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Full Version: Vodka Is A Bustie: The Bustie Guide To Vodka And Other Nectar
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Here ya go: one thread for ways we like our hooch, where we drink our hooch and why we love our hooch.

I have killer toothache and plan to self-medicate this weekend with wine - what's wrong with that?!
I don't want to bum out the drunk Busties, but I have an interesting story.

During my low-life, Bukowski-esque, book research sojourn into street people, methheads, sign flyers & such I met a lady named Sandy. Sandy was fifty-two, but she looked MUCH older. She had a fondness for younger men & hotel bath slippers. You could always hear her coming by her Hilton shuffle. Her fave drink was Fruit Punch Gatorade & CHEAP vodka. Like, paint stripping, $7.99 a handle vodka. She'd get so drunk she'd vomit blood & walk naked digging into the dumpsters looking for food. She depended on others to get her hooch & Gatorade because if she tried to walk around, somebody would call detox. I witnessed her being hauled off to detox one day after she'd been threatening "Gypsy", the local prostitue/crank dealer/storage picker. Gypsy grew weary, the cops were called. I tried to plea with the cops for her as she was a harmless old rummy. As they were dragging her away (Literally. She weighed maybe ninety pounds, but she'd DIG those slippers into the ground!) she screamed that I was fat & ugly. When they brought her back a few days later it was like nothing had happened & she asked me to go to the 711 to get her some Fritos with chilli.

I met a lot of interesting people during that time. She was just one. It made me really look at the behavior of myself & my friends as upper-middle class drunks. We may have gotten our drink on, but we never got to the point of Sandy. I wanted to feel pity for her, but Sandy chose her life & would have spit in my face if I'd expressed anything but acceptance. She wasn't somebody that went from casual drinking to full-blown. Her father died tragically when she was a child & she started drinking heavily in her early teens & never stopped because she didn't want to.

I have life stories that would make your short & curlies go straight.
auralpoison, i remember you mentioning something awhile back about being a published writer... is this on point? the "Sandy story", or memoir makes me want more. if you are, a writer, where can i find your books/work?
since this is the hooch thread... tonight... i'm off some organic red wine brewed in new orleans, sulfite free tonight.
I am also intrigued by the Sandy story.

I drank way too much beer yesterday. It is my weakness.
Me too. Very interesting, AP.
Aw geez, I feel all self-conscious now. I posted the Sandy bit because fucktard was at the top of the list & I didn't just want to bump.

I've not written a real lick since I've been here. I've done the stuff I was contracted to, but haven't worked on anything real. Nothing LEGIT. Not writer's block, just a general "meh" since I don't have to work anymore. I would like to thank ya'll for the encouragement. What I really need is a hard kick in the literary ass!

I'm gonna try here & now.

I suppose I should explain how this project came about. When I wound up homeless last year, I bounced around & sofa-surfed for a bit. I just could not find a place to suit my needs. I lived with HB before it drove me mad & I ran away. One night I wound up staying in a sketchy motel because it was close to where I lived & was cheap. That night changed my life. I'd passed the place countless times never wondering who lived there. Who lived there & WHY?!

I opened up a dresser drawer in the joint & there was a bent tea spoon (the long kind) that somebody had used for cooking junk. Midafternoon, a violent fight between a hooker & a pimp erupted, the whore handed the guy his ass & went to county. And around all of this shit, the motel staff's children played like it was no biggie. It was just life as they knew it. It made my childhood seem idyllic in comparison. I was raised by a drunk junkie & a . . . I dunno how to even describe me Da. But I have warm feelings for both & miss them terribly. Fucked up as they were, I still think they did one helluva job. But I digress.

All in all, I stayed in three different fleabags. We drive past these places without a thought, never caring, never wondering about their denizens. I wondered. As usual, I wanted to fucking *know*. I'm an information junkie & had only read about that kind of world in books. I decided to make it real.

A new story . . .

Hmmmmm . . . perhaps we shall go with Tony. Mmmmm . . . Tony. Five feet seven inches of pure prison-issue muscle. He was covered, and I do mean COVERED with tattoos. The back of his head sported a tattoo dedicated to his mother that committed suicide when Tony was fifteen. He'd wound up in Sing Sing at nineteen on a meth charge. He wasn't a cooker, he was muscle because quite plainly, he wasn't smart enough for anything else. He only did five years, but managed to get hooked on smack in prison. When he got out, he did a faith-based rehab where he met Conrad. Conrad was an eighteen year old felon, but had a good soul as long as he wasn't fucked up. Somehow they wound up in CO & in the room across the parking lot from me at the Broadway.

I first met Tony because I bummed a smoke off him. When I asked for a light he asked, "What? Do you want me to smoke it for you, too?" That was hands down the most clever thing Tony ever said to me.

We became friends mainly because I listened to him. Tony was stupid. Plain stupid. But I listened to him & offered encouragement. He was such a sweet, sweet soul. I could tell that he'd not been treated with kindness or respect, so I tried make him feel . . . not special, but that somebody CARED about him. Because of this, he used to bring me trinkets. Stuff he got out of quarter vending machines or found on the street. Or weed (We smoked a lot of his weed as I was the only person with a bong). And he'd look so pleased & proud when he did it. I pray he's doing well.

Anyway, one night we're all chilling on the patio. Tony had told me again & again that he wanted to play a CD for me as I was the master of music. He'd never managed it since he almost always got drunk/high & passed out beforehand. He trotted off & was back in sixty seconds with no CD. He was pale, shaking, & sat directly in my lap with his strong arms around my back. I wanted to lick him, but he was upset. He told me that he'd gone into his room & that he'd found Conrad engaged in some . . . hardcore man on man fucking. He was shocked that the guy he'd met in rehab & that had been his roomie of three months liked it in the ass! Tony was okay with it once he'd calmed down, but he asked to spend the night in my bed. I explained that I am a VERY weak woman at times & there was no way I wasn't gonna molest him. He agreed & went back to his place once he was fucked up enough to cope.

I really tried to do right by Tony. He'd found jebus in rehab. One night it was just him & me on the patio & when he wandered off, I had an ominous feeling. Being that he was a Jesus Freak, I dug through my books until I found an appropriate bible quote for him & stuck it on his door. I don't know why I did, it just felt like the thing to do. The next night I came home & he nearly tackled me. He'd had a horrible day, but the scripture that I'd given him made him suck it up because he knew God had a plan for him. It made me feel good.
Vodka is definitely not MY Bustie. After three bottles of wine last night I had several vodkas and cranberry and managed to have a nasty tumble down a full set of stairs in a club and now one side of me is bruised and cut and very, very, sore. I haven't been that drunk for years ohmy.gif.
Does anyone have any favourite wines for Thanksgiving? Obviously I would have to go with something white to go along with the turkey. Usually I just get Bambino cause it's bubbly and I like the taste.
I'm a red wine girl - I personally don't think that you *have* to pair something with something just because you're *supposed* to... but that's just me.. So I don't have any suggestions for whites. But as far as reds, I do think that a 100% Tempranillo or a Tempranillo / granache blend goes with just about everything....

... and in drinking news, I'm an avowed vodka girl, but I think I'm gonna have to give up the drinking for awhile. after an over the top party this weekend, I've got a belly full of gas that won't go away and acid reflux to beat all. Gonna go see the doc, but upon describing my symptoms to a family member who's in the medical profession, she said "alcohol. stop drinking. at least for a good while." urgh.

ah well...
You know, AP, you really are a good writer. I think you could do a wonderful series of David Sedaris/Hollis Gillespie type short and true stories. Let us know if you ever do, please.

Last winter I sort of figured out how to make a hot toddy. The best directions that I got was "Heat up some whiskey and wave a tea bag over it." What I ended up doing was heating up 1/2 cup of whiskey and then enough water to fill my mug, boiled it all together with a Tension Tamer tea bag, some cinnamon, ginger and sugar. Tasted GREAT! I made some for The Geek and me when I had a cold. I always laugh when I remember the look on The Geek's face when he took his first sip. It is STRONG! I had warned him to sip slowly but he didn't listen.

Before that I never had much use for whiskey in the house. Now I know that I need to keep some. Can't say that it cured my cold but I slept good that night.
Christine Nectarine
it's my birthday this weekend, and i need to decide what bottle-of-something to pick up. it's been a while since i really got my drink on. there's usually a bottle of red wine around the house, and some CC that I rarely touch, so anything will be a treat. i don't know what to choose! eep! it will be fun to try though!
I'm definitely a vodka girl as well. Vodka and orange juice, vodka and cranberry juice, and my favourite, vodka and 7-Up.

I tend to avoid red wine cause it gives me headaches.
christine -

my fave special occasion drink these days is sparkling shiraz. It's yummy!
Cosmopolitans and bellinis! yum.

I heart red wine and I have a bottle of rioja I've been saving for a special occasion... I'm going to drink it this weekend once I've moved and unpacked in my first flat with the boy (and not living with my parents).
just to remind you, mai thais and boilermakers do not mix.

*runs to the bathroom*
Christine Nectarine
duly noted gt.
*hands a glass of water*
Why thank you KittenB! I really should get back to work.

Ah, yes, the hot toddy. My father's favorite cold cure. 1 part water, 1 part oj, heat, add whisky & honey. Nasty as hell, but it does have it's curative effects. And it will fuck you up.

Sparkling shiraz, you say? Oh, now I'ma have to find a ride to the liq as that sounds mighty tasty. I likes the fizzy bevvies.

My usual drink is kinda weird. Vodka & Fresca. I like the refreshing grapefruity taste.

Bellinis. Humph. There used to be this foofoo, chichi place in the Cherry Creek Mall (I'm lookin' at YOU, Zoya!) called Sfuzzi that we would occasionally patronize after a day of retail therapy. They served these HUGE Bellinis, with not nearly enough hooch, but the waiters were cute.

Speaking of foofoo drinks, how about this special party drink, Christine. It has the lamest name ever, but it's goooood. The Jennytini: Chambord, Citadel vodka, sour, Champagne. Garnish with a twist o' lemon. It looks all classy in a martini glass (Looks like a Cosmo but does not taste like ass.), but it will fuck you up. Just go easy on the Chambord or it can get sickly sweet.
addendum: said drinks do not mix well with travel channel's "bizarre foods"show either.

*runs back to the bathroom with thoughts of fish entrails stew*

ETA:cherry creek mall.... aw! i remember that! were you around in colorado for cinderella city, aural? hilarious. it was a theme mall that was once the largest mall in the us. the basement was cobblestone old lamp posts, and swinging wooden signs. it was all the more cool cos they built it on a landfill, so it was always resettling, cracks in the walls, ceiling and floors, whole areas being shut down because pipes would burst. it was blessed by our lady of perpetual troubles, my patron saint. wink.gif

ps, kitten is right, aural. i'm always amazed at the posts by busties like you, rudder (god i love her way with a phrase) and chacha.
OMG, doesn't Rudder just blow your mind sometimes with a single turn of phrase!

Cinderella City. That is a blast from the past! When I was twelve, we went to Denver to see the Ramses exhibit at the MNH (I refuse to call it the Museum of Nature & Science, goddamnit!) & got to go to Cinderella City. I was kinda sad when they tore it down, but it was a crumbling mess. Last year was the last year that the Cinderella Twin was running. The drive in here still operates, though.
I loved Cinderella City when I was a kid! That downstairs part was called "Cinder Alley" and I thought it was magical. Until I went there as an adult and thought it was a piece of crap! hah!

OMG, Sfuzzi! I have not heard that restaurant name in YEARS. My office (which consisted of 4 of us in total who were the whole company) had a christmas lunch there one year and got completely shitfaced on Bellinis and martinis.

Lately one of my poisons of choice is a couple fingers of Laphroaig whisky and water. mmmmmm, peaty!
Christine Nectarine
*gets out a pencil and paper*

thank you for tasty suggestions. i'm thinking i won't feel like mixing a lot...too much work combined with anticipated inability to focus!
Note down french martinis too! mmmm mmmm mmmm.
Man, a snifter of Laphroaig can fill a whole room with that smell... in a good way. Mmm.

There's a nice smoky islay I'm currently partial to--drinking it with a cigarette almost feels redundant.

Sadly, I can't really drink red wine these days--I somehow bypass nice n' tipsy on it and go straight to heavy headed. I've been exploring whites again instead. I like a minerally taste rather than those yellow chardonnays; they're too buttery for my liking.

Picky, me?
ACK! I wouldn't drink chardonnay if it was free. Okay. I would, but I wouldn't like it & would bitch the whole time. But I make a lovely gelee dessert with it , fresh berries, & a splash of rosewater. I served them up as classy jello shots at a party once.
all these talks about hot toddy's and now i want one. dry.gif

ack is right AP! chardonnay is grotty. just like zifandels. blah!

man, i wish i knew this red wine i bought last year which kicked ass. even my roommates who are wine snobs really adored it. i'm not a wine snob really. if i own it, i drink it. i don't get the whole saving wine for a good occasion. any occasion is a good occasion to me.

Vodka is MY bustie. ketel one is great. and grey goose. i don't get headaches and can work a good buzz. bad quality vodka fucks me up and i usually end up forgetting most of the night. not good.

I love my red wine and with certain friends I'll drink rose wine to avoid the stained lips and the headache but I very rarely drink white wine. I do however like yellowtail wines and every so often crave their chardonnay (I've also tried their pinot grigio and love their reds).
Christine Nectarine
i love the yellowtail shiraz bunnyb. it's great for an inexpensive bottle. i LOVE most reds, but hate that i get purple lips and teeth with the first glass.

aside from that, i'm usually a rye and ginger fan. not too sweet or hard to swallow.
Oh my cod! Zinfandels! Gag me with a Barbie doll leg! I remember that being so hip in the 80s. My mom drank zinfandel until she stepped up to the hard stuff.

I have a bottle of that very Shiraz unopened in my kitchen. Gonna marinate/cook a pot roast in it with fresh garlic & rosemary.

The very first time I got drunk, it was off a big jug of Riunite red. I was three. My parents had held a party the night before & hadn't cleaned up, I found the bottle & drug it back to my room. For some reason I had a cowboy obsession, so I put on my hat, mounted my bouncy steed, & rode hard. I'd stop intermittently to throw off my hat, yell "yeehaw", & take a drink of the wine. The bottle was too big for me to lift properly, so I balanced it on my forearm with two fingers in the handle. This went on for an hour or so. By the time my parents woke up I was hammered. After that they were more careful, but I was sneaky. I'd drink the half full left over beers. I learned very quickly that I needed to shake the cans first so that I didn't drink any cigarette butts.
Why do I have 'Riunite on ice... so nice' in my head? Was that an ad, or am I nuts?

Zinfandels and muscadet. Seems like everyone and their grandma was quaffing muscadet in london and zinfandel in the US--all of it sugary and nasty. And pink zinfandel was supposed to be extra cool. Yuk.

I like the yellowtail wines bunnyb but I can't get behind chardonnay in any form, I'm afraid! Ditto with the pinot grigio: again, too sweet somehow for me. I do miss red wine, especially now it's getting autumnal. I associate red wine with fires and long winter nights. White wine seems too bracing for winter somehow.
For Sybarite!

Me, I get "Martini & Rossi, Asti Spumante" as a jingle in my head.
QUOTE(sybarite @ Sep 27 2008, 08:58 AM) *
I do miss red wine, especially now it's getting autumnal. I associate red wine with fires and long winter nights.

that sounds like a lovely image, sybarite. crazyoldcatlady and i got this awesome autumn wine in vermont which could be heated up with mulling spices. omg. it was sweet, but so yummy. *sigh*

well, $5 martini night left me with a headache. times when i wish vodka was not my bustie.
Oh man, AP, that was so unnecessary. Now I'm going to have that song in my head for the next 20 years. Who the hell drinks white wine with ice while skiiing and eating cheese fondue anyway?! So much wrongness on so many levels...
Sorry, Syb, I had to do it. It was just too goddamned funny to not post. I love the guy in the jumper at the end juggling bottles of cheap-ass wine.

Back when I had a straight job, there was an empty building next to my office. A homeless guy camped out there most nights & his favorite wine was "Wild Irish Rose". A guy was following me to work late one night, harassing me & the bum scared him away. After that, I usually picked him up a bottle a week in thanks. It was as embarrassing as fuck to be a fresh, pretty, twenty-something buying PBR, a bottle of Ketel One, & a bottle of WIR.
I'll be honest, I like white zinfandel. I had some for the first time a few months ago and I really liked the taste. I guess in the words of Kids in the Hall, I'm a girl drink drunk.
Dood, no way! Girl drinks have to be an odd colour & require a cheesy name. You're just a *bad* drink drunk! LOL! wink.gif
Embarrassing but true: I like wine coolers. Yellowtail wines, too. But if I'm home by myself, wine coolers do me just right. At least it's not a "box 'o' wine."
blink.gif A box o' wine is better than a wine cooler. Box wine is *wine* (Albeit cheap, shitty wine.), wine coolers are alco-pop. Dang, yo, it took some ovaries to admit that you drink wine coolers! I haven't had a wine cooler since I was sixteen!

French Rabbit offers not too terribly bad wine in tetrapak containers. Not the best, but they are good on a camping trip!
I was a late drinker. I didn't start until I was halfway through college, and that was with wine coolers. I still like them. I like wine, too, and cocktails. But if I just need a very light little buzz...hardly a buzz, really, just a loosening of the joints... I'll drink my wine coolers and be just fine. I don't do box wine because I don't like shitty wine. Watered down wine with fruit flavors...ok. But no shitty wine for me.
Ah, I see. I am a professional. I stay in on NYE with some Koolaid & a good book because it's amateur hour. And wine coolers are *shitty* wine. That's why they water it down & add the fruit flavors.
I don't know. I've had some box wine that is pretty damn gross.
oh i'm a girl drink drunk too. i think my drink should taste good. *shrugs*

i see nothing wrong with that.

see, i like to keep my cheap date/lightweight status. if i move to scotch and soda that kills everything. i like ordering one mai tai/long island and get to a proper tipsy, a second to a proper drunk, and three to get me blotto.

now why would i want to have a drinker's drink and heavy weight status so it takes me 6 drinks to get tipsy? fuck that noise. my last two girlfriends were heavy weights, they could drink a hockey player under the table without batting an eye. i'll be the first to tell you, it impresses the fellahs. it's the shut up that says, if need be i can beat you on macho points, even without being a guy. but that's what i have welding for. as long as i am a light weight nobody minds buying me a drink when i'm broke, cos it isn't gonna require that they take out a loan.

here's to the lemon drop drinkers!

ps: love your joan avi, aural...very cool.
QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Sep 27 2008, 08:28 PM) *
I don't know. I've had some box wine that is pretty damn gross.

I'm just saying it's the same diff. Bad box wine + soda + fruit juice = wine cooler. Thirties' logic is faulty. You are just drinking shitty wine with additives that make it not just taste like shitty wine.

I have no problem with girl drink drunks if they are real girl drink drunks.

I don't want my consumption of booze to be a dating point. There's a fella at my local that has filled me with countless dollars of hooch trying to get into my draws. He's always failed.

I come from drinkers. I'm part Irish/Scot/English for fuck's sake. Drinking is our thing. Me granda was a welder & I could still drink him under a table. It's not something I should be proud of, but I blame half of my heritage. It's one of the few "manly arts" I have a degree in.
Oooh, I love me a good lemon drop. The last date I had with the LD boy, we went to Musso & Frank's in Hollywood and they made me the most excellent lemon drop. Deeelicious.
OOH! LEMONDROPS!!!! me likey the lemondrops.

AP - here's one for you: Best lemondrop I've have ANYWHERE (and you know I've been a lot of places) is at the Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel in Lodo.

but the best martini I've had is a watermelon mint martini. It tasted like a smoothie. We drank them like smoothies. We got shitfaced on them. They were so good we asked the bartender for the recipe.

Here it is, in all it's glory:

in a shaker: muddle mint with squeeze of fresh lime and some watermelon puree
add vodka & ice
shake in a shaker
pour into a martini glass and garnish with some fresh mint.


I have recently become a fan of whisky. Not jack, or the ilk, but proper, single malt whisky. (aka scotch, but if they called it that here it would be redundant, so whisky it is) as I mentioned below, I've become partial to a couple of fingers of Laphroaig with a bit of water. yum yummy yum yum!
lol... i'm with you on the dating thing, but with me, i can't be made to drink one sip more than i choose. so i may be a cheap date, but the chances of some chump getting laid by getting me drunk:0.00000000000001. in the last 10 years i've been drunk probably 6 times. and even when i am, most people don't notice much difference from when i'm tipsy.

i'm part scott/irish, but unfortunately the black/baptist side of my family beat that drankin' gene in to submission with a large white pleather "legacy bible" in my youth (goddamnit!).

ok, drinks of choice:
sipper: vodka gimlet
usual: mai thai
former usual: lon guy land ice tea
winter:hot toddy/ frangellico+hot water/hot buttered rum
univ drink:greyhounds/ beer
beer:piss beer, what have you.
wine:what have you.
hangover:peppery bloody mary/ champaign+rose water/mimosa
fantastic treat:ameretto margherita, dr.pepper/boilermaker
i'd like to make a plug for chardonnay. don't blame the varietal, blame the damn californian wine makers who think that chardonnay = oak who put in fake oakiness. a good french chardonnay (for example, a white burgundy) is just LOVELY, with hints of minerals and herbs. very clean, very dry, ethereal when done right.

just goes to show. i for one am very happy that white zin exists, because if it didn't, those vines would have all been cut down and we wouldn't have yummy jammy red zins now!

can you tell that wine is MY bustie?

ps: what is a lemon drop?
tesao -

a lemon drop is basically a lemonade martini.

you muddle a fresh lemon or two , sugar and ice together in a shaker, add vodka, shake, then pour into a sugar-rimmed martini glass.

mmmmmm... (can you tell I love em? haha)

I like French Martinis too...
Sometimes I ask the bartender to make my lemon drop with two shots of vodka, particularly if I've asked for it with citrus vodka. If the bartender uses a really good vodka, like Belvedere, just the one will suffice.
I'm totally with ya on that Thirties! It's gotta be good vodka, not well.

Shotswise, washington apples seem very popular with my friends.

My one friend's favorite drink is Stoli o with redbull, no ice, tall. I dunno how her body processes the Redbull because she vibrates as it is.

The Cruise Room. Ah! Never had a bad anything at the Cruise Room & it's worth it just for the decor. I usually just get a good Ketel One dirty martini, no olives.
is the cruise room that stellar art deco place at union station (is that what it's called?) the train station downtown? i only went there once, but was in love. it's really narrow, red lights white decor?
washington/sour apples are wuuuuuunderful... god, i'm salavating!

isn't there some drink called sweet tart?

i forgot about the mojito, which was the drink years ago. me likey.
nothing like home made mint juleps-- the offical drink of the kentucky derby.

have you guys had any of these drinks?

and yeah good vodka makes all the difference. i <3 grey goose.
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