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i agree that ketel one and grey goose are the vodka supreme for drinking. after having my share of vomiting and loss of memory of some nights, those vodkas can allow me to drink and still have my dignity the next morning.

zoya, sounds like you had a kick ass time. the food to drinking ratio definitely makes a difference in the stamina of partying.
Wow, five pages and nobody's mentioned beer? I love a nice, rich, roasty, chocolatey stout. I love Guiness, but more for the velvety texture than the taste. I find it a little too bitter to be my favourite. I doubt anyone here's heard of Lighthouse Brewery's Keeper's Stout, because it's just a little microbrewery in Victoria, BC, but if you see it, get some. It's a really good beer. I never really understood how people who don't generally like beer tend to like the light stuff. I find light beer has all the yucky hoppy yeasty bitter tastes of beer without the nice, rich, sweet, easy-drinking smoothness of dark beer. Why is light beer so much more popular?

There's a great brewpup in my town that launches a new seasonal beer every few months and they hold a 2-hour tasting party for each one. The place is so full you can barely move and there are servers walking around with trays of beer and appies. If you can find a server in the mess, you can get drunk and fed for free in the best pub in town. Last time I went there was a catering company promoting themselves, too, and they'd set up tables in all the corners and were handing out free red and white wine, icewine martnis, fresh risotto, lamb skewers, curry, and chocolate truffles, on top of the pub's own beer and appies. The icewine martini was lovely and lethal, and even though I'd been eating continuously the whole time I still managed to get drunk. I don't know the proportions, but it was made with white grape juice, vodka, icewine, white wine and a frozen grape.

There's an oyster bar I love to go to that makes the best caesars ever. They don't skimp on the seasonings and garnishes, and for a couple bucks you can get the "seafood caesar," which comes with a fresh shucked oyster and a smoky grilled prawn. One of those and garlic toast will have you full for hours. I love caesars. They're actually a relatively healthy drink when you think about it. Vodka is the cleanest liquor, and Clamato is a fairly healthy mix, except for all the salt. I think that'll be my drink on new years'. As for my vodka of choice, I've never really been a huge vodka drinker. When it comes to getting shitfaced, though, I like Silent Sam, which may or may not be available in the States. It's modestly priced and doesn't have that horrible paint-thinner taste that other, similarly priced vodkas have. It makes a double taste like a single. It really has no flavour at all, which makes it bad for sipping, but great for mixing.

If I had to pick a favourite liquor it would have to be rum. I'm a sucker for bold, rich flavours, I guess. Although, ironically, my favourite drink to make with it is a simple, light Mojito. I also love hot buttered rum and rum with eggnog. Oooh, and gin! I love a good G&T or gin rickey. And tequila, too. I went through a significant tequila phase where that was all I would drink. I loved doing tequila shots with tabasco sauce in them, it's like a built-in chase. The spice has a bit of a delay and only kicks in when you start to get that gross booze aftertaste/burn that makes you grimace. The burn of the tabasco knocks it right out. And if you're a spice fanatic like me, you'll even like the taste. The bartenders always looked at me like I was crazy when I ordered that. Apparently it's one of those nasty shots that you force people to take on their birthdays and such. Also love tequila sunrises, although I sometimes leave out the grenadine. The OJ brings out a nice smoky taste in the tequila - or at least the cheap shitty tequila that I'm used to drinking. And call me a barstar, but I do love a good Jager bomb.

I got my girlfriend a subscription to Fine Cooking magazine for her birthday and I was delighted to discover that they have some extremely creative and appetizing drink recipes in each issue. I haven't made any yet, but here's one I'm definitely going to try:

Watermelon Gin Punch:

One-half small round sedless watermelon (about 3 1/2 lb.), peeled and cut into large chunks
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice, strained
1/2 cup simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, boiled until completely dissolved)
8 sprigs fresh mint; more for garnish
2 cups Hendrick's Gin

Puree melon in a blender, strain and chill. You'll need about 4 cups of juice. A little pulp is OK. Mash mint in serving pitcher or punch bowl with lemon juice and syrup. Add gin , watermelon jujice, and about 4 cups of ice, stir and serve.

What's everyone drinking on New Years' this year? I think I'll just be drinking cheapo sangria. So easy, so tasty, and so alcoholic! Anyone got some good sangria recipes to share? Here's a great tip I heard for serving drinks - rather than ice cubes, chill drinks with frozen chunks of fruit. They won't water the drink down and they'll release juice as they thaw.

QUOTE(epinephrine @ Dec 28 2008, 04:16 AM) *
I love a nice, rich, roasty, chocolatey stout.

omg. i love a good chocolate, espresso stout. trader joe's sells Young's Double Chocolate Stout. that drink is SO orgasmic for me.
Ok, I just got an alcohol hard-on from reading that. I'm going to Trader Joe's this afternoon. Must try it. I've been good this year and didn't even indulge in my usual post-family xmas eggnog (which is way more nog than egg), so I think I deserve something yummy and alcoholic.
OMG! I love that stuff! As soon as I read that name all I could think of was that luscious purple/orange can chock full of deliciousness. Haven't had one in ages!

I prefer dark beers (Modelo Negro, Xingu, SS's Oatmeal Stout) but sometimes they are just too sweet & malty. LSG rec'd a Double Bock that was so sweet I wanted to pour it over ice cream. Slightly better at a warmer temp, liquid bread indeed!

I just can't do gin. I just. Can't. Just the smell of juniper berries makes me feel queasy.

Don't much care for rum, either. I don't turn my nose up at it like gin, but I never specifically ask for it.

I do like a good tequila, though. A nice sippin' tequila, none of that cheap shit.

I really like beer. However, beer packs the gut on me like no other alcohol. I didn't drink beer for nearly 10 years and when I started drinking it again, last year, my formerly flat tummy developed a gut in about 2 months. Call me vain, but I'd rather stick with spirits. I like to think they're healthier for my physique wink.gif

that said, I do like a nice mexican lager with mexican food. Tiger is good with a nice curry, as well.

I like a gin and tonic once in awhile, but gin gets me fucked up like crazy.

... and I'm with you, AP, I like a nice sippin' tequila, with a side of spicy tomato juice. mmm. My favourite (and I've only ever seen it two places in the states - once in a high end mexican restaurant in San Francisco, and the other time in a tequila bar in Denver) is Chamucos. If you can find it anywhere in the US, it's gonna set you back about $15 per shot (minimum) but it's DAMN good. Definitely not mixing tequila.
Yeah, I feel ya, Zoy. I get a good six pack every now & again, but I usually wind up with a sixer of Miller Light now that I'm old & my metabolism is catching up with me. Ptoo on beergut.

It's funny. My cousins here when they wanna partay, like to buy a bottle of Alize. They'll pass it around the room & finish it off in under twenty minutes. I always thought Alize was for girl drink drunks.

They keep a bottle of this on the counter at my liquor store. It looks like a bottle of perfume. Or lubricant. Fancy lubricant. But it's sparkling pink vodka.

I just thought of the one way I DO like gin: the French 75. Although I prefer to use cognac. It WILL fuck you up. Perhaps that is what I shall prepare for G's & my big NYE in watching movies in our underwear.
I hate rum got drunk off it, never again.

tequila is a horrible drink, never ever EVER again! I don't do crawl on the floor drunk ever, but the last time I drank tequila, fuck I was in a bad place.

Vodky for me! Mm I have some grey goose, I think I'm going to drink it.
ap, i love the copy on that nuvo... *snickers*
Mmmm, beer. *Homer Simpson drool*

I love beer, calories be damned. Right now I'm more into dark beers, such as that ultra-yummy Chocolate Stout and, of course, Guinness. The last six pack I bought was Rogue's Mocha Porter, pretty good stuff. Usually I try to alternate between lighter and darker beers, but now it's definitely been the darker brews.

Queen Bull
beer: three philosophers. yummmm...

I drank an entire bottle of Apple martini uv vodka lasst night for new years, and while i was not as thoroughly trashed as i had hoped, it was a tasty and easy drink. everyone should do it. smile.gif
OMG. We got so fucked up last night. We drank French 75s. We we schockered long before midnight.
I don't normally drink beer. Carbonation makes me feel really uncomfortable. Plus I think most of it tastes and smells like someone peed in an ashtray. Of course this was a few years ago when not everyone was 21 yet and no one had money for anything better than PBR. Bud Light was a splurge. I tried Guinness at a bar in Paris this summer and was pleasantly surprised. It tastes like coffee. Belgian beers are good too. We toured this little factory where they make microbrews fermented by wild yeasts in the air. The beers are very sour and taste almost like wine.

My boyfriend's mother bought us a bottle of champagne for NYE. I don't care for champagne in the first place, and this was WHITE ZINFANDEL. I hate WZ. It's so wimpy and generic. I remember her passing off the remainder of a jug of the stuff (probably Sutter Home) over the summer, and it tasted like pesticide. I don't know if someone sprayed bugspray and it got in the wine or if I was tasting the citronella candles that were burning around us, but eww.

I need suggestions for mixed drinks to order. I love dirty martinis but some bars just don't have good olives, and they'll have a weak, greasy, musty taste to them. I buy jars of green olives to snack on, and some of them are like that too. If the bar has bad olives then I don't know what to order. I like Jameson on the rocks... and I don't go for sweet mixed drinks because sugar + alcohol = bad for me.
god, I drank so much on NYE.... started off with eating a really big dinner and a glass of rose with it. Went out for a little bit, and had a vodka tonic, a beer, and a jaeger & redbull. Then I was on rum and cokes w/lime until 6 am when I finally went to bed. I seriously don't remember what I was saying to people, I remember having lots of little conversations, but I will be damned if I know what they were about. I hope it wasn't anything incriminating or bad, I've been becoming a bit of an id lately when I'm drinking (which is why I've been cutting back) I'm also hoping that everyone else was so drunk that whatever I said, they won't remember anyway.

Oh, I didn't mention that all of this was done in a corset that pulled my waist in 3.5 inches. How the hell did I manage that?

hellotampon - I'm a vodka tonic girl, myself. everyone can make a vodka tonic, and it's not sweet.
Vodka is evil! I only had vodka drinks on NYE and spend yesterday morning throwing up water and then just dry heaving. Damn.
I just had my usual on NYE...Captain Morgan and Coke. I really need to find a new usual that is both more dignified and doesn't give me memory gaps. tongue.gif

I really don't drink beer either, but I do love a good hard cider, preferably Woodchuck. Gin is another that I don't touch, because it smells and tastes like hairspray to me.

It's completely cliched, but Patron is my sipping tequila of choice; two NYEs ago, I impressed a bunch of frat boys by drinking a glass of it on the rocks. Apparently they had never heard of doing anything with tequila besides shooting it.
I'm trying to start up a standing friday night coctail party with a couple of friends where we try out different coctails and liqours. The idea started over caesars a few weeks ago, and we got together again on friday and made fresh fruit coctails. I started with a simple grapefuit martini with 1 part fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, 1 part vodka and a sugar rim, which was lovely. Then we made chichis/pina coladas with fresh pineapple, which was amazing. I don't have a juicer, so I just blended chopped pineapple with ice cubes, canned coconut cream and coconut syrup, with vodka for the chichis and some Appleton for the pina coladas. The blended pineapple and real coconut made them super thick, like boozy smoothies. Next week it's mint drinks. We'll see what kind of liquors people bring, but there'll be mojitos for sure. When I can get a reliable crowd I want to make it into a kind of potluck coctail party, where everyone brings a liquor, a mix, some kind of munchie, and some music to set the mood.

If you are ever in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, check out Red Square. They have an amazing collection of Vodka from around the world. Their Vodka Flights are a lot of fun. Be sure to sit at the bar as its iced and when you do the flight they place the glass and the bottle in front of you while you enjoy your drink.

I found a new favorite vodka .. loved both the Ciroc and the Jewel of Russia Ultra. LOVE.

Chairman Miaow

Oh yeah, someone's drinking whiskey dry and is let loose on the internet. That's about it.
There's a Red Square in Denver as well. There's a bar called the Thin Man that serves infused vodka as well. I had the most refreshing cucumber vodka & soda there.
AP - there is? The only "Red Square" I remember is what is actually called "Skyline Park", the red brick area off the 16th st mall near the DF tower where all the punks and skaters hang out. (and all call it "Red Square")

Um, Skyline Park? Not really what it once was anymore. The rich white people didn't like having to see/hear all the little gutter punks.

Red Square the bistro is at 15th & Larimer, it's tucked into a corner of Writer's Square. Small-ish (It can get loud when busy.), the decor is this weird mix of Russian & Art deco. I've never eaten there, but it's a good place to grab a drink earlier in the evening. They had a horseradish infused vodka that was tasty as all get out.
Why not have some Pussy with your vodka?
Oh geez. That's almost as bad as the energy drink that was simply called Cocaine.

I went out today and bought myself the fixings for a cosmo. I'm pretty pissed because it looks like the one and only source of alcohol for people in Ontario (the LCBO) might be going on strike. I have to wonder what life would be like if we could just buy alcohol in regular stores. I think it would be nice to have access to more brands and not be stuck with paying one set price for alcohol.

Anyway, I'm going out for drinks tomorrow night and I can't wait!
QUOTE(auralpoison @ May 29 2009, 05:26 PM) *
Why not have some Pussy with your vodka?

Of course MTV would have their mitts (logo) on it. rolleyes.gif Next up will be Bitch soda probably. Kidding.

Mm Cosmo's are yummy. I love Vodka Vanil with nearly anything. My favorite mixer was natural Lavender soda but I've not seen it in stores for awhile. I'm also a big fan of a Tequila Sunset with 1800. Cheers! smile.gif
why aren't there any drinks called "cock"?
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Jun 1 2009, 02:43 PM) *
why aren't there any drinks called "cock"?

LOL! That one had me laughing. biggrin.gif There is a bar in San Diego called Dick's Last Resort. They serve some pretty over-the-top drinks such as the blowjob. They might even have a Cock-n-Bull -someone does =/ not sure who. Don't get out very often and when I do I like a classier sort of place with no slang genitalia references in the drink title. smile.gif
Y'know what? I'd love to go into someplace, ANYPLACE & order a diet Coke & Cock.
ha! I would love to prance up the bar and proudly say "A Cock and Balls, please." This needs to happen.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel really healthy when they drink a vodka + fruit drink, screwdriver, greyhound, etc? Or everclear + honey? Feels like a magical elixir, sort of like Chartreuse...
QUOTE(zizola @ Jun 2 2009, 06:29 PM) *
Feels like a magical elixir, sort of like Chartreuse...

To me Chartreuse tasted like burning. Really herby, medicinal burning all the way down.
yeah, chartreuse is an aquired taste for sure. I lived in Grenoble for a while, which is the home of the Chartreuse monks, and those sly frenchies would slip me that darned Chartreuse every chance they had. It reminded me of Simple Green at first but eventually I found myself drinking Chartreuse cocktails and *liking* them. I even visited the factory for a project and learned way more about the "mysterious health elixir" than I wanted.

Pastis, however, I NEVER grew a liking for.
I got curious and decided to look up drink recipes named after male junk. Here's what I found on drinkmixer.

cock ' balls
Penis Colarous
One Cock and Two Balls
The Cum Shot
Big Johnson

No idea if any of these are good because I can't afford to buy booze right now. However, if anyone wants to try them and report back, feel free.
Believe it or not there is a great wine called Bitch! It is an Australian Borrosa Grenache. a friend of mine who is a wine dealer got me a bottle for Christmas it is delicious.I had an 04 and kept the bottle cuz who doesn't need an empty bottle of bitch wine lying around. Plus it's an awesome euphmism

but I came in here to post about Horseradish vodka which is actual very very very tasty.Seems like AP beat me to the punch.

it really is better than it sounds. I was at the Russian Tea Room and we ordered a vodka flight. it was amazing.
I've had the Bitch wine! Tasty....

And I'd be down for horseradish vodka, seems like a good bloody mary vodka to me. smile.gif
Huh, and today I saw a wine called Royal Bitch.
I'm just wondering if anyone knows what's good to mix with Malibu rum. I know that I could use pineapple juice but what else?
any regular rum mixer. say coke.

google rum mixers or rum mixed drinks or go to the ministry of rum
Bakon Vodka! Two great tastes, dunno how well they go together. I imagine it'd make a tasty bloody something.
dude. My sister bought a bottle of that for my impending return. I'm going to make the best fucking Bloody Mary ever when I get there.

perhaps you can join at some point, and we can have it with a side of foie gras?? wink.gif
see... that is ezzakly what i was thinking, z. bacon+vodka= bloody mary nirvana. wub.gif yes prease!
Candy, Malibu is good in any sort of daquiri mixer as well. I especially like it in Strawberry.

My sis and I have been drinking this fruity vodka concoction that is so summery and delicious. You mix vodka, some limoncello, lemonade and crushed fresh fruit of your choice. So far we've tried three Stoli and fresh berry combos (Blackberi & blackberries, Blueberi & blueberries, Raspberi & raspberries) and also Absolut Mango & very ripe mango.
Mmmm. I love fresh fruit in drinks. I made a really simple drink awhile back that was just fresh grapefuit juice and vodka with a sugar rim that was super good, especially because I love the bitterness of grapefruit and the sugar rim really brings it out. Also made a pina colada with fresh pineapple, ice, rum and canned coconut milk, which was really awesome and thick and also incredibly fattening.

I'm staying with my aunts for the summer and they're martini enthusiasts, so they have a very respectable liquor cabinet. They've got stuff I've never heard of, like Godiva's white chocolate liqueur (which tastes like ass, unfortunately) and blood orange vodka from Austria. They're really into the the new coffee flavoured Patron tequila, which is super expensive here in Canada at $60/bottle, but which is absolutely divine. So warming and luxurious. I was really bored the other day so I started poking around and decided to make a white russian. Three white russians, actually. With kahlua, not the fancy Patron. I was sitting there playing Lebowski quotes in my head all night. "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women, man!"

Apparently Kahlua is a snap to make. My mom used to make bottles of it as Christmas gifts. Just Vodka, sugar, instant coffee and maybe some caramel flavouring or something. I should try that.
i lurrrrve sangria.
i lurve white sangria even more. i've been waiting to try these.

and, for the frat boy in your life: skittles vodka

Just Vodka, sugar, instant coffee and maybe some caramel flavouring or something. I should try that.

might have to try that one soon, too. although.. is it more of a winter thing? i've been drinking a lot of hot cider lately and am wondering if there's a rule in the liquor world akin to "don't wear white after labor day"...

Made a super yummy drink tonight. I was trying to figure out a good mix for Soho lychee liqueur. In a pint glass with lots of ice, mix two oz vodka, a splash of Soho, a squeeze of lime, and equal parts cranberry juice and club soda. Mmm.
Does anyone know what else I can mix tonic water with besides gin or vodka? I have a couple of bottles and would like some ideas on how to use it.
The Webtender has a bunch of recipes, but they all aound basic (Tequila & tonic, bourbon & tonic), regular cocktails just with tonic added, or foofoo stuff (Something called a Dark Pussy?).
I was just looking up Soho recipes online and found one almost exactly like the cranberry/lime one I made the other night but without the soda. It's called a red lotus.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ May 30 2009, 12:26 AM) *
Why not have some Pussy with your vodka?

oh my god. I worked at a gas station a few years ago and this guy came in trying to get us to sell that. His pitch was really pathetic. My boss kicked him out. I can't believe it's still around.
How did I not know there was a Hooch thread!!!! I know I am gettign in late on some of this conversation but...One of my favorite shots is called a wet pussy. i think it has Baileys, creem and somethign else. It's kinf of warm and nutty tasting!
Also a drink I like to make is called an Alien Secretion. It is I part fo each: vodka, pineapplejuice, malibu rum, midori melon. It's meant to be a shot, but sometime I just make a glass of it. Pretty potent! It also kind of looks like it is glowing becaus eof the midori.
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