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sandee!!! welcome back, it's great to see you!!
Hi everyone! I am a newbie and hope I am doing this right. I just hit "Fast Reply" and hoped for the best. Low tech feminist here! Anyway, allow myself to introduce...myself. haha... Well, I won't bore you with my life story here. Just browsing really. :-)

Hello! I have been lurking for the past few months, and finally signed up. I love the site, and especially the Our Bodies Our Hells thread. I am from western Canada and am 31. Nice to meet you!
*Passes around Schnecken and bourbon

Welcome all
Christine Nectarine
*downs some bourbon* oops, that wasn't just for the newbies, was it? wacko.gif

glad to see all the canadian busties joining in here! please feel welcome to say hi in the "Pardon Me (I'm Canadian) thread over in friends and families.
Well hello everyone, im new to this site... just wanted to give ya a shout and say hello
hey girls, im new here, just saying hello!
Welcome to the lounge, chichi06 and QTP2T!

Please help yourselves to cupcakes. Or bourbon. Or both......
rolleyes.gif Hello all i'm new to the whole "blog" thing so just wanted to stop by and say Hello!!!
Hey gals and guys. I got a subscription to Bust for my birthday so I joined this board. It seems like a good one. I've never done anything like before. Just saying hello.
omg Punky, I was just thinking about that show and trying to remember the lyrics for the Saturday morning cartoon *memories!*

Oh and LunaSea, there's a library staff/archivist's thread in the Working Girls section of the lounge, you should stop by there. That thread needs a revival
Hi, I'm new (again) ... this is now officially my favourite cyber hangout... so many cool people it's ridiculous tongue.gif
Hi Makeda welcome (back?). I know what your user name means, curious about why you chose it.
Ginger Snapped
I'm probably replying in the wrong place, I admit I am unprepared & haven't looked around much yet, however, I did see some mention of bourbon and cupcakes, did I read that right? So just thought I'd grab one of each (are they free?, If so, is there a limit?) and then look around more.
Hello to everyone out there in Bustland!
Hey Newbies!!!

ginger, you are totally in the right place for your first post!!! We like it lots when newbies introduce themselves!
ooooo! ginger... are you named after the canadian horror film? i lurve that movie!
hello everyone im new n im just introducing myself
i'm pretty much new and ready to be welcomed into the bust fold. ew, bad word choice.
over and out!
welcome ace and tweety! feel free to ask us questions in the community thread if you have 'em.
Ginger Snapped
I caught that film for the first time about 4 years ago, GirlTrouble, but actually it's a nick I got from the cookies years before that. I lurve that film, though,nice to virtually meet you. GirlTrouble & Culturehandy & everybody! Fair warning, though,I am a terrible two finger typist & the posterchild for typos! Should've paid attention in typing class, oh well, I will survive.
Hi everyone! I've been reading Bust for several years now (it's one of my faves, alongside MetroPop, Zink, and Nylon), but didn't realise there was an online forum for it till today. Hooray!

I'm SarahJayne. Just turned 28 years old. Originally from Portland, OR - but I've lived all over the US. Currently residing in Dallas.

Music, fashion, and film are greatest passions. I've been a vintage clothing dealer for 9 years, and when I'm not working, I'm glued to my turntable or watching a dvd. I love anything creative and heartfelt. Thats one thing I love about Bust - all those cool ads in the back I never see anywhere else, hehe.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting you all!!

[font="Century Gothic"][/font][size="3"][/size][color="#800080"][/color]Hello! I am new here. My name is Stevey, I am 19 and from Missouri. I am a sophomore at Missouri Western State University, I am studying Spanish and French. I love BUST and having been reading it for the past two years!
By the way... I may need some help figuring out all the details of posting and replying huh.gif This is all new to me... biggrin.gif
Hey Stevey! My momma's from St. Joe! She grew up in the house on 20th and...crap, can't remember the cross street! Went to Bishop LeBlond. Got the hell out of there and went to Benedictine College in Atchison, never went back. My grandma still lives there and my aunt, too. It's, um, an interesting town. Her family's been there forever, back to probably the mid-1800's. My mom's saying is "St. Joe's a great place to be from." laugh.gif

The cross-street! It's Charles! Not such a nice neighborhood anymore. Coleman Hawkins' family lived down the street. I think she said even in the '50's, their house still had dirt floors.

Man, I could go for some Jerre Anne's right now!
Wow! That's awesome! It's such a small world. I'm sad to say that Jerre Anne's closed this past year sad.gif I've lived in St. Joe my entire life and I'm ready to get out of here! Haha!
ohmy.gif NOOOOOoooooooooo!!

My mom didn't mention that little detail when she was there over Christmas unsure.gif

At least I have their cookbook. sad.gif

Well, I'm glad to hear you are determined to get out. When we had a family reunion a few years ago, I was very tempted to tell one of my cousins, who was about 14 at the time, "Stay in school, don't get addicted to drugs, don't get knocked up, just get out of St. Joe as soon as you can." I didn't know her very well (my mom's family is huge and I don't know about 75% of them) and last year she got knocked up at 17. Doh! Shoulda said something!

My sister and I are both eternally grateful that my mom moved to Chicago to be with my dad.

What do you want to do and where do you think you'll go?
I know! It's so sad they closed!!!

Everyone here either gets pregnant before they graduate, addicted to drugs, or dropout...Then there are the ones who do all of the above.

I'm kinda unsure what I want to do, but I would love to live in Spain, that's my dream!!! I would definately love to teach grade school there, I think it would be so fun.

What do you do? Do you plan on staying in Chicago? I've never been, but I bet it's nice, a heck of a lot better than good ol' Joe town.
I work in my cousin's dental office. Yeah, I guess I plan to stay in Chicago. Every once in awhile my fiance and I talk about moving to Japan for awhile. Right now, it would just be too much upheaval. Who knows, though- maybe someday.
Hi, I'm new.
My name is Eric and I am a 40something male. My wife passed away a few years ago and I am trying to reenter the dating scene.
That's about all now.
QUOTE(vixen_within @ Feb 9 2009, 11:32 PM) *
Hi Makeda welcome (back?). I know what your user name means, curious about why you chose it.

OMG a reply!! I'm sooo happy smile.gif Hi Vixen!!! Sorry for the lag - it's really embarassing but I ALWAYS forget my password, then I have to change it, then I forget it again! I use makeda as an alter ego alias for a lot of things. Firstly cos I like the song by "les nubians" about Makeda, Cleopatra (her nubian name). I'm African so a coupla years ago I googled "African Queens" (because I believe I am one) and that was the my favourite cos it sounded the least like a medical condition or something translated from hieroglyphics. I like "vixen_within", sounds a lot more mysterious than just "vixen" smile.gif
Oh and hello to everyone else!!!! - sending you rays of sunshine, bubbles, sparkly stardust and everything good from Singapore - have a luhvely day!!!!
So I lurked for years, and then (in bad form, sorry) de-lurked in the small breast support group (bless that thread to the moon, by the way) and oh the things you say threads, and was amazed at how friendly everyone was...and then disappeared off the face of the earth due to real world business. I am sorry!

I'm 26, adopted Asian American, and a big dork and lifelong feminist. Gettin' married this fall, which shocks everyone, most of all me, to a laidback and wonderful guy. Hi everyone!

I love that there is a book thread. And a girls with small breasts thread. And a comics (!!!!) thread. So now I'm going to ask for a pony, and maybe this is the wrong spot to (if so, can someone tell me who to ask?)--could we pretty pretty please have a video game thread? Video game forums still suffer from a lot of signal to noise ratio problems for me, because people want to talk about Halo or Grand Theft Auto or Chrono Trigger or whatever, sans irony or reflection on it. I may sounds sexist here but...I figure based on the comics thread maybe this could be my landing spot. Where even if we're talking about mainstream comics or something it's cool to talk about the messages coded in them, and best yet, I will find obviously "girl-friendly" stuff I would NEVER be able to on my own due to it being drowned out by all the other more common stuff. And you know, not necessarily the stuff marketed openly at girls, like Bratz or whatever. For the record I'm madly in love with Animal Crossing and really enjoyed Professor Layton, Exit, Electroplankton, the New York Times Crosswords, and other pick-up-and-play puzzle-minded or gently inviting life-sim games. anyone here as dorky as me? Crickets? Could I start a thread like that, if it doesn't already exist? I looked but couldn't find one...
Ah, Ifjuly my darlin', ya just didn't know where to look! There is a gamer thread, it just doesn't get much, ahem, play. It's in Media Whores & I bumped it for you. Game Girls!
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Feb 19 2009, 03:20 AM) *
Ah, Ifjuly my darlin', ya just didn't know where to look! There is a gamer thread, it just doesn't get much, ahem, play. It's in Media Whores & I bumped it for you. Game Girls!

You are my hero! Danke. biggrin.gif
i'm pretty new so i don't know if this is right, but i was thinkng of starting a new thread in Our Bodies Our Hells for women with epilepsy (or family members etc) but i'm just not sure if anyone cares...?
DO NOT start a new thread.

trust me, you will piss busties off.
if you have an idea for a new thread, go to the community forum (here) and post it there. you can find out if there are enough people to contribute.
okay cool, thanks!
i definitely don't want to invoke the wrath of busties.
okay cool, thanks!
i definitely don't want to invoke the wrath of busties.
in which case i probably shouldn't have accidentally posted that three times.....ughhh sorry!
Eh, it happens.

I can only think of two people that your thread would specifically pertain to outside of yourself. Take it to the forum, let it simma & we'll see if you get some interest.
sounds good to me smile.gif
I have been new here a week or so, and only now realised that I rudely did not introduce myself here before jumping into a few of the posts. I'm not sure how detailed any introductions are supposed to be, but here goes..

Well, without giving too much info away, I am 25, living in Canada, and just finished grad school. I spend most of the summer working outdoors in a previously male dominated field that is now mostly women. I love chocolate and Mexican food and travelling (when I can afford it).

I have always considered myself a feminist and someone who isn't afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her rights. Where I come from, a lot of women definitely aren't so confident. I am hoping to find a community of women who have interesting things to say and aren't afraid to say them!
Welcome to all the newbies. *passes around a tray of cupcakes and cosmopolitans*
Hi everyone..Im new here..I just stumbled upon this site and thought it was cool to find women who are well...gifted without.. Im 31 and have 3 kids. I have gone back and forth with the idea of implants, VS just enjoying what I do have. My husband says he likes them natural. But I think what is the worst for me is the inability to find sexy clothing that fits without hanging off me. Any advice? Remember..I have already had kids..(2 being my set of twins). So my ahem girls have been thru bigger days... I would like to find my confidence soon.. My daughters will need me to show them that its fine to be small..And soon..
Welcome Newbies!!!!

Blonegonepostal, there is a small breast support thread, you can find it here! You will find many a wise bustie who give great support and love for each other.

Ahhh crap, double post.

Hi everyone I'm new. I've been reading through and loving some of the conversations going on here. For a brief intro, I just turned 25, am originally from the DC/Baltimore area and living in northern Maine with my husband and his family. There's not a whole lot going on up here so I guess I'm seeking out community in new ways. I'm a massage therapist and just completed a doula training which I'm very excited about. see ya'll aroun.
Hi...I'm not new but I used to read a lot and post a little and I haven't done either in a really long time. The last 6 months have been all over the map for me, and I feel like I need an online place to be myself. So, advance for that wink.gif
I'm 28, I'm a mental health counselor, I live on the West Coast, I'm newly single and I'm teaching myself how to crochet. Nice to see you all and I can't wait to start talking! biggrin.gif
welcome rainface and solaria!
I don't think I ever introduced myself in this thread, did I? Whoops. Anyway, I just turned 27 and I live in the far west suburbs of Chicago. FAR west. I have an unremarkable office job and a mostly uninteresting personal life, so I spend a lot of time on the Internet amusing myself. I like blues rock/garage rock/folk music, comic books, indie movies, and surreal humor. I'm an ardent tree-hugging liberal and an avid reader. I'm very cynical and not much of a talker, so I will probably be more of a lurker than a poster.
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