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the janet
Long-time lurker, recent first-time poster (this is not my first post even though apparently I was supposed to post here before anywhere else...oops).

I'm a New Yorker who was raised in both NYC and Cali. I've been landlocked in Denver for almost 7 years. I've always followed my dream, whether it be working in the music business or becoming a graphic designer. My current dream is to become a birth and postpartum doula. Before I die, I hope to fulfill two other lifelong dreams: to become a rockstar and live in London.

I got engaged on my 1 yr anniversary and the wedding is set for May 1. smile.gif
I've arrived!! . . . New girl here. My name is Angie. I'm FOREVER 29! wink.gif Here for a little girl talk/fun. Work at Del Monte for my day job. Spend the rest of my time pursuing my purpose in life. smile.gif I'm an aspiring writer, expert shopper and an afficianado of good eats. Excited to join the party here!!!
Hi Everyone
New here, been lurking for about 2 week, reading some threads and finally decided to take the plunge and join in smile.gif I'm a Brit living in America. Married for 10 years, no kids (by choice) but we have 2 dalmatians smile.gif I recently decided to get back in shape and start my fitness career again. Lost 25lbs and down to 18% body fat. Looking forward to getting to know you!

I am a long time Bust fan (having adored it since my teens), but new to the lounge.
Below is my blog, please check it out if you have a chance!

The Violet Side

Jean Wildest
hey all. i'm a 29-year-old nurse in virginia, with a dog, a couple of roommates, and an ldr. i've lurked here for YEARS and just now sheepishly made an account, after poking around teh intarwebs and realising how rare it is to have a message board made up of such literate people with interesting things to say! don't know how much i'll be posting but i'm happy to be here.
Welcome newbies! Glad to see so many new faces (Except for the ones that are trying to sell us shit under the guise of being new Busties. You know who you are!) & cannot wait to get to know you! Since it's lunch time in my part of the world, I pass out BLTs & ALTs with frosty cold root beers!
hi, my name is heidi and i just found this site and it looks pretty interesting so i thought i would register.

hi : )
Hi there, just thought that I would stop by and introduce myself before I jump into the lounge. I am a long time lurker and find that I really relate to many of the posts here. I don't know why it has taken me so long to join but I look forward to good conversation and getting to know all of you! smile.gif

A bit about me, I'm Canadian, 30 years old, married, and working on my phd in psychology. I enjoy time with friends and family, action movies, all types of music, and travelling.


Hey everyone!

I'm new here (I know, I'm Miss Obvious). I just recently found out about BUST, and have enjoyed lurking around the website for the past couple of weeks. I'm 35, and live in Oklahoma currently. I've had one son, who passed away in 1995 (16 days old, due to SIDS).... and one fur baby (Miniature dachshund). I have a day job, otherwise known as a career.... but am a starving/aspiring writer. I love movies, books, writing, music, and hanging out with my family and friends.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! smile.gif

Hello. I'm another returning poster. In the long, long ago I posted under the name Shizuku, and then under another name (which may have been spiderbaby, but I've forgotten). I'm a 32 year old college sophmore (first time through the college thing. I started late.) studying to teach elementary school. I like reading and dressing up and playing D&D. I live with my boyfriend and my ridiculously fat cat.

Previously, interruptions in internet availability caused me to drop off the face of the Lounge. Yesterday I was struggling with a Halloween costume related question, and kept wishing I had these forums to ask, so... here I am.
Welcome Newbies!!!

*passes around some home made pumpkin loaf*

Few things!!!

If there is something you are interested in, but can't find, drop on my the community forum, chances are we had a thread once upon a time, but it just disappeared.

Second, if you have a thread idea, please also stop by the community forum and ask, there have been some curious threads that have garnered little interest, BUT some really great ones, too.

Welcome and happy posting!!!!!!
Hey Ladies! I'm new here and I just wanted to say hello, it's good to meet y'all etc, etc. . . i am a happily married, no human children, one cat child having writer/student in the lovely state of CA. I love the mag so I thought I'd check in and see what's up. I am a complete blank at the moment, but I am sure I will have more to say at a later time. rolleyes.gif
hey there, im a long time reader, short time lurker. im 32,canadian female. i work in a greenhouse.for fun i am the stage manager for a horror themed "gorlesque" troop called Bloody Betty and the Deadly Sins i live with my boy,10 chickens,2 rabbits, a cat and 7 ducks. i love diy projects but rarely have time to do my own. when i do have time i hand paint old clothing,collage little lightswitch covers and make insects in resin jewlery. i love photography,getting photographed,sleeping and eating.. so happy to be here with you bustest friends...
p.s. can anyone tell me how to attach a photo?
Hey everyone,

I'm Lauren. I've been a BUST subscriber for YEARS now...I absolutely love the magazine and I am always sure to spread the love wink.gif

I'm 20 years old, from Maine, and attending college. I engaged, have a baby on the way (yay!), and two fur cats Titus and Cleo.

It's about time I joined the forum here lol
Don't know why I never got around to it sooner!
I'm new, and I may have hit reply by mistake, but I just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm Maureen. I'm in my 50s, and I'm in the process of divorcing a man (and his family evidently) who is rich and crazy, and the divorce is making me poor and crazy.
That's it.
QUOTE(unmaker7 @ Oct 27 2009, 08:19 AM) *
Hey everyone,

I'm Lauren. I've been a BUST subscriber for YEARS now...I absolutely love the magazine and I am always sure to spread the love wink.gif

I'm 20 years old, from Maine, and attending college. I engaged, have a baby on the way (yay!), and two fur cats Titus and Cleo.

It's about time I joined the forum here lol
Don't know why I never got around to it sooner!

It's all good Corrales!

WELCOME TO THE LOUNGE! I am tossing candycorns & orange (with cashews) & black (plain!) popcorn balls & bubbling cups of holiday eyeball punch. Welcome newbies!
*Waves, steals candy and punch
Hey guys! I use to lurk around the lounge years ago ....just rediscovered it and decieded to jump in and join this time instead of lurking (okay, so I lurked for a bit).

Lets see...I am 33, just got out of a complicated relationship, have three cats and a puppy as a counselor. That's about all I got!
Welcome newbie sisters...I'm still new myself, but have met so many amazing sisters here! This is a special place for us to let our hair down. Don't be put off by the (ahem) various nutbags who have been trolling the forums lately...
Koffee, have I told you I think you're great!? you're lounge etiquette is fabu, and I do enjoy your below post.
Yes. I am sure culturehandy could use you to smarten her up. Perhaps you can start with "How to Write in a Grammatically Correct Manner." Oh, wait...
COCL, have I told you how much I heart you?
Can we block this asshole at the source from his IP?

(And thankyou, culturehandy, the feeling is completely mutual)!
Dear Busties,

Whitelily is a troll. Do not click on her link.

Hello! I am new here. My name is Nicole and I am nineteen years old. I'm an English Education student in North-East England. tongue.gif I like reading, movies, and baking.
Hi Nicole/wowee! Welcome to the Lounge! =)
Hello Lounging Ladies!
WOW, I used to lurk here a few years ago when I was a curious teen and never wanted to step in. Just having refound the lounge I'm ready to jump in!

I'm 22, a full time student studying Music and Art Administration, work PT, love to workout and be outside, and have a mean desire to pull up a chair, put my pink fuzzy rope on and get my gab on!

My name is Melissa and have been a Bust reader for 2 or 3years. I look forward to posting more often smile.gif
Hello Y'all and welcome! Thanks for introducing yourselves. As you can see we have recently taken an AK47 to the resident troll. Be sure to keep your shoes out of his splatter. If he returns feel free to block him, and please ignore him. If you feed him it just gives him a bigger boner.

Again, nice to meet you!

*passes around sweet tea and pecan sandies*
Pecan sandies! MmmMmmMmm, an old fave.

I do so care about my shoes so I will definitely watch out.

Thanks for the warm welcome smile.gif
classy lady
Hi Ladies- Classy Lady Here- Iím brand new to the BUST community. Still learning the inís and outís of how things work but I am loving you ladies from what Iíve seen so far. Anyone want to give me the low down on life in the Lounge?
Welcome newbies! *steals handful of sandies & runs away*
Hi everyone, I'm Lela! I run Glittersniffer Cosmetics @ tongue.gif

Didn't see this sorry! tongue.gif
I'm K. I'm getting married next month. I hope I can help or be helped by this site, and maybe meet some people who actually get the F^%&%& problems I have!
the best advise i can give you about the lounge, classy, is to look before you leap. do a good amount of lurking, and see how people post. find topics that interest you most and post to those first. just stick your toe in the water before jumping in. if you don't see a topic ask that or any other question in the community forum, which, by the way, is the place to ask before you start a topic. be sure to get people's ok, or you could get a gentle warning.

so there you go! enjoy! just know if you aren't careful, you just might learn something. wink.gif
Hey newbie sisters! I'm still a pretty new Bustie, too. I hope you guys come to love the Lounge as much as I do. This place has the coolest, smartest chicks in the world......also has some of the most understanding/ best listeners ever. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile. I'm one of those crafty-types always looking to drum up participation in the She's Crafty and The Thread threads.(You can find them under the AbFab thread). Feel free to jump right in; the waters are friendly. I've been busy working on my all-hand-made holiday gifts and would love some more gift making ideas from other crafty busties doing the same.

P.S. If you have trouble from any of the trolls making rounds in the forums, don't forget you can block them. If you need help finding your "ignore" function, just ask. smile.gif
Dear Newbies, please ignore the troll below! We busties aren't fearing the "end times" because they don't exist.

Anyway, welcome to the Lounge! Remember, if you're ever searching for a thread on a certain topic just ask in the Community Forum before starting a new thread. We can't get rid of old threads so we try to keep new ones to a minimum.

Once again, welcome!
Many thousand Hellos !
It is my birthday present for myself to finally join the Bustie adventure !!!
Peace Out!

Welcome ThreatHen!

mmm I'm not really a newbie more like an old friend who has been out of touch for a long long while, circa maimy n Wicked :-) Where did all the time go :-)

Maria from Glasgow

I remember you Redspike. QuantumSpice is still around, and she heard from Maple recently too. Mando still comes around too.
I have the song "To Much Time on my Hands" running through my head today...Wonder why?

Hi Busties! I joined here awhile back and have been caught up in the craziness of life. Im back now and this board is definitely my kind of place. Im an ecclectic, geeky, far lefty feminist. Its hard to find a community who fits that description so im glad to be here!
Hope to be more active here in the near future.
Newbies, ignore the asshat below! This person is a troll bent on trickery! STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING THIS HANDLE POSTS!
Look, it's photoshopped miscarriage pics. This guy is an old, pathetisad Bustie baiter. Please do not let him discourage you from using our forum, the ModSquad will have him under control ASAP.
Weekend Moderator is our pathetic poster's (Steve, is it?) latest attempt to disrupt and proselytize. It appears to be the same fetus pics he's posted dozens of times before. Don't click; he wanks off every time we click.
Look, it's photoshopped miscarriage pics. This guy is an old, pathetisad Bustie baiter. Please do not let him discourage you from using our forum, the ModSquad will have him under control ASAP.
Wow, how stupid does he think we are?
they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. how funny that steve wants to be me. all the same,
accept no substitutes.
hi newbies!

pardon our mess. right now we've got a troll who is masquerading as me, he likes to provoke me, but it's easy to distinguish between the two of us: my post count, picture, sig, and the words under my avitar. the link in my signature, below will take you to the page to block all of his posts.

have a happy tofurkey day!
whip cream?
[passes around apple and pumpkin pie slices]
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