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QUOTE(girltrouble @ Nov 11 2008, 02:11 PM)
he's not a troll. imho, he's every bit the bustie any of us is.

thanks for the vote of confidence I don't thin i deserve it.
don't let it go to your head.

this business about siding up with anti abortion folks, rubs me the wrong way, as does your brainless vitrol towards religious people. i think it's dangerous, hypocritical, and not very thought out-- i.e. dumb. it reminds me of invading and taking over a whole country for a dozen or so terrorists. on first blush it might seem like a good idea, but what's needed is perspective-- you need to see the forest for the trees. there is nothing to be gained by hating someone for hating you.
ok, anger turning to pity/contempt, at this point. if you need me to explain why i find it a good thing to respect my fellow human beings and their choices, then you're way beyond where i thought you were. good luck having a worthwhile human existence with those views.

and no, you don't respect me. and i will fully admit i do not respect someone full of as much hate as you. please to not direct any more false pleasantries in my direction.

furthermore, it's clearly not special pleading. i'm talking about the specific example that was brought up, and you are making dangerously sweeping generalizations. this didn't start as a debate about the merits of religion at large, it started as wondering whether obama will be misguided by his religion.

*sticks head in*

if capitalism is a religion (which I'd argue it isn't as it has no clearly-written central dogma) then communism/socialism is also a religion in that it is a system of ideas about how the world should work and how people should behave. Which means feminism is also a religion... and the list goes on, your argument becomes circular and you can't even respect yourself.

We all believe in something, whether it's Jesus, Krishna, money or the infallibility of science. Everything requires a degree of faith; a scientist must have faith that the theory of whatever is true because otherwise her/his scientific endeavour is undermined and cannot be (dis)proven.
In an even better turn of events, Nohope preaches so vehemently against the religious, just as some religious preach so vehemently against science.

Pot meet kettle.
QUOTE(mornington @ Nov 12 2008, 12:21 PM) *
*sticks head in*

if capitalism is a religion (which I'd argue it isn't as it has no clearly-written central dogma) then communism/socialism is also a religion in that it is a system of ideas about how the world should work and how people should behave. Which means feminism is also a religion... and the list goes on, your argument becomes circular and you can't even respect yourself.

I think you are right.

QUOTE(mornington @ Nov 12 2008, 12:21 PM) *
We all believe in something, whether it's Jesus, Krishna, money or the infallibility of science. Everything requires a degree of faith; a scientist must have faith that the theory of whatever is true because otherwise her/his scientific endeavour is undermined and cannot be (dis)proven.

In this particular context, I'm talking about faith, a priori knowledge. And given that "we" don't all "believe" in something. Some of us simply have greater and lesser confidence levels in various ideas based on a set of metrics against which those ideas are measured.

feminism is a perfect example. There really are two schools in feminism as it regards knowledge. Those who believe in feminism a priori, and those who believe is feminism because the evidence demonstrates that feminism is the correct position.

We don't require faith, because to not have faith does not change the basic nature of reality. The argument usually is made that we require faith to act on information. But action is a default position. We can not help but act.

Life is like going up to a soda machine and putting in a change for a soda. We don't know that when we hit the button a soda will come out, but we have a high level of certainty based on data collected from our past experiences that suggest that one will. I don't know that the son will come up this morning, but based on a collection of data from my past experiences I have a high level of confidence that it will.

Science is the same way. I don't know that the scientific method will answer difficult questions for me better than say reading a book or writing on Bust, but the data suggests that their is a high level of probability that the scientific method will.

On the other hand I have no data points to suggest that their is an inviable, timeless, tyrant who who will judge us in a place I have no data exists or condemn us to another place I have no data exits.... and so the probability of that senareo being true approaches zero.

When people have faith in dangerous ideas for which their is no compelling data, then serious consequence can ensue. For example the belief, without sufficient evidence, that darker skinned people were non humans. Or the belief without sufficient evidence, that homosexuality is a sin. Or the belief with out sufficient evidence that Obama can put aside his beliefs regarding Israel, and the coming to life of a two thousand year old dead guy, who will judge us all and who thinks homosexuality is a sin. If Obama does not hold such superstitions, then why not come out and let us all know instead of aligning himself with such dangerous ideas.
My my my, he doesn't even touch on my post.

Cuz, that shit is totally true.

Hi, I "believe" in democracy, and I "believe" that the government is intruding and limiting our personal rightws, it's wrong. BUT BUT BUT, I don't see how limiting the number of children has is invading on a person's personal rights. Oh my goodness, hyperbole!

Ahem, to quote from the This Just in Thread...

I do not see how restricting the number of children is any more of an invasion of personal privacy.
I've not even bothered to read his responses. No reason to bat a fly if all he does is flutter around. He has the same rules of space that I do. I'm just not willing to put forth the effort to swat him.
Ahhh, AP, you are right, I should just squash him like anything else that pesters me.
Really. He's just a downer. I made my points, I could give a fuck if he agrees, dissents or whatever. Nohope if just that: NO HOPE. There's no point in trying to make him see a differing opinion. I can't make him see how that single, lonely falling leaf from the tree in front of my house is sacred in it's own way. He can't see they beauty in that leaf. He can't cherish the moment that it touches down & contributes to all things.

For him there is no future. Just a big, empty void of nothingness.

That works for him, so be it. I'm not going to even be bothered with somebody that views life with such emptiness.

I hang on to hope. It'll probably fuck me, but it's one of those things that keep me going. As far am I consciously concerned, that's okay. A little hope never hurt nobody.
sounds like he needs a big juicy orgasm.
Dood, me & GT entailed him getting off, apparently that hasn't hapened. But being a hardcore Anarcho-Marxist doesn't exactly correlate with getting one's pole waxed.

I mean, would YOU suck his dick? If the world depended on it maybe, but EWWWWW. You wouldn't like it (Even if it was in that last HomeDepot parking lot), would you? It'd be like sucking on a big liver/onion stick, CH. I know you are magnanimous, but you wouldn't touch that shit. You are a humanitarian, but, please.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 12 2008, 09:19 PM) *
But being a hardcore Anarcho-Marxist doesn't exactly correlate with getting one's pole waxed.

Just for the record I am not an Anarcho-Marxist, I am a Rationalist, Empiricalist. As far as I can see, the evidence strongly supports the idea that Free-Markets are the best vehicles by which an equitable distribution of wealth, without undermining wealth creation, can be achieved. And, that equality in wealth distribution is a desirable outcome in so much as it enables the greatest human efficiency in innovation and wealth creation, by maximizing group outcomes, threw group driven peer pressure to preform, while at the same time ensuring the health needed to maximize human potential during times in which their are plenty of resources to go around. Free Markets also allow a mechanism to adjust wealth distribution in times of resource scarcity, creating conditions of meritocratic unequal distribution, which is required to see that the best performers can maximize their output limiting the damage such scarcity can inflict on the group.

Capitalism is an obstacle to both free exchange, that is exchange free of coercion, and there by an obstacle to innovation and wealth creation. Since it rewards the lest productive in the group by means of those individuals gaming the market in their favor, at the expense of the most productive market players. And this historically has lead to the deaths of tens of millions of people, high levels of market volatility, social unrest and longterm inefficiency of outcomes..
Oh, I never said I'd offer up sucking his dick. I do have some taste.

Home Depot is reserved for one person and one person only. He knows who he is. Nohope it ain't.
Oh, what the fuck ever, Nohope. Your cock will remain untouched by female saliva. Could I offer you shares in Wet?
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 12 2008, 11:21 PM) *
Oh, what the fuck ever, Nohope. Your cock will remain untouched by female saliva. Could I offer you shares in Wet?

When you can't engage the subject, change the subject

While we are changing subjects. This year I got my first iPod. The touch. I totally love it. I jail broke it and have all kinds of cool apps on it. It was really usefull to me. I was able to use it to help my perents look for a retierment community since my dad has come down with an uncurable form of bone cancer.

Its also been usfull for work. I can listen to podcasts for intance on my walk and bike to work. And the google maps were useful for moving across country. My partner was accepted to in a PhD program.

Well I got to go make pizza now so she can eat. Its going to be half pepper pesto, half fake peperoni with a herb crust.
i can't resist. i just can't.

no hope: "This year I got my first iPod. The touch."

>>>>>>>>>>that is the only touch no hope will ever get.

sniff. sad story.

you tee them up, i hit 'em out of the park.
QUOTE(roquelaure @ Nov 11 2008, 10:38 PM) *
i have visions of being 98 and in a nursing home trying to get 20 year old high school drop out "aides" to pluck my chin hair.

How snotty and judgmental! I would never rag on someone's job like that. I'm one of those lowly CNAs you so respectfully referred to, and I'll have you know that none of us are high school dropouts. In fact a lot of us are in college, struggling to pay for nursing school or whatever because Mommy and Daddy don't have the money. I don't know what the fuck you did in college but I bet you weren't a brain surgeon. CNAs are infamous for being overworked, underpaid and understaffed. We bust our asses just trying to get everyone's basic needs met, so in the future if we don't get a chance to pluck chin hairs and feed you peeled grapes at the expense of everyone else, blame the system for making patient ratios so astronomically high.
Do you even know what we do? It's hard, backbreaking, dirty, incredibly stressful and at times heartbreaking work for low pay, but it's also very rewarding knowing we've made a difference in a resident's life, because unfortunately their family couldn't or wouldn't care for them. We ARE the family for a lot of those people and we do as much as we can. The last thing we need is your disrespect! So get off your high horse, please.
*dusts off the penitents podium and steps up*

been a while since this thread was used, huh? i certainly never thought i'd end up here; i'm generally a pretty easygoing person. confrontation makes me break out in hives. but i owe someone an apology, and if i have to take a couple hits on the chin to make it, then so be it.

so, aural, i saw the new movie thread, and i checked out the community forum to see what led up to it, and i want you to know that i sincerely appreciate the effort. i know i behaved badly in the original, and in the subsequent pm, and i am really sorry about that. part of it was what other people said about being intimidated by the highbrow discussions, part of it was because i've just been having the shittiest week at work and at life in general, and neither one of those is your fault.

part of it though was getting dressed down in public and seeing everyone high five you for it. it was really embarrassing and hurtful, and i totally deserved it, but still. and you made some passive-aggressive comments (at least that's the way i read them, and i'm probably wrong, again) in the community thread that were, again, hurtful but totally deserved. the thing is, i'm just imagining you and everyone else passing around my pm and tittering behind your hands about what an ass i made of myself, and i'm sure you're going to tell me i'm assigning way too much importance to myself and that i just need to toughen up and deal with the consequences, and you'd be right. i dunno, maybe i'm just an overly sensitive wuss who just needs to get over myself already. i just don't deal well with confrontation, which is a failing on my part, not yours.

i don't know you very well, but you've been around the lounge a lot longer than i have, and i respect that, and i respect what you have to say (again, when it's not showing me up for the whiny adolescent i am sometimes). i don't like being at odds with you, even if it's just my own inflated ego talking, and i don't want to be. i don't know if we'll ever be friends or be really easy around one another, but i just wanted you to know that any ill feelings on my part have been completely exhausted, and i hope the same's true for you. i know you didn't start the new movie thread just for my dumb ass, but i really do appreciate it, and i'm sure i'll make frequent use of it once i get over this and decide i can show my face in public again. anyway, i just wanted to tell i'm sincerely, sincerely sorry for jumping your ass like that.
This will go down as one of the most civilised TIO talks ever, I hope.

Dude. Grrrl. For reals, this was mutual misinterpretation. You felt like I was slighting a film you enjoyed on a singular basis, you stood up for your opinion. I felt like you thought I was being a film snob, so I stated my case for my dislike of the film. We crossed swords. The full intent of the word doesn't always come across in cyberspace, so we thought we were both being an asshole when we weren't. It happens.

I sincerely wasn't trying to dress you down anymore than you were me. I honestly didn't feel our encounter was confrontational, but you obviously did; again, that was not my intent & I'm sorry if you took it that way. I just thought we were talking film shit. But I can see where you were coming from.

I'm sorry if you felt I pushed things too hard & didn't let it die. But I personally learn a great deal from conversation. I often times don't know how I've upset a person until they tell me, which was why I was so irked when you just shut things down & barred any future discussion. I have a pathological need to work things out when I feel I've been misconstrued or I've completely missed another's point.

I NEVER wanted to be at odds with you. NEVER. I was surprised & hurt when you said you were going to avoid me over this. I mean, I'm an ASSHOLE. I am in full possession of this knowledge. But I also KNOW when I've been a total jerk & why somebody should avoid me. And it weighed heavily upon my mind that a conversation that I felt was innocuous would earn me such ire from somebody that I bore no ill will towards.

Yes, our beef was my initial inspiration for the new thread. The root, yes. BUT. NOT the only reason. I live in Podunk. I haven't been able to engage in a decent film discussion in ages because this place SUCKS & only gets mainstream films. I used to be able to catch arty stuff, but here the best I can get is our shite multiplex, cable (Thirty miles from here they don't even offer MTV because it is SINFUL secular music!) & our sad rental places. One of our religious leaders catches sight of a boobie? Yeah, that movie is gone from the local video joint. So I am woefully out of place as far as anything more than half-ass R rated goes. I just wanted a place to vent about how shite I found Confessions of a Shopaholic even if I got in for free.

So I hope we are cool. I don't think either of us meant to start any trouble & I like to think the new thread was a good born of our misunderstanding. A mitzvah for us all!

I must admit that this review of Repo! made me chuckle. It covers both of our points quite well, I think.
oh, thank goodness, i saw you'd replied here and i trembled in fear before clicking. so glad we got that all that worked out! but i think i may have to go back to hating you for pointing me to that annoying insightful and dead-on review. wink.gif

ah, the repetitiveness, the entirely unnecessarily 'mark it up' pavi/luigi duel, the superemoangst!giles, and of course the insult of paris hilton. but on the other hand, the cyber/steampunk gorgeousness of costume and setting, the 'squee, it's giles!' and that man at least-of all the players-can sing, the androgynous hotness of joan jett-i didn't even realize that was her-i still can't tell after numerous viewings if the guitarist was male or female, they were just sexy as hell. and i don't care how gory it was overall (not really that much, i thought, and i have low gore tolerance), the 'thankless job' number where nathan puts his hand up the guy's torso and uses him as a puppet? pure whimsical cuteness, and i will kick the ass of anyone who says different. tongue.gif

oh, and brace yourself aural, i hear rumor on the interwebs that the creators of 'repo!', one of whom was the guy that played the grave robber btw, see this as the first of three companion movies. where's our laughy devil smiley? we so need a laughy devil smiley!
Hey, I trembled, too when I clicked 'cause I thought for sure I was gonna get castigated back into the stone age. I'm glad that you came back so positively & that we are a'ight!

Okay, I gotta own that I liked the puppet scene. Fuck the haters. That was funny as shit. It was. Period.

Y'know, I think a sequel might be a good thing. An opportunity to get it right, tight, & outtasight! Maybe get some more money & some *decent* backing. Had it gotten decent backing, perhaps I'd have seen it in a theatre that was more in the spirit & liked it more. That makes a difference, y'know? Crowd energy counts.
So I see Thirties came back for a rebuttal. I can't imagine anything she said was enlightening, I didn't read it, but from other's responses, I can gather:

1) She's still harping on her fat acceptance thing because she "sees fat people persecution" everywhere like some kind of funhouse mirror M. Knight Shyamalan. It's the Fat Sense!

2) She said she was leaving & may or may not come back because she's so saddened by our lack of understanding of the fat girl's plight. HUZZAH! Goodbye self-important, obnoxiously authoritative, pain-in-the-ass!

Things nobody mentioned in a post, but I'm sure she did cause she can't shut the fuck up:

3) She completely glossed over/ignored her COMPLETE hipocrisy, because y'know, it doesn't matter. She's standing up for fat acceptance & that's all that counts. Screw short people that wear shoes that she finds distasteful. They can go to hell! Thirties has conviction! Cellulite is godliness!

4) I am evil for finally growing weary of her shtick. I'm sure she said something about my utterly uncivilised behaviour & mentioned name calling because I did, in fact, call her a short/fat, PC ninny among other things. Who cares if it's true, right? When I obviously I hate fat people!

My problem with this whole thing has been her seeing hate where clearly there was none. This is *her* issue, not ours. But now I am beating the dead horse.

All I can say is don't let the door hit ya in the great crevasse where the good Lord split ya.
well here is one thing that she did say:
I'm a strong advocate for health at any size and fat acceptance.

This from the woman who said that women who tried to lose weight were betraying other women.
you saw it in the theater? oh, honeychild, no wonder you hated it! from what you've described of your hometown-which sounds very much like mine-i can just imagine, sitting in the dark with a bunch of slobs with no sense of art appreciation at all throwing popcorn at the screen and loudly complaining "fuck man, i thought you said the 'saw' guy did this one. what's this fag singing shit?" *sigh* repo never had a chance. no, the proper way to watch repo is by yourself in the afternoon, or late at night with a small group of like-minded friends, when you can dance around the livingroom singing/shouting along, and maybe smoke a bowl or two, and that makes it even better. crowd energy indeed.
Thirties, i'm sure you're lurking somewhere... so I'll keep this brief.

QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Mar 12 2009, 11:51 PM) *
I have no problem with the fact that you didn't like the outfit your co-worker was wearing. What I take issue with is your attitude about cellulite, and that fact that it seemed, by the tone of your post, that you find it disgusting. Please explain to me how writing "might I add, lots of ass cellulite, and ugly white shoes. Blechhhh" is not expressing disgust for the woman's cellulite and the fact that you could see it through her pants?
You may protest as much as you like, but you're not convincing me. The way you chose to express your feelings in your post suggests anti-fat sentiment to me.

OMG!! I'm glad that you are a mind reader and can sense my attitude towards ASS FAT through a post. Good job. Who cares if I convinced you or not, I don't know you. My original post wasn't addressing you anyway. I am the type of person that says what I mean. And as I told you, my post was not anti-fat. You can take it how you like it. Whatever! I haven't lost sleep over it one way or another.

I'm sorry you don't like the fact that I stand up for what I believe in, but I'm a strong advocate for health at any size and fat acceptance. I was hoping, perhaps wrongly, that it would have a place here, on a forum that represents a magazine who's outlook and message I generally respect.

As I've stated before in this thread, I'm all for spirited commentary on things we see people wearing that we don't like. But I won't allow anti-fat sentiment to go without comment. I don't believe it has a place on this forum.

The thing I find most amusing (in a sick, sad way) is that after my initial comment to you, Konphusion, about your post (which was, simply put, "cellulite's ok"), AP preceded to read me the riot act for being "all 'fat acceptance, hooray!' & bully for you for it," and that I'm "coming from a hyper-sensitive fat place," and then accuses *me* of going over the top with my comments. You write that I'm "blowing things out of proportion." I've also been told I'm "fucking bitching about shit," when I have not yet once devolved into name calling or foul language and have tried to keep the debate civil. I would laugh if I wasn't so disappointed about the lack of understanding you and AP have shown.

I really was hoping for better and am disappointed that it's not here. I'm out and may not be back for a while.

Real talk, I could care less about you standing up for what you believe. I still do not feel bad about what I said. I do not apologize for it. My problem with you is that you chose to twist my words and nitpick the cellulite comment to death. Plus, if your main issue is with AP's initial reply- I have no control over what she said to you. However, I think she's absolutely right. You have blown this shit way out of proportion.

So if you feel the need to not come here anymore, that's on you. But don't try to reprimand me or anyone else for not agreeing with your opinion.Yours is not the only one that matters Thirtiesgirl!!
Thirties, I want to smack you over the head with a ten pound bag of cellulite.

Our "lack of understanding"? *OUR* lack of understanding? Jesus jumped up christ on a horse! As far as I can tell, the only one that doesn't understand in this sitch is you, Thirties. We have made it plain that we hear you & understand where you're coming from. We have also explained to you that we simply don't fucking care about your whole poor little fat girl drama, yet you just keep repeating yourself. And those of us that are big girls (And I am one, I weigh probably ten-fifteen pounds more than you & am about five inches taller.) aren't squealing about "anti-fat sentiments". IT'S JUST YOU. Again, this is your issue & your issue alone around here.

And as far as civility/foul language goes, blow it out yer ass. I kept it civil until you just wouldn't shut the fuck up & see that your little drama was a non-issue to the rest of us & that we weren't going to change to appease you. And perhaps you failed to notice it since you're so wrapped up in Thirties' world (Um, R is playing you, BTW. Fer reals.), but NOBODY disagreed with ME on this. NOBODY. I truly expected some blowback, somebody to tell me that I should be ashamed of myself for cutting (Through the fat!) to get straight to the heart of the matter as I saw it. BUT NOBODY DID. I don't expect anybody is gonna miss you if you mosy on to greener pastures.
Um, FUCK YOU, Ananke, it's not like you've been an active part of the dialogue recently or Bust really for that matter, you little lurker. I was well within the rebuttal grace period. You're over it, don't like it, go back to a thread where you actually fucking contribute something once in a while. So suck it.

The conversation had moved on, someone had already said Take it Outside and you still had to post a rebuttal in thread? Way to drag it back to the bullshit. I've been on Bust since the days of warring with the Ms boards - I lost a couple of IDs and lost interest a few times as well, I won't shut up and stick to threads I post in because you had to have your hissy fit in two places, not just where it fucking belongs.

And as a point, I fucking agreed with you - talking about HAES and beauty at any size doesn't fucking mesh with fashion critique, particularly 'ew, those shoes make you look short' as if short is some fucking crime. Not to mention the ability to see ones arse through pants is generally a fashion crime, cellulite or not. But the conversation had moved on, why the fuck keep on with it? Why not let that thread move and take it over here? Why post in both places?

As an aside, yeah, ugg boots and slippers look gay as all fuck on a bloke. Good thing they're fucking slippers and up there with my clown pant pyjamas and holey Half-Life shirt as examples of 'what to wear in wintery weather in your own house'.
Moved from the "Moving On" thread...

starship - who exactly was your comment directed to?

pugs - the fact that you say you will be lurking just confirms bunny's belief that you are a drama queen. You want to know that we are talking about you. You want to see what we say. But you want us to know that you are hurt and are refusing to talk to us. Your choice. But I do not think if you were confident and comfortable in your actions you would need to cling here just to see what is going on.
QUOTE(starship @ Mar 15 2009, 09:20 PM) *
busties can be such self-righteous asses sometimes
just sometimes? lol. since i got laid off, i've been trying to make it my full time job. i'm even taking a night school class. and i'm certainly not critisizing, star (mostly cos i think that comment was f'ing funny), but that statement sounds i tiny bit self-righteous.

kitten is it possible she meant she'd be lurking in other threads?

i know you're just making a point, but this idea that somehow we know someone's motivation is absurd. but that she would want to know that, no, if we are talking about her is simply human nature, and doesn't qualify one as a drama queen. seriously. a drama queen would have been in here daily moaning about her problems, if anything pugs has been stoic, considering. i mean, think about, if we wanted to know about how she was doing, for the last week or more we had to PM her. how the fuck is that a drama queen? that's the antithesis of an attention whore. not to be a jerk about it, but the person who got the most attention out of this? bunny. just sayin'.

pugs would be going thru a very hard time, for someone who had done a lot of dating, so the fact that she's never had anyone other than mr.pugs means it's REALLY HARD for her. how many of us didn't go back to our first love? seriously. the girl i lost my virginity to gave me crabs. I STILL WENT BACK TO HER. even though i know she was cheating with a couple of different guys, i still thought she was the end all be all until i realized i thought more of myself. so this idea that somehow pugs is a whiner or attention seeker after 13 years with her first love, buying a house and waiting 4 years for him to grow the stones to tell her he didn't want to get married? fuck, she's handling it waaaaaay better than i would have. the house would be cinders if that was me, and lord knows what sort of hijinx i'd be plotting for his future. but that is beside the point. the purpose of the lounge, particularly this one is to talk about personal things and find comfort in like minded feminists. there are so many strange things we all confess in here, i find it so funny that someone would rip on her for doing what we all do. her behavior was no egregious than anyone else in that thread. it just amazes me that she would be attacked for being honest, and sharing with people that she thought were her friends, and part of her support system. do you see how that's kind of a violation? she came in here looking for support, now i know, as does she that busties don't really care for her choice, and that is fine, i'm the queen of harsh reality checks, but to say some of the things bunny did... bunny, i think you are a riot but i think that was uncalled for. and if you aren't her friend, why take it so personal? why go out of your way to attack her? i really don't get it. i've attacked people to the point that they don't want to post here anymore because of something that they did and it's just so....pointless. i think of the contribution they could have made if i hadn't been such a prick...
Bunny, I think you were too harsh, especially for that thread.
QUOTE(starship @ Mar 16 2009, 12:18 AM) *
If you're frustrated by it and not emotionally invested i dont see why you didnt just ignore it and let her be, like i did, instead of making her feel she can't post here. it's a friggin forum! the only other reason i could think of is jealousy/bitterness over all the time and support people have been offering her

First up (although less importantly), starship, fuck off. People who throw out jealousy/bitterness as an explanation for people's actions are lazy and exhibiting the lowest form of intelligence. Jealous of pugs? hardly. If you have such a low opinion of BUST and BUSTies then what are you doing here? go and play with the traffic instead.

Pugs/persiflager/GT, yes I'm harsh. I tell it like I see it. I am also a marshmallow, the hard exterior and gooey on the inside; I am one of the sweetest people you are ever likely to meet. Most of the time I come from a good place. I am also a bitch but I am not cold; I try to be but I'm not. What pugs is forgetting is that I really did empathise with her situation and I gave heartfelt advice, people who are cold don't do that. There is one area of her relationship -mr pugs not wanting children- that I completely understand and I tried to prepare her a long time ago for the turmoil that it would cause but unless you are saying what pugs wants to hear then you may as well be saying nothing at all. The things I said about pugs yesterday may be bitchy but they are also true: being a selfish brat isn't doing her relationship any good either and that is evident from her and mr pugs' posts but eventually saying it has been pointless.

I shouldn't have posted; I should have bit my tongue like I have a thousand times before. My opinions of pugs and her attention seeking ways to not stem from that post (and it is so frustrating to read over and over about that one post that nobody else can now read because it wasn't that!) For months (since she entered the Church? before?) pugs has played games with the board and it has been frustrating to see people I respect be so completely blind to it and only perpetuate her shit. The frustrating thing is that I know that there are people who agree with me who have PMd me complaining about pugs and calling her out for exactly what she is doing but they are too mature to actually post about it. God, I have had so many conversations about pugs that it's pathetic - why does the lounge and the people on it matter so much? I'm too much of a lay it out on the table person, that's one of my problems. I care too much and pugs reminds me of a total fucking bitch that I was friends with who destroyed me emotionally because people couldn't see her for what she was. I shouldn't have taken this personally. It's become so much bigger that pugs being an immature arse. There are so many PMs that go around laughing at other BUSTies and now I suppose it is my turn, even amongst people I consider friends who haven't been there for me. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am way too sensitive to the insidious nature of all of this.

I am so fucking over this place; I hate the type of person it makes me. And yeah now I am being as much of a drama queen as pugs, whatevs. That doesn't mean I am flouncing a'la pugs (for the thirteenth time) but I wanted to voice how sick of it we can all become.
GT - I actually don't mind that Pugs wants to stay around to see what is being written about her. What I find annoying is how she has made a point of telling us that she is staying around to read what is said. It is as if she wants to hear that people are annoyed with her so she can stay in her room, feel hurt and just tell herself, "See! I knew they never liked me anyway."
And I agree with Bunnyb that Pugs has manipulated many members of the board with her neediness. GT, you are a really smart woman and I am suprised that you haven't noticed this. When Pugs has been on the defensive, she attacks and then almost instantly curls up in a ball and says, "Don't hurt me. I'm sensitive!" Well, many of us are sensitive. If you don't want a response, don't put yourself out there. You are taking a risk when you do.
"we simply don't fucking care about your whole poor little fat girl drama..."
HALLELUJAH (that doesn't look like it's spelled correctly). Word to the A mothafuckin' P. Has that windbaggy bore vacated the premises? Maybe it's time I poke my head back in CoF.
raisingirl (and through her, AP) for making me laugh: thanks.

You know, I may be harsh but there are far harsher ladies in the lounge and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's a lot to be said when the content of what we say harshly isn't disagreed with much (if at all).
Oh, and Bunny, I'm not disagreeing with you with what you've said to Pugs; in all honesty, I don't give a rat's ass about her situation. Once I had the sense she had become even more manipulative than her usual self after becoming a regular at whatever church she's been going to (wow, she must be learning a lot from those Jesus-loving people), I decided there's nothing else I need to say to her. Deleting one's posts after there's been a blowout should be grounds for banning. There's low and then there's LOW, like gutter low... you know?
QUOTE(kittenb @ Mar 16 2009, 08:46 AM) *
GT, you are a really smart woman and I am suprised that you haven't noticed this. When Pugs has been on the defensive, she attacks and then almost instantly curls up in a ball and says, "Don't hurt me. I'm sensitive!" Well, many of us are sensitive. If you don't want a response, don't put yourself out there. You are taking a risk when you do.

I can't speak for GT, but as a person who has attempted to help Pugs I want to say that I have definitely noticed this behavior from her. It was easy for me to recognize it because I behaved in a very similar way when I was in a similar situation. That's one of the many reasons why I sympathize with her & why I've attempted to help her.

I don't think Pugs is acting this way because of her church's influence or anything like that. I don't think she's being intentionally manipulative, either. I simply think she is EXTREMELY confused & in a TON of pain. She has found herself at a crossroads where she never wanted to be. Neither choice is easy & she is not sure what is correct, so the pressure to chose is AGONIZING. I think Pugs has been reacting in an instinctual manner - almost like a wounded animal.

I do not support all of Pugs' actions, but I do support her & her potential. That's why I have tried to help.
well along with what rosey said, i really haven't noticed that behavior. in the last 6 mos or so the number of threads that pugs posts in that i read has dwindled (although, the number of threads i read is always in flux), so there is a chance that i was not privy to that.

that said, i feel like when she started posting here i took her under my wing, we confided in each other so there is a relationship, loyalty and a bond there. further, i tend to look past my friends flaws until it bites me, personally, in the ass.

lastly, i sympathize with her. i was/am a late bloomer. i am very aware of how terrifying huge change can be. especially change that no one can make for you, that big, scary public change... i guess i understand how hard that is, and how sometimes it can make you act inappropriately. and sometimes you put your head in the sand because you don't think you can cope with what you know you need to do. for me it was transitioning, for her, it's letting go of this relationship. for me it's very personal.

i don't think either side will change their minds in this affair, perhaps you have info i don't. perhaps i have info you don't. to quote a friend--

"it is what it is."
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Nov 18 2009, 07:25 AM) *
oh, now aural, don't take it personally.
btw, i didn't take it out of context: hate or no, i don't like my pets scratching/biting/whatever at guests, if i don't like them, i won't have them over. i don't like animals that attack unless someone is threatening me/breaking in my house. period.

to you, a cat is less work, and to me a dog is less work. but it seems our reasons are the same, but which one suits us is different.

as for taking the dog out at 5/6/7am, why? simply put them on a water/feed schedule, and they won't have to go till you choose. [shrug] that's basic house training.

till the puppy monster, none of my dogs had dog toys. she had them because she lived with mr. t, and she couldn't resist buying them.

none of my dogs was ever passive-aggressive, the converse was true of all the cats i've known, save one. so dogs come out waaaaaaay better in my book. cats have easily destroyed 5x as much of my stuff as dogs, and i'm probably being kind.

sounds like you had a dumb dog. sorry. the dogs i've had were smart as a whip, listened, and were awesome companions. perhaps i'm lucky, but that's why i like dogs, my experiences with them have been far, far better than the ones with cats.

cats are fine, but dogs, dogs i love. i just get them better.

The only reason I took it personally is because the whole conversation started because of my missing my beloved animal companions of more than fifteen years. I wasn't talking all cats or cats you experienced, I was talking MY cats & you chose to outright dismiss (In a variety of colorful ways) things that I loved about my pets. I was sharing good memories of them that made me feel happy inside when I wasn't feeling so great & you basically just shit all over them in your anti-cat ranting. Which sucked & felt shitty & hurt my feelings & got me in a snit. And you know that I don't get in a snit very bloody fucking often. My feelings are valid whether you choose to dismiss them or not.

As far as the injury my cat caused? Never scratched anybody but my mother. BECAUSE SHE WAS FUCKING EVIL & HE KNEW IT. I have mourned more in the past few months over my cats than I ever did for the she-devil that birthed me.

You don't like cats, you haven't had good experiences with them, fine. But you know what my life here is like. You know it's just me, myself, & I. I don't have anybody here to really be there for me through the emotionally lean times & those two furry little bastards helped keep me fucking sane. I can't go to the movies with crushes or shoot them down, I can't help friends open bars & then get in a fight with them, I can't even meet somebody for a cup of goddamned coffee. But I used to be able to look forward to at least somebody being happy to see me everyday & not just because I fed them. And I know that I'll be out of here soon enough & that I have that silver lining to look forward to, but not sharing it with my babies is gut-wrenching. It's a knife in my stomach every single day.

The dog? *Was* fucking stupid. It was my mother's little co-dependent fuckwit. It was coddled in a house, not an apartment & things were different then. Had it been MY choice things would have been a whole other story. But my mother wasn't well enough to take care of the thing when she moved in with me, so it fell to me to deal with him. And I'm not retarded, I tried to get him to change, but I quite simply couldn't fix years of her animal mismanagement. It wasn't going to happen & I had to work with what I had as best I could.

QUOTE(girltrouble @ Nov 19 2009, 01:53 AM) *
aural, if it's an consolation, i'm thinking about getting a bunch of kitties tattooed on my arm.

I'm just gonna pretend like none of this ever happened & go on in willful ignorance, never revisiting the topic again, so thanks but no thanks.

i am super sorry if i hurt, bruised, or even caused you a second of bad feeling. you know i adore you, and i think you also know sometimes i am a complete and utter dumb ass. and in this conversation, i was a jackass to boot. i totally took it personally because i know most busties are cat people and so i was stupid and blew things up. i fucked up. i have no problem saying i made the error i made it into something it shouldn't have been and i feel awful about it. i am so super sorry i and i hope you will forgive me.


For those who want to continue to derail the newbies thread, please post here with a discussion about the community forum issues.
girl power: pointlessly posting to get up a thread count is a sure way to irritate busties, and to make us regard you as a troll. we don't care for people who post for no good reason, ignoring the topic at hand. if you want to piss people off keep in that direction. if you want earnest comment and community, then explore this forum, and get to know it, let us get to know you. your question is going nowhere, there is no reason to be so urgent with it, there is no deadline for it, so posting it today or tomorrow makes no nevermind. gaining our respect will gain you some of your own. wink.gif
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jul 19 2010, 12:51 PM) *
girl power: pointlessly posting to get up a thread count is a sure way to irritate busties, and to make us regard you as a troll. we don't care for people who post for no good reason, ignoring the topic at hand. if you want to piss people off keep in that direction. if you want earnest comment and community, then explore this forum, and get to know it, let us get to know you. your question is going nowhere, there is no reason to be so urgent with it, there is no deadline for it, so posting it today or tomorrow makes no nevermind. gaining our respect will gain you some of your own. wink.gif

What GT and company remind me of:
QUOTE(totomoto @ Jul 30 2010, 05:39 PM) *

I do not know why anybody felt the need to stir your turd back up, but I really hope this is the last of it, Toto. *sigh*

Do you really wonder why most people think you are a troll? Because you are immature, obnoxious, paranoid & prone to flights of delusion. And now that the evidence of your sheer cunt-ery has been erased (You weren't trying to be "funny". You were on the offensive from the word go.), you can rewrite history any way you like. I must admit, I am vastly amused by the tale of the poor martyred hero, Toto & the great Dark Bustie Cabal she's had to fight against. How strong she's been in the face of adversity to post centuries old bad jokes & cut/paste "humor". How weak HER enemies are since obviously they put out the Dark Bustie Signal to call each other into the fray. O, what wicked debbil wimmins these people be!

Get. Off. The. Fucking. Cross. ALREADY. Seriously.

Look, you dozy old cow: I do NOT know what meds you are off of, but WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH NO MATTER HOW YOU RETELL IT. There is no conspiracy against you, there is no group of Busties calling the shots on people they don't like, & NOBODY THINKS YOU'RE FUNNY/INTERESTING. And just because you think "the rules" are made up does not mean that they are. It's just more proof of your self-absorption that you've never bothered to look around & see that LOTS of Busties have posted reminders about them.

For the love of Mike, put it to rest grandma. Stay in your lame fucking thread & quit trying to get others involved in your silly little reindeer games.

Oh, & I'd like to add that I cannot believe that Girl Power went & brought all of her ridiculous bullshit for four weak-ass, single sentence posts about feminism & what it means today. She was just bored & playing games, I guess.
Girl Power
auralpoison is all bark and no bite. If that is what turns her on, more power to her. Way to go auralpoison. You win the bust award for most likely feminist to bark herself to sleep.

You just can't stand the simple fact that me, totomoto and most others around here are more dignified than you.

You still haven't shown me, totomoto or anyone else for the matter official rules on this forum stating we need permission to start a new topic. We are feminists who think for ourselves. We don't need your brand of domination and control around here. Barking yourself to sleep won't help either.

Here are random examples of Busties giving the 411 to newbies in various forums/threads. I did suggest that you look around the Newbies/Community Forum thread to get a feel for how things work around here. Had you done so, you'd have had your proof that I wasn't making it up to "dominate" you. I was just trying to politely pass on information that would be beneficial to your experience in the Lounge.

QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Nov 4 2008, 10:05 AM) *
The board doesn't allow newbies to start threads until you've made 10 posts. And it's for good reason- because we're self-moderated, we really don't want redundant threads. Most busties here think 10 posts isn't even enough. We've been around long enough, chances are, a thread already exists for whatever you want to talk about.

So, for the love of cod, don't start a new thread unless you bring it up in The Community Forum thread. You don't want to see us when we're angry.

Note that the above is a few years old, at that time the limit was still ten. It was upped to twenty-five, I am still not sure what the new limit is. I do think there is a block in place that keeps people from doing what you did, ie: running up their post count, from getting approved.

QUOTE(girltrouble @ Feb 24 2009, 03:35 AM) *
DO NOT start a new thread.

trust me, you will piss busties off.
if you have an idea for a new thread, go to the community forum (here) and post it there. you can find out if there are enough people to contribute.

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jul 27 2009, 11:10 AM) *
Welcome newbies!!!

by posting here, you've done the first great thing by introducing yourself!!!

Few things about the boards,

you won't offend us if you post away, in relevant thread. Posting about the world of warcraft of escorts won't get you in our good books.

If there is any thread you don't see, but are wondering if we have something relevant to that topic, pop on over to the community forum and ask. Chances are that there is a thread, it's just dropped out of sight.

If you're unsure about posting, by all meants lurk until you get the feel of the thread.

Also, please please PLEASE, do not start a new thread without asking in the community forum first, see my second point.

welcome all and happy posting!!!

QUOTE(kittenb @ Sep 1 2009, 07:37 AM) *
Good morning new people! Nice to see you around these parts. biggrin.gif

bconga - thanks for the link to your project. If you are considering starting a new thread, please, please PLEASE ask in The Community Forum first. That will let you know if there is enough interest here to make it happen. Thanks.

Just An Update.

Plzz Help.

She Has a Career, He Does Not. Can It Work?

Yay My First Thread! Hehe!

HELP-His Ex-Fiancee Wants Him Back . . .

Any issues I may have with Toto/issues Toto may have with me have nothing to do with you, so I'll thank you very much to stay out of it.
Girl Power, needless aggression towards people who are trying to help you is really not the way to make a good impression.

Do you really act like this when you go to a party?

Party-goer: "Hi! Welcome to the party! Can I introduce you to anyone?"
Girl Power: "Hi! I want to talk about something now."
Party-goer: "Ok, there are lots of people having conversations. What do you want to talk about?"
Girl Power: "I want to talk about something different. It's totally unique. And I want people to come and listen to me."
Party-goer: "Well, tell me what it is. There really are a lot of conversations going on, so I'd be surprised if you couldn't join in on one of those. If your topic is totally new and people are interested, they might come and join in - remember, they're already enjoying their current conversations."
Girl Power: "I want to talk about terrapins, if you must know.And by the way, who made you the boss on conversation rules? I'd really rather just stand in the middle of the room and shout about terrapins until people listen to me and start talking back."
Party-goer: "Janet and Bill are talking about terrapins, over there by the fruit punch."

*Girl Power walks over to Janet and Bill*

Girl Power: "Hi!"
Janet and Bill: "Hi!"
Girl Power: "I want to talk about terrapins now."
Janet: "Great! We've been talking about terrapins for a while now."
Girl Power: "What do you think about terrapins?"
Bill: "Well, that's a big question. Luckily Creepy Jane has been sitting in that pot-plant recording our entire conversation - would you like to take a minute to scan through the transcripts?"
Girl Power: "I don't have time for that."
Janet: "Well, why don't you start off by telling us what you think about terrapins?"
Girl Power: "Terrapins are small flying monkeys."

Janet and Bill stare at Girl Power and back away slowly. Later, they make mad, passionate love. Girl Power blames Party-goer for no apparent reason, punches her in the face, and is then surprised that no-one else wants to talk to her. Jane remains creepy.
Persi, You are hilarious! wub.gif
My cat's breath smells like cat food.
My doctor says I wouldn't get so many nosebleeds if I just kept my finger out of there.
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