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Full Version: Vodka Is A Bustie: The Bustie Guide To Vodka And Other Nectar
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You've got the decor right, but not the venue. It's in the Oxford hotel, also home to McCormick's which has the best $5 happy hour menu & when it's snowing you can get $1 Irish coffees. Once when we were having happy hour & were ready to go home we went into the hotel to have them get us a cab. The bellman wasn't busy, so he drove us home in the Hotel's Towncar. It was fun pretending to be rich socialites.

Mojitos are still popular in Denver, they're just bastardized now. Pomegranate has managed to seep into everything!
Does anyone else love dirty martinis?

I like wine too... I don't care if it's tacky, but I love Yellowtail Shiraz. It's cheap and tasty.
ooh i love a lemon drop too. i'm not much for girly drinks but lemon drops, mojitos, and margaritas are always good.

i'm mostly a whisky-soda-and-lime girl, occasionally replacing the whiskey with vodka. oh, and BEER too.

i like wine occasionally but if i end up getting drunk off of wine i'm basically out of commission for the next two days. yuck. i like a nice prosecco. or even a not-so-nice one. andre, anyone? wink.gif
The biggest drunk of my life was in LA, Mouse. I went to the Tiki Ti (One of the few places you can still smoke in LA, tiki drinks ONLY!) & had a few Ray's Mistakes. A buddy of mine lived up on Mulholland, we went to the spot where Spielberg supposedly got the inspiration (I've heard two diff stories, so whatevs) for the mothership in Close Encounters by looking at the LA lights upside down. When we got to his house, we went skinnydipping. The next morning I couldn't find my pants & scared the fuck out of his gardner when I finally found them.

I do like the whisky & the beer, too. Only one place in town has Guinness on tap here & it doesn't get served enough to be worth drinking. Whisky is also pointless here, the best I can get is Crown. *sigh*

And I LOVELOVELOVE prosecco. The kind I usually buy at the Argonaut is like, five bucks more expensive here. I do likes my sparklers.

I just marinated a pot roast in that Yellowtail shiraz & it was tasty. Enough so that the ribeyes I'm making tonight got a good healthy splash as well.
ooh, ap i've heard many similar stories about tiki ti. for some reason i still have never been there.

i'm not sure where my drunkest occurred, but i know it probably involved jaeger. *shudders*

On my 21st birthday my BFF announced to the bar at large that I was now legal. Four strangers and the bartender bought me a shot of jaeger each, so I drank 5 shots of the stuff in an hour *winces*

I like dirty martinis and also mojitos. I always think they can't do much damage because they sound so healthy... blink.gif

For the sparkling wines I have to say I prefer cava--I find prosecco too sweet, which seems to be a recurring theme in my drink choices!
Christine Nectarine
this weekend ended up being mostly a beer weekend. after all my pondering of what to pick up for my b-day celebrations, i ended up not picking up anything, and letting the boy look after it (which was a better idea anyway!) Sat night tho we had this really good red wine whilst hainging out with some people, and i have no idea what it was. i am now on a mission to figure it out....
as a side note, i KNOW vodka is not my bustie, and am glad i stopped before imbibing that when it came out (after the wine was gone, and i had a belly full of beer!) but i must say, i am very pleased with myself, as i managed to keep a good drunk buzz without getting wasted or blacking out (i hate it, and it happens easily to me) getting sick (like last years b-day disaster) and remembered to drink enough water not to suffer a ginormous hangover (just had a little headache).
it always feels like such an acomplishment to enjoy a good drunk, without spoiling it!
...I've been to Tiki Ti also... I had to take a break halfway through my drink (a blood & sand) and go down the street to mc donalds to put something in my stomach, it hit me so hard.

that place is so random, I think they just open whenever they feel like it, but it is amazing when it is open!!
i officially need to go there now.
Tiki Ti is a cool joint. Haven't been there in ages. ...Whew, Jaeger. I've done a shot or two of the stuff and it tastes like cough syrup. Eurrggghh! Midori sours on the other hand... yum.
Oh, we laid a HUGE foundation of food first. PDC all the way! We started there with dirty Martinis.

They're usually closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & they have the earliest last call in town at like, 12:30. It's cash only, have your ID ready, & this is not a place to take the gang unless you plan on going in Noah's ark style, two by two.

The RedBull Jaeger shots are still popular at here. At home, my fave bartender called it "Badgirl Juice".
QUOTE(sybarite @ Sep 29 2008, 03:19 AM) *
On my 21st birthday my BFF announced to the bar at large that I was now legal. Four strangers and the bartender bought me a shot of jaeger each, so I drank 5 shots of the stuff in an hour *winces*

Oh dear my 21st was one loooonnnnggg drunkety drunk fest. Since my b-day is in May it always coincides with college graduation. A friend of mine had a grad party with my 21st tacked on to it. 8 or 9 kegs three bands, dancing on the roof, switching clothes on said roof with gayboypal and ridiculous amounts of hard alcohol. Apparently I tried to set my friend's Barry Manilow poster on fire and yelling "burn Barry burn." When we finally made it to the bars I had to be carried out and home. I was a bit obnoxious that night..... wink.gif I swear it took me two full days to recover

Tiki Ti sounds interesting.....
my 21st was really tame--the only bar open in the area was a sports bar. i don't even remember what i drank, but it was only one before my roommate and i decided that it was too lame to handle. on the way home, however, we found two huge boxes full of discarded tae kwon do trophies, banners and medals and carried them all the way home yelling "WE WON!!!". not drunk in the least, but one of my favorite memories.
on my 21st, I was at uni in Boulder. There is a tradition there that when you turn 21, you do the 'mall crawl' meaning you start at one end of the pedestrian mall in town and work your way to the other end, having a shot at each bar. Some of the bars even have a special shot that they give 21st birthday celebrants. Needless to say, I was shitfaced on all manner of alcohol by the time I hit the end of the mall crawl. The last thing I remember from that evening was being at a pool hall and deciding that the pool sticks were bullshit, and throwing the balls at the holes. uh huh.
uh......zoya, you and i have too many cities in common. i grew up in boulder. sounds like go you got further on that obstacle course than i did. wink.gif
Just to clarify, the above mentioned bar-of-5-shots was our first stop of a progessively messy bar crawl, which ended with me flashing my ID at the nightclub bouncers who'd been waving me in all summer, and hiccuping 'aren't you going to wish me happy birthday?' They weren't impressed.

I lurched to my boyfriend's loo the following morning at 5am. When I tiptoed back to bed, he remarked that I was a 5 foot 3 slip of a thing yet I puked like a 6 foot 4 lumberjack. Classy all around.
My 21st was lame. My birthday was on a Monday night, I had a class in the morning, and the bar I went to was dead.
I lurched to my boyfriend's loo the following morning at 5am. When I tiptoed back to bed, he remarked that I was a 5 foot 3 slip of a thing yet I puked like a 6 foot 4 lumberjack.
oh, make no mistake syb, that is pure talent!!!
Yeah my best friend had to stick her finger down my throat to help me throw up because they were afraid I had alcohol poisoning. Now that's friendship! laugh.gif
QUOTE(zoya @ Oct 1 2008, 02:23 AM) *
The last thing I remember from that evening was being at a pool hall and deciding that the pool sticks were bullshit, and throwing the balls at the holes. uh huh.

dude, that is hilarious. laugh.gif
GT - wow, that's crazy, I didn't know you grew up in CO! damn!

star - haha, yeah, I actually love that story - I think it was one of my more inspired drunken moments. I have the weirdest (and I like to think, hilarious) ideas when I'm drunk (that most often, are carried out).... lets see.. to name a few:

- decided that everyone who had a camera in the room had to take photos in sepia tone, because "sepia makes everything better" (huh?)
- noticed there was a full moon and suggested to everyone we go out back and "moon the moon" (which indeed, the entire party did. at once)
- climbed up a drainpipe onto the roof of a club in Boulder (on the hill, if you're wondering, GT) and threw pebbles at any hippie type person walking by, because "they were not good evil, but bad evil" (again, huh?)
- went into a burrito place on the hill in Boulder, next to said club, at 2 am and decided the guys behind the counter were too slow, so hopped back there and made my own burrito (no, I'd never worked there, I'd never even been there)
- (this is a recent one) at a friends house after the bar, with about 5 other people, played air drums to the entire album "Van Halen: 1984" (we had a whole air band going. my arms were hurting the next day.)

yes, I am a very happy drunk.. and quite often the ringleader of some alcohol-fueled shenanigans....
The Sundowner. You had to have been at the Sundowner. The only decent bar in Boulder.
no, it was whatever bar was at 11th and Walnut - across from the Rio Grande - I'm sure it's different now from what it used to be, but it was some sort of dingy tavern type place that was mostly inhabited by frat boys (god knows why we decided to go in there, but I'm sure that had a bearing on my decision to throw pool balls around. I have an aversion to those types) The Sundowner was /is amazing. I remember even after the smoking ban, they would let you smoke in there and ring a bell if a cop was coming round so everyone would stop. Total speakeasy vibe. I drunkenly hauled a guy into the women's room there once and randomly snogged him.
zoya, what was that white you drank on Tuesday? that was a nice white.

Perhaps not of the same calibre, but I remember for either my 19th or 20th I did a pub crawl the length of Sauchiehall Street (y'know it culminated in Sleazy's wink.gif).
I bet it did! One of the best bar names ever.

Ah, Sauchiehall Street.... I probably spent more time there than in lectures, on Wednesdays culminating in double vodkas for a pound at a place called Club X which is probably defunct now. If it's not, don't judge me. tongue.gif
... I have a feeling that Sauchiehall Street would kick the ass of most streets of bars in the known world for sheer alcohol consumption.

... ahhh Sleazys. The inevitable location at end of an evening... great Dim Sum restaurant next door, too.

ETA: it was some sort of Riesling. I think from Australia. it was nummy. And I don't even really like white wine.
Christine Nectarine a "bottle of red to myself" at home kind of night. cheers, busties!
mm, sleazys.

I'm trying to see if we can replace the uni rowing club staple of "red beer" (half carlsberg, half strongbow, mixed with blackcurrant cordial) with buckfast. It will amuse me as I sit there with my pint of red wine...

Tonight is definitely a bottle of Rioja to myself night.
Stoli Vodka and fresh apple cider on the rocks. The. Best. Stuff. On. Earth.
I can't drink for health reasons, save for once or twice a year (which I pay dearly for in the morning). This thread is making me jones for an amaretto sour. Or just a plain Disaronno on the rocks. Every time I see that chick on the commercial sucking a Disaronno-soaked ice cube, I get jealous.
my friend made the most delicious bloody marys i've ever had the other night. she said it was just the classic ingredients but the ratio was PERFECT.
god, i luuuuuuuurve bloody marys... the yummy kind that you have to chew.'s like a liquid steak breakfast.
Christine Nectarine
mmm, amaretto sour! i love it like candy.
... in the name of not letting the thread die, I thought I'd post my favourite drink as of late:

Jack and ginger ale. yummy.

that is all.
omg... i forgot all about the amaretto sour. yummy yum yums!

what is a amaretto margarita called (not a joke, i can't remember and i love 'em)?
Do you mean an Italian margarita? Those are quite delicious, I must say. Haven't had one in a long while, though. ...It's actually sounding quite good right now after a long work day, but all I have is some pino grigio...
I haven't tried too many mixes (poor college student), but I really like appletinis. However, taking only shots has the benefit of forcing you to discover what works best as a chaser. Believe it or not, candy corn is actually very effective.
Christine Nectarine
Soooo....any one have any favourite winter-warm-up concoctions? i think we're going to have snow this weekend!
Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, those always make me feel good. smile.gif

Usually I'm a beer drinker, but I'll go for mixed drinks on occasion, usually a white russian. A friend has introduced me to whiskey sours, which are very good. Amaretto sours sound really good too, I'll have to try those.
Christine Nectarine
if you like whiskey sours, you will LOVE the amaretto sours. they remind me of sour patch kids with BITE.
hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps sounds tasty, i will have to give it a try! last year for christmas eve we had bailey's with warm milk, but it's not really my thing. i find it too rich.
Mmm, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps...

Pretty much the opposite of a winter drink, but I am now the proud owner of a bottle of sweet tea-flavored vodka. I've only mixed it with lemonade so far, but still, nom.
The Mr. and I discovered tonight that we have quite the vodka collection going between the various flavors and brands that we use for different purposes. For instance, we have Three Olives Grape vodka for our Grape Otter Pop shots, Level which I love for vodka cranberry and some russian kind that I forget the name of that we use for Bloody Mary's.

I am just curious to hear from those of you who love vodka, which brands are your favorite?
Bump for Treehugger!
I like Absolut Peppar for bloodys. I'm told that for sipping, "grey goose" is one of the best out there.
why Tree, it seems I'm following you around!

Grey Goose is fantastic! It is hands down my favourite vodka, expensive, but wonderful. Doesn't taste or smell harsh at all. Definately primium liquor. I've been told the only thing better is Belvedere, but I've never had it.

In fact, I have some grey goose in my room, hmmm...i think I'll get started on finishing that after this wine. but I think food first. Maybe I should go in the ramblings thread.
I likes the Ketel One in my dirty martinis. Grey Goose is my second.

There is a Russian themed bar back home that has a variety of infused vodkas. They do them up in big apothocary jars. A cucumber vodka & soda is quite refreshing.
Best chaser I ever tasted was Gelato Classico. We had a pint of dark chocolate and a pint of honey lavender. Shot of vodka, spoonful of gelato, repeat as necessary.
Oooh, cucumber vodka and soda sounds really good! I had a few too many cocktails last night and was quite tipsy by the time we sat down for dinner. I actually only consumed like, two cocktails but I had made them really strong. And then we had wine at dinner! By the time we opened presents I was just happy to be sitting upright.
I started off my christmas festivities by having dinner with bunnyb at 7 pm on christmas eve, during which we shared a whole bottle of Sangiovese / Merlot. It was yummy. I then made the rounds of a couple of bars where friends were working, to drop off christmas presents. I, of course, drank a couple gin and tonics at each one. Then I went to a friends house, where she and her boyfriend were drinking all manner of stuff with a couple other friends. I don't actually remember leaving the second bar, or getting the taxi to their house, or passing out face down in the couch. I then woke up on christmas morning, went home and bathed, came back to their place for christmas dinner, where we proceeded to drink various wines and then whiskys, while grazing, from about 1 pm - 1 am this morning. I'm not even hung over. it must have been the sheer amount of food I consumed.
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