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QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Nov 12 2008, 11:43 PM) *
Hey Nova! I see you're in NW Indiana- you should swing by the Midwestern Mamas thread in the Friends & Family section. Most of us are from Chicago and get together pretty regularly. I don't know what your transportation capabilities are like, but maybe you can join us sometime!

Thank you for the invite:)
Hi! My name's Gemma, I'm 23 from London.

I'm yet to buy my first copy of Bust! I used to live in Australia and became a big fan of Frankie magazine, but it's difficult to come across in the UK. I tried to find a magazine in the UK that is somewhat similar to Frankie, and I found myself at the Bust website after seeing an advert for the London Christmas Craftacular. I have rather enjoyed the website so far, and I will be popping out tomorrow to buy a copy!

I'm an illustrator and a bit of a crafter, fairly new to London and wanting to get involved a bit more.
See you at the Craftacular. smile.gif
Welcopme Newbies!

*throws sprinkles*

A few things for new posters. Please please please do not start new threads with out consensus from the community forum, which can be found here. We are a mainly self moderated forum and new threads just take up space. Further, what you are looking for may have already been created and just slid out of view. Someone can bump it for you. Or, explore on your own and see if you can find it.

Plus, we don't like new threads, some are a little useless and silly...SO, Happy posting and ask away!

*snaps fingers, cart of goodies appears*
Hi edithdumplings! Check out the UK Bustie thread in the Friends & Family section, I think we're going to have a bit of a meet-up at the craftacular.

And welcome from a fellow newbie!
Hi, I'm new :] I'm kate, don't really know what else to say but hello!
Hi, I'm Jaclyn. I first came to the forum when I was 15. Since that was nearly 7 years ago with 6 of those spent away from the forum, I figured I'd start from scratch. I berated my boss at the bookstore I work at to bring in BUST so I wouldn't have to walk a whole block away to pick it up. It's the only magazine I'm faithful to (since NYLON seems to be lacking in substance these days).

Hello, I am Jennos. I live in Northern Michigan where I make clothing and own a vintage and locally made clothing store. My current struggle is that I am 30 and 6'1" and REALLY tired of clothes that do not cover my ankles and wrists. Anyone have any suggestions for purchasing clothing for the long and lean set?
Pat B
Hello everyone

I have just signed up. My name is Pat I am 50 something and I live in the UK, I am married and have a daughter aged 22 who still lives with us but is soon to get married. Hoping to get involved in the chat on here so thought Id say Hi.
*waves heartily and offers round a tray of ginger biscuits*

Hello Pat B, Jennos, weirdie and BikiniKiller, thanks for introducing yourselves and welcome to the Lounge!

Pat B, there's a UK Bustie thread in the Friends & Family section if you want to say hi - some of us went to the London Craftacular on Saturday so we're chatting about that.

Jennos, I'm a short-arse myself but my best friend shops at - they're a UK site but I assume they'd ship overseas. In the lounge you could try the Empress New Clothes thread in the Absolutely Fadulous section, I'm sure there must be some US Busties who could help.

*sneaks away to dunk remaining ginger biscuits in tea*
Hi. My name is Aurora Gory Alice. . .well, my skater name is Aurora, and now, my business name too. My partner (business and otherwise), Lusty Crush, and I recently moved to Phoenix, AZ from Albany, NY to put a little more sunshine in our life, and to skate no-rules roller derby with the pioneering no-rules league, the Arizona Renegade Rollergirls. On the long drive west, we came up with the idea for our new business, Lust & Gore Hardwear -- we customize cowboy hats, military caps, and make jewelry with hardware. We recently ran across Bust Magazine during a trip to the book store during which we were looking for appropriate magazines to submit press releases to. Bust was a great find. The magazine and the website are amazing. I love the feel and the language. It's nice to find such a well-rounded women's resource.

Thanks Bust!
lustandgore, does "aurora gory alice" have anything to do with letters to cleo, perchance?
Hi, My name is Kale, I'm 25 from Canada. I've been coming to the forums here for nearly a year, only posted a couple of times. I currently work at an inner city community centre, where I teach an art program. I have a degree in fine art, and soon I'll be doing a tattoo apprenticeship so I can become a tattoo artist and make a lot more money. I thought I'd say hello to everyone ! smile.gif
Welcome Newbies!!!

Foryoursplendor, we have a Canadian Thread in Friends and Family. I'm from your neck of the woods, too. Isn't this just the loveliest weather!

anyhows, I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Please, do not start new thread without consensus form the community forum, there are lots of threads that just drop out of sight. Stop into the community forum and ask if there is something specific you are looking for.

Happy posting!
Bunny Saves The Day
Hi everyone my real name is Sarah but you can all call me Bunny for fun if you like. I'm 21 and I live in wonderful Portland OR. I borrowed an issue of Bust a couple years ago but have now been collecting them since Februaury 08. I hope I don't overtype cause I get a little overexcited with the keyboard sometimes. I like anime and cartoons a whole frekking lot, I adore Neil Gaiman, and I usually wind up talking about my boyfriend a lot so... sorry now if I get all gushy and talky ahead of time! rolleyes.gif
Bunny Saves The Day
((sorry, double posted))
As an obedient little thing, I'm following protocol by posting in the newb lounge first.

I'm not sure what happened to my old user name, but I was registered a long time ago in a galaxy..blah blah. You get it.

I'm a writer and a mom and a late night pickle/cheese eater. Even boxed wine deserves a little pickle/cheese. I'm schmoozing around here to generally whine about life, throw in a 'hell yeah' and maybe find crafty ladies to feature on my site. Writing is a lot easier when people have pretty photos and descriptions all made up for you. ph34r.gif

We need the emoticons from DeviantArt up in here.
I'm new to forums, well-versed in life and am happy to join the Lounge and share and receive some colorful insight from all y'all.

I'm a mid twenty something in CT. I like to make adventures. Some hobbies include cooking, rapping, shoe shopping, crafts, painting, community outreach, art ed and more and more.

I'd like to chat with folks who have experience starting-up crafty, handmade goods shops (ETSY and real-world included) and will take any advice/mentoring you might like to offer.

Hello! Like Alluna, I also used to be registered here years ago...maybe 5? I still poked my head in periodically to check out what was going on in some of my favorite threads (love love LOVE Annoying Ads!). I just haven't posted in forever and had to come up with a new user ID, so I can actually join in now!

A little info about me: I'm a 30 year old female children's librarian in NJ, Jersey Shore area.
Hi everyone!

I am from Oregon where I live in a little house with my puppy Jupiter and the Mister. I enjoy cooking, reading, jogging, hiking and all things mid century modern-like wearing cute mod dresses and collecting wonderful furniture from Craigslist. I work as a chemist for a small local company. I love Madmen, The Office and Flight of the Conchords.

Sorry that I made a couple posts before comig here... I have lurched for a while and hope to join in now!

I am off to make macaroons and go see family for Christmas dinner!
No wuckin' forries, HHP. We're just gald you're around. Enjoy the Lounge!
Hi Everyone!

I used to post here under the name "Arcadia" but haven't been around since the fall of 2007-ish . . . . since life is constantly changing and so I am, I thought a new handle was appropriate.

A little about me: I am 24 years old, born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I still live here with Mr. Rogue and our two cats, Oliver and Dodger. We have been together for about a year-and-a-half, and what a year it has been! Ups, downs, you name it. I am thisclose to joining the Canadian Armed Forces as it has always been a personal dream of mine. For now, I am just your average-yet-awesome Administrative Assistant at a business in my city.

I have really missed this place but moving back to Halifax from Charlottetown and all that took a toll on my internet-ness so I am glad to be back and excited to be posting again! I have been reading from time to time and I'm really glad to see a lot of the same people that were here before.

Rogue, I remember when you were arcadia. Welcome back!
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Dec 29 2008, 06:31 PM) *
Rogue, I remember when you were arcadia. Welcome back!

I thought you might! =)
I am excited to be back, I missed all you wonderful Busties!
Hi! I'm Kelly! I'm Deschats Rouge's sister! I am also a feminist! And I like exclimation points! So look forward to a lot of them!
bwuahahah, you and kanye, 12%.

QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Dec 30 2008, 08:56 PM) *

Haha, Kayne! He seriously has the most amusing blogs, in my opinion. Lots of exclamation points - I always picture him to be screaming what he writes and it amuses me greatly. =)
Welcome 12%. I hope this place is as cool as I said it would be. I kinda built it up...
Yeah! You did! The way you talk about it makes it seem like the biggest pillow fight/equal rights march in the history of the internet!

Hello Busties... I was referred here by a friend. Im me... which is about all that I can be. Im a male, so please go easy on me... Im not much of a blogger myself. Thats about all I got so thanks
*hides pillow*

Welcome newbies!

Rogue - I remember you as arcadia!

*hits CH with pillow*
Hi Everyone!
I'm new to the forum and just thought I'd say hi!
I look forward to the many adventures! biggrin.gif

*smacks mornington back*

Oooh, another Winnipegger! Welcome newbies!!
OK, I'm a newbie and not sure why I am here. I stop into this welcome place only to find a dancing penis. Makes you stop and wonder if I knocked on the wrong door. I'll stay to find out.
Send me a note if you support my "sticktuitiveness".
Well, a dancing Banana with a penis sign is funny! And there was no dancing banana with a vagina sigh, unfortunately.
Hello all! I'm new to the site so I thought I'd say hi and introduce myself! smile.gif

Sophie x
Come in, sit down, help yourself to a cocktail.
Hi, I haven't been around here in a while, so I figured I start fresh with a new username and profile. Well, that and I couldn't remember my password *or* which long-since abandoned email address I used to sign up with.

So, a long time ago I used to be Plynn but now I'm Generate. I'm 30+ and live in Alberta, Canada. I am a great fan of peanut butter. A couple of days ago, I ate almost an entire jar of pickles, but I'm pregnant, so it doesn't count.

nice to meet you!
I remember you as Plynn.

Lots of old faces resurfacing! YAY!

*throws confetti*
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 6 2009, 04:21 PM) *
Well, a dancing Banana with a penis sign is funny! And there was no dancing banana with a vagina sigh, unfortunately.

I stand corrected and somewhat embarrassed. It certainly is a banana. Now if there was a banana with a vagina sign that would be a nice "fit". In fact, I might be more certain that I did not come into the wrong place. The jury is still out.
Just because I like dick doesn't make me any less of a feminist.

and if you think you've come to the wrong place, you know where the exit is, yo. No one is keeping you here.
errr well i'm not new, but i never posted on this soooo rolleyes.gif

hello all! i'm loonydaray, but on deck you can call me loony

(once upon a time my friend gave me a pirate nickname: aimie swindler the loon. shortened to loony)

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 15 2009, 03:56 PM) *

and if you think you've come to the wrong place, you know where the exit is, yo. No one is keeping you here.

Well, you were alot nicer than I was gonna be CH. LOL I was gonna say: "when in doubt, get the hell out..."

But that's just me. LOL Just kidding Randy *sorta*

Howdy to Loony!!
Generate! I just came back to the boards and I think I remember your ol' handle from a few years back. I was venusindisguise. Welcome back! I too live in Alberta, your rival city wink.gif .

*waves to loony* Isn't it nice to have a pirate on board?! I thinks!
aye aye mates biggrin.gif rum for all! tongue.gif
Hello all!
I am new here, not sure how much I'll be posting, but I thought I'd say hello.
Christine Nectarine
mmm, rum... happy.gif
and i had been wondering where that red lips couch had gotten to!

welcome newbies! *passes around fruit plate to go with the rum*
I'm back to the lounge after about 6 months. I am eager to read and catch up on all the things I've missed out on. I hope everyone is doing well. unsure.gif
QUOTE(sexysandee @ Jan 24 2009, 09:55 PM) *
I'm back to the lounge after about 6 months. I am eager to read and catch up on all the things I've missed out on. I hope everyone is doing well. unsure.gif

OMG Sandee!!! We've missed you woman! UPDATES please!! LOL (((SANDEE)))

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