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Greetings, everyone! I have been sort of lurking about and reading all the smart, funny and interesting posts here for a bit, and finally decided to join, as it seems like a lovely place to be.

Some basic information about me: I am a 25-year-old woman currently living in California, though I have spent most of my life in a much smaller place! The change is pretty drastic & I hope that making some friends (or trying to, anyway) will help. Fingers crossed!

I am a pretty solitary person (+ socially awkward in the extreme!) but would like to change that somewhat!
Music, reading, trees, food and photography are key interests. cool.gif

Anyway, I am glad to be here and look forward to meeting you all!

Hi new people! *waves* Welcome to the group!
~from another newish person
Hey all. Notha' newbie checking in. I'm 23, and I hail from New Zealand.
Welcome Newbies!!!!

Few things!

If you are interested in a topic but you don't see it, then hop on over to the community forum and ask away.

Please, do not start a new topic without heading over to the community forum to ask, we might have a thread, it probably just disappeared from view.

Welcome and happy posting!!
Thanks for the heads-up culture handy,... I'm not a newbie .. just checking in after a while.. 24 years old from Los Angeles, CA..

Hi there. I am not new at all (I've been a lounge lurker for at least 5 years), but I've never really felt compelled to post much until now, so I figure I ought to introduce myself. I will be 26 in about a week, live in AZ but make frequent trips to Hollywood, and *finally* got my degree this year in ceramics with a minor in french. Now I am just working a boring job to help pay for student loans and wishing that I was still in school learning new things.

I love to make things (sculptures, paintings, jewelry, stuffed animals, pinatas, etc) and have a growing obsession with horticulture esp. topiary and terrariums although I am notoriously bad with plants.
Hello all
I'm not a newbie, I've been a member for at least 8 years but my account was lost twice.
I'm 31 (for a couple more weeks smile.gif and i'm living in new york. anyone out there know of anyone hiring for post production or photo retouching work?

i'm interested in cooking healthy, relationships and design.

Hi all.

I'm a newbie, but I've been lurking for a few weeks to get the feel of the Lounge. I'm a new subscriber to the magazine, and from my lurkdom, I see that The Lounge is very, very comfy.

I'm 19, about to be a college supersenior, and live somewhere in North Texas (I'm far from Texan, though).
Welcome to all newbs and non-newbies!

This past week I've been stumped, and even though I've been a BUSTie for 5 years, I can't find a better place than here to post my question.

Why, oh why, has my SheMail account been suspended?

Please help me, BUST goddesses! Surely someone must be in charge! I am lost without my email!

heaven/hell, what name did you used to post under?
tommy, you might want to email debbie@bust. she should be able to help you. i do what i can to help people with their shemail issues. wink.gif
Thanks, gt. You're the first ray of light I've had on the matter in a week!
Thanks, gt. You're the first ray of light I've had on the matter in a week!

oops. Is there a way to delete posts?
you can edit them. i usually just put a "." on a post i want deleted, but otherwise no.
Hi! I'm new and made the mistake of posting BEFORE my fabulous intro. I've been a member of BUST but just recently joined the forums and decided to participate.

But, without further ado, here it is:

I'm MC and I have loads of interests and projects. In a nutshell:

I cook, bake, craft and I take a lot of pictures.

I'm a "Goddess" for Athena's Home Novelties, which means I conduct home parties of adult toys and spa products. Oh la la!

I also sell modern inspired vintage on my blog at smile.gif

If it has anything to do with food, fashion, style, crafts or photography - I have something to say about it.

Looking forward to meet you and contributing to the forums!
QUOTE(zizola @ Jun 3 2009, 06:34 PM) *
Hi there. I am not new at all (I've been a lounge lurker for at least 5 years), but I've never really felt compelled to post much until now, so I figure I ought to introduce myself. I will be 26 in about a week, live in AZ but make frequent trips to Hollywood, and *finally* got my degree this year in ceramics with a minor in french. Now I am just working a boring job to help pay for student loans and wishing that I was still in school learning new things.

I love to make things (sculptures, paintings, jewelry, stuffed animals, pinatas, etc) and have a growing obsession with horticulture esp. topiary and terrariums although I am notoriously bad with plants.

Terrariums? Oh I'm intrigued! I tried to make a few but eventually they died out (they were open air) but I have a few that are more like potted plants now instead of a self sustaining little landscape. Do you have any pics of yours?
Im a newbie in the Bust lounge so thought Id let you all know who I am! Im 18 and from Scotland and somewhere between Bi and straight...not 100% sure yet.Im going off to uni after the summer to study law, which is exciting cause ill finally get to be living away from home! Im a big fan of baking and making chocolates, kniting, trying to unicycle and am a major blog reader. Got introduced to Bust by a friend a while back, its really great to have everyone talking so frankly about issues that just dont get brought up around here! Im away all summer so bear with me whilst i get my technology-confused brain into getting a picture and all that jazz sorted!
Welcome Little Hobbit and shibooya! If you have any questions about threads or where to post, please ask in the Community Forum Thread. smile.gif
Hi everyone.
Newbie introducing herself:
i'm female, 27 years old en read some stuff here i can really relate to. so made a profile and i'm gonna join some interesting conversations in the lounge.
So I've been on here a while and have only realized I've never introduced myself, and I promise I'm not a troll or whatever, just a woman who doesn't always know what the heck is going on... And is a bit paranoid about things.
So here it is,
I'm Sageykins, 32, from the Northeast (Originally NY and now PA). I work in healthcare, I'm in a relationship with my best friend, I've got a lot of issues of relaxing and letting go. So I'll probably spend most of my time in the relationship threads. But I've also got a super cute puppy, great friends, and love to be outside.
I'm grateful for the help I've gotten so far, thanks Busties!
Hello Busties! It's been so long...I used to spend alot of time here like a decade ago or more, under the screen name Vera. I even wrote an article or two on craftiness for the magazine. I recall how much support and connection I got throughout the end of my crumbling 1st marriage, dragging myself through college for like ten years part time, etc etc. Life is so good now. I'm married to my lovely wife here in San Diego (one of the 18,000 couples that made it through the Prop 8 loop hole), writing about gluten-free living and occasionally singing. Lovely to see that things in the Lounge are still humming along. I've always has a soft spot for Bust and it makes me happy to see how it's flourished here and in print.
Hi guys....I'm a newbie, just joined up, my names Siobhan I'm 22 from the UK...enjoying the messageboard so far, it looks really cool. I'm bad at introducing myself but....I enjoy songwriting, music, dancing fashion and the sun.
I hate arrogance, ambivalence,and slugs. My favorite meal is spagetti bolognase.
That'll do. How boring. Thanks for having me. smile.gif
Howdy. I used to write on here a lot a decade or so ago as "Dykelove". Just wanted to say "hey". I've missed the Busties and my connection to this place, my fabulous palace of online girlieness. About me: By day, I'm a mild mannered marketing director; by night, queer burlesque producer extraordinaire. This here is my stage name.

Question for the board ops: How do I upload a photo? Mine didn't work a buncha times and I think I have the specs right...

Ms. Bea
Chicago burlesque's dyke darling
Public Feminist #1
So...newbie, but not a newbie...I'm a re-bie, I guess biggrin.gif

Used to be on here as icicle or icicle1 or something. I's been 9 or so.

I am:


Living in Nebraska.

I've loved Bust since I was about 15 I think [ever since the first Bjork cover, which I stumbled across on a trip to Chicago with my dad...I got hooked].

I have a cat, work as a typesetter and drink a lot of Welch's grape soda.
Hm, and I hope this is the right thread to ask this...but when I was lurking [that's the word?] a few weeks back, I swore there was a thread for Busties who had recently lost a family member...I can't seem to locate it now, however. Could it have closed by chance? I'm not really sure how that works exactly. Perhaps it was somewhere outside of the Friends and Family threads? If anyone could direct me in the, errr, well, right direction, it would be much appreciated!
Welcome newbies!!!

theneesknees, you're close, we generally post in the community forum, but I bumped the thread for you. it is in friends and family.

welcome all and happy posting!
Aw, thank you! And I actually found it this morning, when I realized you can change the settings on how far back in the threads to go. I'm a genius!
I'm a newbie. I saw these forums while searching up a rough oral sex question, so that's how I found it. Definitely not a longtime lurker. Looking forward to getting some great advice and learning new stuff in here smile.gif

Hi, my name is Jessica I'm 22 and from the Jersey Shore! I'm a total Francophile, I loveee the French language/culture. Other interests are: baking, antiques and cats! I am an aspiring writer, and it would be so cool to meet other writers from surrounding areas. I look forward to meeting other BUST-y girls smile.gif
Hello, I've been a loyal reader of Bust for about 7 years or so. 3-4 years ago I used to read some of the pregnancy posts (back when I was still dreaming about starting a family). Now we're trying, so I feel like I finally have something to add. I'm 30, married and have a dog and a cat. I like to read, eat ice cream and garden (vegetables and flowers). I'm not a member of any other online forums.
Hi everyone, I'm new, and have never been on a forum before so I hope I'm doing this right!

I'm 18 and hopefully off to uni in September, looking forward to moving out! I'm from England, and I love reading, sewing, art, music and films.

unsure.gif Don't know what else to put so...yeah that's it!
Ah, so I read that we are firmly encouraged to post here first of anywhere so as to avoid being seen as a troll. Wow--hardcore forum. wink.gif Okay, so here I am. I'll go by scherzino here and will post an avatar soon. I promise I am not a troll. I've been way involved in other forums and enjoy the interaction and culture. I've read Bust on and off over the years and love it. I'd been looking for a new forum, one that is pretty open and fairly non-censored as far as the sex talk and all goes. This one should be fun. smile.gif Thanks for the welcome!
Because of all the trolling and since I don't post very often but do read I feel like I should say a hello here.
Hi I'm Angie, or Ruby (my alias/fave nickname) I'm 20 and born in San Diego but residing in Santa Cruz, CA for school and loving it so far.
So for me, school accounts to posting and reading less often and when it comes to Summer and Winter I have more free time/insomniac time to read and post I don't normally post and join message boards and that is probably why I wasn't formal about introducing myself but I love the bust community here. Keep postin' and chatn'; I love the Lounge, the perfect name, and I guess you may be hearing from me little more these Summer days happy.gif

Not really a newbie... It's just been 3 YEARS since i posted last.... Can't believe some of the same awesome ladies still hang here! Exciting! (formarly SKCharlie)
I'd just like to apologise to the newbies that are a bit ascairt. Yeah, we are a tough board. We are protective of our space & our own. But making the cut isn't that hard & you'll likely earn friends for life if you stick around. Also it's just good manners to introduce yourself (Even if it is the intarwebs!) & most Busties will advise you of this politely.

The SERIOUS trolling? Is almost nil. The ModSquad has largely gotten rid of the more egregious culprits. Now we just get the odd corporate shill, escort, perv, & woefully misguided man. And even then, a lot of us give folks a chance until they do something lame. We are frequently disappointed (I'm lookin' at you, Geoff.), but we try to give them a chance.

So stay, please. We welcome you. We are passing around drinks & snacks, join the fun!
Introductions, hey?

Well, my name is Tabatha. I'm 25 years old and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. An introvert with a love for photography. Not only am I new to the forums, but also to the world of feminism as well.

Hopefully I'll gain some perspective, and maybe even a few friends.
Hey everyone, newbie here. I'am 27 and from england ( south london).. First discovered Bust when I bought their book of amazon. Love the mag. I'm 27 and work in healthcare for the elderly. Ummmm I love music, gigs, shopping, food, michael douglass movies and my pet hamster cookie dude. I wish I earned more money so I can buy my own place and fund my handbag collection. Am getting married in 4 months vegas stylie. Hope to meet you all soon.
Hello, I'm 33 years. I have two kids. I enjoy reading and sewing, pretty boring stuff.

Been reading these boards for awhile and thought that I'd register. smile.gif
Hey all! I'm sort of an olbie returned... used to post a few years ago as 'bella coola'. Not sure why it's been so long, I loved this place.

I just made my quarter century yesterday with some good friends and a nice fella, I'm a student looking for work living in Canada. Love all animals, other people's children, reading, singing, dancing, and being outside.

Hope to talk to everyone soon!
Hi ladies. I'm new here and just wanted to say "hi". I'm from Los Angeles,CA. By the way, I'm having trouble uploading a pic. sad.gif Any help would be appreciated!
welcome Pinknails, you are not the only one having issues with uploading an avi.
Hi, everyone! I'm K from Sacramento, a city currently vying for the title Hottest Hellhole On Earth. I'm 29, in a new relationship with a great man and underemployed but hopeful. I used to live all over, study, travel and be generally interesting but things have slowed down and I'm back in my home town trying to be content with this place and these tough times. It's getting easier. I'm a huge reader so hit me up if you need some suggestions biggrin.gif

I've posted some comments and desperate pleas for advice on some of the forums and would love to get involved on this terrific site. Please feel free to ask me anything! Thanks, ladies!
QUOTE(pinknails @ Jul 16 2009, 08:00 AM) *
Hi ladies. I'm new here and just wanted to say "hi". I'm from Los Angeles,CA. By the way, I'm having trouble uploading a pic. sad.gif Any help would be appreciated!

I too. Glad I'm not alone.
welcome no1! you might want to check out <we got a reader thread>. we got lots of hardcore readers around here, i'm sure they can give you a run for your money. wink.gif

as for the avi situation, i've sent debbie an email. if i hear back from her, i'll let everyone know, but it does seem to be a problem.
Hello hello!

I go by K -
34, crazy, married to a great and courageous man, childness by choice, foodie, anti-diet, reader of all things feminist and self-helpish, spiritualist.

Currently working for "the man" in a clerical capacity....and browsing the internet whenever he isn't looking. teehee.

I love BUST and I am damn glad to be here.

Hey - I'm Sarah!

I'm a 20-something web designer from metro-Detroit obsessed with cupcakes, leopard print, list-making and my rat terrier, Slayer. When I'm not attached to my computer, I enjoy riding my bike to bars, shows and dance parties.
Hi everyone,

I'm Windy, 37, and live in Cheyenne, WY. Punk rock "girl" all the way, work with the Wyoming Public Defender's Office, play bass guitar, and a cupcake baking and cheesy horror flick fool. Mostly Irish and a little pirate-ish, and lovin this magazine and the website to go with it. One of my best girlfriends brought me a stack of past issues when I wasn't feeling so hot a few months back and the pages are already so ragged and worn I'm afraid they'll fall apart. In a live-in relationship that's destined for failure but I'll not go into that. Glad to see a fabulous group of people on here and I look forward to chatting it up in the future.


My name's Sarah and I'm 17 years old. I'm pretty much new to the whole idea of feminism, but Inga Muscio's book "Cunt" really turned me onto grrl power! smile.gif

Anyway, I'm from MD, I like reading and playing the trumpet.

So glad to be here!
Hi all,

Im 30, and a Texan -- by birth and currently -- though I spent years on the east coast and am feeling the itch to relocate somwhere again soon. I'm a bigtime reader, love my animals more than most humans, and have all sorts of hobbies (cooking, gardening, sewing to name a few) that I love, even if my self-taught-ed-ness leads to disastrous outcomes sometimes.

though I've been a fan of the magazine since high school, i stumbled upon the forum internet-researching some personal shit i've been trying figure out for a bit. When I saw some of the sage/thoughtful/outrageously funny/thought-provoking comments here I had to register...
[font="Book Antiqua"][/font][size="4"][/size][/color] biggrin.gif
Hi Everyone[color="#800080"]

I am new here and just wanted to make some friends. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, I am 43 hubbie is 53. so if anyone is from there or close please contact me. Since I am new I don't want to do anything to offend anyone that is not why I am here.
I want to wish everyone a great day.
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