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Hey! I'm a 19 year old journalism student from Toronto, Canada, and I run a little thing called UNDER MY BED. Check it out and tell all your friends! Also send me submissions if you want your art/photos/writing/anything published! Thanks girls!
I didn't introduce myself yesterday.I'm Candice.I'm 27 and I live in a boring town.I have 4 kids.Even though I have children I still haven't changed who I am.I love music and movies.I love reading Bust.Been reading it since high school.Umm..I work customer service and I'm going through a divorce.I spend way too much time on the internet.I hope to meet like minded people and I'm probably going to spend way too much on this site.
Thanks stargazer!
[font="Book Antiqua"][/font] Hey gals, I'm new here, just joined this morning as I sit with a coffee enjoying the fact that my toddler is at Grandma's for another 4 hours. I look forward to nerding out with all of you, making new friends, and whatever else. I'm 24, live in rural(ish) New Jersey with my husband, kid, chickens, dogs, cats, and hopefully soon other farm animals. I am excited for spring.
i've been a loyal reader of bust for like 10 years and i've had bustmail forever and never occurred to me until today to check out the forum.

this is the first non topic-specific community forum i've ever joined and i have to say it's been fabulous reading everyone's posts about every little thing.

i've already found kindred spirits, learned about weight-lifting, geeked out over rainboots and discover any number of other useful bits of information.

thanks to all who regularly participate here and thanks to the women at bust for holding it down all these years and providing us with multiple access points for expressing ourselves, connecting with others and participating in the collective feminist/grrly knowledge pool.

hey y'all.
hi, just noticed there even was a chatboard, which seems stupid. of course there's a chatboard! i've read bust on and off for about 8 years? i think? i'm in central california, but i'm really a san diego girl, trying to find my way back.
i hope to have a lot of fun here tho!
Hi everyone. I guess you could say I've been a lurker (kind of hate that term) at the Bust boards for almost 10 years. I had a couple user names throughout that period but no recollection at this point of what they were. I did post every so often, but mostly just enjoyed reading. I'm re-registering now after not logging in for a couple years because I feel a really strong pull to actually put myself out there a bit and perhaps even become a part of this community. I want to be a real Bustie damnit.

Anyway, I'm recently 28, my Saturn return is fast approaching, and I am completely and utterly freaked out by life at the moment. The term "sucker punch to the gut" enters my head periodically, even though that's not even the kind of thing I'd usually say (I probably read it somewhere)'s just how I feel about the general experience of living right now. Everything's a bit jarring and hard. But I have a (tiny) bit of hope that I'll grow up into a functional person one of these days. Yeah, that would be good. I'm supposed to be going into grad school for library science this fall but haven't even applied anywhere yet. And I'm living with my parents (yay). And my one and only real boyfriend of 11 years just broke up with me (double yay). But on the upside, I just got a super cute new (to me) car, so actual yay.

There's my intoduction. I didn't dare post anywhere else without this little bit of necessary business wink.gif

Now off to Moooooving On!
hi! i'm new on the bust forums! i'm a 23 year old female who just moved to san francisco with my boyfriend from new york where we both went to culinary school! i really like it out here so far, but have been bored out of my mind and hoping to make some friends! anyone else from san francisco?!
Hey, I'm new here. I really enjoy reading forums and topics here in the Bust Lounge. I hope to make friends and share thoughts with you guys ! smile.gif

i'm twenty years old. i live in PA. i work at a Goodwill, pricing clothes. i love reading BUST!

that's me! ohmy.gif
Hi it's me vixen. I was getting tired of my user name sounding like a brand of silky sheer pantyhose.
I think I'm doing this correctly. I'm 24, I live in Pittsburgh. Huge sports fan and glad the Penguins have gotten their act together. biggrin.gif I may or may not be addicted to nail polish and Diet Pepsi. tongue.gif If you're from Pittsburgh give me a hello sometime cool.gif If youre not, free free also!!!
guess i didnt do it right, so just "hello".
im from Monterey.
ummm, i love vintage couture...and

ok, hope that works better.
Welcome everyone! *passes around appletinis and bonbons*

Nitro - Here is the thread where you can promote your business otherwise, we don't do that here. That being said, all things vintage couture totally rock.
Ok - I might just not be seeing it but where is the DUDE thread? I thought it was in OBOH. Do any forums have more than one page or did the thread just go bye-bye? Same thing goes for The Teacher thread. Help me for today I seem to be blind.

Hello to all the newcomers! Cheers.
Um, what do you mean by a DUDE thread? There is no specific DUDE thread. What is DUDE? If you give me more info I can lead you.

I am really confused as to what I am being asked.

As far as teacher threads go Academia Nuts

QUOTE(hellcat @ Apr 6 2009, 10:25 PM) *
Ok - I might just not be seeing it but where is the DUDE thread? I thought it was in OBOH. Do any forums have more than one page or did the thread just go bye-bye? Same thing goes for The Teacher thread. Help me for today I seem to be blind.

Hello to all the newcomers! Cheers.
There is also the Hot for Teacher thread.

The DUDE thread? Are you talking about the drug one?

I am new and would like to introduce myself. I am Allida, a jeweler, poet, bum, kick ass bitch.
you can find out more about me at my two internet homes

I am a hermit right now in rural texas as a small experiment before I head westward to San Francisco and therefore spend all my social time on the internet when I am not creating.
Hi Everyone,

I am new, 26 turning 27 in about two weeks. I happen to stumble upon this site as I was searching for the child free lifestyle. I wanted to know if there were other women out there who share the same. I am really happy that I did. biggrin.gif

Looking forward to find out what else Bust has around here too. cool.gif
Chairman Miaow
Hiya, I'm the latest newbie. Hoping to get to know some smart and funny around here. Awesome!
Hello all. I am new. hope to meet some fellow BUSTy girls/women/people. I'm 23, gonna be 24 in 2 weeks and i'm from south Florida.
Welcome, newbies! *tosses condoms, dental dams, confetti, Eastroturf, & glitter* Stiff alcoholic beverages for all! And there are hot servers walking around with tapas! Eat, drink, & be Bustie!

QUOTE(raisingirl @ Apr 7 2009, 07:15 AM) *
The DUDE thread? Are you talking about the drug one?

Um, it's been a long time since I've been stoned & I completely missed the DUDE ref. Tonight I get high for the first time in forever & as soon as I re-read it, I got it. D'oh!
A post so nice, I posted it twice!
Hi there, I'm Jenny, I live in South London and I used to post here a few years ago under different names that got eaten up. I've just found out I'm pregnant and am back to join the pregnancy thread. I'm 32, I love karaoke, TV and red wine (although not right now) and it's good to be back.
Hi there, gals. My name's KT and I am from Michigan (US). I'm studying microscopy at Central Michigan University. When I'm not in the lab, I am killing time trying to find the end of the internet and moderating on I moderate the polymer clay board.
Christine Nectarine
bump! *oof*
Welcome newbies!
Hi, i'm jennie, I'm 27, I'm from the UK, but I'm hoping to move very soon to California - I'm about to be divorced, yippeee and I'm not taking half his money - like mrs Gibson will, but then he doesn't have any. Who cares HI EVERYONE xxx
hey everyone!
my name is jenny... i use to be part of this forum when i was 14, then i stopped being internet-addicted and hey... im 21 now and im back.

intro i guess.
im from LA, california
i love going to art galleries, museums, shows, festivals, misc fun stuff
i like to read comics, play nintendo ds, eat snacks 24/7, e-window shopping, taking pictures, and drinking beer.
i enjoy things horror such as movies, graphic novels, cartoons, books, and music with its dark sides.
im a psychology major at cal poly pomona
i dont know what i want to do with this degree but damn that stuff is so much fun to learn about.
im experimenting with different crafty-ness, trying to find my niche and hopefully open an etsy store by this summer (that is the goal).
im asian american

i dont know what else to say in an intro.

some bands ive been into now a days:
duchess says
the pains of being pure at heart
broken social scene
school of seven bells
the organ
the thermals
hey all! welcome back jenny smile.gif
Hey all,

So my name's clay I'm a new member as of about a week ago lol. Anyways, I'm a male feminist. My sister reads this mag and i picked it up and read it one day. I thought it was fucking amazing! I realized most of the people that i really care about in my life are women (sisters, mom, aunts, cousins).
Thus I feel i am really interested in womens' rights, sometimes more than they are i think lol. My younger sister has had a pattern of really abusive relationships for the past few years and i really hope this forum will help me to get through to her. Shes such a smart/funny/amazing/beautiful person.
Hey there...
Im writing from down under... not not down there, but from Australia.
My name is Alli but I am also known as the Hot Rod Librarian... you can check out my blog at

Here are some things about me you may or may not be interested in;

I am a massive fan of BUST
I am a librarian
I taught myself to knit last year and am VERY addicted
I just bought myself a purple laptop
I am preggers with my second child

OK cant think of anything else right now but hope to start contributing to this forum regulary
Hey there! I've been lulcky enough to find Bust at the local HPB (Half Priced Books) and fell in love with it INSTANTLY! I can't wait to get to know everyone here smile.gif
Hi, I'm back.
Hey guys! I'm new here, obviously. A bit about me: I'm a student, in the midwest, a big fan of Bust, and I love, love, love to cook.
Hey busties! I am not technically new as I have lurked around in the shadows for a while, but Hi!

A few things about me:
I eighteen, from that sunny little country called England, and I am a HUGE fan of Bust!
QUOTE(odysseylily @ May 10 2009, 10:32 PM) *
Hey guys! I'm new here, obviously. A bit about me: I'm a student, in the midwest, a big fan of Bust, and I love, love, love to cook.

Hey! You should check out the Midwestern Mamas thread in the Friends and Family board. I don't know if you're close to Chicago, but we get together pretty regularly. There's Busties from other places in the midwest, too, though.
i'm new around here and want to say, "hey!' a little about me: i'm trapped in a tiny, midwest college town for another year and am in desperate need of an outlet for outspoken ladies. i am learning how to knit and am really into children's theatre, veggie hot dogs, pilates and long island iced teas. good to meet you all.
Hi everyone. I'm new and don't really know what I am doing just yet. Well I have had a very long week! My boyfriend and I are going on our first vacation, and I have been non-stop looking for a bikini top to fit me. Well I'm only 25, I am a size 0 to 1 in jeans and my bust is up to a 32G and growing! I have looked at many different sites and found nothing that I liked or that would give me the support I need. For my bra, I go to The Bra Specialist and buy the Fantasy strapless bra, but always wear the straps! Could someone please help! I need to find a bikini that fits the same way. Is it out there?!? sad.gif
Shelly, you may want to try this thread here. It's the large breast support thread, lots of great info in there, and the ladies are very wise.
Thank you so much Culturehandy.
[/color][color="#800080"] hey all! i just signed up and Im looking forward to posting since facebook and myspace are gettin kinda old. I live in a boring southern town but Im hoping to move to a bigger city soon! I love to write, sing, color hair, SIM, read, listen to alternative music, and hang out with my friends. I have a beautiful 3 year old son and a pretty cool husband and Im not in to drama!!! And I LOVE BUST!!!!
Hello everyone! ^__^ *Passes around some hor d'oeuvres* I was a loyal Bust reader throughout my teen years... it's been awhile wink.gif. Eager to read the mag. and check out the community. I'm a mum, artist, and bellydancer. Have a happy night, see you in the forums. biggrin.gif
How are "Interests" added to a profile? If this is the wrong place for a technical question sorry about that. Have a beautiful day! smile.gif
*blush* figured it out. *wave*
Hey everyone, another newbie joins the Bust community!!

Im currently living in Melbourne but hopefully moving to the UK this year, I only recently discovered Bust magazine, but unfortunately have to travel a fair way to get my hands on a copy, its only stocked in one chain of bookstores and is constantly sold out!! its unbelievably refreshing to read a mag made up of real substance!!

love it xx
Hello ladies!!!

I'm B from Iowa -- 100 % lesbian, just graduated from University of Iowa with a B.A. in English and Film Studies. Totally unemployed and tis biting me on the ass since I had a student job at the university library. Love singing, been doing it my whole life; my family keeps telling me to try out for AI (yeah right). I'm a writer but don't have many things published.

Not sure what else to share so that's it for now!
Hey! My name is Mellie, well, Melissa but people call me Mellie. I live in Chicago. My husband and I own a vegan centered catering and personal chef company.

I hope to visit here more often smile.gif
Hi newbies!

Hey Mellie, there's quite a few of us here in Chicago and we get together pretty regularly. Check out the Midwestern Mamas thread- we're getting together on June 13th. If you're interested, PM someone for the details- we post them privately (usually through Facebook)!

Hmm, what to serve to y'all on a rainy Chicago day? I know! Snickerdoodles! And a glass of cold milk! (Soy milk for mellie!)
Hi, I'm Geoff. That's not my real name, but it'll do.

I'm a guy. There don't seem to be many of them on here, but I looked and couldn't find any rules against it.

I'm 34, straight, and live in the midwest.

I've only browsed a couple threads so far, but they seemed interesting. I enjoy listening to women's perspectives, especially on topics that guys don't often talk about. I'm joining to offer a firsthand male perspective in one of the threads -- hope it helps.
Hey everyone!! I'm Brooke -- I just joined this fabulous site recently, and only today found the lounge smile.gif Yeah, apparently I'm slow smile.gif I'm 21 years old, live in beautiful southern California. I'm a student -- except I'm taking this semester off to try and get my modeling career started again.

Anway, just wanted to say hi and hope to get to know some of you!

Stop my my blog and say hi!

Visit Brooke's Blog

Have an awesome day everyone!
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