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Full Version: Criss Angel Fans?
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Any Criss Angel or Cirque du Soleil fans? I loved Criss's show MindFreak smile.gif. Anywho Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil are doing a show together called Believe, Im excited about it. Those Cirque du Soleil shows are amazing, I've seen one in person though.
Um, sug, I know you're new & all, so I'ma give you the 411 on starting new threads.

The Bust Lounge is self-modded, so it is considered good form to go to the Community Forum & vet any new thread ideas before starting them. It keeps down the clutter, yo. Your topic would have fit under many a different threads & therefore didn't need a brand new one. Just givin' ya the heads up, mmmmmkay!
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