seems GT was singled out because she threatened to talk about the ruckus on other boards. which seems really stupid because anyone who wanted to could do that without a threat under a different nick and how would the KGBUST stop them then? maybe i am not even allowed to point that out. WEIRD.
depending on what the new rules are, maybe it will be for the best?
i remember being frustrated with the lounge before (and posting about it) because C never seemed to give a rip about us other than the fact that the number of registered posters helped bring in advertisers. shortly thereafter, we got the new lounge format, but i ended up on hiatus anyway.
so when do these bill maher-esque New Rules hit?
thanks for the reply! good to see you too!
Hello, I am niki. I've been around here for a year, but I guess never properly introduced myself (being quite shy) and have now been reprimanded for posting elsewhere without the introduction, told to post here so folks would know I'm not a troll. Truth is, I never really understood what a troll is. . . . I do live under a bridge and chase little goats. . . Anyway, here goes:

I am male (physically), gender-queer, very interested in gender query (or gender queery!) and gender theory. Likewise interested in all things sexual, particularly kink. Think of myself as femme/submissive. All kinds of role reversals intrigue me. So does consciousness expansion through BDSM. Middle-aged, attached. A writer, of sorts.

I'm boring already. What would you like to know?
Welcome niki and I have the thread for you...under the F word, look for "A Gender Agenda", the place where we discuss the politics and meaning (or meaninglessness) of the g-word. I look forward to seeing ya around the Lounge.
Welcome to the Lounge, niki! Thanks for introducing yourself. We look forward to your contributions to the lounge. smile.gif
Thanks for the info. I will lok there right away!

QUOTE(stargazer @ Dec 12 2009, 08:51 PM) *
Welcome to the Lounge, niki! Thanks for introducing yourself. We look forward to your contributions to the lounge. smile.gif

Oops, the previous response was directed toward koffeewitch.But thanks to both of you!

QUOTE(stargazer @ Dec 12 2009, 08:51 PM) *
Welcome to the Lounge, niki! Thanks for introducing yourself. We look forward to your contributions to the lounge. smile.gif

Hey all - I'm kind of a returning person as well. I just felt like I should say re-hello. I was a very active poster, about... wow... seven years ago? I have since gotten a real career, met my husband, got married, moved and life goes on.

I guess I'll have to feel the place out with what I just read about recent changes.

So, in closing, hello all and I'm happy to be back.
I remember you Missjoy! welcome back!
Hey Busties,

Been away for a while (school, housing, and work messes). Practically a Newbie all over again, I'm so out of the loop and don't know what people have been up to. Missed y'all and will try to be more involved! Good to see much of the same awesomeness going on.
Hey, I'm new!
I like salad, bicycles, roller derby, sewing, and motorcycles.
I have dyslexia and red hair.
Welcome slodki and lily_anne!
hi everyone,

i'm Joey. i'm not a biological "lady" -- i hope i'm still allowed to post here! i'm am american expat living in Berlin. i'm a DJ, writer, and, what else...? oh, a great vegan cook.

let's see... what else to say? i look forward to virtually interacting with you all in a civilized fashion. so there!

Well hello, Joey! So very glad you could join us! I look forward to getting to know you! Have fun & welcome to the Lounge!

A big welcome to all the other newbies, I'm sure somebody is passing around drinks & nibbles!
hey all...
i've been lurking here since my teens, but finally decided to become a contributing poster! these forums definitely got me through some confused moments in my (late-and-goddamit-probably-not-over-yet) adolescence.

I'm 23, lived in NYC for 6 years and have just moved back to the small town where i grew up. it's actually really refreshing to be somewhere the subcultures are earnest and unselfconscious. i'm an artist and working almost fulltime on various odd jobs like substitute teaching. high schoolers... they'll put you in your place!

also: i was going to bump a *videogames* thread that i swear i saw a while ago, but can no longer find... does it still exist?

Game thread bumped for Gradient.
hey there, I am new here. used to frequent a lonnng time ago as meetay.
Whups, realized should have totally re-introduced myself as I see many of you have done! Haven't posted here in probably several years, and before I was luleey I lurked and posted as kittyb for a year or two. Now i'm back and glad to "see" some familiar people! Since then, like some of the other newbies, have finished school, go t my career started, learned to cook and got married.

Toasterbottom, i totally remember meetay!

Thanks for welcoming back some old busties!!

Thanks auralpoison!

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Mar 16 2010, 09:47 PM) *
Game thread bumped for Gradient.

Hello to all the new folks *passes around cucumber sandwiches and mint juleps* Welcome, and we hope you enjoy yourself.
Oh, I can finally post! I'm not exactly new, but this is the first time I've been able to post since I joined a few months ago. So...Hi.
Hello, Roxie! Welcome to the lounge! smile.gif
QUOTE(stargazer @ Jun 13 2010, 08:20 PM) *
Hello, Roxie! Welcome to the lounge! smile.gif

Thank you : )
I'm a former seasoned teenage lurker of these boards, and eager to finally begin participating in some intelligent conversation. tongue.gif

I'm 28 now though, and I'm really into:
pit bulls
upright basses
making zines
diy (anything!)
...and norwegian food that typically grosses out the masses.

Hello everyone!

My name is Jess, I'm 26 and live in semi-rural Indiana on my tiny homestead. I'm trying to be as self-sufficient as possible using as sustainable methods as possible, and I'm slowly gettin' closer to my goals smile.gif I raise chickens and a couple geese, and have a huge garden that will hopefully only be huger in the coming years. And I'd like to plant a grove of dwarf fruit trees, so that I can have a tiny orchard one day.

I support myself by silversmithing, making sparklie things in my creepy basement studio. The pay ain't so great, but it keeps me from having to go back to retail and I love it. smile.gif

I have six rescued cats and one rescue pitbull who thinks he's the 7th cat. They're my babies.

Nice to meet you all!
welcome, new folks. step over the tumbleweeds and pull up a chair smile.gif
Bubblegumtrash, i think I love you.
Hello one and all...

I'm Emmy, from London in the UK.

I'm also pretty appalling at introductions, as will no doubt become apparent shortly!

I'm 25. I work in marketing. I live in the London suburbs with two fancy rats named Elvis and Costello and an unhealthy addiction to anything that displays an utter lack of taste. I quite like knitting and sewing but I'm not very patient so it's usually a long, drawn out process which involves a lot of swearing and gin if its ever going to be successful. I like people, especially if they also blaspheme and drink gin and knit slightly wonky scarves as a result.

I find myself slightly ridiculous at times.

I like music with handclaps, analogue photography and Really Bad Hats. I'm exceptionally clumsy. I can usually be found drinking Diet Coke and saying the wrong thing.

I've lived abroad in the Middle East and South East Asia, and travelled heaps too. This is why I have a mishmash of an accent that noone can ever place, have a love of spicy food, get chronic wanderlust every 3 years or so, obsess over shisha and clove cigarettes and, of course, why I've heard of - and subscribe to - Bust!

Anyway, the above has more 'I's in it than is probably healthy for one post... anything else, you'll have to ask!

Hope everything is fine and dandy with you all - it's bloody miserable here in London... The Great British Summer?! Hmmm. Notsomuch.

Emmy x
Yea! Hello, Emmy_, RoxieRage, MetalSmitten, Bubblegumtrash, & Toasterbottom! Welcome newbies! So glad to see some fresh faces around here! *passes out crisp Mojitos & trays of empanadas*


Hi Emmy from a fellow Londoner! I'll bump the UK Busties thread fo you in case you ever fancy meeting up.

Yarr, the weather be frighful dry.gif
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